30 years ago in reason


“Even those sympathetic to Allende’s regime admit that Chile’s socialist economy was a crashing disaster; those who deplore Pinochet’s rule must concede that the substantially capitalist economy is working, and working well.”

â€"Claudia Rosett, “Chile’s Economic Revolution”

“By favoring business expansions over the start of new enterprises, the tax system promotes venture inequality before the law. Large, often-stagnated firms are thus shielded from entrepreneurial challenges, which can hardly be helping the economy or the US world trade position.”

â€"D.G. Soergel, “High-Tech Freeze-Out”

“The fact that we could trim the federal establishment doesn’t mean for a moment that we willâ€"even under the administration of a president who is as tight-fisted and has as much experience with low-budget productions as any who is likely to come to the White House. In the end, the money is always restored. The bureaucracy gets its way.” 

â€" James Dale Davidson, “Hung Up For a Day”

â€"April 1982