After Three Wars, 1.2 Million Deportations, and God Knows How Many Other Broken Promises, Liberals Still Love Obama


President Barack Obama went on Jimmy Fallon's TV last night and "slow jammed the news," which is like "those bits of Barry White songs where he's talking while the band plays in the background," according to the Christian Science Monitor

The segment is getting some pretty strong endorsements from the Twittertariat, such as the bro who concluded, "@BarackObama on @jimmyfallon just proved once again he is the coolest president of all time #slowjam." 

The coolest president, and a mass murderer and a mass deporter and a lying liar and a fresh-faced authoritarian with a hubbah hubbah bod (hallelujah). 

But the sloberring doesn't end there! Forever-child (and Rolling Stone publisher) Jann S. Wenner posted an interview with the president this morning, "the longest and most substantive interview the president has granted in over a year." It was so long, in fact, that Obama pushed back his meeting with Hillary so that Wenner and Rolling Stone executive editor Eric Bates could ask him…

Do you read Paul Krugman?  

How embarrassing for Hillary!

Here are some other really deep questions Wenner and Bates asked Rolling Stone's favorite imperialist: 

What other TV shows or movies or music have you been enjoying? 

You've been in office three years now. What's the world's hardest job like on a day-to-day basis? 

Most people, when you ask them to sing in public, get kind of nervous about it – they don't really want to do it. But you got up there at the Apollo Theater and nailed Al Green. What was going through your head when they asked you to do it? Did you know you were going to nail it? 

We've talked in the past about how you've met Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney here in the White House. Now you've met Mick Jagger. Tell us a bit about that. 

Did you know you were going on to sing "Sweet Home Chicago" that night? 

It must help to get a break, though, given how stressful and demanding the job is. 

Hunter S. Thompson is shooting himself again, in his grave. 

In 2010, Matt Welch perused Wenner's first interview with the president. The questions were maybe (?) a little better: 

When you came into office, you felt you would be able to work with the other side. When did you realize that the Republicans had abandoned any real effort to work with you and create bipartisan policy?  

How do you feel about the fact that day after day, there's this really destructive attack on whatever you propose? Does that bother you? Has it shocked you?  

What do you think the Republican Party stands for today?  

Bonus link: At my last job, I tried to get RS veteran P.J. O'Rourke to talk about Wenner's first Obama interview. Here's how that went: 

TheDC: Switching gears a bit. I was wondering what your thoughts are on Rolling Stone as of late? What happened to the magazine that you and Hunter S. Thompson wrote for?

P.J.: Oh, it never really existed. Rolling Stone was always basically a fanboy publication. But in fairness, it had some very good editors over the years, including at times Jann Wenner, when he was paying attention. Jann has very good editorial instincts. But he also hired some very good editors over the years. Notably—and I'm fond of him because he first hired me—Terry McDonell, who nows runs Sports Illustrated.

Rolling Stone always liked to punch above its weight, and punch above the weight of its subject matter. And of course that comes right out of the 60s. I remember someone telling me about Jann going around the office in the 60s at the beginning of the magazine and him going, "The music means more than the music does." In point of fact, he was wrong.

TheDC: But it sounds good.

P.J.: That it does.

But I was never interested in the magazine itself. When it stopped publishing people who I thought were interesting writers, when it stopped publishing Thompson and even Greider, who was the least interesting to argue with, I quit paying attention to it.

TheDC: Did you see the Barack Obama cover from 2008? It was the first time the magazine had endorsed a candidate on the cover.

P.J.: I don't think I paid any attention whatsoever.

TheDC: Did you read Wenner's interview with Obama that came out a few weeks ago?

P.J.: Nah.

TheDC: You're totally not interested in talking about this, are you?

P.J.: Totally not interested.

More Wenner hate here, Brian Doherty on the mag's 40th anniversary here, Matt Welch's obit for Hunter S. Thompson here.

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  1. Needs more murder drone.

    1. i luvs me sum obama

  2. This must be what people are talking about when they say the Fourth Estate is crucial to a functioning democracy and should be funded by the state.

    1. You can’t run a thriving democracy without a state-run mouthpiece. Get with the program!

  3. Of course they do. They are brainless sheep. Dear leader can do no wrong.

  4. My takeaway from the 2008 election is that I wasn’t sufficiently pessimistic about American progressives.

  5. “@BarackObama on @jimmyfallon just proved once again he is the coolest president of all time #slowjam.”

