Economy Sputters, No Gag for Zimmerman, Blind Activist Publicizes His Mistreatment: P.M. Links


  • No, that's not a two-stroke engine — it's the sound of the U.S. economy sputtering along, delivering slower growth than expected in the first quarter.

  • In a new video, the Obama campaign suggests that rival Mitt Romney wouldn't have had the nerve to assassinate bin Laden — with his bare hands, just like the incumbent.
  • Florida Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester has refused the prosecution's request and will not issue a gag order on those involved in George Zimmerman's murder trial.
  • A day after Standard and Poors downgraded the country's credit, the Spanish government says that almost one in four Spaniards are out of a job.
  • A Dutch court upheld a law creating a "weed pass" allowing only citizens to buy marijuana, even as many other countries debate and implement looser drug policies.
  • Gary Johnson, said by rivals and party faithful to be a shoo-in for Libertarian presidential nomination, is polling at 15 percent in New Mexico.
  • In China, a blind activist's family has been subject to intrusive surveillance, beatings and harassment — a situation he revealed by escaping and releasing a video.
  • One North Chicago police officer was fired and another suspended without pay for 30 days after Darrin Hanna died while in their custody.

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