A.M. Links: Obama Wants to Deal With Iran "Permanently," Federal Prosecutors Investigate Cover-Up in Sandusky Case, Retiring U.S. Senator Pens Ode to Bipartisanship


  • Obama on Iran: "It is important for us to see if we can solve this thing permanently, as opposed to temporarily."

  • Sen. Olympia Snowe on her retirment: "Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship."
  • Afghans on the U.S. troops who burned Korans: "Bring them to us. We will kill them ourselves."
  • Advertiser pulls support from Rush Limbaugh due to "slut" remarks.
  • Feds suspect fraud, bribery in Sandusyk cover-up.  
  • Obama heckled by student for remarks on Iran

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    1. I thought that was foezizzle.

      1. Tru dat.

  1. Avril Lavigne in undies!


    1. Fan service is what music videos are all about. I’m glad she finally gets it.

    2. She’s a 6, maybe a 7 at bar close.

      1. Yeah, it must just be the clothing I’m attracted to. She also has something funny going on with her teeth.

        1. Yeah, Canadian health care system.

    3. She has to be in her thirties by now. I’d hit it.

      1. Oh, I would hit it too. She’s not hideous.

  2. POLITICO Morning Energy
    …Peter Gleick’s career isn’t over despite the big scar linked to his duping the Heartland Institute, says Kevin Trenberth, an atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. “I think this pushes Peter in the direction of getting even more involved on the side of being an advocate,” Trenberth told ME on Friday. “He’s had a strong science background, especially related to water. I don’t see this as the end of the road for Peter by any means.”…

    1. ie – “We protect our own by giving them cushy jobs”

    2. Peter Gleick’s career isn’t over

      Sounds like it is. Sounds like he’s starting a new career in a very different field.

    3. Being liberal means never having to say your sorry.

      1. it also means never having to be right.

        1. Their always right. It’s the facts that are incorrect:)

          1. “They are” (they’re) always correct.

        2. Well, nobody has to be right.

          1. with liberals, being well-intentioned is proof of their rightness. Never mind results, facts, or any of that other icky stuff.

      2. Mega-Dittos, John! Good puppet!

        1. You love me don’t you rather.

          1. based on her blog posts, I would say she has a hearty crush.

            1. You people pick on MNG. My real stalker is Rather.

              1. If you ever have a threesome, just promise not to post the pics.

                1. Sorry pal. Only do FMF threesomes.

                  1. who plays the man?


                2. I’m fairly certain imagines of a John-MNG-Rather threesome would be classified as a weapon of mass destruction, and the use of them would easily meet the definition of war crime.

    4. “I think this pushes Peter in the direction of getting even more involved on the side of being an advocate,”

      As in, now that his cover is blown, he has to be an open advocate rather than a “voice of reason” who happens to promote the worst case scenario.

      1. It’s pretty much the same job right? He was an advocate pretending to be an objective researcher, now he’s an advocate who pretends he used to be an objective observer.

    5. Peter Gleick’s career isn’t over despite the big scar linked to his duping the Heartland Institute

      If anything it probably just adds to his “street cred” among AGW believers. Sort of like how (alledgedly) raping a 19 year old hotel employee added to Kobe Bryant’s.

  3. Where Do Gleick’s Apologists Draw the Line?
    …In the view of “anthropologist and science communicator” Greg Laden, for example:
    My respect for Peter Gleick is unmoved. He is a great scientist, an excellent communicator, a brave guy?

    1. …the fact that [Gleick] had the courage to stand up to rich, powerful and increasingly belligerent nay sayers on climate change is an inspiration to all who care about the breakdown of discourse in America. More important, here was a renowned scientist standing up to bullying by right-wing ideologues who are intent on helping self-serving corporations destroy our environment. What he did was unorthodox and clearly beyond the bounds of journalistic transparency, but the people he was fighting have done much worse without any criticism or scrutiny. …

      1. the people he was fighting have done much worse without any criticism or scrutiny. …
        except for the fact that the people he was fighting were not attempting to loot the treasury for their own gain, or use govt to shakedown people, or attempt to coerce changes in behavior, or or or. Except for that, no difference at all. It is amazing how liberalism can excuse any means for justifying its desired ends.

    2. …What Heartland is doing is harmful, because it gets in the way of public consensus and action. Was Gleick right to lie to expose Heartland and maybe stop it from causing further delay to action on climate change? If his lie has good effects overall ? if those who take Heartland’s money to push scepticism are dismissed as shills, if donors pull funding after being exposed in the press ? then perhaps on balance he did the right thing. It could go the other way too ? maybe he’s undermined confidence in climate scientists. It depends on how this plays out….

      1. If you publicly say you’ll do anything to advance your cause, including lying, cheating, fraud, whatever, don’t be surprised when your credibility goes to zero.


          1. CONSENSUS!!!111one

        2. and run for a political office…

          1. And win! We only care about credibility and integrity in other fields of endeavor, not politics.

      2. This idea that Gleick even has a small chance of “undermined” in the minds of Team HOT is laughable.

        1. …Gleick’s intentions matter when we try to work out whether he was wrong to lie. It’s worth noticing that he wasn’t lying for personal gain. What resonates for me, though, are the consequences of his action. If Gleick frustrates the efforts of Heartland, isn’t his lie justified by the good that it does?…

          1. The end always justifies the means in the mind of a fundamentalist.

      3. [Heartland] gets in the way of public consensus and action.

        Science now relies on public consensus and action?

        Sounds more like Greg Laden is upset not everyone accepts the AGW narrative. Damn that pesky scientific method!

        1. gets in the way of public consensus and action.

          Isn’t that Tony’s defense of eminent domain?

          1. That’s Tony’s defense of any example of “democracy” where it doesn’t gore his sacred cows.

        2. Dr. Robert Stadler
          A former professor at Patrick Henry University, mentor to Francisco d’Anconia, John Galt and Ragnar Danneskj?ld. He has since become a sell-out, one who had great promise but squandered it for social approval, to the detriment of the free. He works at the State Science Institute where all his inventions are perverted for use by the military, including the instrument of his demise: Project X (Xylophone). […] To his former student Galt, Stadler represents the epitome of human evil, as the “man who knew better” but chose not to act for the good.

        3. “Science now relies on public consensus and action?” No but it helps you get huge government grants…

      4. What Heartland is doing is harmful, because it gets in the way of public consensus and action.


        Unreal. This is our consensus, and don’t you go interfering with it. We’ve all agreed that we want nearly unrestrained power, and that’s that.

      5. What Heartland is doing is harmful, because it gets in the way of public consensus and action.

        Heretics must burn lest they corrupt the innocent!!!!!11!1111111!@Q

    3. To me the really shocking thing to me is the number of “scientists” discussing this matter who fail to realize that lying about your identity to get documents doesn’t discredit Gleick as a scientist, but mixing documents of varied provenance into one package certainly does.

      I’m not a scientist.

      I spent an hour or two researching how paleographers establish whether or not historical documents are genuine so I could write a stupid novella.

      Even that scant amount of research was enough to show me that concealing the provenance of a questionable document by mixing it into a pile of valid documents would be a first-class scientific fraud.

      These “climate scientists” are supposed to work with protocols all the time. How could they miss what’s really obvious here?

      1. They wanted their Protocols of the Elders of the Denialists, and when they couldn’t find ’em, they wrote them.

      2. How could they miss what’s really obvious here?
        your question implies the possibility of an honest mistake, an oversight. It also answers itself; they hid something within a stack of stuff they 1) thought no one would read and/or 2) believed no one outside their circle would understand.

        1. So IOW the strong implication is that hiding bad evidence in a pile of good evidence is so routine in climate science circles that it’s beneath notice here?


          1. not at all. Nothing is beneath notice here; it just speaks to the intellectual arrogance of the AGW folks – they are, therefore you’re not. It’s like the old SNL Chevy Chase routine but with tax money.

          2. Lots of good documents and a couple of forgeries normalize to good data.

            It’s no different than normalizing raw temperature readings.

      3. What do you do, if I may ask?

        I’ve been around reason for 6 or 7 years and I tend to find myself most aligned with you.

        I’m teaching ESL in Korea—been here a total of 19 months, for full disclosure.

        1. DAMN SQUIRRELS!

          Directed at Sir Fluffs-a-lot.

        2. I hate to be unfriendly, but I’d rather not say.

          If the people around here found out what I am doing right now, they would first take a shit and then rag me mercilessly.

          Short of me secretly being Obama or Amanda Marcotte or Michelle Duggar, I couldn’t be less Fluffed in my occupation right now. It actually makes me laugh sometimes as I post.

          1. OK Fluffy, that’s a challenge… my guesses are:

            1. Dave Weigel’s fact-checker
            2. Warren Beatty’s fluffer
            3. Lindsay Lohan

            1. I vote for Fluffer.

            2. Why would Weigel need a fact checker?

              He is incapable of error.

            3. I find Lindsay Lohan = Fluffy amusing and not entirely implausible — true story — so I’m going with this, at least in my own head, from now on.