    The president in Idiocracy was *much* cooler.

    1. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho:

      Now I understand everyone’s shit’s emotional right now. But I’ve got a 3 point plan that’s going to fix EVERYTHING.

      Actually, I could see Obama saying that.

      1. “Now, uhh, um. I understand that there are, there are some people out there that, uh, they’re emotional right now. And I understand that. But, I, uh, I want to reassure those people that, uh, I’ve got a three point plan that’s gonna fix everything.”

        1. Not enough “Let me be clear.”

        2. Don’t forget “false choices” and “some say”.

  6. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of people saying that being president is “the hardest job in the world”.

    I’m sure that the stress levels involved are high and obviously your decisions affect millions if not billions of people, but “worlds hardest”?

    Come on. The guy has his entire life’s necessities paid for and provided by the best available suppliers, and he never has to sweat for anything unless he wants to.

    There are ditch diggers that have harder jobs than this guy.

    1. The job comes with plantation wellfare, lavish travel for the family, and plenty of humble servants.

      1. and plenty of humble servants.

        How many registered Democrats in this country again?

    2. He takes something like 5 vacations per year and golfs almost weekly.

  7. TEAM BLUE really, really wants to earn that “stupid party” crown. I mean, they want it.

    1. I hate both parties, but I’m not sure I get the labels. The left seems more willfully dumb to me. Not that it’s worth arguing about–they’re all stupid statist fucks.

      1. more willfully dumb

        Emphasis added. Hence, “The Evil Party”.

      2. Both the so called liberals(progressives) and so called conservatives(neocons) are dumb, but the progressives are really, really fucking stupid.

        Team Red and Team blue are both full of progressives. Team blue holds a big lead on that, but so what? Both parties share full responsible for implementing the progressive agenda.

        1. share full responsibility... come on reason, edit feature, I know that you can do it…

      3. I think we just need to amend the labels:

        The Stupider Party
        The Eviler Party

  8. I heard Wasserman-Schultz say something about how Obama absolutely can run on his spectacular record. I’m not even sure how those words can come out of her mouth without her having some sort of stroke.

    1. without her having some sort of stroke.

      You have heard her voice, no? It’s so husky it could pull a sled across the tundra.

    2. She’s already suffered a stroke a long time ago. That’s the only explanation for that much stupidity: permanent brain damage.

    3. Two little old ladies were sitting on a park bench when suddenly, a streaker ran past them.

      One of the ladies had a stroke. The other couldn’t reach that far.

    4. Speaking stupid is easier when you have a mouthful of velociraptor teeth.

    5. I’m not even sure how those words can come out of her mouth without her having some sort of stroke.

      It’s called ‘doublethink’. All good progressives/socialists can do it.

  9. The coolest president, and a mass murderer and a mass deporter and a lying liar and a fresh-faced authoritarian with a hubbah hubbah bod (hallelujah).

    So, are you displeased with him or do you secretly want to grudge fuck him, Riggs?

    1. Ron Paul said killing bin Laden was murderous overreach. Libertarians are talking themselves into irrelevance with their stupidity.

      1. Mary

      2. Right, there was no chance of putting a narcotic dart into his ass because he had an AK47 aimed at them. Oh, wait…

      3. And progrssives are daily proving themselves to be icons of reason and logic, right, shrike?

        1. I am not a progressive. I am just a fucking liberal.

          And liberals do rule in reason and logic.

          1. Then you’re not a liberal.

          2. If you were a real liberal, then you would agree with a lot of Libertarian ideas. I don’t believe it.

      4. Actually what he said was that going into Pakistan, a country we’re not at war with and is, allegedly, and “ally” was an act of war against Pakistan, and that we should have tried to capture him first instead of sending the SEALS over the border. Technically he was right about it being an act of war.

        FWIW, I disagree with Paul about what should have been done. It was pretty obvious that the Pakistanis knew he was there. How could they not? His “compound” was within walking distance of their largest military base for fuck’s sake. If we had asked the Pakistani’s for help in apprehending him, I’m sure he would have “mysteriously” escaped just before the task force sent to capture him arrived.

