Baylen Linnekin on the Misguided Attempt to Ban the Sale of Shark Fins


Earlier this month, a Maryland bill that would have banned the possession or sale of shark fins gathered steam before eventually dying in the state's House of Delegates. It was the latest in a series of efforts around the country to outlaw the popular ingredient employed by Chinese-American chefs in shark fin soup and other delicacies. Baylen Linnken, executive director of the nonprofit Keep Food Legal, argues that when it comes to the sale and possession of shark fins, the federal government has developed the right regulatory approach. As Linnekin explains, federal law requires any fisherman who catches a shark to bring the entire carcass back to shore, rather than just slicing off the edible fin and dumping the rest of the dying animal back into the ocean. Fisherman, chefs, and diners all reap the benefits.