Mining Asteroids, Arizona Wants Its Land Back, Solar Power Foiled by Indian Burial Ground: P.M. Links


  • This is why reasonable regulation of asteroid mining is a necessity, you crazy belters!

    A new company backed by a group of tech-oriented billionaires with an interest in space exploration is looking into mining the asteroid belt. Can space anarchy be far behind? (HT JW)

  • Attorney General Eric Holder wants more time for the government to file papers in a lawsuit launched by a civil liberties group seeking the legal records authorizing strikes that have killed U.S. citizens abroad. He's probably warming up a drone.
  • Forget the caucuses; in Minnesota's district conventions, Ron Paul mopped up the lion's share of delegates to the nominating convention, taking 20 of the available 24. Well-played, Dr. Paul.
  • Jose Padilla, who was held for years as an "enemy combatant," wants the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a lawsuit accusing government officials of torturing him in a South Carolina military prison. He's appealing a ruling that the courts have no jurisdiction and the military can pretty much do what it pleases with detainees. Yeah, this is in the U.S., not Guatemala.
  • In the latest evidence that westerners still aren't so fond of D.C., Arizona lawmakers passed legislation demanding the U.S. government relinquish to the state millions of acres of federal territory. Utah has passed a similar bill.
  • Two progressive priorities ran headlong into each other when ancient Native American remains were discovered on the site of the U.S. government-favored Genesis solar project.
  • Arizona's headline-bait anti-immigration law wins the support of more than two-thirds of Americans polled by Quinnipiac. Hey, police raids and ID checks can't be all bad, right?

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