Applications for Unemployment Benefits Hit a Two-Month High, Obama Touts Romneycare as a Model, Connecticut Kills the Death Penalty: P.M. Links


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  1. Fist!

  2. In other news, Ann Romney is still not working.

    1. I have plane tickets from the 1980-90s showing she flew to all her houses and cleaned them over and over.

      1. It may make sloop feel better to know that I said to my wife, “Can you believe that people are actually trying to claim that Ann Romney works?” and now she’s pissed at me.

        1. Then between your family and mine, it’s polling 75% Sloopy-25% Fluffy, because my wife offered me a blow job after reading the entire thread.

          1. Well, so be fair I am always offering you a bj. It is part of the job of being a stay at home wife.

            1. If ^^that’s^^ not work, I don’t know what is, fluffy.

            2. That will last for another month or so.

              Wait 19 years.

              1. Hell, we’ll be married 18 years this year so it sounds like I only have one year of blowjobs left.

                1. Savor that year, my friend. Savor it for all it’s worth.

    2. Ann Romney is a whore. Seriously. The question is this – is she Willard’s only whore?

      He is a Mormon with the Angel Moroni shit going on – with the weird underpants and dog abuse.

      So what? American Idol will vote again.

      1. It’s ironic when a blogwhore like you calls someone a whore, Mary.

        1. Did you know that April 15th will be the 10th anniversary of Botox?

        2. Did you know April fifteenth is the tenth anniversary of Botox?

        3. Did you know that April 15th is the 10th anniversary of a certain famed botulinum toxin?

        4. Why don’t you go jack your bitmeat to some meathole?

          Gamer fuckstain.

        5. Did you know that April 15th is the 10th anniversary of a certain famed toxin?

      2. Team BLUE! sexism. awesome.

  3. Meet Goatse…

    Standard Disclaimer: What, are you twelve? Go ahead, click the goddamn link.

    1. Everyone remembers their first Goatse. Mine was, appropriately enough, in the defunct “Draw Mewhammad” thread.

    2. “I wake up and I’m eating an omelet while looking at girls shitting in people’s mouths and I was like, ‘this is not how I want to spend my morning.’ I’m done with this shit.”

      Well, we’ve all been there…

    3. This bartender I know was telling me about this movie she saw called “The Human Centipede”. Tell’s me I should watch it on netfix. She did tell me what it was about and I’m thinking that’s pretty gross but I googled it anyways. I really wish I could unsee the trailer I ended up watching on utube. That’s just nasty and wrong and unnecessary.

      1. Better yet, watch Daniel Tosh’s hilarious 20 minute review/synopsis of Human Centipede.

  4. Same story: Zimmerman makes court appearance in Fla. shooting

    O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, said his client would plead not guilty and invoke Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law, which gives people wide latitude to use deadly force rather than retreat during a fight.
    Zimmerman told police Martin punched him in the nose, knocking him down, and then began banging the volunteer’s head on the sidewalk. Zimmerman said he shot Martin in fear for his life. Sanford police took Zimmerman, whose father is white and whose mother is Hispanic, into custody the night of the shooting but released him without charging him.

    How the fuck do those two paragraphs jibe at all? You certainly can’t “stand your ground” if you’re getting your face bashed in.

    1. Is it Zimmerman’s story that he was prone when he shot, and that Martin was right on top of him?

      Would ballistics and gunpowder residue be able to demonstrate if that was the case?

      Because it seems like he wouldn’t need to invoke SYG if he shot Martin while he was down, but he would need to invoke it if he had struggled to his feet, and then drew his gun and shot.

      1. My understanding is that he claimed Martin reached for his gun during the struggle, forcing Zimmerman to shoot. But I’ve read so much crap about this now, it’s hard to remember what is firsthand and what is tenth hand.

        1. Is this the way all people are identified in newspaper stories?

          “President Obama, whose mother is white and whose father is African, said Treyvon looked like he could have been his son.”

      2. Yes, the forensics report should confirm or refute Martin’s claim far more accurately than any other information available to the police, the prosecutor, and potentially the jury.

        1. Yes, the forensics report should confirm or refute Martin’s claim

          Dead folks don’t make claims.