            4. NH state SWAT team director.

            5. I’d guess tax collector or public school administrator. Or perhaps working for the new healthcare bureaucracy in VT.

          2. ZOMGZ…you’re Michael Moore?!?!?

            1. Not a bad guess, I’ll wager.

              I still maintain that Moore’s success at capitalism indicates he is a ruthless capitalist. He’s just providing a certain group of people with a service they are willing to pay for.

          3. So… you work for the government in some capacity?

            I work in the aerospace industry myself, which might as well be the same as working for the government. In a little over 10 years I’ve never worked on a program/ project that wasn’t a government contract. Kind of makes me want to paint the walls with my brain some most days

            1. …either that or you’re actually MATT DAMON.

              1. They are actually an inordinate amount (IME) of libertarians who are government employees. I have considered entering the Anti-Fraud Division of some Cabinet just to make life miserable for everybody there.

                1. Direct exposure to the bureaucracy drives people to libertarianism.

            2. I told myself when I started working where I work that I’d either drink the Big Brother Kool Aid, or I’d become much more of a libertarian. I was right.

          4. Are you Michael Bay? Admit it!

    4. I love this one:

      By this criterion, Gleick’s lie was clearly moral, because he was defending a cause that he passionately views as righteous

      If being a True Believer is all it takes to receive the cloak of moral authority, then the Westboro Baptists are the most righteous of all.

    5. Sigh. Just read a summary of an article on Wired that claims that ocean acidification is TEH WORST ITS BEEN IN 300M YEARS!!! And also states that for two more recent climate analogues, we don’t have good pH data. So we have no way of saying what the pH was the last two times it was this warm and there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, but now is worse. I fucking hate science reporting.

  4. “Often I find that when a man makes a move on me and I say I’m not interested, he will persistently keep trying until I say I have a boyfriend. What irks me about this is that the hypothetical nonexistent man has more of a voice than the very real me. It would be one thing if it happened once or twice, and I don’t know about others, but this is a pretty consistent happening for me. It’s why products like fake engagement rings work well, and why in college, I had a fake boyfriend for years.”


    1. “[It’s] why in college, I had a fake boyfriend for years.”

      I’m sure that ain’t the only reason, sister.

    2. It’s more than a little amusing to me that the entire premise of being a feminist advocate is that if you just keep repeating yourself long enough, “retrograde” men will eventually change their minds…

      …but that somehow doesn’t apply to guys inviting chicks into the sack.

    3. he will persistently keep trying until I say I have a boyfriend.

      Not going to the link. How are people responding to this? On the one hand, it does a great job of blaming men which the community should enjoy, but on the other hand, she’s complaining about attracting too many men, something the community may harbor resentment about.

      1. he will persistently keep trying until I say I have a boyfriend.
        …it does a great job of blaming men which the community should enjoy

        The thing is in college I didn’t let the boyfriend slow me down unless he was actually there. The (often fake, sometimes not) boyfriend was always “back home” or “going to school somewhere else.” I was just clear with the girl I wasn’t looking to interfere with that. Amazing how well that worked, letting them know I wasn’t interested in latching onto a relationship, but was just looking to have a good time for as long as it remained a good time. It also seemed to make them exceptionally eager to please, which I never quite understood.

        1. It also seemed to make them exceptionally eager to please, which I never quite understood.

          Seriously? She thought if she was really good, you would want to go steady and, like, totally be her boyfriend and marry her & stuff!

          (seriously – that’s why)

    4. It’s rare that I had unwanted female attention, but i did have some bugy-eyed crazy chick hit on me for a while. Someone suggested that I just tell that I already had a girlfriend.

      After that, non-stop questions about my girlfriend–what’s she like, are you getting married, where’s you meet her…I felt like every conversation was like some improv acting challenge.

      1. If I really was hot after some girl, her having a boyfriend wouldn’t mean shit. I would just assume she would do better with me than the current boyfriend.

        1. We had a saying back in my youth:

          “All chicks have boyfriends.”

          They all had some level of self esteem problems and so they all were terrified of being alone and what that would say about them as people to the outside world. So they would always remain at least minimally attached to whatever guy was available even if they didn’t like him very much and even if he cheated on them constantly.

          So the challenge was to try and present yourself as an upgrade to the current stiff, and then prevent further upgrades from occurring once you do.

          IOW, it’s a pain for a young man to try and work through the shit that goes through a young woman’s mind, and so you often see strange approaches to the problem.

          1. Some chicks are like that. They get a b/f when they are about 13 and never go without one. My experience has been that it is best to avoid those types.

          2. “it’s a pain for a young man to try and work through the shit that goes through a young woman’s mind”

            That’s because most of them are insane.

            1. My six-year-old daughter, a blonde who is incredibly cute (like her mother) already has boys in kindergarten claiming that she’s their girlfriend.
              It’s gonna be a long decade or two…

              1. On the plus side, you’ll have the cleanest guns in the world.

              2. If she’s anything like me, she’ll turn into a tomboy/dork and the boys will keep far, far, away until their testicles descend sometime in their mid-20’s.

                1. She’s like a girly girl and tomboy in one, which is really cool. She’s already into pretty shoes and jewelry (which is entirely unlike her mother) but she’s already an epic toad and turtle wrangler and loves to hunt such critters in our creek.

                  1. Dude, I thought you wrote epic load and I was gonna assure you that wouldn’t be cool with most boys until their testicles descend in their mid 20s.

            2. NOMAD: That unit’s mind was in chaos.

              Spock: That unit was a woman.

              NOMAD: A mass of conflicting impulses.

            3. “That’s because most of them are insane.”

              While true, that’s not entirely fair. I wouldn’t wish the evolutionary impulses of women on my worst enemy. They’re tasked with the perpetuation of the species and well that’s the kind of shit that messes with you.

      2. I had a girl practically stalk me in high school. She asked me out dozens of times and caused me to lose out on multiple dates with other girls. Do to her telling everyone in school we were dating when we weren’t. She did a lot of other crazy things, but most people thought I was a jerk for telling her to leave me alone, which she never did until after high school. If I had acted the way that girl did. The school administration and police would have been involved. Since it was girl everyone including my parents just thought I was being mean.

    5. Wat? This is the moderately attractive female version of “nice guys don’t get laid”. Don’t be polite after the first time.

      1. Pretty much what I was thinking. You’ve given the polite brush off, now you get to be a bitch. From what I read, I think she has it in her.

        1. Yeah, why go straight to “I have a boyfriend” if you haven’t tried “you are not attractive, fuck off”.

    6. ..in a little box in my dresser…

    7. I always find these “men won’t leave me alone” complaints to be funnily ironic. In ten years or so, she’ll be crying about how men aren’t interested in her like they used to be. Enjoy it while it lasts, girl.

    8. Wow, her Marxist Feminist dialectic really did bring the boys to the yard, didn’t it?

    9. Roll eyes. She talks about life as though being hit on by an undesirable is exclusive to women. I’m a victim, hear me roar.

  5. Olivia Wilde plays with her boobs:


    1. I read that as “Oscar Wilde” and got unreasonably excited.

    2. I don’t really think it’s fair that she gets to play with them and I don’t.

      1. unfair labor laws!

    3. If she ever gets tired of doing it herself, I’d me more than happy to take over for her.

  6. Christina Hendricks still has huge tits:


    1. Definitely on my threesome list. Rawr!

      1. Kristen sounds like a woman worth knowing. Gotta love a gal open to adventure.

        1. Puhleeze, my threesome list is very short and very unrealistic.

          1. of course, it’s unrealistic; that’s what makes it fun. Reminds me of an old George Carlin routine about things teenage boys do, a lot. The debate was whether the object of desire was some Hollywood star or a classmate; George went with classmate because it seemed possible, which violates every tenet of fantasy.

            1. I pretty much always went the classmate way with my adolescent fantasies. Much more variety and personal interest that way.

              1. Not me…it was Simon Le Bon and Dirk Benedict all the way, baby!

  7. Sen. Olympia Snowe on her retirment: “Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.”

    Bipartisanship = Communism.

    1. Bipartisanship is honorable. Without it, you wouldn’t have a consensus that budget cuts must be made, just not to the most expensive bits. Or most stupid bits. Yeah, bipartisanship is swell.

    2. Process and intention over results.

    3. Bipartisanship is not a goal (unless you’re just trying to stay in power). It’s just something that might happen if your goals align with other people’s goals, or you manage to win over people to your goals.

      How is that so hard for politicians to understand?

      1. Bipartisanship looks nice and fluffy to so-called independents.

        1. …halfway between two bad ideas…

          1. ^^^^^^^Stealing this one^^^^^^^

      2. Bipartisanship happens when a Rebublican and Democrat both happen to share the same major campaign doner.

        1. I accidentally read that as “campaign boner.” I know, I know… a distinction without a difference.

    4. Bi-partisan? -Datebi*cO’Mis designed for bipartisan individuals to meet in a friendly and comfortable environment. It hopes that all members can make new friends and establish romantic relationships.

      1. Congress has a new social network site I see.

  8. Arctic Sea Ice: “Unexpectedly” Back!


    1. That is just weather fluffy.

    2. Regardless of what actually happens, it’s still morally wrong to perform experiments with everyone’s atmosphere. Curbing all economic activity is the only sensible solution.

