Brickbat: Ignorance of the Law


In an effort to lobby against laws allowing citizens to openly carry firearms, an Orange County, Florida, sheriff's captain sent out photos of eight individuals he claimed were outlaw bikers who had concealed carry permits. That violated a state law against identifying those with concealed carry permits as well as a law barring the release of driver's license photos. The sheriff's department cleared the captain of any wrongdoing, saying he hadn't realized the photos were driver's license photos or that it was against the law to release information on those with weapons permits.

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  1. I didn’t realize it was against the law to beat the shit out of an asshole sheriff’s captain. Yeah, I’m sure that would work.

  2. Apparently they were wrong. Ignorance of the law is an excuse. For some folks anyway….

    Two legs better! and so forth…

    1. Different jobs have different perks.

      Work in food service and you get some free meals.

      Work in entertainment and you get to see some free shows.

      Work in law enforcement and you get to ignore the law.

    2. No badge bad, 1 badge good.

  3. Once again, we see there is no penalty for a law enforcement officer knowing nothing at all about the laws he is charged with enforcing.

  4. He’s also guilty of spoiling the plot for the next season of Sons of Anarchy.

  5. Obama 47, Romney 42, Gary Johnson 6

    Not sure if the link will work. If not the article as at…..johnson-6/

    1. Johnson will be doing well if he gets .6 in November.

  6. If you have any questions regarding CWP law or training contact or 1-866-371-6111 and the Instructors at Equip 2 Conceal will be happy to help you.

  7. Nope, no double standard here. Right, dunpjhy?

    1. Proper Procedures were followed…well, they weren’t, but fuck you.

  8. Cop kills dog. Nothing else happens.…..dress.html

  9. Releasing DL photos and weapons license info aside, the Sheriff’s dept identified 8 individuals, law-abiding enough to pass strict federal and state background checks, as career criminal conspirator “outlaw bikers”.

    1. So there is justifiable cause to sue for defamation of character, right?

      1. Oh, I think so.

        Even if they are members of the MC, the use of the word “outlaw” strikes me as defamatory. Good enough to file a suit and jack a settlement (and an apology, which I’m sure would be quite the coup in the clubhouse).

  10. I personally know a few full-patch members of the Bandidos MC. I’d trust them before some cop any day.

  11. I forgot murder was against the law.

    1. That excuse only works if you are tasked with enforcing the law.

  12. If somebody in the private sector – say, a bank employee – released private information this way, they would be fired, even if it wasn’t illegal.

    But as Dunphy has often explained, firing a cop is a punishment just short of the death penalty and can only be used in extreme cases. Because unlike regular citizens, their jobs mean everything to them, and there is nothing else in the world that they could possibly do.

    1. and there is nothing else in the world that they could possibly do

      There might be a case for that.
      Once you become accustomed to using violence anytime you don’t get your way or are given the slightest disrespect, you can’t function in normal society.
      That’s the kind of shit that lands you in jail.
      Unless you’re a cop.

      Being a cop isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle.

    2. If a bank released information about customers as part of a political campaign, it would be on the front page of the WSJ. The DOJ would be involved. The bank would most likely cease to exist.

  13. Well, you know what they say right? Ignorance is bliss.

  14. Sorry dudes, I didn’t realize that releasing cops’ Social Security numbers was against the law.

    1. If somebody did something similar with police they would be screaming “war on cops!”

      1. I’m just gonna post a payroll of all the Orange County cops with their license photos. I don’t know of any law against identifying undercover cops.

  15. This is pretty commonplace. I remember reading a while ago about an anti-discrimination lawsuit brought against the Maryland State Police, whose spokescritter complained that the law was too complicated for them to understand.

  16. Any bets on whether Dunphy shows up in this thread? I say no, and I’m willing to give 3-1.

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