A.M. Links: Obama Wants to Deal With Iran "Permanently," Federal Prosecutors Investigate Cover-Up in Sandusky Case, Retiring U.S. Senator Pens Ode to Bipartisanship


  • Obama on Iran: "It is important for us to see if we can solve this thing permanently, as opposed to temporarily."

  • Sen. Olympia Snowe on her retirment: "Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship."
  • Afghans on the U.S. troops who burned Korans: "Bring them to us. We will kill them ourselves."
  • Advertiser pulls support from Rush Limbaugh due to "slut" remarks.
  • Feds suspect fraud, bribery in Sandusyk cover-up.  
  • Obama heckled by student for remarks on Iran

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