      1. Must have read Mr. McArdle’s blog this week huh?

      2. That is such an absurd argument (I know you are being sarcastic). By that standard, it is not possible not to perform experiments on the atmosphere unless everyone just kills themselves. And even then you will have all those dead bodies giving off all kinds of gases.

    3. Good news from the Arctic.

      Wow! Is there anything Obama can’t do?

      1. Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

      2. Well, he did promise to “heal the planet” so I guess he’d managed to keep at least one campaign promise.


    4. What I don’t get is how this is supposed to be “good” news. So there’s a just right amount of arctic ice we should have every year? What BS.

      1. It’s good news if you think that loss of sea ice is a bad thing. Which a lot of people seem to think. So it is good news. It is also good news because it might help to quiet some of the more extreme climate alarmists, or at least give the less credibility.

  9. Michelle Obama, all class at a state dinner.


    1. “I can’t waste time here, I need to go stomp on New York and kill yuppie kids!”


      1. Do you know how long it takes to pillage your way up the I-95 corridor?

        1. Is it at rush hour?

    2. “When the fuck do I get to go on my 16th luxurious vacation?”

    3. Michelle kind of looks like a black Cruella DeVille in those pictures. Not flattering.

      1. Michelle kind of looks like is a black Cruella DeVille


  10. Dear Olympia,

    Fuck you. You should have waited until after you won the election and then let LePage appoint someone. Now we’re going to get stuck with an uberlib like Pingrie instead.
    Fuck you.


    1. Rumor is her husband is some kind of a crook and is involved in some nasty lawsuit. And that is why she has decided to spend more time with her family.

    2. The backstabbing CUNT announced her retirement 2 weeks before the filing deadline.

  11. The Jordan effect: Third of young women would swap IQ for larger breasts

    1. Boobs are power.

    2. That is a sign of low IQ.

      1. I don’t think so. Being attractive gives women tremendous power. Your IQ isn’t going to get some rich guy to come and take care of you. Your IQ isn’t going to get you hired over someone more qualified. Women have always used their sexual attractiveness as a tool to get what they want. It is perfectly rational that they would trade a few IQ points to increase it.

        1. It would be a sign of low IQ to trade IQ for big tits, because you can just keep your IQ points and BUY big tits.

          Not knowing that = sign of dumbassery

          1. Good point. Although I think the point of the poll was “would you trade IQ points for being more sexually attractive”. They just worded the question wrong by focusing on boobs.

          2. “you can just keep your IQ points and BUY big tits.”


          3. Slight chicken and egg problem with that. IF you need big tits to land a good paying job, then you won’t be able to afford to buy a bangin’ rack. So where’s the money going to come from?

            1. Surely you put it on your credit card, take out a personal loan or make friends with your neighbourhood loan shark, get the tits, land the job, and pay off the loan with your new-found wealth.

              For the record, I earn a comfortable salary and my, er, embonpoint has never been particularly impressive. But I do wear glasses.

        2. We have a really attractive Quality person here. I treat her like shit, just to mess with her mind. Every other guy falls over to help her.

          1. That is usually a sure fire way to get her into bed.

            1. The better looking the girl, the better it works. But for best effect you have to do it in a confident, funny, casual manner.

              My favorite? “Has anyone ever told you you have fat ankles? No, I didn’t say you have fat ankles, I asked if anyone ever told you that.” She’ll obsess for weeks about the skinniest ankles on the planet and wonder why you aren’t attracted to her like everyone else.

          2. Apathy works better than hostility. Unless you are good at suppressing all emotion while treating her like shit. That is the real key to a intrigues the women, how we are different from them on the inside. Being too good at being bitchy can be interpreted as being effeminate, but I’m going to assume you are aware of the potential pittfalls in the treat them like shit strategy, and this is just a guideline for the young dudes who don’t. But I agree, the worst thing you can do is kiss their asses. They wont respect you for it no matter how many no strings attached gifts you give them or coffees you fetch for them.

            1. I’m not after her – I’m married – and she’s not my type at all. I just like messing with her – pretending to forget her name, or speaking rudely – just because everyone else fawns over her.

              1. God you’re a prick.

                You looking for work? I need some people like you….

              2. You are my role model.

              3. You are a great American Lord Humungus.

              4. I don’t do it out of spite – it’s more like work boredom.

                1. Even more admirable!

        3. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever known couldn’t fill an A cup.

          1. Sure. But if they could have filled a C cup, they would have been even better. A Bugatti Atlantic, doesn’t have power steering. That doesn’t mean it is not beautiful.

            1. I don’t know.

              More isn’t always more.

              When I was younger I tended to prefer women in the 5′ 3″ range. You get above a B cup at that height and you start to look out of proportion.

              1. Depends on the women. If she is way small in stature, it doesn’t work. But if she has some curves, even a five foot women can pull off Cs.

                1. I know a 4’11” woman with 34-DD’s and is a size 4. And trust me, she carries it well.

                  Cup sizes are proportional to the bust measurement, therefore the cups of a 34-DD may be smaller overall than a 38-C, volume-wise.

            2. We’ll just have to disagree.

              1. There are a lot of attractive short girls with big tits out the Mohawk.

                1. tits out the Mohawk.

                  I am unfamiliar with this phrase, but I like it.

              2. I’m with you on this one. Tits are like chocolate. Big, little, dark, light, the important thing is that the chocolate goes with the rest of the pastry.

            3. Not everyone likes big tits. Or so I have been led to believe.

          2. Did she have an adam’s apple?

            1. Hardly. She looks like Carol Alt wishes she could have looked at her peak, except 5’6″ instead of 5’10. And padded As instead of Bs.

            2. Hahahaha
              Exactly, dude your 10 year old boy toy might be beautiful to you.

              I am sorry that is not fair at all
              I just want big boobs, is that so wrong?

          3. I think I mentioned this once before, but in college I dated a nude art model. She was thin on top, with small breasts, but with a great behind. Very fit. She was damn beautiful – and judging by her Facebook page, still is.

            Pure Psycho – but hey…

            1. That pretty much goes with the territory.

    3. Interestingly, large breasts also lower male IQs significantly.

      1. Was gonna say, men would swap IQ points to play with larger boobs.

      2. Stan Marsh: ATTAH!!!!, ATTAH!!!!

        Stan’s dad: Looks like Stan’s discovered boobs. I’ll have a talk with him.

    4. Sorry guys. I find smart women to be an order of magnitude more attractive than dumb women, no matter the cup size. Maybe I’m gay and don’t know it.

      1. Do you like interior decorating?

        1. Gladiator Movies FTW

        2. You need a license for that.

      2. I think it’s similar to the supply / demand curve, and the elasticity varies from male to male.

      3. Wait until you find out the glass in her glasses isn’t prescription.

        1. Dump.

        2. I never understood the perceived correlation between bad eyesight and intelligence.

          1. Glasses are (used to be?) considered unattractive, and people without easier gifts are more inclined to develop more difficult gifts. That’s the theory, anyway. My personal version is smart women like to be able to see.

            1. There is a correlation. Some of the theories are that if you’re smarter you read more (and as a result wreck your eyesight), or that genes influencing intelligence also influence eyesight. But no-one’s really come up with a robust explanation

            2. “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” — Ted Sturgeon wrote a fun little short story on this, back in the early days of contacts (like, late 50s).

              1. And it’s true in my experience. But I think it’s all the other things wrong with me that put them off, not my glasses

                1. Fist bump on dat!

          2. I assumed this was a hipster joke.

          1. Woody Allen?! You are dead to me (just for today).

            1. And me!

      4. yeah, but if she’s smart AND has ample boobs, it’s the daily double. On the other hand, how many of us just like boobs period? Size becomes a bonus of sorts.

        1. Exactly. I’ve never not enjoyed boobs regardless of size.

      5. Same here. I couldn’t abide spending time with a stupid woman, no matter how hot or talented in bed.

      6. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

        1. If you mean the Four Seasons in Sultanahmet in Istanbul, then yes.

          1. Is that on the old side or the new side? I stayed right around the corner from the old Sultan’s palace.

            1. Sultanahmet is the historic district – Topkapi, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Underground Cistern, Istanbul University, Covered Bazaar are all in or around Sultanahmet. The Four Season is the prison from Midnight Express, I believe.

              1. Right. I remember now. One of the coolest times of my life, standing in a square that had the old pre-christian Hippodrome, the Haiga Sofia, and the Blue Mosque all visible from the center. You just don’t see that kind of layered history in America. Protip: Being with a 6’3″ 250lb dude who speaks Afrikaans is an awesome way to not get hassled by Turkish merchants. Apparently “no thank you” in Afrikaans sounds like a death threat to Turks. Or something.

              2. and Hagia Sophia.

                I fell asleep on a bench outside the Blue Mosque, and some nice old gentleman shined my shoes for me…and they weren’t even leather.

    5. Why not just use your IQ to make money and then buy some implants?

      1. Implants suck. I’d take small breasts over implants any day.

  12. US President Barack Obama intends to tell Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in their upcoming meeting that he wants to solve the Iranian nuclear problem “permanently, as opposed to temporarily.”

