Super Tuesday Tip Sheet


So ABC News has a "comprehensive guide" to today's contests.

Here's how they're calling the races:

Alaska: Went for Mitt Romney in 2008, should do same.

Georgia: Newt Gingrich's backyard and despite his being well-known there, he still maintains "a comfortable lead in the state going into Tuesday's contest."

Idaho: Big Mormon population should tip toward Romney but "Ron Paul's ability to draw out supporters in a caucus format cannot be underestimated."

Massachusetts: God, what a bunch of jerks live in that state—the only thing worse that Patriots fans are Bosox fans. "Mitt Romney is expected to carry the state he represented as governor." 

North Dakota: Paul pushing hard here but Romney won in 2008.

Ohio: Rick Santorum's last stand but he "faces a delegate disadvantage in the state however. Santorum failed to qualify for the ballot in three congressional districts; the 6th district, 9th and 13th. In spite of this, Santorum will actually be spending Tuesday night in Steubenville, Ohio, located in the 6th district."

Oklahoma: It's looking like Santo!

Tennessee: Mike Huckabee won in 2008, followed by John McCain. Worst part of the Volunteer State's indecision? It gives rise to journo-blather such as "Tennessee is another jewel that Santorum and Romney would love to add to their bounty of winnings." Mmm, yes, another jewel…

Vermont: Romney.

Virginia: Only Romney and Paul are on the ballot here and the question, says ABC, is whether Der Mittster can snag all the delegates or just a large number. "The portion of the state to watch is the southwestern area, around Roanoke, Blacksburg and Harrisburg," which means we'll find out who got what in a few weeks assuming the stagecoaches can get through the mountains.

Read more and watch annoying video featuring "Dianne and George—and the Powerhouse Political Team" at America's second-place broadcast news channel.

Elswhere, the LA Times tells the world that Mittmentum is here, baby, and that former Gov. Romney "seems to be riding into Super Tuesday with the 'Big Mo.'" Who writes this stuff? Can't we outsource news cliches already? But before you break out the sparkling cider, the LAT warns that 

In a hypothetical general election matchup, Obama leads Romney 50% to 44%, about even with the 49% to 43% advantage he had in January.

Romney also has a net-negative favorability rating, with 28% viewing him positively and 39% negatively. At the same point in 2008, John McCain's rating  was 47% positive, 27% negative.