Ron Paul Polling Last in Florida, Bob Dole Slaps Newt, Twitter to Censor Tweets: P.M. Links


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  1. I told him not to skip Florida! Right here on this blog!

    1. So we have to wait a while before someone blames the Florida Jews?

      1. Damn Jews.

        1. What are “Jews”?

          1. Jew eat yet?

      2. That’s just the one county. If they do it again, there could be trouble.

        I think we’re back to non-electronic voting, too. I’m going to early-vote this weekend, so I’ll know for sure then. Oddly, I can handle any ballot they’ve thrown at me yet.

        1. That’s just because you’ve go rocket scientist genes in you. Don’t be so cruel to the less fortunate.

          1. That’s just because you’ve go rocket scientist genes in you. Don’t be so cruel to the less fortunate.

            A group that apparently includes myself.

          2. More rocket engineer.

            I always thought all that crap about the 2000 election was that–crap. People didn’t like the result, so nonsense was spewed.

            1. More rocket engineer.

              Well, yeah, but that’s not what everyone equates with intelligence. They don’t realize that there pretty much isn’t such a thing as a “rocket scientist”. THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!

              1. Wait! I have visual proof of the existence of the rocket scientist!

                1. Here’s a real rocket scientist.

                2. I’ve got a shirt just like that from my grad department.

          3. Don’t forget the white privilege!

            1. Yes, but you have to give me a libertarian/conservative discount. Maybe 50-60 IQ points right there.

  2. Dole on Newt: A “one-man-band who rarely took advice.”

    Now he’s guilt stricken, sobbing with his head on the floor.

    1. That’s a slap? I’d call it a pretty accurate characterization. Hell, you could even argue Dole was being kind.

      1. Given his outsider tack in the primaries, he can claim he was an outsider even on the inside because he never listened to anyone when he was there. Dole must be getting ready to endorse him.

        1. I’m pretty sure Dole already endorsed Romney

    2. He’s just returning the favor for calling Dole “the tax collector for the welfare state.”

      I had to give Newclear his due on that one.

    3. He can’t be held responsible.

        1. For the life of me I cannot believe we’d ever die for these sins

        2. Can’t believe it took 2 hours for someone to get that reference. I thought of the same song when I read that sentence.

  3. Already posted on another thread, but here it goes again.…..d-on-body/

    1. What a waste of good pussy.

    2. Sick people in the world. I hope his dick falls off, if he even has one. He sure-as-shit doesn’t have any balls.

  4. Are you a racist? Well it probably stems from your conservative political views caused by your stupidity!…..03506.html

    1. It’s like April Fool’s Day, only it’s written by fuckheads that ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT, Jim. We walk among retarded and demented people of this ilk, and you’re JOKING about it? Ugh! How inappropriate!

      I wonder when a study will come out linking the doom of civilization with progressivism.

      1. progressivism

        Do you mean “collectivism,” or some other ism?

        1. [chirp!]

          RPA not know what “collectivism” is.

    2. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found.

      Say it ain’t so yellow dogs! Say it ain’t so.

    3. Gosh, they so want to believe that their worldview is the only possible one.

      1. Why was their benchmark for low-IQ taken from samples of when the study participants were 10 years old and then measured against survey results as adults?

        Wouldn’t the more appropriate analysis be current IQ results vs. current survey responses?

      2. I thought the left didn’t believe in IQ tests. Oh, that’s right… It’s confirming a bias this time.

        1. Hey, yeah, what happened to that? Mmmmm, confirming my biases–it’s what’s for dinner!

        2. I was thinking the same exact thing as I was reading it. Maybe they should have done Myers-Briggs personality type tests, instead.

    4. Social “sciences” are bullshit. There’s no way to design a “study” like this in such a way that it won’t confirm pre-concieved biases. Waste of time and money.

    5. You could get a lot more and better data by spending 5 minutes with the GSS.

  5. I never understood the fascination with our idiot aggie governor, who never worked in the private sector and was a democrat until after Reagan left office.

    1. I continue to vote against him at every opportunity. Frankly he’ll probably have to retire or term limits imposed to get him out. Only a tea party candidate has a shot and even then medina sucked wind when she had to compete with him AND kay Bailey.

      1. Hell, I don’t even live in Texas anymore and I vote against him. Last year’s CO government race was like 51% Hickenlooper, 36% Tancredo, and like 30 “Not Fucking Rick Perry.” There are a lot of Texas expats up here.