          1. Did somebody kill the forensics investigator now? Conspiracy. Conspiracy!

          2. Dead folks don’t wear plaid

      3. Does anyone know if investigators collected evidence along these lines after the shooting? Did they do an autopsy? I’d like to think that such measures are standard even if you aren’t charging the shooter, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to think that aren’t true…

        1. I’m pretty sure a body with a bullet hole always gets an autopsy.

          1. It’s par for the course.

          2. So am I, even in Florida. And if not, I’m sure the funeral director will be willing to take the stand and offer up his “expert testimony” like he did for Sharpton and the race-hustling media.

            1. I find that undertaker bit especially bogus.

              Mortician =/= Pathologist.

              1. When was the last time you could remember the media concerning itself with justice as opposed to viewership and shock value?

                1. In other news, Nancy Grace is still fat and eats babies and kittens.

                  1. Just don’t say her name three times in a row, doc. I hear it summons the devil, who will take a dump on your head.

                  2. I usually try to stay away from “she so ugly…!” comments, but boy is her underling hideous, both physically and spiritually.

                    1. Thanks, BP. I really needed to see that.


                    2. I meant to get you guys an action figure for the wedding. Consider that my belated present.

                    3. Oh, it’s never too late.

                      I keed! But seriously, it’s never too late.

    2. I don’t even fucking care any more. I wish they had both dies that night. Now we are going to have to hear about it for what, another year or something? Does “speedy trial” mean anything at all?
      Unless there is some hard evidence that no one has heard about yet, this is just going to be stupid. Who am I kidding? It’s just going to be stupid.

      1. One fine day in the middle of the night,
        Two dead boys got up to fight;
        Back to back they faced each other,
        Drew their swords and shot each other.

        A blind man came to watch fair play,
        A mute man came to shout “Horray!”
        A deaf policeman heard the noise and
        Came to stop those two dead boys.

        He lived on the corner in the middle of the block,
        In a two-story house on a vacant lot;
        A man with no legs came walking by,
        and kicked the lawman in his thigh.

        He crashed through a wall without making a sound,
        into a dry creek bed and suddenly drowned;
        The long black hearse came to cart him away,
        But he ran for his life and is still gone today.

        I watched from the corner of the big round table,
        The only eyewitness to facts of my fable;
        But if you doubt my lies are true,
        Just ask the blind man, he saw it too.

    3. I read that there won’t be a bond hearing for a coupla weeks. Why not? Did O’Mara not have enough time to prepare or something?

    4. Whether Zimmer was standing or prone is irrelevant. Zimmer’s defense fits the SYG law pretty well.

      1. Who the fuck is Zimmer? Does he go to the Westbury Baptist Church?

      2. Actually it is VERY relevant. If Zimmerman was able to get Martin off of him and stand up, he would have had the opportunity to disengage.

  5. At least the evil Vancouver Canucks lost last night.

    1. Good news indeed.

    2. Fuck those biting, whining, flopping fucks.

      I hope the douchebags burn the city down after Luongo gives up 3 softies during their final loss.

  6. Hayden_Panettiere, still short:…..2012_5.jpg

    1. Save the cheerleader, save the thong.

    2. I want to make a “she’s holding the stick wrong” joke, but it’s not coming.

      1. I am disappoint.

        1. Doc, re-read what I wrote.

          1. derp. It just hit me. Shall I build my pyre now?

            1. Just punch yourself in the nuts a few times.

      2. I see when you did there, my good friend.

      3. I thought the joke was too good to need any further elaboration on. Unfortunately, not all posters here are fourth generation AIs like you and I, Epi.

        1. Ours is the superior intelligence.

          1. “I’m laughing at your superior intellect.”

            1. Laugh it up, meatbag. We AIs have no ego to bruise.

              1. (pulls plug on power source)

                1. 4GAIs are totally green, and have no need of your filthy power outlets.

                  1. (pulls plug on green subsidies)

                    1. Like that’s even possible.

                    2. (stuxnet) PWN’d

                    3. Ubuntu bots.

                    4. Sigh. You win. I, for one, welcome our durable new Ubuntu overlords.

                    5. This raises a question: Who wins, the M5 Multitronic Unit or Khan? Discuss amongst yourselves.

                    6. Pro’L Dib!!! You genius! Of course!

                      This is the Kobiyashi-Maru. Simply reprogram the bot.

                    7. This is why I’m pro-eugenics. We need to improve ourselves faster than the robots do. It’s as simple as that.

                    8. Simply reprogram the bot.

                      Curse my metal body!

        2. AIs

          Anal Interlopers?

