Everything You Wanted to Know about Crime and Punishment in the Gaza Strip Under Hamas Control…


Here's a characteristically engaging and disturbing vid from the folks at Vice. This time, they're sticking their noses into the Gaza Strip. Click above to watch and go here to see it in shorter episodes.

From their writeup:

In 2007 we tried and failed to get into Gaza through the Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing. Back then the rival Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah were engaged in a bloody war for control of this tiny strip of land. Hamas won. When the post-Mubarak government of Egypt decided to start letting small numbers of folks into Gaza through their Rafah Crossing, we knew it was our chance to finally get a rare glimpse of the embattled Gaza Strip and to see what life was like under the rule of Hamas.

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  1. I can’t ever keep it straight:

    Is Gaza one of the territories the Israelis are supposed to be occupying?

    1. No, that’d by the West Bank, Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem.

      Gaza is the ‘concentration camp’ one, where nobody is allowed to come or go and which Israeli maintains a military blockade around and enforces with lethal force.

      1. Does Israel blockade the Egyptian side of Gaza, too?


          1. Do you fucktards ever realize its only you who bring up the “JOOOOS”?

            I don’t give a shit if Israel is Jewish, Christian, Soviet atheist, or Falun Gong. Their policy is militarist oppresive bullshit.

            1. Zou, if you think the Palestinians aren’t anti-Semite conspiracists, I doubt I’m the fucktard here.

              And my point, which you quite deftly avoid, is that Muslims fuck over Palestinians too, yet it’s a cold day in hell when rockets rain down on Egypt or Lebanon.

              1. Oops, Egypt and Jordan.

            2. and the Arab policy is peace, tolerance, and inclusion? Bull-fucking-shit. Just how many chances have the Palestinians pissed away for their own country?

            3. Think of it this way, Zuo:

              We’re libertarians, which means we’re pretty much racists by definition. Wouldn’t take much to get us to hate the Jews, really. The fact that we think the Palis are worse should give you pause.

            4. So why aren’t you complaining about the Egyptians, too? They could easily let all the Palestinians into Egypt, if they wanted. Why is it Israel’s problem?


        2. Its been literally less than a year since the Egyptians reopened the crossing. You know, the one that famous dictator Mubarak maintained?

          But I guess if Israel has the fucked up same policies as a dictatorial militarist regime, it doesn’t matter, because “deys a demokracy!! derp!”.

          Aside from that, Egypt doesn’t fly drones over Gaza and randomly shoot people with them they think might be a threat, nor does Egypt maintain a navy off the coast to shoot up incoming Turkish flotillas carrying hippies. That’s all Israel.

          1. Well, my only point was that there appears to be an entire border that is not under Israeli control at all.

            Do the Israelis really shoot people randomly in Gaza? Like that concentration camp commander in Schindler’s List?

            But I guess if Israel has the fucked up same policies as a dictatorial militarist regime, it doesn’t matter, because “deys a demokracy!! derp!”.

            I don’t think whether a country is a democracy or not really matters when evaluating what they do, BTW.

            It appears, however, that residents of Gaza want to keep fighting a war with Israel. Can’t blame Israel for taking them at their word.

            1. I don’t think whether a country is a democracy or not really matters when evaluating what they do, BTW.

              Say, America, for example.

          2. grade-A twaddle. Israel is lobbing missiles at civilians going about their business. Or hiding bombs under its skirts. Or or or. There may be a lot about Israel to dislike, but unprovoked attacks is the work of hte Arabs.

            Given the chance to popularly elect a govt, Arabs gave Hamas a majority. When you can show me the part in the Israeli charter/constitution/whatever that calls for Arabs to be wiped out, let me know.

      2. So it’s a concentration camp with its own government and Olympic swimming pools? Best CC ever!

    2. To the Arabs in the Gaza Strip, any place where a Jew lives that has breathable air is being “occupied.”

  2. Everytime somebody says journalism is dead, I think of the guys at Vice.

    1. Brass balls. I just hope pool playing girl in the NK video wasn’t killed or sent to a prison camp.

  3. Alt-text: Just another post-warrant raid press conference in America.

  4. ISrael:”Hey- whoever is in charge, let’s talk peace. If you acknowledge our right to have a state we’ll cede territory that was seized when you tried to murder all of us as a gesture of peace, and we’ll recognize your state.”


    Israel: Hooo kay then.

    1. I’ll find a way to blame the victim.

  5. Fuck the Jews. That’s all.

  6. So, let’s have open borders, huh? So this can come to America? Right?

  7. I seriously hope you guys aren’t defending Israel and their police state tactics

  8. Davidstein wrote: “I seriously hope you guys aren’t defending Israel and their police state tactics”

    Not only are they defending Israel, they are doing a damn fine job of it. Do you have anything serious to add, or did you just want to chime in with your “look at me, I’m a Kapo!” comment? Anyone who cannot distinguish between civilization (however flawed) and savagery is a buffoon. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a (relatively) free (mostly) capitalist country like Israel and a seething, racist, 7th century hell hole like “palestine” cannot lay any claim to rational thought, period.

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