Reason Writers Around Town: Nick Gillespie on How Andrew Breitbart Changed the News


I've got a piece up at about the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. Here's a snippet:

Anyone who tries to reduce his importance to that of a fire-breathing, ax-wielding right-wing hatchet man—a sort of Sean Hannity Jr.—is going to miss entirely his enduring legacy to the current and future mediascape….

His legacy has nothing to do with whether the Republican party picked up Anthony Weiner's congressional seat or whether ACORN has been able to renew its funding. It has to do with the ways in which he created new places and spaces to talk about whatever any of us want to talk about. He told Reason in 2004 that after feeling ignored by existing outlets, "We decided to go out and create our media."

It doesn't matter who we is, kemo sabe. It's the conservatives at Drudge, the liberals at HuffPo, the leftists at DailyKos, the libertarians at Reason. It's all of us and Breitbart helped create and grow a series of do-it-yourself demonstration projects through which we can all speak more loudly and more fully.

Breitbart is dead, but the conversation pits he built will live on for a long, long time….

Read the whole thing.

Earlier on regarding Breitbart:

Hating Breitbart: The Trailer.

Farewell to a Friend: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012), by Matt Welch

Andrew Breitbart is Dead., by Nick Gillespie

Check out Breitbart's comments about the legacy media in this video from 2010's 9/12 Tea Party rally in DC:

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  1. …Breitbart didn’t simply risk the ire of indignant liberals. He insisted on it, even as he was no straight-up social conservative: At the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, he protested the banning of the gay-friendly group GOProud by hosting a dance party featuring lesbian singer Sophie B. Hawkins.

    I can’t seem to get a handle on who Breitbart was. He seemed to define himself by what he was against, seemingly the groupthink of the left media. In any event, the right is going to need a new lightning rod.

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      1. not that kind of lightning “rod”

  2. The comments should be a blast. The early entries:

    It is apparent from the incendiary comments I’ve read that Mr. Breitbart did not sow seeds of unity and peace.

    I guess you really do reap what you sow.

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    15 minutes ago 2 Likes

    Ed Campbell
    I miss him as much as I miss Joseph Goebbels.

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    1. We are libertarians.
      We don’t do that shit.

    2. AB was against economic collectivism and the consolidation of power in DC. That means he was a “fascist” in Port-speak. Because we all know fascists were all about decentralization of power and free-market economics.

      1. We like your sarcasm. Not that sarcasm is not a fraudulent, impotent weapon.

        1. It’s better if you read it in your mind with Hugh Laurie’s voice.

          1. I read it in rather’s voice: deep, husky, guzzling a case of Ho Hos.

  3. I’ve got a piece up at about the legacy of Andrew Breitbart.


    Going to CNN to find validation from gatekeepers re Breitbart?

  4. Good tribute, Jacket.

    Breitbart was opinionated and fearless; in this he matched Mencken. He was always willing to listen, and on this he succeeded the sage of Baltimore.

    Based entirely on Breitbart’s untimely demise, I think I’m going to go get a full heart-health workup.

  5. Oh…kaaaaay!

    Who wants to hear about our wedding?

  6. Andrew Breitbart’s death is definitely a great loss. He was a spokesman for true Constitutional Conservatism (as opposed to big-government neocon ‘Conservatism’)that Libertarians such as myself believe in.

  7. Alexander conquered his world before he was 32. Breitbart was more productive.

  8. “Establishment blogger”? Pathetic attempt to fit criticism into a hackish right-wing paradigm. A man who was vile to others is dead; apparently we must now be very nice to his corpse.

    1. You don’t have to do anything. Does this post suggest you must do anything?

  9. Still sucks he died. But I’ve yet to hear any funny jokes about it.

    1. My neighbor who owns a pizza joint had a good one about Davy Jones (RIP):
      “A customer told me Davy Jones died today. I thought she was joking but then I saw her face…”

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