Brickbat: Have You Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?


A Turkish court has charged Sarah, Duchess of York, with violating the privacy of children in a state-run orphanage in that country. The duchess was charged with illegally filming the children for a documentary on conditions in the orphanage. The footage appeared to show children tied to their beds. If convicted, she could be sentenced to up to 22 years in prison.

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  1. This zero tolerance crap has infected the whole world.

  2. Turkey seems like a good fit for the Eurozone!

  3. Tough but fair.

  4. However, sources said it appeared unlikely that the Duchess could be extradited as the offence is not a crime under British law.

    Wasn’t that rule shot to hell a couple of weeks ago with the extradition of that kid that made some downloads that were perfectly legal in Britain but illegal in the US?

    Or are we the only country with sufficient imperial power to impose our laws universally regardless of international borders?

    1. The Queen would probably be for it.

      1. Yes, that was because the US has a very good relationship with the Queen.

  5. Republicans are to blame for this:…..ddle2_Jump

    In the last several decades, the Republican Party has railed against government as being the problem . . .

    Government is not the problem. It is those we have elected who have preached that philosophy and then can’t run government when put in that position.

    The code of Hammurabi says the first duty of government is to protect the powerless against the powerful.
    Government protects the American people from those who do not want regulations so they are able to dictate the prices and conditions that enable them to have their way with the American consumer in the free market system.

    The Republican game plan is to demonize government, demonize taxes, demonize Democrats, and divide the country.

  6. The Queen would probably be for it.

    Much easier than staging a high-speed crash in a tunnel in the middle of Paris.

  7. “Kids tied to beds? We fail to see what the big deal is here.”
    –LA Unified School District.

  8. Turkey seems like a good fit for the Eurozone!


    +100. I wonder when putting barbed wire on your fence to prevent burglary is going to be made a punishable criminal offense in Turkey.

  9. That’ll teach her!

  10. Most of the Royal family should be in a Turkish prison.

  11. “Do you like movies about gladiators?”

    -Peter Graves

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