Reason Writers Around Town: Peter Suderman Reviews the Smithsonian's "Art of Video Games" in The Washington Times


Senior Editor Peter Suderman explores the Smithsonian American Art Museum's new exhibit on video games in today's Washington Times:

A new exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum is billed as "The Art of Video Games." Visitors will 

encounter beautiful production art, a chronological look at the major video-game platforms and their key games, tidbits of wisdom from various designers, and even a handful of games playable on giant public screens.

What they won't find is much of a case that video games are, in fact, art. Instead, the exhibit, which opened March 16, serves more as a beginner's history of the form—how it grew from a handful of hobbyists crafting simple pixel puzzles to armies of well-paid professionals building immense immersive worlds with Hollywood production values and novel-sized plots.

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