Obama Spox Praises Journalism Abroad, Denies That Obama Is Stifling It Here at Home


Moments after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney eulogized journalists who have died reporting from Syria, ABC's Jake Tapper asked him why the White House talks such a big game about press freedom abroad, while back home it indicts whistleblowers and subpoenas the journalists to whom they come clean. Carney denied that was the case, and referred Tapper to the DOJ press office.

The response was blatantly disingenuous, considering that the DOJ is under Obama; and downright disgusting when you recall that before he was getting paid to pretend the president's shit doesn't stink, Carney was a journalist. 

Read the transcript of Carney and Tapper's exchange below: 

TAPPER: The White House keeps praising these journalists who are — who've been killed –

CARNEY: I don't know about "keep" — I think –

TAPPER: You've done it, Vice President Biden did it in a statement. How does that square with the fact that this administration has been so aggressively trying to stop aggressive journalism in the United States by using the Espionage Act to take whistleblowers to court?

You're — currently I think that you've invoked it the sixth time, and before the Obama administration, it had only been used three times in history. You're — this is the sixth time you're suing a CIA officer for allegedly providing information in 2009 about CIA torture. Certainly that's something that's in the public interest of the United States. The administration is taking this person to court. There just seems to be disconnect here. You want aggressive journalism abroad; you just don't want it in the United States.

CARNEY: Well, I would hesitate to speak to any particular case, for obvious reasons, and I would refer you to the Department of Justice for more on that.

I think we absolutely honor and praise the bravery of reporters who are placing themselves in extremely dangerous situations in order to bring a story of oppression and brutality to the world. I think that is commendable, and it's certainly worth noting by us. And as somebody who knew both Anthony and Marie, I particularly appreciate what they did to bring that story to the American people.

I — as for other cases, again, without addressing any specific case, I think that there are issues here that involve highly sensitive classified information, and I think that, you know, those are — divulging or to — divulging that kind of information is a serious issue, and it always has been.

TAPPER: So the truth should come out abroad; it shouldn't come out here?

CARNEY: Well, that's not at all what I'm saying, Jake, and you know it's not. Again, I can't — specific –

TAPPER: That's what the Justice Department's doing.

CARNEY: Well, you're making a judgment about a broad array of cases, and I can't address those specifically.

TAPPER: It's also the judgment that a lot of whistleblowers' organizations and good government groups are making as well.

CARNEY: Not one that I'm going to make.

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  1. A member of the press pool has balls?

    1. Tapper is a great journalist.

      1. Now we just need to clone 100 of him.

      2. That’s what I’ve told them for years going back to when he grilled the Bush people. Tapper actually earns his paycheck.

    2. Rest assured Jack won’t be invited to any parties anytime soon and won’t be getting back into the White House.

      1. Jake Tapper’s been doing this for years. He was tough on the GWB White House too, but he’s been one of the view to really ask tough questions of the Obama White House consistently.

        1. yes he has. I bet they hate him for it.

          1. We make the puppets dance.

    3. Not for long.

    4. You bet I do!

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  2. I never praised journalism. You lie Reason!

    1. What are we again?

    2. Obama Spox is a name the Star Trek writers would have come up with.

  3. Carney must cry himself to sleep every night.

    He might as well start investing in a “therapist fund” for all the couch time he will need after he leaves the White House.


    1. Seriously. Why doesn’t he just give blowjobs for a living? That would at least make people happy, pay just as well, and leave him with at least some self respect.

      1. “Keep your chin up, boy!”

      2. John hates journalists.

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                      John hates journalists.

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  4. I just reported Tapper to Attack Watch. Truth squads are being dispatched as we speak.

  5. Being the WH Press Secretary has got to absolutely suck, unless you enjoy being a lying sack of shit. I recall finding Mike McCurry and Ari Fleischer to be particularly loathsome.

    1. They seem to get worse with every one. McCurry and Fleiscer were lying sacks of shit. But they seem downright sincere compared to Gibbs and now Carney. Who the hell are they going to hire next?

