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A Houston County, Alabama, teacher and a teacher's aide have been placed on administrative leave after being caught on tape telling a 10-year-old student with cerebral palsy that the drool on his face is gross and disgusting. The boy's mother hid a recorder in his wheelchair after he became unhappy at school. The recorder also indicates that he may have been left alone with no instruction for long periods of time.

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  1. If you really want to work yourself into a frothing rage at pubsec schooling, take a look at how your local pubsecs are treating kids with mental disabilities and retardation.

    From what I can tell, SOP is to make sure they all get identified so the school district can cash subsidy checks, then they are warehoused, often in unsafe conditions.

    1. My wife is a government school teacher. My experience is the opposite: Even severely handicapped kids are “included” in regular classrooms these days. It’s tremendously disruptive.

      1. So, they are cashing the subsidy checks, and then using the money for something other than providing special classes for these kids.

        Much better.

        1. In the schools’ defense it is almost always the parents who demand that. There is a whole army of social workers and advocates committed to the idea of convincing guilt ridden parents of disabled kids that there kid can be just like the other kids if he only gets a chance.

          1. That is the best explanation of Maobama to date.

            1. I know he is retarded. But he went to Harvard. Yes we can!!

          2. these kids don’t just get put into mainstream classrooms, they are often included in those infamous end of year tests so they can distort outcomes. A teacher in NC refused to give that test to such a kid and was fired for daring to say out loud “this child is not competent enough to be judged by the same standard used on non-retarded kids”.

          3. That and the parents are probably hoping that there special needs snowflake turns out to be a “cool” retard like Rainman or Forrest Gump. Doesn’t work that way in the real world, sorry.

        2. No, the really bad ones have full-time “shadows” that stay at their sides all day long.

      2. This is my sister’s experience as well.

    2. I’m not sure what subsidies you think are out there. I know that each “Special Needs” child raises our K-8 school budget by approximately 50K/year. And in NH, there’s no question about where the money is coming from. From my property taxes.

      So no, our public school does everything possible to avoid such designations, and whenever I see a new family move into town with their own special child, I just give them my wallet.

      1. And for about half the price and none of the disruption we get trying to “mainstream” these kids, we could give the parents a voucher to send these kids to specialized schools set up to serve kids with these kinds of disabilities. To expect an ordinary teacher to deal with a class plus a kid with serious disabilities is insane.

        1. The districts don’t want to do that because the want the money themselves.

          I had a friend in that exact situation, kid with developmental disabilities and a school in the area built around helping kids with his problems (by the local UC so no it wasn’t a scam) and he had to fight the district for years over sending the kid there instead of their own in house program. Making the situation, worse, there is a state law that requires districts in that type of situation to pay for the specialized schooling (at lower cost).

          They only relented when they were on the verge of a summary judgement.

          1. Let me guess, the UC program didn’t hire union teachers. Amazing. What a bunch of cruel assholes.

            1. I wouldn’t doubt it.

              Best friend’s wife is a special needs teacher (mostly behavioral and mental disorders like schizophrenia). Began at a public school. Got sick and tired of dealing with admin and parents selfishness while special needs kids’ actual needs are ignored. Quit and started working for a private special needs school and had very high job satisfaction except the pay was a lot lower.

              Then she gave birth to her own special needs child (autism). Could no longer afford to work at special needs school and went back to teaching in the public school system.

          2. False. They would love to get rid of these kids. They are legally obligated to pay for any third party schooling, which is way more expensive than what John is quoting.

            Local school districts are shackled by tons of Federal regulations regarding the management of the disabled. If you think they are inviting these costs, then you are not involved at an operational level with these schools.

      2. Not an expert on this, but I’m pretty sure there’s federal money for each special needs child that you can list. In Texas, there may be state money, too.

        What I haven’t seen, is anyone using that money to do anything specifically for the kids. It seems as though the options are (a) warehouse them in their own room or (b) warehouse them with the kids. In neither case are they getting any benefit out of being in school, but the school gets a nice check for having them there.

        1. Economies of scale. We decided back in the 70s that every kid no matter how disabled has a right not just to go to a school but to the school he would normally go to if he were not disabled.

          So instead of setting up specialized schools for these kids, we spread them out all over the school districts in schools that have neither the time nor nohow to help them. We do that because sending little Johnny to the special school is mean and others him.

          Yeah RC, our society really is that stupid and cruel.

  2. teacher and a teacher’s aide have been placed on administrative leave

    aka paid vacation

  3. The mother told ABC she knew her son was not happy in school and decided to plant the recording device after another student told her that the teacher had been “mean” to Jose, nicknamed Little Joe at school.

    Salinas took the recordings ? taped over three days ? to the Houston County School, and the two staffers were placed on administrative leave. When the instructors returned to the classroom last Friday, Salinas took the recording to the press, according to the ABC account.

    On Monday, they were placed on paid administrative leave again, the Houston school official said.

    Parent outrage gets you paid leave for a few days. Let’s see how long you get second time around with media involvement.

  4. I want to know why the mother isn’t in prison for unlawfully recording the teacher.

    That shit is uncalled for!

    1. It was Alabama, not Illinois.

      1. Clearly Alabama needs a draconian wiretapping statute.

  5. That is what those gun schools give you. A bill with no product.

  6. drooling n a wheelchair?
    there’s soo much moar than rush to discuss.
    I’ll be in the area all daze.

  7. Boo on them. But maybe a kid that profoundly disabled has no business in a normal school. Maybe mom literally has nowhere else to send the kid. And in that case, shame on society for not having some kind of a voucher system that allows parents to use their tax money to get kids like this the help they need.

    But if not and mom is one of those “I want my kid to be in regular school just like the others”, she has no one to blame for this but herself. The bottom line is the poor kid was stuck in a school that is not built to or has any real way of providing him the help he needs.

    1. While likely true, there is no justification for the teacher to berate a kid that way.

        1. Amazing. You found a way to blame the victim AND curse the system. Could this be the BEST DAY EVER?

  8. So documented emotional abuse warrants “administrative leave”, which is just fancy talk for paid vacation. What does it take to get fired?

  9. That’s what the kid gets for going full retard. You never go full retard. /sarc

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