        1. A true Texan would know that you aren’t expats but merely reclaiming lost territory. Reconquista!

          1. You’re losing to the Californians.

    2. It’s teh hair. It has to be the hair.

      1. Magical head underwear?

    3. Seriously, fuck Perry. Though, how sad is it that I wish he was the not-Paul frontrunner now instead of Gingrich and Romney.

  6. Mitt Romney’s campaign is amending the financial disclosure form he filed in 2011 to acknowledge that a Romney trust earned interest income from a Swiss bank account, a detail that had been missing from the report.

    Jeezus, we get it. Romney’s richer than the Pope.

    1. To be clear, I did actually witness the rape that occurred in the Vatican locker-room.

      1. …didn’t.” I mean DIDN’T!

        1. That wasn’t very infallible.

          1. just more of a papal bull

  7. Low IQ and Conservatism linked in study published on Yahoo.…..03506.html

    Libertarians are cool though (editorial comment)…

      1. You people would take libertarians more seriously if random commenters on a relatively obscure website didn’t use the word cunt. Shame on you, for serious.

        1. Once somebody on here yesterday wrote, “Niggers for Hitler”, I knew all hope was lost.

          1. I know who was behind that.
            Email me for the lowdown.
            Secret password required.

          2. I’ve been at trial all week so I didn’t see that but if I were to guess I would say it was LibertyMike

    1. That kind of stuff is foolish. It’s clearly not true, as politics and education don’t seem at all correlated.

      1. Or intelligence.

    2. Fuck you, I already put that link up further up thread. I demand royalty payments for my IP.

    3. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found.

      Like the Obama voters and California’s Prop 8? Racist.

    4. A wise man once said,

      You could get a lot more and better data by spending 5 minutes with the GSS.

  8. Senate democrats raise debt ceiling $1.2 trillion over republican objections, effective tomorrow.

    Debt ceiling now at approximately $16.4 trillion, and it probably won’t even get us through the end of the year.

    Spend until you bend, and borrow like there’s no tomorrow.

    1. Well we can’t have the Republicans holding the country hostage just for some fiscal sanity, now can we? Tony will be along shortly to explain the logic better than I can.

    2. Wait….there’s still a tomorrow?

    3. All this spending is on very old entitlements and defense, you idiot.

      Its not like Obama is cooking up new programs like the Bushpigs did.

      1. Just a Bailout here and a Stimulus there, and a cash-for-clunkers over there. Nothing to worry about.

        Dumb ass.

      2. Needs more Christfags.

  9. Among those who support the Tea Party movement, support is split at 38% for each of the two leading candidates. Ron Paul doesn’t even register among Florida Tea Partiers, which is ironic considering he is one of the ideological supporters of everything the Tea Party supposedly stands for.

    The Tea Party Movement is, of course, now a tabula rasa in the vein of Obama ’08. Whatever you want it to be, you make it that, and then you identify yourself with it.

    1. The tea party was co-opted the moment it went mainstream and now pretty much is synonymous with “conservative republican” warts and all. Libertarians and pure fiscal republicans have to found a new org if they want to get away from the static emanating from the tea party.

      1. The Tea Partier Party, where we throw Tea Partiers into the ocean (filled with sharks with fricken lasers).

      2. How about “The Grandsons of Liberty.” Plus Granddaughters. Oh heck, how about a Sam Adams?

        1. Samuel Adams claimed that foreigners (“British emissaries”) were instigating treason among the commoners, and he helped draw up a Riot Act, and a resolution suspending habeas corpus in order to permit the authorities to keep people in jail without trial. Adams proposed a new legal distinction: that rebellion in a republic, unlike in a monarchy, should be punished by execution.

          1. Yeah; I think Sam Adams is the closest we got to a Robespierre.

  10. Romney accidentally withheld Swiss bank account info.

    We completely understand.

    1. Then he realized the Swiss had given up their banking privacy protections under pressure from the US IRS.

  11. Gold up nearly 10% on the year, hits six and a half week high.

    I sure hope nobody listened to that idiot Shrike’s New Years’ predictions and sold all their gold.

    I kid of course; obviously nobody here would ever listen to that putz.

    1. My 401k won’t let me buy gold 🙁

      1. Sure it will. Buy the GLD.

        Of course gold is in a huge bubble and my timing has been off twice now (tight stops). All other commodities are falling and inflation is close to completely dead as the 5-yr yields only .079%.

        But that is ok. All bubbles pop at some time and the Fed told everyone that interest rates are safe until 2014.

