Attn. Students and Recent Grads: Apply for a Free IHS Summer Seminar Today!


Discuss the past, present, and future of liberty all day and late into the night at a seminar sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies. Choose from more than 10 weeklong, interdisciplinary seminars covering topics such as public policy, advancing liberty in academia, and morality and capitalism from the libertarian perspective. From breakfast until the evening reception, you can debate and discuss the ideas of liberty with enthusiastic professors and peers from around the world.

Good news for your wallet: IHS covers meals and program costs; participants only pay for travel. Undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates are eligible to apply. Learn more:

Apply by March 15 to qualify for a free book offer! Final deadline: March 31

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  1. Hey Godesky, this is your chance. You could gambol all over Rock Creek Park while explaining the post scarcity world to the unbelievers.

    1. What do “free offers” from sugar daddies imply?

      Market failure to sell said items and services at their real value?

      Or is their real value ZERO?

      1. When you pee on the floor, they will probably ask you to leave. But the gamboling is great in Rock Creek Park.

        1. It’s only fundamentalism when somebody else does it.

        2. It’s funny because I’m incontinent.

          1. it’s What’s the Matter with Kansas

      2. If the primitivists wish to dismiss all of history as a decline towards the monolithic ogre of civilisation, then that is of course up to them. What is quite clear, however, is that their movement has no merit either as an abstract critique or as a recipe for revolution. In the former sense, it lacks any significance. In the latter, it is a recipe for misery, suffering, and death.


    2. and continually flirts in public

      It’s What’s the Matter with Kansas.

    3. the post scarcity world

      A good laugh every time.

    4. Watch, ol’ Whinin Injun has some Lysenkoist screed proving that when we live in little groups and paint ourselves blue the deer will walk into the village kitchens and slit their own throats, spilling blueberries and cream neatly into the waiting baskets and bowls, just like they used to before the Fall from the [City-]State of Grace into Civi[LIES!]ation.

      1. It really amazes me that either 1: it is Godesky, and he can believe the shit he spews while pounding his fat fingers on a keyboard, or 2: Someone has put the time in to read his bullshit and then put this amount of time into trolling.

        I sincerely don’t know which it is. I don’t really want to find out, because I think my mind would be blown, and I might become like it.

        1. Nah, this guy isn’t serious. He’s somebody who has no work, family or friends who want him. This is cheap entertainment. He might think he should believe in this stuff, but he doesn’t. If he did, he would answer the facts against primitivism. He doesn’t, he just runs back to Godesky’s weak tea and resets.

  2. As long as taxpayer money goes into academia, advocating liberty is like advocating abstinence to sailors.

    1. now that’s ok

      1. The agriculture-city universities need more money so they can discuss how evil agriculture-cities are.

  3. How much is this free summer seminar?

  4. Does it come with free birth control and an audience before Congress?

  5. There Ain’t no Such Thing as A Free Summer Seminar!

  6. I hope they pay their seminary students more than $3,000 for the summer. Elsewise, how will they afford birth control, a basic human right?

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