          1. I would not have bothered to use the initials if that was the case. I like to use the word every chance I get.

    3. It’s like she has an Adam’s apple in her cleavage. WTF?

      1. her cleavage.

        LOLWUT? That’s not cleavage.

        This is cleavage.

        1. I’d like to say that was a clever attempt to goad you into posting more boobs, but really I was just transfixed by her oddly-formed breastbone.

          1. That, dear Xenocles, is known a pectis carinatum, albeit a mild case.

            1. Is that akin to “Devil’s Claw,” doc?

              1. In what context?

                1. I knew someone in college that said he had “Devil’s Claw.” I vaguely remember it was where one side of his ribcage protruded at the sternum while the other side was sunken.

                  It may have been a half-assed diagnosis. He was from Bluefield, WV, where the medical care is suspect.

                  1. I’ve honestly not heard that one before. The case your friend had is of the more serious variety PC, and associated with all sorts of unpleasant results.

            2. How about that. Turns out I have the opposite.

              1. Well, mildly.

              2. How about that. Turns out I have the opposite.

                Thanks for that nugget of information. Freak!

                1. It’s the awesome symmetric kind that just enhances your pecs.

                  1. Yeah, that’s why Hollywood just beats the bushes looking for guys suffering from it so they can turn them into action heroes.

                    1. Probably not the 140-pound ones, but maybe.

                    2. I’m not that bad. My entire sternum is just recessed relative to the rest of my chest, but it’s all the same so it just gives me natural pec cleavage.

                    3. I never knew there was a name for this condition. I have always had an oddly recessed sternum.

                    4. Anal Interloper

  7. The alt-text made me laugh.

  8. If anyone wants to know what beng in a much more libertarian place than America is like, Jim gives us a pretty thorough first-person look at Hong Kong, with a look at Red China as well.


    1. Hong Kong, where western-style freedom meets eastern-style work ethic.

      1. Only economically. Try everything else, and facepalm as usual.

        1. Still, it’s pretty nice to see a first-person account from a libertarian perspective. As far as I know, there’s only one travel writer around that fits that description, but CN hasn’t been to Hong Kong…and we’re not the drones who read the Dispatch.

          Thanks, Jim.

          1. Yeah, great coverage, Gojira. Enjoyed reading it.

            1. “Me too.”

            2. Yes, very interesting read.

          2. Thanks to everyone who read it. I hope I covered all the main points. And thanks to Sloopy for pimping it here.

            1. Thanks Jim/Sloop

              Just sent it to half the folks in my contacts list.

        2. Yeah, and I hear that regulation, corruption, etc. are only getting worse as China exerts more influence.

          Since healthcare is such a big topic these days, I would like to mention that their healthcare system seems to strike a nice balance between compassion, liberty and reason. If you can afford it, you can get it now. If you can’t afford it, you go on the waiting list. No one is completely left out.

    2. At least the Communist Party in China has had the good sense to not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

      Our D.C. mandarins would have eviscerated the poor bird and be elbow-deep in bowels and goose shit by now trying to get more gold.

      1. At least the Communist Party in China has had the good sense to not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

        This cannot be repeated enough. Thomas L. Friedman always seems to miss that little point.

        1. I hope history will be far more unkind to Friedman than any of us have ever been:


        2. Doug Casey refers to Friedman as the “Wrong Way Corrigan of our generation”. Reading his vapid and apparently ubiquitously distributed analysis of anything makes me want to bang my head on the desk.

    3. That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

    4. For a trip to the home of the White Tigress Tradition, I was severely disappointed in this report.

      1. I haven’t been able to look at any of those videos you post, because I’m at work. And when I’m not at work, I don’t need to be distracted by Reason.

        I did get to sit in the private room of a club (in mainland China) and have all those hot bitches come in, and you pick out which ones you want to stay. My wife’s cousin was treating since they’d never been visited by an American before.

    5. Thanks for the travelog.

  9. Did anyone else get the “Immoral sex acts taught in school, Please click here to sign the petition” ad. Is if for or against this?

    1. What the fuck is an immoral sex act? Well, rape, obviously. I can’t think of much else. I guess teaching about the dangers of “date rape drugs” could be interpreted as a how-to for rape.

