Economists See Big Bucks In Legal Dope, TSA Gets an Eyeful, White House Has Doubts About CISPA: P.M. Links


  • Damn it, Claude! Don't step on the baby!

    The U.S. would save $7.7 billion in enforcement costs if marijuana was legalized, and gain another $6 billion in taxes, according to a petition signed by 300 economists.

  • After months of painting Mitt Romney as a centrist flip-flopper, the Obama campaign has now decided to tag him as a rigid right-winger. Next week, they'll see if they can convince us he's a Martian.
  • A 50-year-old frequent-flyer who had enough of TSA attention gave the security detail an eyeful when he stripped naked at Portland International Airport to protest the harassment.
  • The Occupy movement is returning with something a bit less strenuous: sleeping in public. Nighty night, kids.
  • After nationalizing the YPF oil company, Argentina's government is poised to discover how hard it is to peddle gas under its own rules, and what it means to scare off investors.
  • The White House is voicing doubts about the privacy-threatening CISPA "cybersecurity" bill.
  • U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan took posed snapshots of themselves with dead insurgents. The Pentagon is … embarrassed.
  • Scientists say that dinosaurs may have been done in by the wide differential between the size of their young and adults, which squeezed out smaller species.

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