"Cheap natural gas jumbles energy markets, stirs fears it could inhibit renewables"


The above is an actual headline from the Washington Post today. First, I told you so—see my column, Natural Gas Flip Flop. From the Post here's some of the fear provoked by cheap abundant natural gas:

Rachel Cleetus, a senior climate economist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said that "the problem is [natural gas] can take over the entire pie and crowd out renewables. Part of the reason this is happening is there's a boom and there's a sense that natural gas resources will be around forever."

…the economic issue is disruptive, too. The rush to produce shale gas "is forcing all of us to seriously address what it means for us," said Ralph Izzo, chief executive of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), a New Jersey-based utility that relies on nuclear energy for half of its power supply. Izzo said it would mean "the delay of the nuclear renaissance for years to come."

Can an energy source be all that bad if it scares the two most heavily subsidized sectors of the electric power generation industry?