    And, more importantly, after November.

    1. Not necessarily. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned war to distract the stupid rubes from the fact that the economy is still in the shitter, our civil liberties are still circling the drain, you’ve doled out unprecedented amounts of cash to your loyal supporters, and have broken pretty much every campaign promise you made the first time around.

  13. What Obama can learn from New Hampshire’s budget reform

    State Democrats called the spending cuts a “war on the middle class” and predicted they would result in catastrophe. But the state’s unemployment rate continues to fall and currently stands well below the national average at 5.2%.

    1. But austerity inevitably leads to a DEATH SPIRAL! Obviously New Hampshire is faking it.

    2. And, yet, their mistaken predictions will result in zero (0) self-evaulation of the premises which led them to an incorrect conclusion.

  14. Rick Santorum faced with strategy shift that will test his shoestring campaign

    Rick Santorum does not plan to abandon the fiery Christian rhetoric or the shoestring campaign that got him to where he is today. But as a slate of high-stakes Republican presidential primaries approaches, he is being forced to shift his strategy to beat back perceptions that he is obsessed with controversial social issues and harbors outdated ideas about women.

    1. Young people cannot stand him. Nor can I.

      1. Young people cannot stand him

        If only…

  15. Chimps are not slutty, unlike men.

    I guess that accounts for the DNA difference

    1. Bonobos are also not violent.

      Oh wait, that turns out to be BS.

      1. Really? I’m disappointed.

        1. Chin up Pro Lib. They’ll have sex with you for a banana.

          1. I had this vision of me and a bonobo employee, who would help me with contract negotiations by having relations with the opposing counsel. Violence isn’t an option in those situations.

            1. I’ve always assumed violence and hot monkey sex was just a typical day working for Urkobold & Urkobold.

              1. You have no idea. No take your kids to work day for me, let me tell you.

  16. Great review of The Darwin Economy in Spiked.

    The technocratic approach to policymaking has become immensely influential and pernicious. Although it is often expressed in terms of economic arguments, it has an impact across the whole range of social life. It is anti-democratic, anti-political and anti-human. To counter the rise of technocracy, it is necessary to delve deep into how its arch-exponents think.


    1. anti-political


      1. It means they want to solve things by dictate rather than through the political process.

      2. It means they want to solve things by dictate rather than through the political process.

  17. Stay classy, Rolling Stone:


    1. I am sure its five readers had a good laugh about it in the nursing home.

    2. A little more respectful than I was expecting from the headline.

      1. This wonderful non-sequitur from the comments:

        I subscribe to Rolling Stone because I like music, I like pop culture .

    3. That the outrageous Breitbart was standing right there, looking gorgeously gassy in his unbuttoned shirt, bloated Joey Buttafuoco cheeks and splendiforous silver half-mullet, made the humiliation of the trim and neatly-groomed Weiner even more abject.

      Way to stay topical in their references, too. Do people in their target demographic even know who Joey Buttafuoco is?

      1. I think it’s easy enough for most people to just imagine what someone named Joey Buttafuco would look like.

      2. You need readers to have a target demographic.

    4. People hit the author over on Wikipedia, apparently.


      The Vaseline & sock comment made me laugh.

  18. Super PACs can’t crown a king

    When communists and sympathizers made excuses for Stalin’s terror, they said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” To which George Orwell responded, “Where’s the omelet?”

    The Post, dismayed about super PACs, reports “a rarefied group of millionaires and billionaires acting as kingmakers in the GOP contest, often helping to decide, with a simple transfer of money, which candidate might survive another day.” Kingmakers? Where’s the king?

    1. Good point.

  19. Massachusetts: Early February Poll Showed Scott Brown Up in Senate Race

    Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) led Elizabeth Warren in a head-to-head Senate matchup by 9 points, according to a private poll taken earlier this month and obtained by Roll Call. The survey had Warren garnering 43 percent and Brown taking 52 percent.

    1. Please God let her lose.

  20. Dear Olympia Snowe,

    Fuck off.


  21. “Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.”

    Wow, what a stupid, meaningless, self-aggrandizing quote. Good riddance.

    1. “Public service” is one of those terms that doesn’t mean what most politicians think it means.

      1. When you serve The Public, every individual person is subordinate to you.

          1. JINXXXX!!!

        1. I wish “To Serve The Public” wasn’t a cookbook….:(

    2. She’s like Feinstein without the dick.

  22. Who the fuck is Gleick and why should I give a shit?

    I didn’t buy a program.

    1. The climate change alarmist who stole and hoaxed some documents from some climate change deniers.

      1. “Stole and Hoaxed” would be a great pseudonym to paint on a drag race car. A gasser, specifically.

        “Stole and Hoaxed Racing”. Nice.

        1. It would also work as the title of a barely-legal themed porn series. Stole and Hoaxed 6 was the hottest of them all, dude.

          1. Better than Back Door Sluts 9?

            1. how about “girls who pretend to be amateurs who just happened to be walking down the street as the camera is rolling” part 13?

    2. Some GW “scientist” who lied to get documents from a skeptic organization.

      1. And forged a doc when the ones he stole weren’t good enough.

  23. Paul Krugman calls Ron Paul a “spendthrift”. True story.


    1. But if you look at the details, it turns out that Mr. Paul is assuming trillions of dollars in unspecified and implausible spending cuts. So, in the end, he’s really a spendthrift, too.


      1. Yes, because continuing to spend money we don’t have is plausible.

        Is the guy retarded? Seriously.

        1. Consistent definitions of words are as much a tool of the bourgeoisie as balanced budgets, bro.

          1. Nice thing about reality is that it doesn’t go away. You can only delude yourself and others for so long, then it smacks you in the head.


              1. Frankly, that’s one of the most Orwellian things to come out of the left. They’re like the exact opposite. Even more so than the fundamentalist arm of the right.

              2. Here are a few communities dealing with reality right now. Funny, most are in states where the government acts very much like Krugabe would have them act.

                1. Whoa. That’s too much reality. No wonder they like fantasy so much.

      2. Calling someone a spendthrift is like calling someone a fascist, duh.

    2. Meow.

    3. From the comments:
      W did everything wrong and the country suffered terribly. President Obama, without much help but a lot of hindrance from the Republican dominated Congress prevented economic disaster and has us now on the road to recovery.

      Republican dominated congress? Road to recovery? The self delusion is strong in these people.

      1. It’s almost unbelievable.

      2. “Republican dominated Congress”

        Where did the commenter get that idea? I didn’t always agree with Brietbart, but I already miss him…

    4. Along these same lines, there is a piece on CNN this morning titled “U.S. Gas High? Not as High as UK!” I don’t remember the media making excuses like this when Bush was in office. Nor do I remember Krugman making up bullshit to discredit anyone who was not Bush.

  24. Obama on Iran: “It is important for us to see if we can solve this thing permanently, as opposed to temporarily.”

    Stephen Walt on how idiotic it is we pretend that Iran is a ‘major threat’ =


  25. Why would anyone go, or even stay in Wisconsin?

    1. It’s a beautiful state populated by drunken dwarves.

      1. It’s a beautiful state populated by drunken dwarves.

        True story.

  26. Mila Kunis is still hot:


    1. Her ass is a force of nature.

      1. Yes, it looks like she put on a few pounds since Black Swan, and kudos to kugel — I completely approve.

        1. Mila Kunis > Natalie Portman

      2. We really aren’t worthy of it.

    2. I almost posted that one, but I figured I should leave you something.

      1. It’s casual Friday, I didn’t even run a search.

    3. “..the turgid early Spring weather..”
      you know what else was turgid.

      Did the writer think that was clever or is she just fucking with us?

      1. Turgid is another good adjective for describing anything Santorum like.

    4. Too bad I see Meg Griffin when I hear her shrill nagging voice.

  27. According to my liberal friends on Facebook, the Kochs are behind the rise in gas prices. They are manipulating the market as part of their election strategy. They really believe this. And had links to prove it.

    So I told them “every time one of those links says “Koch” substitute “Jew” and then re-read it. Then you might realize how vile and ridiculous this crap is.” Much indignation ensued.

    1. Nazi Propoganda – blame everything on Jewish Capitalists

      Communist Propoganda – blame everything on Jewish Capitalists

    2. You know, they aren’t rich enough to do that. I don’t think anyone is. Particularly without there being any obvious hallmarks of such activity.

      Bogeymen are always more powerful than anything real.

      1. Of course they are not rich enough. And even if they were, it would violate a slew of anti-trust laws. So the Obama DOJ is not indicting them out of kindness?

        It is really gross stuff. And I am very saddened to see some very old and respected friends by into it.

        1. It is really gross stuff. And I am very saddened to see some very old and respected friends by into it.

          Nearly all of my friends from my childhood are liberals, and have become even more partisan as they’ve aged. Fortunately, they don’t post a lot of the goofier conspiracy shit on Facebook, but regardless we’ve learned since college not to bring politics into the personal realm. Ultimately, the friendship was far more important than where we stood politically, and focusing on that all the time would do nothing but poison the friendship.

