25 years ago in reason


"Hardly anyone today anywhere in the world will say that the way to get efficient production is through nationalized enterprises or that the way to solve every social problem is to have government throw more money at it. In that area we have won the battle."

'"Milton Friedman, "Where Are We on the Road to Liberty?"

"Stateside, early punk politics were closer to the individualist strain in conservatism than to the New Deal. There were anti-state songs (Patti Smith's 'Citizenship'), anticommunist songs (the Germs's 'Communist Eyes'), even antitax songs (Circle Jerks's 'Red Tape'). The zeitgeist was encapsulated in the punk mini-creed 'Do It Yourself,' an Emersonian declaration of self-sufficiency and independence."

'"Bill Kauffman, "They Just Won't Let You Be" 

'"June 1987