Nick Gillespie on OutFront with Erin Burnett, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld Tonight!


I'll be showing up on CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront tonight. The show airs from 7pm to 8pm ET and I'll be talking about whether clubs such as Augusta National, which hosts the Master's golf tournament, should be forced to open its membership rolls to women.

And I'll be on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, which airs at 3am to 4am ET. I'll join guests Remi Spencer and Ann Coulter, and we'll all mix things up with the original GG, Bill Schulz, and TV's Andy Levy.

NEXT: Nick Gillespie on the Panic Over School Bullies

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  1. TV’s Andy Levy is easily the best part of that show.

    1. What I came here to say. I hope he makes Coulter look a fool again. In some alternate universe Levy moderates televised debates.

      1. You know, there’s a reason she’s on Redeye. She’s controversial. She’s no idiot. Making money. Lots of it.

        1. No, if you disagree with someone then they are an idiot. If they are more intelligent, they are an idiot. Those are the rules.

  2. Erin called Bush 43 a monkey on the air while at CNBC.

    I like her. She is smart and hot.

    1. She is. But sometimes she seems drunk. Or at least she did back in her Squawk on the Street days.

  3. While you are there, is it possible to refer to the power-worshiping lewinsky press, at least once? And then throw in a off-hand reference or two to the toadying lickspittles in the fawning, suckup media?

  4. For several reasons I no longer watch “Red Eye” but when TheJacket? is on I try to record the show or wait for it to appear on-line somewhere.

  5. I, for one, would love to see Erin Burnett’s out front. And by “out front,” I mean “naughty bits.”

  6. Nick is the best Red Eye guest….next to Gavin McInnes, who is hiLARious! Keep working at it, Nick – The Jacket can take the Soulless Ginger Beard in time, I’m sure.

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