        1. The gold bubble will pop….when the US goes bankrupt and raises rates to 6% or more. Probably 2015 or 16.

          1. Nope.

            Gold is in demand globally and the US economy is as a percentage of the global economy is declining rapidly.

            A US economic “collapse” in 5-10 years will only make a dent in global gdp growth.Besides, the next US economic crash will certainly be from hyper inflation.

        2. gold’s not in a bubble, shrike. The metals bubbles already popped, check the graphs for palladium and platinum. Notice gold didn’t pop, and the rise of gold has been shallower, palladium and platinum are on the upswing again.

          1. not to mention silver

        3. There is a huge bubble and it’s called US Treasuries dumb fuck.

      2. Correction – some very old 401K’s are not self directed. My mistake.

  12. The majority of Florida Republicans said that creating jobs was of utmost importance for their candidate…

    Dumb bastards.

    1. You want jobs? Vote for the only candidate who will do anything to get the government out of the way of new jobs being created. Jesus!

      1. Jesus is running on a “get the gov’t out of the way” platform? He should have the evangelical vote locked up, at the very least!

        1. Jesus is a good libertarian. Which is one reason the GOP faithful wouldn’t vote for him.

          1. Jesus is just alright with me!

          2. But Rick Santorum would argue that Jesus’ primary concern would have been the obliteration of Teh Homasexuls. Do you dispute Prophet Santorum (rofmfao)?

            1. Did Jesus talk about gays in the New Testament? I don’t remember that.

              I think he might be a little anti-war, too.

              1. Jesus must have talked a great deal about solar panels, too, because a lot of shitheads from both parties invoke God/Christ passionately in their calls for a “cleaner” and “more independent” energy structure. What the flying fuck does that even mean? Do words have meanings anymore?

                1. I’m pretty sure Jesus was pro-nuke.

              2. Jesus was an early-day Ron Swanson. You can look it up!

                1. The only reason I’m against the environment is because it’s Gaia.

      2. It took three guys to lift that cross up.

        That’s three paychecks, three households with enough food, three families with health insurance, and three pensions that ensure a comfortable old age.

        Vote Romney you egg-sucking dirt farmers.

        1. Crucifixtion: jobs created and/or saved!

          1. Hey, in three days we can do it again. That’s my plan. The eternally martyred, ummm…martyr and pot in every roast!

            “Larry the Cable Guy tol me that that Romney feller wasa gonna reopen the screen door fak-torr-ree and we was gonna have us some jobs again. I a might have to sell my dirt farm to some negro and move on down to Towel-le-hassie!”

          2. Ehh, crucifixtion not such a big deal.

            1. Could be worse.

              1. I just get my brother to come get me that night.

            2. I was going for the “saved” joke, but I think it was too subtle.

              1. Oh, I get it. Completely went over my head the first time–swoosh! Must be because I’m libertarian/conservative, which makes me mildly retarded, I believe.

          3. I see what you did there.

            (Not really, I needed yo to explain it.)

            1. u

              1. Aren’t you more of a Cuffy Meigs type, Fran?

      1. *dry heave*

        1. Welcome back to my ignore list.

          1. Why on earth would you ever remove her from your ignore list???

        2. rather – you’re no lady. ugh

        3. Your mother’s, spoof


          1. What kind of libertarians are you that you choose to be employed by computer authoritarians?

            Start your own business or be a good drone and get back to work and stay off the computer, and get me my damn coffee

  13. “If Gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse impact on Republican candidates running for county, state, and federal offices,” Dole said. “Hardly anyone who served with Newt in Congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself. He was a one-man-band who rarely took advice. It was his way or the highway.”

    And wouldn’t that be a refreshing change in the White House?

    Professional congressmen shouldn’t run for the national office. (Paul may or may not be the exception that proves the rule.) I guess it would be better for Newt if he had only showed up in Congress long enough to vote present.

  14. God that’s depressing. What kind of world do we live in that Paul can poll behind an ass-clown like Santorum?

    This country is so fucked!

    1. I knew Francisco d’Anconia. Francisco d’Anconia was a friend of mine. You’re no Francisco d’Anconia.

      1. Who is John Galt? Not you, Mr. Poseur, to be certain!

      2. You see Mr Galt, this is a chat room (perhaps the worst ever). In a chat room no one uses their real names. They make one up. It’s called a moniker. I happened to choose the name of a character I admired from a book I once read. SO:

        a. I never claimed to be anything like the character.

        b. Even if I did, you don’t know enough about me to make that judgment.

        c. FUCK OFF!

