Romney Slaps Obama for Money Digs, Cops Make Suicide Threats Come True, European Borrowing Gets Pricier: P.M. Links


  • Could I get a little contrition here?

    Mitt Romney found himself a backbone and slapped back at Obama for needling him over being neck-deep in dollars. (The prez denies all.)

  • Congressional Republicans and Democrats are wrangling over competing proposals for business tax breaks.
  • Although still not sorry about pursuing the case, Marc Emery's prosecutor urges pot legalization. (HT: rts)
  • Nevermind that "stand your ground" had little if anything to do with the Trayvon Martin case, a Florida task force will consider changes to the law anyway.
  • Ever wonder which essential programs your tax dollars are supporting? Among other things, a plush lifestyle for the comptroller of Dixon, Illinois, who pocketed $30 million.
  • Police responding to a call about an attempted suicide by porn actor "Sledge Hammer" tased him twice and apparently beat him during a fight in the back of an ambulance. He died two days later. Oh, and it's a pattern!
  • Borrowing is becoming more expensive for Europe's more profligate governments as bailout money runs out.
  • Cosmic rays get mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

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