Rand Paul Attacks TSA in Op-Ed, L.A. Passes Condom Law, Gingrich Flip-Flops on Israel: P.M. Links


  • Sen. Rand Paul dresses down the TSA in a Washington Times op-ed

  • "The Gingrich of six years ago was a moderate [on Israel], endorsing Obama-like policies he now condemns." 
  • L.A. Mayor signs law mandating condoms in porn
  • Google rolls out new privacy policy
  • FBI arrests three Connecticut cops for civil rights violations
  • Greece's economy is still in the crapper
  • Joan Rivers gets high


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  1. Elbow…er…fist!

  2. Frist?

    1. Canada escaped Bushy-Boy’s housing bubble due to sane banking policy. Pretty good for a “socialist” country.

      1. Why is a housing crisis caused by policies preceding Bush “Bushy-boy’s” housing crisis. Psst Canada had higher interest rates and fewer regulations on this kind of thing.

        1. Do the Canadians have government subsidies and underwriting of mortgages? If not, then I think you’ve got your answer on how they escaped the housing bubble, right there.

          1. No mortgage interest deduction in Canada.

        2. Don’t confuse shreek with facts and reality.

        3. Bush pumped the bubble up. See the American Dream Downpayment Act and his HUD policy which distorted the market. He even pissed on GSE reform by killing the Fannie Mae downsizing act (HR 1461)

          1. It was Bush that did that not paid FAnnie and Freddie cronies and Friends of Angelo Dodd and Frank. Bush tried to scale back Fannie and Freddie and make them solvent and Dodd and Frank killed the effort saying “there is no problem here”.

            1. That is pure Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limbaugh lies. Bush killed a GOP bill called the GSE Reform Act which Oxley (R) sponsored and passed the House.

              He PAID $10,000 to each applicant with no money for a mortgage.


              you are so busy sucking Bush’s cock that you don’t know what “small gov” means.

              1. Go to Youtube and you can watch Barny Frank slapping down the Bush Administration saying there is nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie. Barney’s former boyfriend made millions from Freddie. So did Jamie Gerlich and a ton of other Dem insiders.

                Jesus Shrike, you would let Dems rape your mother and still claim it was a Republican plot.

              2. Jesus Christ Shreek, take your meds. That was a 200 million dollar program. Do you honeslty think a 200 million program created a multi trillion dollar housing bubble and the hundreds of billions of dollars in loses at Fannie and Freddie.

                That is even dellusional for you.

                1. The point is that Bush did everything he could to pump up the housing bubble and Barney Frank did NOTHING.

                  (oh Barney SAID FNM/FRE would be OK – big fucking deal)

                  1. When he knew it wasn’t, while his buddies were making millions from it. And he prevented anyone from doing anything about it. Frank and Dodd are total crooks. Dodd got a sweetheart mortgage deal in return for getting the regulators to leave Countrywide alone.

                    But lets not talk about that. Lets talk about some penny anti housing program Shreek.

                    1. You cannot stop. Confronted with evidence you parrot redneck AM radio talking points which have no bearing in reality.

                      Keep going – you fucking Big Gov Bushpig asshole.

                      Iraq = brilliant!

                      Medicare Part D = Genuis!

                      NCLB = great for students!

                      You fucking slime.

                    2. What evidence you fucking moron? Keep changing the subject to medicare part D and Iraq after you have your ass handed to you.

                      YOu are so stupid I sometimes feel sorry for you.

                    3. Shrike is partly correct that Bush and the GOP contributed a bit to the problem. Their hands aren’t totally clean. They went along with the left’s call for government intervention in the housing market. But Fannie and Freddie and the CRA and much else were Democrat creations and fiefdoms.

                    4. Again I am reminded that this place is filled with Bushpig conservatives.

                      Point out his Big Gov policy and assholes run out to defend him! Fuck you, asshole. Fuck Bush and Big Gov and the whole GOP you cling to.