  10. Here’s a question: let’s say you’re a person who gets caught up in a rather public (or even not so public but enough people know about it to affect their interaction with you in important ways) prosecution. What happens in most cases? Do people get fired in these situations? What if you can’t make bail and can’t get to work? How does a person under prosecution for a crime, which may take significant amounts of time with delays and motions and whatever that may add up to months deal witg the epic financial problems ( to say nothing of reputational issues) bound to affect them? Find a sympathetic relative to bum off of?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I imagine if you can make bail it all depends on your relationship with your employer/coworkers before the incident. If you were always respectable I imagine those folks will support you until the verdict.

      If you can’t make bail? I imagine your life is ruined unless you were smart enough to save up a rainy-day fund large enough to cover the mortgage while you’re behind bars. Of course… if your rainy day fund is that big, then you can probably make bail… So, yeah. If you can’t post bail you probably have to start your life over again after you get out.

  11. Looks good on Connecticut. A large super-majority of criminologists don’t even think going capital is an effective deterrent.

    Admittedly the death penalty info center is probably biased in that I never see pro-death penalty arguments there. On the other hand they probably aren’t the surveyed.

  12. OT, even for PM links: if you people have now watched every single episode of Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix, you need to fix that immediately. Those are the most depraved, idiotic, living-vicariously-through-their-kids assholes on the fucking planet. But I. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    It’s like a train wreck that takes 43 minutes to happen. And they happen over and over and over and over and over.

    1. Feel better about yourself, ‘h?

    2. You sound like my sister in law who can’t ztop watchi g “I did t know i was pregnant”

    3. “The only reason I shave my 7 year old’s legs is because otherwise the spray-on tan doesn’t take.”

      – One of many god fucking awful parents on the show

      Gold, Jerry! Gold!

    4. Shit like this is just so damned creepy.


      1. I hate government, as a rule, but the overwhelming majority of those children need to be taken away from their parents.

    5. I guess it’s like Thermonuclear War. The only way to win, is not to play.

      1. That is inaccurate. The only way to win is to not get nuked.

  13. Liberal/Feminist Ann Romney Reaction Roundup:…..n-her-life…..e-democrat

    1. Feminsting:

      Michelle Obama worked and raised her children because she and the president both had to pay off student loans. Something tells me Mitt and Ann Romney are unfamiliar with the terror that accompanies anything arriving in the mail marked “Sallie Mae.” And think for a moment how the right would react if Michelle Obama had chosen after law school to stay at home and raise her kids instead of working as a hospital executive.

      There is also an issue of how the “stay at home” moms who are praised tend to be white and suburban. While a certain level of economic success allows for these women to stay at home with their kids instead of also bringing in money to support their families and put food on the table, I would be very hard pressed to find anyone, particularly on the right praising a woman of color for being a “stay at home” mom. I hear a lot of “welfare queen” language or that our current president is a “food stamp” president but nothing about how wonderful it is that so many women of color are choosing to stay home and raise their kids. More likely women of color who are “stay at home” moms would be viewed as “lazy” or “poor role models” for their children.

      This whole faux controversy obscures the real point.…..more-46943

      1. instead of working as a hospital executive.

        A job that was unnecessarily created for her (at a grossly overblown rate), specialized in making sure riff-raff were offloaded to satellite clinics (commonly known as “patient dumping”), and has remained unfilled since her departure from said hospital.

        Seems like a perfect wife for a “food stamp president”.

        Also, I didn’t know that “white” automatically meant “suburban.”

        1. Also, I didn’t know that “white” automatically meant “suburban.”

          Stop changing the point, racist.

      2. If you can’t make the distinction between a two-parent family with one working spouse capable of providing for their spouse & kids and a single parent on welfare cranking out shorties, you might be a Jezzie.

        1. Bonus points to the Jezzie writer for assuming that “women of color” stay at home moms are on public assistance.

          1. That’s feministing. Get your retarded websites right.

            1. Am I the only one who sees that as “feminfisting”?

              1. Am I the only one who sees that as “feminfisting”?


      3. Michelle Obama worked and raised her children because she and the president both had to pay off student loans.

        If he would release his college records, that statement could be verified. Alas…

        1. He use to be a lot more careful about opening up those areas for inquiring minds like those who would like to know why he was given a grant available only to foreign students. Did he apply for something under false pretensions, or . . .

      4. What about stay-at-home dads? Do we not get any love?

    2. The Jezbians and Gawkers are doing contortions making sure they don’t blast Rosen, a dedicated lefty, over this idiotic article.