      2. And from what I have heard, the Kochs donate far more money to educational and charitable things (even television programs that accept and one might even argue promote the idea of AGW from time to time) than they do to any political causes. I really know very little about them at all, but they seem like a really strange choice for the bogey men of the left.

        1. A few weeks ago there was a mention of them on Slate? HuffPo? – well, one of those sites – which provoked the usual vitriol. One comment was about how they were fascist, Patriot Act-loving bastards. Someone pointed out that each Koch gave the ACLU $10m to fight the Patriot Act. God, the knots the commenters then tied themselves into to prove that $20m somehow didn’t really count…

          1. Libertarians are fascists! Exactly the same as conservatives!

    3. The difference between Nazi and Communist propoganda is the blame on “Jewish Capitalists” vs. just “Capitalists”.

    4. Oh, I bet the sputtering was delicious.

    5. Take one word out of Nazi propoganda about “Jewish Capitalists” and you get liberal propaganda about “capitalists”.

      1. And that point went right over their heads. All they could do was scream about how I was accusing them of being racist, which in a sense I was. But I wasn’t accusing them of hating Jews. I was accusing them of embracing crackpot conspiracy theories and collective guilt.

    6. The other funny thing is that these people don’t realize that you’d need to rig the European and Asian commodity markets, too, for this to work.

      “Europe’s speculators hate Obama and are setting themselves up to lose money so they can have a marginal impact on the outcome of the US election!” Um, wat?

      1. That’s a bit of American exceptionalism they won’t get. Irony loses its sting when dealing with the completely self-unaware.

        1. I’ve been trying to figure this out. Is it self-unaware, or unself-aware? I have just been parsing it out to say “demonstrates a lack of self awareness.”

          1. Try “idiotic”.

  28. Obama to Iran and Israel: ‘As President of the United States, I Don’t Bluff’


    1. People who don’t bluff, don’t have to announce that fact. In fact, saying “I don’t bluff” is a sure sign you do and are in fact bluffing.

    2. Great. Let’s back ourselves into a corner, because I guess we need a war this summer.

      1. Just in time for the usual summer rise in gas prices! It will be a hoot!

        1. War. . .it’s a gas.

    3. I have this weird image of Ted Knight saying, “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.”

      1. Too bad Rodney died. He might have been the perfect candidate to put up against Obama. “But that hat looks really good on you Mr. President”.

        1. I would rather have a Rodney Dangerfield-type as president. Just think of all the foreigners, plus Kings and Queens he could offend with the lack of protocol. The progressives of America would faint at his boorishness.

          1. I would too. I don’t want to see physical harm come to Obama. That would make him a martyr. And no one deserves that. But what Obama deserves more than anyone, save perhaps his wife, is ridicule. He really is a 21st Century version of Judge Smells or whatever his name is.

          2. Or there’s Penn & Teller. Just imagine the Queen’s face when they release ten million roaches from their top hats! Did I mention they’ll be wearing top hats?

            1. Penn’s a libertarian. It was implied.

              1. They’ve always dressed semi-formal just to do magic, so I figure top hats and tails at a minimum. The monocles will just be a little inside acknowledgement to the rest of us.

              2. Pretty sure Teller is, too.

                1. Pretty sure Teller is, too.

                  He won’t say.

                  1. You know, he even talks on stage, just not into the mike. Didn’t notice that until I saw them in person.

          3. Plus legalized coke. Really, really good coke.

          4. Oh, this your wife, huh? A lovely lady. Hey baby, you must’ve been something before electricity.

        2. Zombie Rodney — 2012!

      2. Fifty dollars says the Axelrod kid picks his nose.

  29. some Afghans are still venting their rage over the incident — at a bloody Kabul dogfighting ring.

    Bring them to us. We will kill them ourselves.

    1. “We call the dogs who lose Americans.

      I don’t know about the rest of you but I am wounded by this.

      1. What do they call the dog that sends in a drone to blow the other dog up, then?

        1. “Mr. President”

      2. We call the dogs who lose Americans.

        If that makes you feel better…

        1. One thing is clear – they don’t use bloodhounds.

    2. Nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

  30. Committee chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., had said at last week’s hearing that the panel’s focus was on whether the administration policy was a violation of religious freedom. He said at the time that Fluke, invited by Democrats in her capacity as former head of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice, was not qualified to speak on the religious rights question.

    “I’m an American woman who uses contraceptives,” Fluke said, when asked Thursday by Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., about her qualifications to speak on the issue.

    What the hell is “reproductive justice”?

    1. What the hell is “reproductive justice”?

      It’s having a baby every time you have intercourse.

      And please keep a civil tongue in your head.

    2. “Reproductive justice” means having a right to someone else’s wallet to pay for contraceptives.

      Sad how the word “justice” has so many pet issues attached to it, like that somehow makes that pet issue more important.

      1. I want to know where my fucking beer and lap dance justice is. Fucking moochers. I have an idea. Instead of paychecks we’ll just have employers provide all of our basics needs for us. We did that once before in the south.

    3. The declining French birth rate?

    4. What the hell is “reproductive justice”?

      Probably “Moar free stuff!”

      1. It’s like economic justice but instead of redistributing money they redistribute your children

    5. Something something something Male Gaze. Something something something microagression.

      1. I against microagression. I say, go macro or stay home.

    6. “Justice” now means free stuff.

  31. Breitbart: “Wait ’til they see what happens on March 1st.” – Breitbart died hours before planned release of damning Obama footage.

    1. Romney, Santorum, et al might just want to reconsider.

    2. Although it is reported that Breitbart was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, when Lawrence Sinclair called the hospital, they denied that anyone by that name had been admitted within the previous 72 hours.

      ** dee-dee dee-dee, dee-dee dee-dee **

    3. I guess it’s a complement of sorts to Breitbart that he died famous and politically dangerous enough to warrant wacky conspiracy theories.

      1. I’m looking forward to the Breitbart/Andy Kaufman press conference.

        1. Briebart WAS Andy Kaufman. It was merely an elaborate performance piece.

      2. I’m still sticking with my STEVE SMITH theory.

    4. Right. I’m sure he didn’t make any copies of whatever exciting info he had or tell anyone else about it. He was the only person in the world with the information and with him dead no one will ever know. That seems plausible.

      1. Conspiracy theories are the Jello of the internet.

    5. Iocane powder slipped into his wine glass…

      1. I can tell by the smell.

  32. Good to see the Nobel Peace prize winner is still continuing on his crusade for peace.

  33. “Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.”

    I had no idea Snowe was so much of a dimwit. How sad.

    1. I met her once at the local Greek Festival, and yes she is dumb as a box of rock.

      Most politicians are.

      1. I met her once at the local Greek Festival

        Is that a euphemism?

        1. I think it involves scat play a day after eating pounds of Greek yogurt and Souvlaki…NTTATWWT

  34. Sen. Olympia Snowe on her retirment: “Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.”

    I’m an attractive, caring, honest, good hearted women in search of bilover to explore bipartisanship. I, so I got a profile(lily green) on –Datebi dot c’0m–. It’s the first and safe place for men and women looking for intimate encounters, casual encounters. Come in and discover the excitement you deserve! ^_^

  35. Dear squirrels – I’m not a spammer.

  36. Nope, I’m still not a spammer, squirrels.

  37. I know this was of great concern to all of you, but I went and bought an Audio Analogue integrated to replace my Audio Research separates. Italian-made electronics? *kills self*

    1. I always thought the Unison designs were neat:


      1. Magnesium coned tweeters? Wow.

      2. ooh – hybrid amps.

        on a side note, I have a Chinese-made 6DJ8/LM3886 hybrid amplifier that cost less than $200. For the sound, it’s one helluva deal.

        1. I think Unison is all tube, and their sister company (Unicon?) builds hybrid stuff.

          I’m not sure what the point of hybrid is, but you can make tubes much quieter if you use an SS PS.

          1. I suppose the point of hybrid is ditching the output transformer. Of course Audio Research made some hybrid amps with a jfet front end and a tube output stage.

  38. Everytime the word “bipartisanship” is spoken, grab your wallet.

  39. “Nobody has announced a war, young lady,” Obama responded to applause.

    “But we appreciate your sentiment,” the president added. “You’re jumping the gun a little bit there.”

    I saw the film clip this morning. What a condescending douchebag that guy is. I hope a garbage truck backs over him while he’s “vacationing” at Martha’s Vineyard.

    And the whoops and hollers of love for The Zero and derision for the person who asked the question were truly sickening. Fucking cultists.

    1. young lady?

      Can you imagine the case of the vapors feminists would have gotten if Bush ever referred to a female reporter as “young lady”? God what a dick.

      1. Sounds like a case for … microaggressions.com!

        BTW, to all sensitive souls out there, microaggressions.com will be offline this weekend, so get over there now to share your horror stories of having the door held open for you

        1. Seriously.

        2. That’s one of the greatest sites ever, right up there with the “99%” tumblr site. They’re both living archives of just how truly broken and emotionally dysfunctional a large percentage of our populace really is.