              3. shrek,
                is it pathological among liberals that every malicious truth they dislike is a Rush-ism? The Senate in 05-ish tried to reform F&F; the measure went along party lines in committee, meaning it would get nowhere on the floor. The CRA dates back to Carter and was reinvigorated by Clinton.

                1. is it pathological among liberals that every malicious truth they dislike is a Rush-ism?

                  Sometimes is a “Beck-ism,” or so Tony told me when I explained how progressives championed eugenics, including supporting both abortion legislation (mainly to keep minorities from breeding), and anti-abortion rhetoric (race suicide was the greatest threat to America, according to Teddy Roosevelt).

          2. But he was just trying to get more poor people into houses. Isn’t that what liberal douchebags like you wanted?

            1. Fuck you. I am a goddamn secular capitalist. I hate Big Gov. Like Bartlett I know the Bushpigs fucked us over and I will NEVER vote for a fucking GOP asshole again.

              1. So instead you will vote for Democratic assholes out of your commitment to small govenrment. You are nothing if not consistent in your insanity.

              2. If you’re a secular capitalist why the fuck would you vote for Obama, or any Democrat for that matter? Not saying you should vote Republican instead (I sure as hell won’t).

              3. Bush’s policies were a continuation of Clinton’s. Either way, they were statist, as is your pal Obama’s, whose balls you yearn to suck. So fuck off.

                Frank, Dodd, Waters, Bennett, Bond…all ran interference for Fannie and Freddie, the proximate cause of the crash.

                1. Total fucking lies.

                  The GSE Reform Act PASSED. How did they “run interference”?

                  Go back to Free Republic, you dickhead.

                  1. hating big govt but voting for Obama is a bit like the battered woman who defends her assailant. If you were actually a secular capitalist, you would want nothing to do with either party.

                    1. Both parties are Big Gov. The GOP is marginally bigger.

                  2. I don’t think I like your tone of voice.

      2. Canada escaped Bushy-Boy’s housing bubble due to sane banking policy. Pretty good for a “socialist” country.

        False. http://globaleconomicanalysis……le-in.html

      3. Shrike’s just upset because Obama isn’t socialist *enough*.

    2. It’s OK for the left in the US to bash us (Canada) now that we have a Conservative government. TEAMs know no boundaries.

      (Even though our Conservative government would be considered rather to the left if it were a national party in the US.)

      1. Ironically, our banking system is far less constrained than that of the “Free Market” US one, yet the right hate us too.

  3. Moving a Whale? Try Our Transparent Aluminum:


    1. Computer. Computer? Aye, hello Computer.

      1. Kirk: Spock, where the hell’s the power you promised?

        Spock: One damn minute, Admiral.

  4. Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent


    1. Therefore, the cost of bringing home the bacon….? Anyone, anyone, Buhler, anyone?

  5. Paul is in a position to treat the TSA they way many want to. Trouble is, most folks put up with the bullshit because they need to get on the plane they’re trying to reach, not the one four hours later.

    1. Yeah.

      “”Is the TSA looking at flight manifests? Are we researching those boarding the planes? Are we targeting or looking at those who might attack us? Apparently not,””

      What does he mean by “research those boarding”?

      He doesn’t seem to be opposed to a high level of scrutiny as long as they do it behind your back.

      1. Mohamed Atta from Saudi is a little more likely to be hijacking a plane than Hazel Jones from Iowa. Diversity kills. 9/11 proved that in spades.

        1. Damn non-whites don’t know there place isn’t here in ‘Merica.

          1. Arabs are white.

        2. “”Mohamed Atta from Saudi is a little more likely to be hijacking a plane than Hazel Jones from Iowa.””

          But would Mohamed Atta from Philly be more likely?

          1. More likely than Hazel, sure. Unless Hazel is a convert to Islam.

            1. And how do you know unless you have access to her email, facebook account, browser searches, doctor’s visits, and historical GPS data?