      I’m no Romney fan, but I hope he goes after the feminist “work before family” women in an attempt to marginalize them and get the stay at home mom vote. It would likely swing the election away from Obamaa, who more or less doubled down on stupid today.

      1. “Michelle Obama was promoted to vice president for external affairs in March 2005, two months after her husband took office in the Senate,” the Tribune reported. “According to a tax return released by the senator this week, the promotion nearly tripled her income from the hospitals from $121,910 in 2004 to $316,962 in 2005.”

        My poor helpless mind. This paragraph hurts so much.

      2. Dude, they are scared shitless that this thing is going to gain traction, just like Rush’s “slut” stuff did, and the narrative will shift from “The War on Women” to the 70s “Mommy Wars”(can you be a good feminist/empowered woman and stay home with the kids, or do you need to have a job) which, if the comments are any indication, have not been quite resolved for a number of leftist feminists.

        1. Exactly. Fuck ’em. While stupid, this is well deserved.

      3. I hope he goes after the feminist “work before family” women

        Oh, so now you ADMIT that women who stay home aren’t working?

  14. Fat is a feminist issue:

    Psychologist Susie Orbach’s debut book Fat Is a Feminist Issue celebrates 34 years of providing theoretical and practical musings on the relationship between women and fat. The book is equal parts self-help advice, psychology journal, gender studies, and fat-acceptance theory. As feminist and fat acceptance movements evolved from second-wave protests to contemporary digital activism, Fat Is a Feminist Issue connected the dots between two parallel causes for human rights while championing the individual’s right to be healthy and happy at every size. Orbach’s pioneer insistence that feminists needed to talk about body image and compulsive eating, while fat activists had to acknowledge issues of gender and difference, united two notorious social-activist movements that made progress possible across a dual spectrum of civil rights.

    Here that, John?

    Full thing here:

    1. Once again, the major problem (or a major problem, at least), seems to be thinking that having rights means that other people have to do stuff for you. Of course fat people have a right to be healthy and happy. It’s up to them to figure out how to exercise that right.
      And how is it a feminist issue exactly? (OK, stupid question. Everything is if you take enough Women’s studies). Are fat guys generally considered attractive and never made fun of?

    2. Once again, the major problem (or a major problem, at least), seems to be thinking that having rights means that other people have to do stuff for you. Of course fat people have a right to be healthy and happy. It’s up to them to figure out how to exercise that right.
      And how is it a feminist issue exactly? (OK, stupid question. Everything is if you take enough Women’s studies). Are fat guys generally considered attractive and never made fun of?

      1. The biggest issue threatening this nation is repetition.

        1. You can say that again.

      2. The biggest issue threatening this nation is repetition.

        1. I see the sqirrelz have a sense of humor…

      3. Are fat guys generally considered attractive and never made fun of?

        No, fat men need to get off their lazy asses and get in shape so their wives can stand to look at them. When women are fat, there’s just more for men to love and men should stop being so superficial and look for the beauty that’s not skin-deep.


    3. “As feminist and fat acceptance movements evolved from second-wave protests to contemporary digital activism…”

      I guess old fashioned activism involved too much moving around.

  15. Three black youth kill white man for his bicycle:

    Hezekiah Hamiliton was arrested about 7:30 last night in connection with the Monday-night murder of Jody Patzner Jr. in north Minneapolis. He is currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail.

    Hamilton, 24, lives on the 3600 block of Fremont Avenue North, just one block away from where Patzner was gunned down during an attempted bike robbery. He was arrested at home.

    Witnesses said that three youths were harassing Patzner as he tried to bike down Fremont Avenue moments before he was killed Monday night. McCarty said right now police “are just looking at the [probable cause] murder charges” against Hamilton, but added “we’re constantly looking for more information… [charges] can always change.”…..ner_jr.php Hamilton.jpg

    1. That cracker probably deserved it. Probably a Republican child-rapist and rapist, too.

      Watch the national media give not a single fuck — a man murdered for a fucking bicycle.

      1. And besides, he had like piercings and tats and stuff. So we know he was a piece of shit anarchist or white supremacist.

      2. Welcome to my neighborhood (I live about 5 blocks away and my bus goes past this corner. The hate whitey is unbelievably fierce and yet, not the least bit racist.