        It was naive of Paul, IMO, to think that there was a possibility of reaching any kind of diplomatic solution. Not all libertarians are that naive, so lumping all of us together is pretty fucking stupid. Although, that’s pretty much SOP for TEAM BLUE cocksuckers such as yourself, so I’m not surprised.

        1. Technically, an act of war, yes.

          Realistically? This was the Pakis reaping what they have sown. Boo fucking hoo. If they didn’t want to be embarrassed by having bin Laden get snuffed around the corner from Paki West Point, they probably shouldn’t have let him live there.

      5. Yes because Ron Paul speaks for all libertarians.

        Just because you allow your Dear Leader Most Holy to be your mouthpiece doesn’t mean everyone else does the same.

  10. Libs still love Obama because he is still black. They voted for him in large part to assuage their guilt for their racism. Of course, voting for someone, just as much as voting against someone, based on their race is racist. Oh, the irony.

    1. You’re full of shit. Obama and Bill Clinton are likeable guys. The GOP is filled with insufferable pricks like Cheney, Gingrich, Santorum, DeMint, etc.

      The mushy middle is not consumed by race issues like you conservatives are. They may be shallow and vote for the guy they like but they don’t the race.

      1. Obama is such a flaming, blatant, overweening narcissistic megalomaniac that I, personally, don’t find him “likable” at all.

        1. Yeah, I don’t get it. I think he’s an asshole.

          1. Another fucking gunner that thinks he’s smarter than everybody because of his law degree.

          2. Obama is an ignorant sanctimonious asshat with a super sandy vagina and Clinton is just a fucking creep.

            Where is the likeability?

        2. You’re predisposed not to like him. I am open-minded.

          I like Senator Scott Brown for instance. Everyone but the far-left does (as a person). Brown would be White House material in 2016 but he won’t get past the conservative crazies in his own party.

          1. I love it. I am predisposed, but shrike is open-minded.

            Actually, shrike, three-four years ago, I don’t think I would have said that Obama is a a flaming, blatant, overweening narcissistic megalomaniac. I’ve really come to that opinion after watching him in action as President.

          2. You’re predisposed not to like him. I am open-minded.

            Tell us about the last time you had dinner with Cheney and Bush.

          3. I was really impressed by Obama’ speech at the DNC in 2004. I disagreed with a lot of his agenda in 2008, and didn’t vote for him, but I didn’t think he’d be a poor President.

            I had no idea that “speaking well when reading prepared text” was his entire skill set.

        3. You have to lobotomize yourself to find him likeable.

          1. I think you’ve just stumbled upon shriek’s “special” nature.

            1. But he’s an expert in markets, and he bangs all the hottest girls, like, 100 times a day!

          2. I don’t know. If all you do is watch his concerts on TV and listen to him sing, I can see liking him as a person. If you pay any attention to politics or listen to his political speeches, on the other hand, he comes off as a dick.

            1. I agree with Zeb, if you just ignore the very IDEA of substance, Obama is a pretty likeable guy.

              If you’re paying attention to anything political at all though, I don’t see how you could. At least not in recent years. Before the election, and for the first few years, I didn’t have any personal problem with the guy. Now he disgusts me.

            2. If all you do is watch his concerts on TV and listen to him sing

              But that is exactly where is flaming narcissism is most unleashed.

            3. Shorter Shrike: He’s clean and articulate and you’re racist!

        4. Agree. I can’t imagine anyone I know enjoying this guy’s company, either at work or downtime. Some of the little diners that I frequent, he’d probably get his ass kicked for being such a pompous prick.

          1. Look at the opinion polls. Obama is off the charts likeable and Romney lags so far behind its sad.

            This place is no gauge. Its like some dark carbuncle hanging off Free Republic.

            1. Thanks for your input, Mary. It’s as valuable as ever.

              1. It’s amazing how he makes me miss Mingey.

            2. Look at the opinion polls. Obama is off the charts likeable and Romney lags so far behind its sad.

              Phew, it’s a good thing no one here likes Romney.

        5. I was doing some volunteer work a few years ago that used a government office, and all the government employees had Obama posters over their desks. The most common one was of Obama wearing a pair of sunglasses and under the picture it said “Don’t worry, I got this.” They don’t view him as a President so much as they view him as a sugar-daddy, and in that role overweening, narcissistic megalomaniac is probably a positive.