        3. Just… wow. I thought you made that url up.

    2. And that woman is no doubt one of his die-hard supporters. Imagine what he thinks of his enemies.

    3. You’re jumping the gun kinetic action a little bit there.


    4. It truly is a cult, if Bush was the one leading the coming war against Iran, they would no doubt be screaming for his head. There is no principled stand against war, its a cult of personality, if he does it, then it will be supported.

      1. Notice how all the liberal anti-war protesters disappeared after Obama took office, even though the same wars continued unabated.

        1. There are still anti-war protestors in my town every month. They’re still out there, if in reduced numbers, around the country.

          The media sure cared a lot less as soon as Bush was gone, though.

          1. What they did with Cindy Sheehan was gross. They took a grief stricken and a bit crazy mother and exploited the shit out of her for years. Then when Bush was gone “discovered” she was a little crazy and dropped her like a rock.

            1. The Sheehan case is an interesting one one its own level. I read an interview years ago where she said that Casey’s enlistment took her and his dad completely by surprise, and then he still re-enlisted even after she literally begged him not to do so.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if Casey had joined the military simply as an excuse to get away from his mother. I mean, you know your unit is going to Iraq and you re-enlist, even though it’s making your own mom hysterical to do so? I’d be surprised if that wasn’t a not-so-subtle “Fuck you, Mom,” gesture on his part.

              1. Probably so. And I will always give her some slack. Losing a child will make anyone a bit off. The media knew she was off. But she made a good prop. And they exploited the hell out of her until they didn’t need her anymore.

                1. “Losing a child will make anyone a bit off.”

                  Not unlike people who’ve lost friends and family to omnipotent drones right?

              2. I’ve known a lot of Soldiers who have come from… less-than-optimal… family backgrounds. For some folks the Army is the first group of people they run across who is actually interested in their well-being. Granted, they are interested in the person’s well-being in the context of being able to serve the needs of the Army, but there are a small, but sizable, number of people for whom the Army really is their family.

          2. If a war protest is held and nobody covers it, did it really happen?

            We say no.

  40. “Japanese researchers develop a gun that, quite literally, drowns out certain voices.”


    1. The Acadmey Awards could use that thing.

      1. The presidential debates could use that thing too. Now if only they developed a gun that shoot people through the internet…

    2. This should be big on college campuses.

  41. So PigBoy lost an advertiser? That will mean more ED and prostrate cure ads.

    1. Yep. He’s headed for the poor house now.

    2. No doubt his show will be cancelled soon.

      1. If Limbaugh and Ed Schultz died in a fire, the world would be slightly better off.

    3. Thankfully, all the political correctness of Air America has kept them in business for so long.

      Say what? It did? That’s unpossible!

  42. When you serve The Public, every individual person is subordinate to you.


  43. Racial profiling is horrible! Unless we are doing it!

    Bad Ash Thu 01 Mar 2012 11:00 AM
    Whenever I am waiting for an elevator and my choice is to get in one with one or more obviously moneyed white dudes, I suddenly have to check my phone and take a call. Cuz you know who is going to get away with assaulting you? White dudes with money.

    1. Yeah because rick white guys always love to risk their jobs and freedom to feel up some women in an elevator.

      1. You’ve obviously never met any elevator survivors.

      2. Rick white guys = Santorum?

    2. Are you responsible for the discussion thread on that page on Phil Collins by drunkexpatwriter?

      1. I wish.

      2. The weird thing is how openly drunkexpatwriter has admitted having a small cock.

        Seriously, not the kind of thing I would bring up (then again, I would never need to, but that’s beside the point) but you would think he wouldn’t mention it. Maybe it is some kind of feminist badge of honor.

        1. Do you really pay that much attention to those people?

    3. And apparently they think American Psycho was real.

    4. I totally call BS on that, because I have never met a crunchy crazy feminist who wouldn’t immediately go down on any rich guy she could corner in an elevator.

    5. Definitely! I would also urge young women to shortcut through with dark alleys and empty parking lots, avoid crowds of people and well lit areas.

      1. VICTIM BLAMER! For even thinking that their are behaviors women can practice to prevent rape, you are worse than Hitler.

    6. SF, your pseudo post yesterday about the “Mediator” was, in my estimation, your best work ever. Direct AND meta lulz in the same post. That’s 400-level work. Bravo.


      1. You are too kind.

  44. “20 Obvious Truths That Will Shock Liberals”


    1. The greatest evil this country has ever committed isn’t slavery; it’s killing more than 50 million innocent children via abortion.

      Shiva H. Vishnu. What a moran.

    2. 4) When the Founding Fathers were actually around, there were official state religions and the Bible was used as a textbook in schools. The so-called “wall of separation between church and state” has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with liberal hostility to Christianity.

      Jesus Fucking Christ Townhall is filled with morons if this piece is any indicator.

      1. It is true. Some of us read books rather than listen to the voices inside our head.

        1. Eh, it varied by state, and any number of those didn’t have public education, so I think the comparison is lacking.

          Also, the most notable state church was Massachusetts, which established Puritanism, enshrining the two hallmarks of Massholery: Statism and feeling superior to everyone else.

          1. It did vary. But the point is that the founders were okay with amounts of religion in the public sphere that would make nuts like Shreek have a case of the vapors.

            1. It did vary. But the point is that the founders were okay with amounts of religion in the public sphere that would make nuts like Shreek have a case of the vapors.

              In the post-Great Awakening period, it wouldn’t have even been considered that unusual. It was typically only hardcore atheists like Paine or Jacobin sympathizers like Jefferson that were truly uncomfortable with it.

              1. How many schools allow students to read the works of John Maynard Keynes?

  45. Dick Bove was just on Bloomberg, talking about hoe the administration is driving small banks out of business as they talk about how much they want small banks to succeed. What a shock.

  46. I’m making plans to move out of southern NH in the next year or so. I have some ideas of places to move to, but I’m curious what the folks of Hit n Run think.

    My biggest priorities are places with low taxes, lower cost of living than southern NH, lax gun laws, and proximity to programming jobs (yes, I know they can be done remotely but not all companies agree with me on that). I plan to rent for a year or so, and then buy. Despite the drawbacks of homeownership, I’d rather own if I’m going to be in a place for several years. What places would the folks of Hit n Run suggest?

    1. Northern NH?

      1. Dammit!

    2. I would recommend northern New Hampshire.

    3. Texas works for me on all of those but programming jobs. But somehow, I suspect there’s a few of those around here.

      1. Then there’s Mogadishu.

    4. Come to Tallahassee. The only thing the rest of Florida has that we dont is beaches and tourists. If you get serious about it, look me up in the comments section. I know just about all of the tech recruiters in town. Its a boom market for a programmer.

    5. I think there’s a fair amount of programming in Nashua but I don’t know what the CoL is there.

    6. Huge supply of programming jobs in the Atlanta market. Anywhere but Fulton county you’ll have reasonable taxes and we love us some guns. Shall issue state for CCW. Reasonably good sized libertarian community, though it’s dwarfed by the red team.

    7. Why are you leaving NH? As a texas resident, NH is one of the few other states I would consider leaving for. In my mind, your only other option would be Texas.

    8. Google and some other software companies have offices in Pittsburgh and there is CMU’s Software Engineering Institute. The gun laws are great in PA and there’s a thriving ahooting culture in the ‘Burgh area. Taxes aren’t so great but if you live outside allegheny county they’re lower. The weather is meh (lots of cloudy days) but there is plenty of outdoors stuff to do in PA.

      1. Doesn’t PA have some INSANE liquor rules? Not quite Utah, but danger-close.

    9. Colorado’s not bad either. As long as you avoid the People’s Republic of Boulder as well as Denver proper, most of the outlying suburbs are fairly low tax, or at least not too outrageous compared to most of the country (and that’s where most of the tech jobs are anyway).

      The state income tax is a low flat rate (~3.5% IIRC), the gun laws are pretty decent http://www.rmgo.org/gun-law-faqs, and lots of tech/ programming jobs (aerospace and telecomm industries in particular). Also, some of the most lax medical MJ laws in the country.

      1. Even with the suburbs, you still have to shop around a little bit. Thornton, and Northglenn, for instance, were pretty nice communities 30-40 years ago, but there’s huge pockets in there where I really wouldnt want to live anymore.

    10. Where you live now? South west and south east NH are pretty different. SE NH, I’d just as soon give to MA at this point.

      1. Though if you don’t like the snow, I guess somewhere else entirely woudl be the thing. I love snow and this winter is killing me.

    11. Phoenix

    12. Austin, Texas

    13. Austin, TX.

    14. Virginia is good for everything you mentioned, though I’m not totally sure about the programming jobs. I know there’s a shitload of tech companies in Northern VA, but then you’d be in Northern VA…..

      Look into it. I’m a bit biased, but I consider it the best place to live right now.

    1. ^^^^^^^

    2. A great example of the “new civility”

  47. “I told my little vagina-blog about these developments. A few people proposed that that might be an unfair way to treat both me and her, and that he should really consider a policy of open honesty; I had previously encouraged advice from my commentariat about my sex life. (In fact, I still crowdsource my dating decisions.)”