              1. When people talking about “risk” based approaches on anything, they fail to realize that amount of data agencies will want to determine risk. Unless it’s the government talking, then it’s code for give me all your information. Since the government likes to go overboard, they would want access to any data element collected in any database.

                1. the govt already has all manner of data and it chooses to molest 95-year old terminal cancer patients, little kids, and sitting members of Congress. Senators may do wacky things but they are far down on the likely-to-be-a-terrorist list.

                  1. Unless they’re libertarian leaning. Then they’re just an inch away from being a bonafide right wing extremist. Just ask Crappy Nappy.

            2. Richard Reid?

              I mean, what would be the trigger from a name like that to cause you to research him and find out he’s an OMG mooslim?

              1. Have you seen pictures of the guy? His appearance alone should have qualified him for a strip-search.

  6. Congressional Black Caucus: African-Americans would ‘march on the White House’ if Obama wasn’t black


    1. So, how does this not mean that blacks are racist?

      1. Some of them are. And unfortunately, they’ve been led to believe that it is okay for them to be.

        1. No, no, no, you haven’t gotten the word from the scholars of racism and diversity, who have a new and convenient definition of “racism”: it is impossible for minorities to be racist, because racism is what majority whites do to minorities.

    2. the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus ? told The Daily Caller that African Americans won’t “march on the White House” over the high unemployment rate in the black community because President Barack Obama is black.

      You can’t fool *me*, RoboCain. That’s from The Onion.

  7. Teen Calls Cops When She Hears Mom Having Sex


    “Mommy smokes weed all the time”


    1. 15 year-old to 911 dispatcher, “Mommy and Daddy are wrestling. Daddy looks like he’s winning.”

      1. Ten year old girl to another ten year old girl “I saw mommy and daddy making babies, daddy put his thing in mommy’s mouth”. Other ten year old “no silly, that is not how you get babies, that is how you get jewelry.”

        1. Drum roll for John.

    2. Robocain. Is that cocaine for robots? You got some?

  8. L.A. Mayor signs law mandating condoms in porn.

    In a completely unrelated development, several major porn companies have shockingly moved just outside of the city limits today.

    1. I thought the city law was just a pile on of regulations the state already had. Moving out of California all together is the only way to go.

      1. S. Florida has already become the new center for porn.

    2. In a completely unrelated development, several major porn companies have shockingly moved just outside of the city limits today.

      Or stopped saying where exactly in the Greater LA Area a specific film was shot.

    3. So, does this include people who make homemade stuff?

  9. L.A. Mayor signs law mandating condoms in porn.

    Who’s going to enforce that?

    I, of course, volunteer!

    1. You’re going to be putting condoms on the actors?

      1. Beats taking them off.

        1. Takes beating them off.

    2. Which amounts to nothing unless the county follows suit.

      If L.A. County is so stupid as to drive all of that porn money out of the Valley then they deserve the “unforeseen” consequences that will eventually come.

  10. Better headline: Coconut, Banana, and Boston are now the only legal cream pies in Los Angeles.

    1. Still legal, just can’t make a video and sell it. But I’m sure they’ll get around to banning the other three for health reasons as well.

    2. As are pearl necklaces.

      1. There will be an LA code inspector to make sure it’s pearls.

  11. “A RED-HEADED schoolboy has been told he has to be taught in isolation ? because HE is being bullied by classmates for being GINGER.”


    1. I have a nephew who is a ginger and judging from his face book friends that little shit gets more tail than Frank Sinatra. Being ginger hasn’t seem to have bothered him.

      1. Two words, John: Carrot Top.

        1. Like Joe Piscapo, I’m thinking the steroids adversely effected his career.

          1. Joe Piscapo was actually funny once, though.

      2. judging from his face book friends that little shit gets more tail than Frank Sinatra


        1. I am friends on facebook with a lot of my neices and nephews. They friended me not the other way around. Can’t tell you why. But they did. We talk music a lot.

