Congrats to Actor Dan Lindsay, Winner of Best Doc Oscar for Undefeated!


Reason is happy to extend congratulations to Dan Lindsay, who took home an Oscar last night for co-directing Undefeated, winner of the Academy Award for best documentary. The film follows the travails of the Manassas Tigers, an inner-city high school football team that struggles to overcome a legacy of failure and shame with the help of a volunteer coach (read a typical rave review here).

It's great to see Lindsay get such praise and no matter how far he goes, he'll always have a special role in the memory of, where he memorably appears at "guy in grey t-shirt" in our own Battleship Potemkin, the 2008 short parody we called "Where's My Bailout?"

Here's the trailer for Undefeated:

Lindsay's co-director, TJ Martin, created controversy by dropping only the second f-bomb at the Oscars, the fleeting expletive "fucking amazing."

The Wash Post reports:

"That was not the classiest thing in the world," [Martin] added [backstage]. "However, it did come from the heart."…

The other director, Daniel Lindsay, noted that they really wanted to dedicate their award to the people of West Memphis, where the high school football documentary was set. Their speech was cut for time before they were able to do that.

Here's "Where's My Bailout?", which originally aired on October 29, 2008:

For more on "Where's My Bailout?," go here. And for more of Lindsay as an actor check him out in the award-winning short film, Cute Couple, which like the vid, was directed by Courtney Moorehead Balaker. It's a quarter of an hour extremely well-spent, regardless of how much work you've got to do on Monday morning after staying up too late watching the Oscars.

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  1. People watch the Oscars?

    1. I’m conflicted. This post says the Oscars are great. The post above says they suck. What am I to think? Who am I to believe?

  2. Congratulations, guy in grey t-shirt. From that vid I could tell you had the stuff to make it in tinseltown or wherever the fuck they make documentaries.

  3. …an inner-city high school football that struggles to overcome…

    It’s about time someone started telling the story of the poor, abused inner-city footballs.

    Thank you, Dan! If that’s your REAL name…

    1. No one cares because they’re brown.

  4. Where’s the video? If I try to click it says “this video is private.”

  5. The other director, Daniel Lindsay, noted that they really wanted to dedicate their award to the people of West Memphis, where the high school football documentary was set.

    Doesn’t he mean North Memphis? I mean, if you look on a map, it’s on the west side of town, but locally that’s referred to as North Memphis, and West Memphis is the town across the river in Arkansas.

    1. I -told- everybody you geyes were still around. And you are correct, West Memphis is a city in Arkansas. Around here, East, North, and South describe recognized areas of the city; “west” Memphis is called Downtown.

  6. God, the HuPo review is rancid.

    “Undefeated offers an example of those who have helping those who don’t and everybody winning. That’s not socialism; it’s just the social contract.”

    No. Fuckwad, it’s not even “the social contract”. It’s called BEING A GOOD PERSON. Clearly as a liberal, Marshall Fine has no concept of such a thing.

  7. Hell and Back…just saying

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