Greg Beato on the Cure for the Common Hangover


Drink too much booze on Saturday night and it doesn't matter if you have a health insurance plan so comprehensive it even covers distance Reiki healing: The American medical establishment is going to leave you sweaty, trembling, and nauseous on Sunday morning. Oh, sure, you can hit up 7-Eleven for some Hangover Joe's Recovery Shots. But is that product really the best solution that 21st century medical technology can offer us?

Clearly Dr. Jason Burke doesn't think so. A board-certified anesthesiologist with a medical degree from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Burke is, according to his website, the "first physician in the United States to formally dedicate his career to the treatment of hangovers." Contributing Editor Greg Beato reports on Burke's new treatment clinic, a 45-foot-long tour bus emblazoned with soothing blue and white graphics and his business's name, "Hangover Heaven."