        1. Wow — Jinx!

          1. great minds, etc…

      1. Who the hell are they going to hire next?

        This guy.

    2. At least we had Dana Perino.

      1. She was at least hot. Generally douchy well groomed white boys are the only ones up for this job.

        1. I never could get Tony Snow in that position. I kinda liked him before he became Press Secretary.

          1. I kind of did too. And Carney has pretty cute newsbabe wife, Claire Shipman. Why didn’t they hire her? She would have at least been nice to look at.

          2. He seemed to occasionally be ashamed of what he had to say. The conscience-ectomy apparently wasn’t a success.

          3. Me too. Sad to see him shill, and sadder still for him to have died young.

            1. A botched conscience-ectomy will do that.

  6. Jay is modeling the classic “Who farted y’all?” face.

  7. Psst. Say “Fuck you, that’s why!”

    1. Blast, you beat me to it.

  8. Obama Truth Squad, AhSSEEMMMMBLLLLLEEE!

  9. There’s a huge difference between Syria and the United States.

    Assad’s regime kills and tortures political enemies and then covers it up to protect his fa?ade of legitimacy.

    The Obama Administration uses surgical strikes and enhanced interrogation to address terrorists who undermine government authority and then classifies it to protect national security.

    1. Bush put that on him.

    2. Don’t get me wrong, Assad is one of the worst specs of feces on the planet and if he got the Mussolini treatment my eyes would be dry, but the black ops going on against Syria over the past two years has been jaw dropping given the insignificance of the country.

    3. If Watergate happened today, Nixon wouldn’t even be investigated.

      1. Sure he would! Nixon was Republican.

  10. The amazing thing about Carney is that he had a job as a hack journalist before this. He didn’t need the job. Who volunteers to be a professional liar for the President? Who thinks that is something they want to be?

    Mommy when I grow up I want to be the President’s personal lying toady.

    1. Who volunteers to be a professional liar?


      1. They will find this IP address and ban it too you know.

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          Sieg Heil!

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                    Still waiting…

    2. Ever heard of Tony Snow, John?

  11. What a fake correspondence.

    Oooooh the journalist stood up to the the guy who is paid to lie.

    The fact that a person is talking with the press secretary at all is proof that he is not a journalist worth a fuck.

    1. I don’t think so. Confronting the court liar is a good way to embarrass them.

      1. And no one hears about it and no one cares if they did.

        You do know that the press secretary chooses who sits in that room right? and chooses who gets to ask questions?

        It is theater and not very good theater at that.

        1. And no one hears about it

          Um… huh?

          1. Will the policy change? no

            Will we reason readers vote differently because of what the press secretary says? no.

            Can what the press secretary says be used by opponents to sway voters? no.

            Again no one hears and no one cares.

            The purpose of the press secretary is to shield the administration from effective criticism….and all I see here is that he has done just that.

            1. The purpose of the press secretary is to shield the administration from effective criticism….and all I see here is that he has done just that.

              What we’re hoping is that Obama will be unshielded from ineffective criticism. Because it’s more fun.

              1. Because it’s more fun.

                yes yes…all fun

                Still i do not see anything Tapper is doing in the above that isn’t just buillshit.

                He is no hero…in fact by participating in the scam that the white house press room conducts everyday he is himself shielding the administration.

                1. If he boycotted and did not participated, even fewer people would hear about it, and there would be even less chance of policy changing.

                  You might as well say that by blowing off steam about policies you dislike in the Reason comment section, you’re participating in just as much of a scam.

                  1. If he boycotted and did not participated, even fewer people would hear about it, and there would be even less chance of policy changing.

                    Joshua Corning’s got a point, though. What if the President held a news conference, and nobody came? But then he got jacked by 20 reporters at an impromptu at a Carl’s Jr.? Lot harder to wiggle out of those questions when you’ve prepared your remarks and can ‘call on’ reporters ‘allowing’ them to ask you a question.