          1. Exactly. People who liked the Obama logo, his playing hoops with his friend (singular), and other fabricated coolness, like Obama. Everyone who sees through the marketing machine realizes he is, at heart, an ass.

      2. I could see someone describing Clinton as affable (the male one, that is), but Obama just comes across as pompous.

      3. Clinton is the type of guy that I could hang out and drink a beer with, but Obama is not a likeable guy at all, unless you like arrogant self righteous jerks. And I don’t.

        Gingrich and Santorum are as bad as Obama, I would agree. The mushy middle is concerned by race issues? Hvae you noticed lately that the progressive fucktards are trying to incite a race war?

        1. I could actually see having a good time spending an evening with Clinton. Charming, smart, rascally kind of guy; why not?

          Obama? No. Pompous and arrogant narcissists are not my idea of approachable or even tolerable.

  11. Obama being cool is up there with those goddamn texts from Hilary as some of the most pathetic topics I here about from the Team Blue retards I know. The sooner we stop treating these people like celebrities the better off we’ll be.

    1. Hell, we’d all be better off if we’d stop treating celebrities like celebrities.

  12. Did you see the Barack Obama cover from 2008? It was the first time the magazine had endorsed a candidate on the cover.

    I beleive they had a big cover endorsement of Al Gore.

    1. and of course if Gore and Lieberman had their way, most of the music Rolling Stone covers would be censored.

  13. Zerbest caused a minor media stir when her yogurt parfait spilled on President Obama’s leg during a stop in Boulder, Colo.

    Next time fill the cup with dog poo.…..21583.html

    1. That’s it? From the bit of news I saw this morning it sounded some deranged right winger threw ice cream at the president, like when W got the shoe thrown at him.

  14. I haven’t listen to Limbaugh since he had a TV show, but he always described Democrats as “style over substance.” More true than ever these days.

    1. There is not a micron of substance to be found on the fat uneducated piece of shit. Same for the other conservative pitchmen (Beck and Hannity) who don’t have a single college credit among them.

      1. Obama is full of substance. All of it totally contrary to everything you claim to believe. He has shown what crazed, demonic, power mad fucks people like you are.

      2. who don’t have a single college credit among them

        Technically they all went to college and dropped out, so what I think you meant to say was that they don’t have a single college degree among them. I know, words are hard…

        BTW, here’s a list of other people who don’t have a college degree among them:

        Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, and honorable mention Albert Einstein*

        I’m sure they’d all be shocked to learn that they are/ were “uneducated pieces of shit” just because they don’t have a piece of paper.

        More where that came from

        *Tehcnically he did graduate, eventually, from Zurich Polytechnic in 1900, though many of professors thought he was a nobody with no future.

        1. Words are especially hard when you’re having to get them out around Obama’s dick. Give shriek some credit, yo.

        2. Bullshit. The list you provide are not men who duped others to earn their fortune.

          Comparing those AM radio barkers to those men is preposterous.

          Compare the AM assholes to Morton Downey Jr and Father Coughlin and you have something.

          1. The list you provide are not men who duped others to earn their fortune.

            Uh, Steve Jobs? Cribbing GUI from Xerox and getting a cult to believe in his overpriced iShit?

            Bill Gates with his lousy OS is a close second.

          2. I wasn’t comparing the “AM radio barkers” to them, merely pointing out that college degree != “educated”. More often than not college degree = “never having to stop for 2 seconds to think for yourself because your profs gave you the ‘right thoughts'”.

            1. Especially if your degree is in “aggrieved class studies”, “sociology”, “Russian literature” or some other humanities fluff BS.

      3. Pathetic starfucker wannabe.

    2. Limbaugh says lots of interesting things and he can cut through lots of BS. Unfortunately he mixes the few good insights in with hours of self-serving logorrhoea.

    3. I remember Rush’s t.v. too. Is it me or did he sound more coherent back then?

      1. I believe so. I’ve listened sporadically for years, and there’s been a real falloff.

        1. I listened sporadically during the clinton years, then stopped when Bush II was elected in 2000 because I knew he’d just carry his water.

          There was something to a contrarian viewpoint.