    1. Wait, I thought crowdsourcing dating decisions just resulted in anal?

      Also, Robocain, I thought we were doing this link battle thing monday. You rouge!

      1. Oh, I’m not participating in a link battle. And I guess I must have missed your response about Monday.

        1. Dude, this is like the duel in the Firefly episode Shindig. There is no way to back out, but a timely link of a hot chick may save you.

          1. Which episode was that again?

            Speaking of hot chicks and Firefly, has anyone heard about Summer Glau lately?

            1. I saw her on a syndicated rerun of Big Bang Theory, but that was probably from a couple years ago.

            2. It was the episode called Shindig. Inara is with some rich asshole, Mal challenges him to a sword duel, he almost gets killed but Inara intervenes, Mal refuses to kill the rich jerk and gives a kickass youtube speech:

    2. She blogs about her vagina? Are we sure she isn’t an elaborate misogynist prank?

      1. Well, second-wave feminism is an elaborate misogynist prank, so either way, the answer would be yes.

        1. OMG…the fucked up brain of a perpetual victim. Where is natural selection when you need it.

      2. She blogs about her vagina?

        No. For some reason she blogs about her little vagina.

    3. her little vagina-blog?

      1. The lesson here, if you ever write something small about your penis, hyphenation is important.

        1. I’d like to know how little her vagina is… or maybe not.

  48. Are you a woman who doesn’t want daughters? Jezebel hate you.

    Which oddly proves that they are wrong about the bitchiness of women towards other women.

    1. That article is terribly poor childish writing.

      1. All Jezebel “writing” is childish.

        1. Point taken.

  49. Pro L – I havent been on much lately. I got called away a week ago just as you were asking for my black bean hummus recipe.

    Here it is – Mince a clove of garlic in a food processor. Add a can of black beans sans the liquid. Add 2 tablespoons of the liquid from the beans. two tablespoons lemon juice, two tablespoons tahini, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1/ teaspoon paprika. Process well.

    I then garnish with finely chopped sweet onion, some chopped fresh tomato and sprinkle with additional cayenne. Dip with your favorite corn chips. Yum.

    1. I’d (we’d) replace the bean liquid with extra virgin olive oil, but that’s just me (us).

      1. I told you two not to mind meld until AFTER the ceremony!

        The consequences could be terrible. Here, take this slowly fading out photograph.

      2. Wow, you’re still running with it. Good for you!

      3. And by the way, spoofer, you shouldn’t replace the juice with olive oil, as it will not react well to the processing. If you want to add oil at the end, that would be acceptable, but not for processing. It turns bitter, dumbass.

        If you’re gonna spoof me, please don’t do it on food comments. You’re way out of you depth, whoever you are.

        1. You’re not very bright, sloopy. Olive oil is a standard ingredient in hummus. Good olive oil is not bitter. Drizzling it in during the processing emulsifies the mixture.

      4. I’d also replace the black beans with pork butt. Skip the lemon juice, tahini, and food processor and cook low and slow until it pulls apart. For the garnish, replace the tomato with bbq sauce. That should be much better.

        1. You almost got it….replace pork butt with brisket ( 99 cents per pound on sale right now ) wrapped in foil with 4 chopped onions and you would have nailed it.

    2. Sounds good–thanks for sharing!!

      1. I’ve never made a hummus I was happy with, but I’ll give this one a try.

        1. Tip – Anything good with beans is better with black beans. They have more substance and flavor.

          1. They have more fat, but make sure they aren’t turtle beans sold as black beans.

  50. Asshole: “Only Assholes Think You Won’t Sleep With Them Unless They’re Assholes”


    1. I imagine a lot of the writers at Jezebel and feministing have boyfriends that have been thoroughly emasculated, but they still fuck the assholes behind their boyfriends’ backs.

      1. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

        Of course, liberal feminist men are still assholes, just a different kind of assholes.

        1. but not the assholes these girls want to have sex with.

        2. The term you’re looking for is “bottoms”.

          1. No, that’s not it. These guys are assholes because they are dishonest, have no moral principles, and only say what they think feminists want to hear.

            1. So, “average guys”. Got it.

              1. I don’t think they are average either. Thankfully, they seem to be a tiny minority of men.

  51. This is like the worst chat room ever.

    1. Oh wow!. Hey, everyone, look at this comment above! I mean, just look at it. It’s the perfect comment…so clever…such a perfect example of satire…just bravo, sir, or madame, bravo.

      1. That’s why you totally ignored it.

        1. Oh man! he/she does it again! So good…so witty…such insight and clarity. Just…wow! You are gonna go places, my friend.

  52. “The Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services and Revenue held a public hearing Wednesday on a controversial bill targeting single parents.

    Senate Bill 507, introduced by Senator Grothman (R-West Bend), would require the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize non marital parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect. Single parents make up a third of all Wisconsin parents.”


    1. Ah…non-marital parenthood as opposed to single parenthood. IOW, it’s not about the kids being raised by “single” (ie widowed or divorced) parents; it’s blatantly about teh gays (no SSM in WI) and “sluts.”

      1. Yeah, that’s pretty weird way to put it. Non-marital parenthood is not the same a single parenthood. Lots of people raise kids together without getting married.

    1. ‘The most disgusting thing is my head started to leak pus,’ she said

      So….WI is actually a woman?

      1. That is one of the more compelling theories going around lately.

    2. Jesus H – she was fugly enough “before. The “after” just made it worse.

      It’s a she-Yeti! Run for your lives!!!

      1. I’m always leery of “before” pics that utilize the Internet Fat Girl Angle. They always end up Jabba-esque when the full frontal shots come out.

          1. Yeah, not sit on the NSFW, especially if you have reasonable!

            Methinks I need to change my settings…BRB.

            1. Errr…”not sit” = “no shit”

              1. Dammit, that was supposed to be reasonable-safe. Not sure why it showed up. I had it set to link to the page, not the direct pic. Sorry about that.

                1. if the URL ends in .jpg, it’s gonna show up for reasonable users.

            2. The Reasonable surprise! You just need to learn to have a quick scrolling finger to avoid those uncomfortable work moments.

  53. Senate Bill 507, introduced by Senator Grothman (R-West Bend), would require the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize non marital parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect


    1. There is nothing in the article to support this view, but, I suspect Senator Grothman, given the opportunity, would require all parents to be married. Out of wedlock pregnancy would be a felony. No doubt any sex he personally doesnt approve of would be felonious. We have loads of sanctimonious assholes like this in my state.

      Since he cant have that enacted he is attempting to spitefully punish ‘offenders’.

      On the other hand, his assertion that liberals want people to be poor and dependent on government hand-outs is true.

    2. Statistically, Mom’s boyfriend is the most likely culprit of child abuse by astronomical numbers.


      1. That seems like one of those facts that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. And the article doesn’t really make it clear that mom’s boyfriend is more likely to abuse a child than mom or dad.
        I love this from teh beginning of the article:
        Most statistics show that child abuse by unrelated adults living in the same household as the child is the exception rather than the rule.

        Anecdotally, however, child abuse experts paint a different picture.

        And now we are going to tell you some nasty anecdotes. It amazes me the shit people get paid to write.

  54. It’s kinda hard to get worked up about the Reiki thing, given fraud should be illegal.

    1. What’s fraudulent about it?

      1. They’re taking money under the pretense they can cure things like cancer by waving their hands around over you.

        1. Cure? I’ve yet to see that.
          Relieve pain? Yes, but relief is different than cure.

      2. What isnt fraudulent about it?

        1. There is no intent to deceive in that they actually believe their claims. So do astrologers, homeopaths, etc. Otherwise you end up banning consensual activity based on what you believe “works”.

          1. At some point reasonableness comes in to it. Otherwise pretty much any crime can be avoided by saying you sincerely believed the situation is different than what it was (“Honest officer, I was absolutely sure that this was my car when I took it”).

            1. If I got caught in a stolen car, that’s exactly what I would say. It’s the burden of the state to prove a crime, not of the alleged offender to prove his innocence.

              I’m pretty sure a fraud case against any of these guys would fail to meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” threshold, so they should be able to ply their trade free from government intimidation or licensing.

            2. With car theft one party is not consenting. With mystical woo-woo both sides agree to the exchange.

              1. Why would I need another party’s consent to break into my car (which I totally believe this car to be).

                1. Stormy Dragon, are you an idiot?

                  1. No, he a contrarian dick. And he knows the difference in consent and lack thereof. He’s just arguing in bad faith.

                    Maybe he went to the wrong kind of massage parlor once and got pegged.

          2. You are half right. I agree we should not be banning such things or requiring licenses for them.
            However, it isnt true that these people actually believe their claims. I have known a few and they are out-right cons.

            Still, if a person is naive enough to fall for it…….

            1. Still, if a person is naive enough to fall for it…….


              Sorry, but the inability of customers to tell the difference in opinion and evidence is their own problem. And I’ve yet to see one of those places say they cure anything. Relief, yes. Cure, no. And relief is in the eye of the beholder. Just look at medical MJ. It’s relief of pain is incontrovertible, yet many docs want to keep it criminalized because they say it doesn’t cure anything.