          1. That doesn’t answer the question I have…

            1. You can see other people’s friends. And my one nephew is friends with almost exclusively young women his age and every single one of them is hot. I really have to give the kid credit.

              1. What in what you just said indicates that your nephew is hitting any of that?

                1. He seems to be hitting a lot of it judging from the various posts. And they certainly seem to love him, so he is hardly picked on.

                2. Damn your speedy fingers! If only mine weren’t so tired from holding up this deep dish!

              2. Okay, so the answer to my question (which I guess I needed to be explicit about) is that you don’t actually have any idea. He just knows a lot of hot girls.

                1. He might just know them. But I don’t think so.

                  1. In the biblical sense, is what you’re saying.

                2. He might just know them. But I don’t think so.

                  1. He might be giving them style pointers? Or he helps them when they go shoe shopping? Maybe he is an excellent hairdresser? All I’m saying is Chaz Dean probably has a lot of hot girls that “friended” him on Facebook.

                3. What’s the point in knowing hot girls if you don’t pound them? Even a stupid little teenage shit understands that.

                  1. Oh, he’s totally trying. That doesn’t mean he is successful.

                    1. Did you guys just spend 20 posts speculating on to what degree having hot facebook friends can imply someone is “hitting it”?

      3. It seems to be a British thing.

        1. Indeed. I had a ginger intern who got worked up over this video.

          1. I’d never seen that video. What was s/he worked up about? The video isn’t ABOUT redheads per se, even though that is what is ostensibly being portrayed.

            1. Hey, I’m not about to try to get into the mind of a ginger.

              1. Was it a girl? Cause I’ll totally get into a female ginger.

    2. Yeah! That’ll teach the kids not to bully!

    3. Principal Mr Gilbert said in a statement: “Having taken account of all persons’ views in this matter the academy has managed the issues raised in accordance with our clearly defined policies and protocols.

      “This has included seeking clarification from external bodies such as the Education Welfare Service.”

      That’s not a form response at all. I bet doublespeak sounds great with a British accent.

    4. Normal children should not be forced to sit in the same rooms as soulless gingers.

      1. It’s true: we have no soul. We also sink when we’re thrown into water. 🙁

        1. I’ve learned to swim as my hair has darkened to a deep brown over the years. The combination of those 2 usually trick people into not realizing the truth.

    5. I think its a British thing. They like their ginger bashing. Just don’t screw up and use the word “spaz”, that is considered over-the-line and offensive.

  12. “The Gingrich of six years ago was a moderate [on Israel], endorsing Obama-like policies he now condemns.”

    SC critter: “It’s not political expediency when our guy does it!”

    1. So would SC be getting less shit from you and others if Mitt had gotten the most votes? Frankly I don’t see a differnece between a vote for mitt or newt or sant.

      1. Re: whatever,

        So would SC be getting less shit from you and others if Mitt had gotten the most votes?

        Probably a little less, W. Mitt has many less wives than Newt despite Mitt being the Mormon.

        1. mitt’s cool with birth control, too. And, unlike newt or ricky, his success is from the private sector. The only non-govt checks the others have cashed came AFTER they were in govt which is probably coincidence.

  13. Riggs was high when he screwed up the Joan Rivers link. Unless it’s some complex meta-joke I’m not getting.

    1. I started reading the comments, just in the hopes someone would connect the Joan-Rivers-High-Gingrich dots.

  14. http://newsok.com/ex-oklahoma-…..le/3642858

    Former Oklahoma Highway Patrolman charged with raping women while on duty.

    1. Procedures were followed.

  15. Wonder Woman defects to Australia:


    1. She is hot enough. But she doesn’t pull it off. Wonder Woman is kind of an amazon. That chick has no hips.

      1. I don’t care what Wonder Woman is “supposed” to look like. She needs to change to that Australian chick. Now.

      2. “”She is hot enough. But she doesn’t pull it off.””