  15. You know, if they are going to tell us all about the media sucking off politicians, I’d like to at least see pics of it.

    1. No, I don’t think you would.

      1. I concur with ASBOR, Demonica Archiva. I don’t think there is a enough brain bleach for that. Do you really want a vignette of Tapper tapping the Zero or Brooks boffing His Pestilency?

        1. I dunno about pictures, but I can get you a disturbing written account. Have you met my acquaintance, SugarFree?

          1. LOL. I guess this is the point I should beg for mercy!

            1. Have you met my acquaintance, SugarFree?

              He’s my mentor.

              1. And I have left you a beautiful ruin, my dear student…

            2. Judge: Do you know how to beg for mercy?

              Convict: No, but if you’ll hum a few bars, I’ll fake it.

  16. After Three Wars, 1.2 Million Deportations, and God Knows How Many Other Broken Promises, Liberals Still Love Obama

    After Billion dollar bailouts, Billion dollar spending increases, and innumerable broken promises, Conservatives Still Love Republicans.

    1. So true. Politics is mostly culture. Conservatives fall in line with dimwits mostly due to religion, abortion, Creationism, etc. They always will.

      They love to be preached to – see AM radio, televangelists, and their leaders.

      1. @shrike – Don’t forget: it’s only groupthink when the other guys do it…

        1. Oh there is a loony progressive culture too. See the Michael Moore following – anti-gun and anti capitalist.

          And Moore is no fan of Obama at all – for those two obvious reasons.

    2. You don’t spend much time on conservative blogs, do you. We’re mostly highly disenchanted, but feel we’re stuck with voting for Repubs because we hate Democrats much more.

      1. At least you admit you’re part of the problem.

        1. The problem is that we have two entrenched parties, that are both far from what they should be. It’s been a long and painful process to get to the screwed up state we’re in. There are no easy fixes, because too many people put too much trust and faith in the government, regardless of party.

          I vote small government first. Almost all of my options are between, big government and bigger government. Maybe it’s different for you, but I’m still stuck voting for bad or worse.

    3. They did make some efforts to purge the worst offenders in that regard, so I don’t know that it’s a fair comparison. Let me know when there is some movement aimed at putting a primary opponent up against every Democrat that’s bad on civil liberties and war.

  17. In other news, sky: blue, water: wet, et cetera.

  18. What is the average age of Rolling Stone readers these days? 68?

    1. No shit. I was kind of amused that the other two names prominently featured on that RS cover are Levon Helms and Gregg Allman.

      This rolling stone appears to have acquired a great deal of moss.

  19. Did RS finally get to the bottom of the ice cream question?…..iece,2487/

  20. which is like “those bits of Barry White songs where he’s talking while the band plays in the background,”

    You know, so the white folks know what we’re talkin’ bout.

  21. Seriously, how goddamned lame is it to let the President of the United States in on the joke?

    I mean, even 70’s era Saturday Night Live took enough shot at the Carter administration to maintain their anti-establishment street cred.

    Fallon, you pussed out. Late Show, bring back Letterman!

    1. , or Late Night, what the fuck ever.

      1. The Roots should have played Lying as Bitch for his intro.

        1. But seriously, even Conan wasn’t this much of a hack.

          The trend of late-night comedians catering to politicians, even politicians currently in office, was started by Stewart and Colbert.

          Never thought I’d see it spread to the 12:30 am shows, the last refuge of anti-authoritarian humor.

    2. Are you fucking kidding me? Letterman has more of Obama’s dick in his mouth than shreek does.

  22. Deportations?

    Heavens! The President is deporting some fellows who have every legal right to be here?

    This truly is barbarism out of place in a society which respects rule of law, and which does not selectively or unequally enforce its laws!

    Heavens – I hope none of the deported were violent criminals. The unlawful immigrant sexual felon is amongst society’s most vulnerable you know.

    All right-thinking people think deportations are completely uncalled for!

    Glad we’re agreed.

    I’m not with you on the idea that liberals aren’t in favor of mass deportations and indeed, even ethnic cleansing as I’ve read quite a bit of Alan Dershowitz’s work, recently, and at least some of what appeared under his name was actually written by him!

    Warm regards from Russia’s border with Iran,

    Dr. Tingley

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