Obama Touts Green Credentials, U.S. and China Squabble Over Activist, Cops Oppose NH Pot Bill: P.M. Links


  • Maybe we should have gone with "don't be evil … or creepy."

    With campaign season heating up, the Obama team is touting his administration's support for environmental regulations as a selling point — though unions may not be buying.

  • The fate of a blind human rights activist in China has taken on international scope and could have implications for U.S.-Chinese relations.
  • Medical marijuana may have won a veto-proof majority in New Hampshire's House and is close to winning in the Senate, but law enforcement is leaning on Governor John Lynch to kill the buzz.
  • Should he win the Libertarian presidential nomination, Gary Johnson's pick for running mate is drug-war critic Judge Jim Gray.
  • Hankering for paella? Grab it before the europocalypse as Spain slips into recession and continental banks shrivel.
  • A man imprisoned since being convicted in 1996 of rape and murder is poised to regain his freedom because of DNA evidence exonerating him.
  • Documents reveal that Google's scooping of personal data through open wireless networks was the idea of one engineer, but at least some company officials were aware of the practice.

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