              1. Sorry, but the inability of customers to tell the difference in opinion and evidence is their own problem.

                So you feel businesses, have absolutely no legal obligations to properly represent what they are selling, and if the customer fails to detect the fraud, it’s entirely their fault? (“Sure I put fiberglass insulation in my ground beef. If he didn’t want his intestines shredded, he should have had his burger tested before he bit into it”)

                1. Beef doesn’t contain fiberglass, but astrology is pure bullshit.

                  There is also the risk that maybe we’re wrong and some of these things actually do work. At first many people thought Pastuer was crazy. And till this day, there are nutjobs claiming that vaccinations are a tool of the evil corporations or whatever.

                  1. Even bad vaccinations can lead to good results. Witness: Rick Perry.

                2. Right, numbnuts. Because lots of businesses intentionally make their products deadly for their customers. It’s the best way to ensure repeat business!

                  1. I am not intentionally making my products deadly. I sincerely believe that glass fibers are an important part of the human diet, and that most of our health problem are really a result of glass deficiency.

                    Now you and your science may say that some of my customers are dying from it, but that’s really just because you’re biased against eastern cooking.

                    1. Jesus Christ, Stormy, are you Tony? The exact same fallacies.

            2. “However, it isn’t true that these people actually believe their claims. I have known a few and they are out-right cons.”

              I’m sure some people believe their claims. And some are frauds.

              I think that the best course is for non-idiots to try to educate people about science and reality and stuff. If people don’t want to hear it, it’s their problem if they get suckered.

        2. The otehr problem with calling it fraud is the problem of knowledge. Do you really want government to determine what is and is not a fact? If people want to believe in stupid bullshit and other people want to indulge their beliefs and make some money off of it, I’m not going to lose any sleep.

          I’ve got a rock that prevents tiger attacks for sale if anyone is interested.

          1. Again, at some point the government has to determine some fact, unless you’re going to eliminate all crimes (“I mean, sure the government wants you to believe that John Doe died when I cut his head off with an axe, but do we really know he’s dead? Who is the government to tell us what things do and don’t kill people?”)

            1. You are confusing “intent” with “action.” One is provable, the other is not.

            2. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that a doctor determined John Doe’s death. I don’t need the state’s Coroner, Medical Examiner or Department of Vital Statistics to do it for me.

              Are you so afraid of trusting professionals or your own eyes that you need the state to tell you what is a fact and what is not? If so, I really feel sad for your wife and/or children, because they have a retarded pussy for a father.

              1. When the “professionals” are telling me they can cure cancer by Force pushing my tumors via the internet, then yes, I have trouble trusting them. They’re conmen, pure and simple, and deserve to be punished as conmen.

                I’m not the pussy handwringing about whether we afford to call their pile of bs a pile of bs because we might hurt their feelings by declaring that reality is real, its nature can be understood, and that if they say otherwise they’re frauds no matter how hard they want to pretend their invisible friend gave them magic powers.

  55. http://www.boston.com/Boston/m…..index.html

    James Q Wilson has died.

  56. Sen. Olympia Snowe on her retirment: “Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.”

    What a complete and utter asshole!

    First she equates government work with “holy orders” and then she tells everybody there should only be two political parties.

    Olympia Snowe – fuck you and die you horrible piece of shit!

    1. I don’t think she can hear you.

  57. So the man and I are going on our first road trip together – a straight through overnight 10-hours to ATL. I be meeting some of his friends, too.

    I feel like I’m about to jump into a Seinfeld episode.

    I hope I don’t barf.

    1. Do you have any valium or equivalent? Bring that.

      1. Nope…just Dramamine & Benadryl.

    2. We’re looking forward to meeting you. When he runs out of gas near that hotel, don’t buy it.

    3. It’s very important in a relationship that you both can tolerate the way the other drives.

      1. I absolutely trust his driving ability, but his upbringing (his dad was a stock car driver), makes him think it’s fun to get a little wild at times. But that’s what the Dramamine is for (I’m driving first shift).

    4. Have fun! It’s great to hear about how people are happy in their personal lives on here.


      1. It’s not narcissistic at all!

    5. I hope I don’t barf.

      Why? First impression barfing makes for such memorable stories.

  58. Back in the days before the printing press, I could maybe understand the “sacredness” of a book. But now that we can print a Koran for ever man, woman, child, and insect on the fucking planet, only a useless piece of shit would get worked up over a handful of “copies” of the Koran getting destroyed.

    1. Clearly magical thinking is a concept that escapes you.

      1. Can’t they just burn the Constitution in retaliation? (I know, we beat them to it.) An eye for an eye. What they’re asking for is a life for a fingernail.

  59. I’m interested in the recent news that the Cato Institute is apparently a libertarian tontine.

  60. Thanks folks for the advice on places to move. I have to break my reply up because of the 900 character comment limit.

    phrygian, I want to leave southern NH because I’ve never liked New England. There are jobs, which is why I moved here, but I’m tired of the place. There are too many Puritans and Progressives. I’m tired of snow. I think the area is too expensive. The gun laws in NH and the lack of an income tax on my salary are nice (but they tax my interest and dividend income).

    Kristen and Old Soldier, Northern NH was never on my list because of the lack of access to jobs.

    T, I’ve considered Austin, which is on my list. Austin has Dell, HP, and IBM.

    1. I’ll trade places with you, except I would want northern NH (I’m a ski bum) and you’re right about the lack of jerbs. But there are contracts out there that are 100% or 95% telework. I’d look into Patent & Trademark (yes, a gubmint bureaucracy, but as was noted earlier, a lot of us have sold our souls in that way) – they have a reputation for being very telework friendly.

    2. If you’re trying to escape progressives, stay away from Austin. They’ve absolutely ruined the place.

      1. San Antonio would be vastly preferable to Austin.

      2. You don’t have too get too far from Austin proper to be well clear of the progressives. I mean, it is still Texas all around Austin.

  61. Brett L., I had considered Tampa and Sarasota but dropped them because of the lack of programming jobs. I hadn’t thought of Tallahassee. I’ll contact you.

    Kilroy, I had dropped Atlanta because the programming job market didn’t look that good but I will take another look.

    db, I have some experience with Google and am not interested in working for them. I’m familiar with the Pittsburgh area and Pennslyvania (I grew up near Philly and I have friends in and around Pittsburgh). I’m not interested in moving back to PA though the cost of living tempts me.

    Thanks again folks! If you have more advice I’d like to hear it.

    1. See post above Re: Colorado. I didn’t realize you’d already posted your follow-up down here. Missed it by that much.

      Not sure what inustry you’re looking at (“programming job” covers a lot) but as I mentioned earlier, there’s a pretty decent amount of aerospace and telecomm companies here who hire lots of programmers.

    2. Email here if you get serious.

  62. Brett L., I decided posting one of my e-mail addresses (one I don’t use often) would be easier than pouring through the comments looking for your e-mail address. If you could send me a note there, we can talk more about Tallahassee. Thanks!

    Loki, What tech companies are near Denver? I like Denver, pubs with good beer all over the place. My impression of the programming market there was the companies there are in storage and not much else.

    1. DEG, not many large ones, but tons of small tech companies are based in Denver. I just started working for one.

  63. Kristen, Once upon a time I worked for a defence contractor. A memorable occasion: A VP held an all hands meeting. At the meeting he talked about pork barrel spending and government waste. He said, concerning the company’s contracts, “Yes, it’s pork. But it’s our pork and that makes it good!”

    I have no interest in working for another defence contractor or doing any other contracting for the government.

  64. Loki, hah! I just posted another reply. I eschew the threaded comments. Telecomms would work for me. My background is in networking with some security and operating systems work.

  65. HP is in Boise, too.
    4th-Freest State?!

  66. Obama on Iran: “It is important for us to see if we can solve this thing permanently, as opposed to temporarily.”

    You know who else looked for final solutions?


    You othering monster!

    1. Lots of happy people are not narcissists.
      Just sayin’.

    2. (Much sensitivity here. Insecurity. Funny.)

  68. Old Soldier, I was in San Antonio not too long ago. I wasn’t overly impressed. Folks were friendly, which I liked. The Hill Country isn’t far away. However, the downtown core seemed dead except for the Riverwalk. The only economic activity looked like the military, energy, and health (UTSA’s research hospital).

    Banjos, many moons ago (late 90s) I interviewed at Motorola in Phoenix. Motorola and Intel seemed to be the only shows in town for programmer types at the time. How is it now?

    Brandon, thanks for the information about Denver. I’ll take another look.

    Thanks again everyone.

  69. rac3rx, I’m not surprised to hear that Progressives have taken over Austin. UT Austin and the state capital. Though as RC Dean points out, Texas is all around Austin so I’ll keep Austin on my list.

  70. SFC B, yes, PA’s liquor laws are absurd. There is a glimmer of hope. Wegman’s successfully fought the PLCB over their in store cafe’s that include bottle shops. I’ve heard other grocery stores have started doing the same thing, though I’ve only seen the Wegman’s bottle shops on my trips to PA.

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