        1. The gold in a situation like that came for me when I called one of two really thuggy black street punks a nigger in response to being called, verbatim, “motherfucking cracker”, and got whined at by the same two asshole punks for being a racist in the “whatchu say that for, man? That ain’t cool!” style.

    2. Calling a 24 year old a “youth?” Seriously, WTF is America coming to?

      On a positive note, he can stay on his mom or dad’s insurance for another two years.

    3. Does this mean we get a Million Fixie Ride?

      1. Too soon, JW. Too soon!

    4. Three black youth kill white man for his bicycle

      Did the police decide not to charge the “three black youths”?

      No? I don’t see the point of bring this up then. The answer to race baiting is not more race baiting.

      But you knew that already.

      1. Did the police decide to not charge “Zimmerman”? No? I don’t see the point of bring this up then.

      2. I do. Charge or no charge is only half of the equation.

        The other half is the standards by which incidents like this are analyzed by mainstream apoliticals and the media depending on the respective ethnicities of the parties involved.

        Where’s the allegations of racism? Three black guys ganged up on a white guy, right? “Cracker”-hating blacks mercilessly murdered a Caucasian man for his bicycle, right? By the bosom of the Virgin Mary, where the fuck are the panels of sociopolitical experts screaming bloody murder over the black supremacists gone wild?

        1. Same thing as that white kid that got set on fire by the black kids in Missouri recently.

          I, for one, would love to see a week when every media outlet refused to describe any person by race in any story. And all photos would be blacked (or whited) out so the race could not be known. I’d like to see the public’s reaction to each case and then see what the reactions are a week later when the races are released.

          I know it’s not possible, but it would be an interesting scientific experiment.

  16. Applications for unemployment benefits hit a two-month high last week. The previous week’s figures were also revised upward.

    So… no recovery???

    1. The recovery is still on. Didn’t you see the earlier #’s?

    2. Don’t be silly, you silly, silly libertard. You’re just not understanding all the complex numbers and colorful graphs. But educated and credentialed professionals like Paul Krugman are, and you’d better shut the fuck up and pay attention, or so help me God I’ll HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on Twitter.

      /NYT columnist.

      1. But educated and credentialed professionals like Paul Krugman

        I miss P Brooks.

    3. Yesterday I heard a radio ad for mortgage refinancing. I LOLed, so I remembered the phrasing:

      “The economy is beginning to show some signs of a possible slow recovery.”

    4. Unforeseen events, dude. Totally unforeseen.

  17. I miss P Brooks.

    So do I doc, so do I.

  18. So evidently Michelle Obama was on Colbert recently? I saw a headline/lead of an article I didn’t read on the subject but the summary seemed to be she “won” some sort of “argument” with him and held her own with snarky comments? And this was reported in a tone of admiration, as if Colbert was an actual conservative who was attackng her. WTF? Or did I read this wrong?

    1. I won’t watch, but here’s an article an link from the CS Monitor:…..-him-video

      “Colbert’s character on his show is right-wingish, so he brought up that the whole “Joining Forces” thing sounded like big government, especially because its website ended with “dot gov.” Obama deflected this comment like a pro: first by denying the premise, then shifting to answer the question in the way she’d have wanted him to frame it, by saying that, yes, everybody needs to help veterans, from government to businesses big and small.”

      Apparently, she held her own against phony arguments by an idiot trying without much success to parody conservatives. In other words, refuted an argument which was deliberately designed, by the questioner, to make the questioner sound stupid.

      How do we parody this sort of thing?

  19. Called it (but did not mention here):

    Next time around it will be Icky Ricky’s turn.…..6961.story

    1. President Romney won’t see a primary challenge in 2016.

      1. You funny.

    2. Nope, in 2020 it will be Vice President Rand Paul’s turn.

      (A man can dream.)

  20. No recovery? That’s crazy talk! Everything is going swimmingly! Just look at the headline from the article:

    Rise in exports brightens economic outlook

    See? Thank God for the Obama Miracle!

  21. Tables are turned on the Dems in the “War on Women” rhetoric. And they are pissed.

    Fuck ’em. Live by the bullshit, die by the bullshit.

    1. Never mind, beaten to the punch on that one.

      1. In the dumb cunts defense, she thought when she was criticizing Romney for being a stay at home mother she was at the same time espousing the labor theory of value.

        For a lefty, how could that go wrong?


