Register today for Reason's Alaska Cruise August 11-18, 2012!


Reason will take to the high seas in 2012 for our second annual cruise—and this time, we'll explore the magnificent Gulf of Alaska August 11-18 aboard Holland America's luxurious Westerdam!

Spend a week with Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, the founders of evolutionary psychology. sat down with Leda and John to find out more about our "stone age minds"—which are very good at simple tasks like detecting lies, attracting mates and avoiding predators, but are ill-equipped for the complexities of our market-based society. 

Other speakers on this year's Reason cruise include Reason editor in chief Matt Welch, editor in chief Nick Gillespie, alternative American historian Thaddeus Russell, Reason senior editor and Obamacare-debunker Peter Suderman, and Reason economic columnist and Mercatus Center senior research fellow Veronique de Rugy.   

Find out more and register at

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  1. Who’s in charge while the gang is afloat dodging pristine ice calves? Are the moderator elections before August? Because that would mean it’s either JW or SugarFree holding down the fort.

    1. 24aheaddotcom is going to sweep in for the coup and get his revenge

      1. Wait. Is there anything stopping LoneRetard from registering a handle? Who will step up and invite him back?

        1. You could forward him Lonewacko: The Novel

          Or tell him IllegalImmigrants and DirtyMessicans have infested H&R like las cucarachas

      2. He will have to beat Dondero first.

        1. Dondero can register a handle, but that handle has to be DONDERROOOOOOOOOO or he gets nothing. So every time he posts, he posts a DONDERRROOOOO by default, saving us the effort.

    2. Remember: a vote for NutraSweet is a vote for sanity, while a vote for JW is a vote for gibbering horror. Oh wait, it’s a vote for Mary that’s a vote for gibbering horror.

      A vote for JW is a vote for Snooki. Don’t be a SMOOSH SMOOSH.

      1. Horseshit! A vote for JW is for warmth, stability and predictability, he’s the Snuggie of H&R. Tiger striped to boot!

        JW also has a stable BSL, and isn’t prone DKA and licking his palms sweating all over the place.

        1. Who exactly do you trust to control Warty? JW? I think not.

          1. Oh please! Just give Warty some water, a steer to molest, and hooked up to ECT and all takes care of itself.

            1. That is what he tells everyone. And it is all fun and games until he gets you to put the hose down and take off his muzzle.

              1. JW has resolve, a steely determination. Grit. Saccharin Man would bottom out, faint, and wash away in his own fluids, leaving Warty…unsupervised.

                1. Most excellent, Doc. That Vice Moderator position is all your for the taking. Unless Secretary of Vice is more to your liking. A tropical ambassadorship can be arranged as well.

                  We’ll rule this world with a rubber glove (I have latex allergies).

            2. We have ways of controlling Warty. Don’t you worry about that.

        2. Look, doc, if you want the guy who banged your wife running the place, you might want to think again.

          NutraSweet can’t even get it up to bang your wife. He has no invested interest in banning you. See the advantages?

          A vote for NutraSweet is a vote for marital fidelity. And choads.

          1. That is a great argument, except that your forgot he wants men to bang his wife. They are into that kind of thing.


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            I was warned about this campaign of smear…

            Neither of them would ban me: JW gets Dagny’s fun drugs and Saccharin Man gets insulin and D5W, therefore he won’t push up daisies.

            Either way, I win.

            1. I’m a SPUNK

              For a moment I thought you were using this in the euphemism for ejaculate sense, but the always tasteful Groovester would surely never be so obscene on the internet. Surely.

              So on to acronym parsing: Single Professional and No Kids I got, but the U is…? Urban? Urbane? Urkel? Whatever it is it makes you the kind of shiftless untrustworthy sort whose endorsements don’t matter.

              1. Single Professional Urban No Kids sounds an awful lot like


                1. “Hello, I’m Dr. Hipster. Would you like an injection of irony?”

                2. I think the hipster version would be more like SUNK

              2. Unbreakable. And Unflappable.

          3. A vote for NutraSweet is a vote for marital fidelity. And choads.

            Newt Gingrich plans on stealing this slogan for himself.

            1. Where do you think I stole it from?

  2. “Register today for Reason’s Alaska Cruise August 11-18, 2012!”

    Reason sure has a hard-on for registration now. It’s like they can’t stop.

    1. Registration is the first step toward confiscation.

      1. You know who else held registration drives?

  3. Will The STEVE SMITH be attendance?

    1. I believe as part of the entertainment there will be some sort of cagematch/rape-off involving The STEVE SMITH and Warty.

  4. When’s the baby seal clubbing?

    1. As soon as she’s done with her hair and makeup.

      1. Show email address? Check.

  5. How are Cosmides and Tooby related to Reason? They’re going on the cruise, I get that. Are they Reason contributors or Libertarians or something?

    I ask because my wife did research for them a few years ago, and I’ve sat in on a number of their classes. Small world.

    1. The end of their video posted above seems to coincide with Hayek’s hypothesis in The Fatal Conceit. They seem like they’re pretty libertarian on that basis alone.

      Also, I dig evolutionary psychology. My first exposure to it was actually from a book on picking up women, and it sparked a greater interest in the field of evolutionary psychology than I could’ve imagined.

  6. Who besides R C Dean and the faculty of GMU has the spare change to participate in one of these boondoggles as a paying customer?

    1. For the kind of money they want for these things, Katherine Mangu-Ward better come with the cabin.

      1. I got dibs on Michelle Fields.

    2. We’re libertarians. We are supposed to drop that kinda money on our daily dinner tab as we twirl our monocles insolently at the waiter who gets no tip.

      The only issue I have with this trip isn’t the cost, it’s determining which of my child slaves I will pay the fare for as a necessary entourage, and who I will get to watch/give lashings to the child slaves I leave behind. These are the tough decisions that a libertarian must make.

      1. “the waiter who gets no tip”

        They knew that when the took the job.

        1. “If you are a single looking to share a cabin please indicate so on the application and we will do our best to accommodate your request.”

          What are the bounds of “accommodate”? Or put another way, will you be taking advantage of the freedoms of international waters?

          1. Wrong posting box.

  7. You’re all going to catch the norovirus.

    1. What’s a cruise without some gastroenteritis?

  8. Which of these will be shilled for more during the next few months:

    a) the Reason cruise, or
    b) Brian Doherty’s book on Ron Paul?

  9. I’m sorry – I’m a bit hard of hearing. Was that Alaska? On a boat? In NOVEMBER?

    You have the “cruise” at Alyeska or Eaglecrest, I’m there.

    1. Huurrr durrrr..I read that as 11/18/2012. August is much better.

      I’ll just go night-night now.

  10. “The Love Boat in Sarah Palin’s Alaska: A Cruise Made in Heaven”

    Hellz yeah

  11. “If you are a single looking to share a cabin please indicate so on the application and we will do our best to accommodate your request.”

    What are the bounds of “accommodate”? Or put another way, will you be taking advantage of the freedoms of international waters?

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