        1. I never claimed to be anything like the character

          Oh! May I recommend Lillian Rearden, then?

  15. Ron Paul is running last? Libertoids haven’t yet cleaned the cum off their shorts over his great showings in previous primaries, and now the old fuck is tanking? Politics is a bitch.

    1. We will ignore you!

      1. Yeah? Shove it up your ass.

        1. We are ignoring you!
          We have spoken!

        2. I’m pretty sure you could get Obama in troubly by sucking his dick in such an obvious and public manner, Max. It didn’t exactly work well for Clinton, now, did it?

          1. Email me for the lowdown on the real Max.
            Secret handshake required.

          2. You must find it hard to type with Ron Paul’s dick up your ass and you’re trying to swallow the Kool-Aid with the old fuck’s cum in it.

            1. Didn’t your parents preemptively have you castrated to prevent the contamination of the human genome? Did it hurt, Max? Did you tattoo an Obama orb campaign symbol on the flappy patch of skin your balls used to reside in when you were an infant to compensate for being a limpdick? Sorry, Max, life can REALLY suck!

            2. We will continue to ignore you!
              We’re serious.
              The Big Ignore starts today!

            3. Today!

            4. And your mom is ugly.

            5. Max’s handle is compensation for a lack of something, methinks.

              1. Shall we call him Min from now on?

    2. Well, in a winner take all contest where your competitors are fueled by endless special interest money, moving on is a safe bet. The guy who comes in 2nd by 10 votes gets the same number of delegates as Ron Paul.

    3. Color me shocked! RP is not campaigning in Florida AND he’s coming in last?!?!?! Wow……

      1. the nice thing is, if he gets elected president, we get to ignore Florida for at least four years.

  16. I know I recently said that Reason needed to find a way to illustrate Newt stories with something other than pics of Newt. However, a Dole Viagra ad ain’t what I had in mind.

    1. You just asked for change, and hoped something good would happen. Did you vote for Obama, too?

      What you should have done was be constructive, and offer suggestions. I suggest that they illustrate Newt stories with pictures of Lobster Girl.

  17. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found.

    Whereas high intelligence adults can rationalize an economy run by unicorns with ease.

    1. [chirp]

      High intelligence adults gravitate toward libertarian chat rooms!


  18. Wisconsin Rises Up Against Walker
    What does democracy look like? How about this: a governor, swept into office on the GOP wave of 2010 with a financial assist from the billionaire Koch brothers, pivots immediately from moderate talk about job creation to radical austerity that divides his state more than any in the Union. He attacks the collective bargaining rights of public workers and teachers. When hundreds of thousands of citizens rally to oppose his agenda, the governor and his allies respond by attempting to bar protests in the Capitol. They reject their state’s tradition of open and transparent government, dismiss criticisms from the opposition?even from moderates in their own party?and begin gerrymandering districts and changing election rules, actions Common Cause and the League of Women Voters recognize as assaults on voting rights. Faced with a serious threat to basic rights and democracy, citizens organize a grassroots campaign to recall and remove the governor, the lieutenant governor, the State Senate majority leader and key legislators.…..nst-walker

    1. Gerrymandering is only an assault on voting rights when the other team does it apparently.

    2. with a financial assist from the billionaire Koch brothers

      Don’t let the fact that they gave him less than 1% of his total donations stand in the way of you pushing that canard.

    3. You forgot the part where the irresponsible, cowardly representatives of the other party left the state to prevent the government from functioning.

      1. They left to stand up for their principles, because they knew their views would be overlooked.

        1. No they left because they knew the stench of the Phaggot Striver Poor mob they had incited would have overwhelmed them.

        2. Goddamn you’re stupid if you believe this.

    1. If that is how your bank works I suggest switching. My Chase account (one of the big boys) doesn’t charge me any fees whatsoever.

      1. Mine reimburses up to 4 ATM fees per month.

        No fees for anything.

  19. Pussy Riot, way better band name than any of the pathetic “girl punk” bands we have here:….._article=1

    1. This is Pussy Riot. This was supposed to be a reply to Apatheist. Stupid squirrels, etc.

  20. Gingrich must getting senile for he was constantly badmouthing everything Reagan did during his Presidency. Now he shamelessly sucks up to Reagan’s memory.

    As for Rick Perry, hopefully it will be good riddance for him after the 2014 state elections. I’ve had my fill of the Bush/Perry regime down here.

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