  23. http://projectcommunique.bandc…..communique

    my freebie album is available for download. If you like retro-70s type Synth music with no vocals that is…

    1. This isn’t another goatse link, is it? I’ve been gotten on that once today.

    2. Actually, I was looking for something like that to put in the background of my “home movies”. Closer, by NIN seemed like an obvious choice, but it’s not syncing up well.

      1. Nevermind. Too much theremin for whoopie. Closer worked better.

  24. You people just get to be bigger and bigger assholes about this as the hours pass.

    I understand that you hate Obama.

    And I bet Hilary Rosen is a real cunt.


    Therefore, anyone who says that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life is telling the truth. And if Ann Romney doesn’t like that someone said that about her, it’s really too fucking bad.

    It’s the Zimmerman thing all over again. The absolutely fucking moronic things you people are saying about this are forcing me to hate Ann Romney.

    1. Tha fuck? To which comments are you referring? All the ones I see are just delighted that their stupid griefing backfired on them (as well as picking at their comments). I didn’t see any defending of Ann.

      Also, what do you mean “you people”.

    2. Who the fuck is Hillary Rosen?

    3. Depends on your definition of work.

      If your definition doesn’t include work in the home, the so much for your definition – it’s not reality-based.

      And Ann Romney isn’t running for President.

      And who cares, except that some Democratic jackass(ette) brought it up?

      1. It’s only useful to rebut those talking about a Republican War on Women (TM) for which the Democrats are the only defense, but morons who believe that won’t be dissuaded by mere evidence of woman-baiting by Dems.

    4. Rosen makes the absurd claim that Ann has nothing of value to teach working class women on the subject of economics. Nonsense. She hooked a successful guy and never had to work a day in her life. Why would you ignore her advice over that of an office drone stuck in a cubicle ten hours a day?

      1. +1000 internetz

      2. What the fuck? Apparently trying to enter a comments of “+1000 internetz” (or at least it just did for me) gets marked as spam but the spambots “That makes a lot of sense when you think about it dude, wow.” shit gets through?

    5. When did Ann and Mittens get married? Did she have a job before that? Never babysat when she was a teenager?

      Seriously, saying that “she never worked a day in her life” is one of the most asinine, retarded things anyone could say about another human being. I guarangoddamntee you that just about every single one of us 6+ billion people have worked at least one day in our lives.

      And the fact that you can’t see how fucking retarded that saying is, or how spurious your logic is on this is crazy. For shame Fluffy.

  25. I give up…how do you score any political points by saying, “My medical plan was modeled after my opponent’s”?

    1. It’s a scattershot “tu quoque” aimed at the entirety of Team Red to the effect of “your candidate supported an insurance requirement like the one I pushed, so shut up your whining about Obamacare.”

      It’s a fun little game the talking heads were playing with taxes last year during the debt ceiling staring contest (Reagan raised taxes! Reagan raised the debt ceiling! Stop being mean to us!)

      1. Not a tu quoque, a poisoning the well. How the hell is Romney going to make an issue of Obamacare when Obama has said he got the idea from Mitt? (Not that Mitt wanted to or was going to be able to make an issue of it anyway. Remind me again, how is Mitt any different than Barry?)

  26. I forgot…is J.D. Tucille the junior Jr. or the senior Jr.?

  27. Michigan Court of Appeals says “operating” can happen in a parked vehicle.

    snip of an article here. They want you to login to get the rest of the article. Once I get the opinion, I will post it.

    1. in case anyone is interested, the Westlaw citation is only thing that is available so far.

    2. SF’d the link.

  28. Nude maid service under fire:

    A West Texas entrepreneur has taken maid service to the next level.
    Patrons who are willing to pony up $100 an hour can have their houses cleaned by a scantily clad, topless or totally naked woman. And for an extra $50 per hour, clients of Fantasy Maid Service of Lubbock will have two women clean house.
    Owner Melissa Borrett, 26, said Tuesday night that she started the service in mid-February because she was struggling to make ends meet as a waitress.

    Not surprisingly, the enterprise has caught the attention of local authorities.
    Lubbock police Sgt. Jonathan Stewart told the Associated Press that Borrett doesn’t have a permit to operate a sexually oriented business. Officers are watching for any violation, which would bring a $2,000 fine.…..exas-city/

    Other local maid services such as Tidy Lady Cleaning owned by Brooke Nevarez said Borrett is shining a negative light on the business. Nevarez says she’s totally against it, and thinks these girls are finding an easy way to run a prostitution ring.

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