                    1. Lot harder to wiggle out of those questions than when you’ve prepared your remarks and can ‘call on’ reporters ‘allowing’ them to ask you a question.

    2. I don’t get the attitude here. The difference between Tappper and your typical hack journalist is clear as day. When you look at what he did there compared to Steve Kroft asking Obama how disappointed he was in the Republicans for not enabling his agenda, you need to be pissing on Kroft and leave Tapper’s London Fog alone.

  12. It is really staggering how bad the Obama administration has been on matters of civil liberty.

    Even Nixon didn’t pull this shit.

    1. Even Nixon didn’t pull this shit.

      It’s not official until an NPR journalist writes a book saying it’s so.

  13. Jake Tapper is the man

  14. It’s interesting how the press secretary devolves as the administration goes on. I mean, at the beginning you have the Ari Fleischer / Robert Gibbs types, who are slimy and evasive but at least deserve a grudging respect for their craft…and ultimately at the end you wind up with Dana Perino/Jay Carney sorts who just flat-out lie and say ridiculously stupid things that don’t even sound good.

    Also, remember when the lefties were snickering over Tony Snow going from Fox News host to the White House spokesperson?

    1. Also, remember when the lefties were snickering over Tony Snow going from Fox News host to the White House spokesperson?

      Except that was different. That was Tony Snow and Fox News. This is Jay Carney and Time. Totally different.

    2. …and ultimately at the end you wind up with…

      Assuming Obama doesn’t get four more years.

  15. Obama is such a total dweeb! yawn!


    1. Dude! Obama is like a totally dweebish dweeb!

      And don’t even get me started on Michelle’s vacations!

      They, like, ski on the People’s dime! Fat-ass Michelle, that Librul, nouveau riche poseur, dares to take her kids on a vacation! A vacation! When us po’folk is suffering!

      Who-da’ hell does she think she is?

      1. Spoof away. no one cares.

  16. I bet I could find a picture of that dead fuck Tony Snow looking stupid, too.

    1. You could, but Snow generally knew what was going on, was quick-witted enough and was in tune with admin policy that he could have given an answer besides, “go talk to these people.”

      Having listened to Carney in the past, I’m not surprised at his answer. He may as well be working in a call center in India: get outside whatever script he has, and he’ll just pass your question on. When, ah, umm, he, umm, ahhh, finally, umm, answers…. it.

  17. TO: All
    RE: Heh

    That’s not hypocrisy.

    That’s outright LIES!

    And why the press doesn’t call it for what it is is because the White House will do to them what outfits like Pajamas Media does for calling to account the character of some of its ‘contributors’….’ban’ them.


    [White House. Pajamas Media. If you call them to account….you get the same result.]

    1. P.S. If Carey had ANY personal integrity, he’d have never taken this position.

      Instead?in my honestly held and substantiated opinion?he’s right up there with Holder and Obama for personality disorder of the sociopathic?if not psychopathic?magnitude.

      But what can you expect from an administration overflowing with manifest corruption?

      1. P.P.S. After all….

        …..look how this cretin Carey, refers the reporter to the other cretin Holder for ‘information’.

        Talk about circular arguments.

        I’d experienced this when I was on active duty in the Army. One bureaucrat would refer to another bureaucrat for answers to questions. The next bureaucrat might refer you to a third…fourth…fifth.

        Or, if they were totally worthless…the whole of them…the second one would refer you back to the first.

        NOTE: Oddly enough, as a computer programmer, I’ve found this sort of behavior in the arena of ‘tech support’. I guess outfits like HP and Adobe have learned a keen lesson from their dealings in the political arena.

        [Politics is the ‘Entertainment Division’ of Corporate America.]

  18. Carney used to be a reporter? It seems he comes from the same mold as the other Obamamania media (as Hannity calls them). That must be a top priority for a press secretary. Do you work in the media? Are you a sycophant? Do you really know how to lie well? Are you willing to lie for President Obama? You are? You’re hired.

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