A.M. Links: Fresh Tsunami Warning in Indonesia, Justice Department May Sue Apple, Egyptian Court Suspends Constituent Assembly


  • get out of dodge

    An 8.2-magnitude aftershock hit the Indian Ocean just after a tsunami warning was lifted for the original 8.6-earthquake that hit hours earlier. A new tsunami warning has been issued in Indonesia

  • The Justice Department may sue Apple as well as several book publishers it says may be engaging in price-fixing in the e-book market.
  • George Zimmerman is emotionally crippled, suffering from high levels of stress, and losing weight, according to his former lawyers, who have been unable to get in touch with him since Sunday. Zimmerman has been in hiding since his shooting of an unarmed teenager in Florida gained national and international attention.  
  • Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman are advocating military support for the rebels in Syria as the Syrian government ignores the UN's latest attempt at brokering a peace.
  • A court in Egypt suspended the "constituent assembly" that was supposed to draft a new Constitution amid a boycott by moderate and secular groups charging undue influence of the assembly by the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Two separate roadside bombs in Afghanistan Wednesday killed a local government official and a NATO service member (the 102nd coalition casualty of the year). The roadside bombs were preceded by a suicide bomber in Helmand Province on Tuesday.

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