30 years ago in reason


“Anybody who doesn’t dislike the Soviet Union is sort of dippy. It’s a really detestable place, and it’s easy to crank up a lot of dislike for them. It just sweeps you away, and after awhile you don’t talk about anything else.”

â€"reason interview, Karl Hess

“Many businesses are happy to surrender to the will of government, Chrysler being an example. And government is only too willing to bow to some private-sector interests in order to enlarge its constituencies. For these reasons the ‘cooperation’ of business and government will inevitably degenerate into an extension of the welfare state into the corporate world.”

â€"Tom Bethell, “Cooperation and Coercion”

“The useless nuisance of existing regulation pales before the threat that unelected regulatory officials may increasingly be empowered to dictate who shall receive credit on what terms.”

â€"Alan Reynolds, “Dollars & Sense”

â€"May 1982