CIA Gets Looser Drone Rules, TSA Defends Tyke Pat-Down, Miami Finds Missing Car Fleet: P.M. Links


  • And each car has the same Taylor Swift CD jammed in the player.

    Not content with providing firearms to Mexican drug cartels, the ATF also sent them an assortment of fine hand grenades.

  • An EPA official is in full-on CYA mode after taking flack for vowing to use regulatory powers to "crucify" oil and gas companies.
  • Privacy advocates may worry about the civil liberties implications of the CISPA cybersecurity bill, but in Congress, the battle is between CISPA supporters and backers of a similar, competing bill.
  • Officers "followed proper screening procedures," the TSA insists, defending the detention and pat-down of a four-year-old girl.
  • The CIA has been given a free hand to use drones in Yemen, even when the identity of those who might be killed is unknown.
  • Argentina's seizure of the YPF oil company came after a seemingly concerted campaign to lower the company's value, and risks alienating the investors needed to expand production.
  • Miami-Dade county recently found something it had misplaced — 298 unused vehicles purchased brand-new in 2006-2007.

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