        I agree. She’s not, but she’s no Wonder Woman.

        1. Well, of course. Wonder Woman is from Paradise Island, not Oz.

          1. Yeah, she should be Greek, like Lynda Carter.

            1. I thought she was Mexican (as in descended from, not country born in). Yup.

              1. I should’ve made it clear that I was joking. Like with some sort of symbol or something.

                1. I knew you were joking, but I wanted to take the wind out of your sails. Jerk.

                  1. Interesting that she’s half-Mexican. Like Salma Hayek.

                    1. Raquel Welch is some percent some kind of Hispanic. I mean that in a good way.

                    2. Salma would be a good Wonder Woman.

                    3. And then there’s this…

                    4. The Urkobold performed a similar analysis based on that research.

          2. Funny, she doesn’t look Bahamian.

            1. I was just there a few weeks, and I didn’t see any Amazon women, either.

          3. Thirded (or fourth-ded?) Miranda Kerr, while ridiculously hot, cannot pull off a Wonder Woman. You can admire Wonder Woman as a sexy Amazon, but there’s always the underlying fact that she could kick your ass up and down the street.

            1. Kerr could kick my ass all she wanted.

  16. Can someone tell me why Gingrich is labeled a “conservative”? And while you’re at it, why are Nixon, Bush I, and Bush II considered conservatives?

    1. I’d also like to know how he got labeled an intellectual.

      1. The were comparing him to Al Gore, who was already given that label by the media.

      2. The were comparing him to Al Gore, who was already given that label by the media.

  17. FBI arrests three Connecticut cops for civil rights violations.

    This should be a daily headline. About the only reason I can think of for a federal police force is to protect the civil rights of citizens against their local po-pos.

    In God-Emperor Dean’s FBI, the only route to advancement will be successful prosecutions of cops, prosecutors, and politicians.

    1. The Censor, but with guns.

      1. I was thinking more cattle prods, but guns are OK, too.

        1. Sure, so long as the Device of Correction has stopping power.

    2. So would the God-Emperor’s efforts still be constrained by the Iron Laws?

      1. Of course. The Iron Laws are immutable and eternal. Even the God-Emperor must bow to their might.

    3. Procedures were followed.

  18. In writing, he replied that TSA concluded because a child in a market in Afghanistan exploded a bomb, all American children needed to be evaluated as potential threats. My response: If you treat everyone equally as a potential threat, then you direct much attention to those who are never going to attack us and spend less time with those whose risk profiles indicate a need for tougher screening.

    “Obi Wan has taught you well!”

    That is a response from someone who KNOWS economics.

    1. I see Senator Paul is conversant with the Iron Law:

      If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

      1. It’s why this silliness about profiling is silly. If you think some Islamic guys want to blow up your planes, naturally you focus on people who look like them a little more than on other people.

        1. Yep — there’s smart profiling and then there’s dumb profiling.

          (If implemented, I fully expect to see the latter and not the former…)

          1. For instance, if I were Law Enforcement Czar, I’d put all libertarians on a watch list.

        2. Well, I think you can dodge that issue (legally) by simply focusing on ties to nations where Al Qaeda is known to be active. Al Qaeda isn’t a religion.

  19. Finally, a Reason to Shove Pork Up Your Nose


    1. Like I needed a reason. Oh wait, that’s coke, not pork.

      1. Both are great though, I will concede that point.

        1. Bacon flavored eight balls!

      2. I can’t do that… Coke would burn in my nose pretty bad. I prefer to just drink it.

  20. How will everyone be celebrating Robbie Burns day tomorrow?

    1. Haggis sushi.

    2. Oatmeal.

      1. Boiled in a sheep’s stomach with meat and some offally goodness?

        1. Well yes, but I can’t tell the family that.

          1. Oatmeal it is, then. Scottish oatmeal treat.

            1. Better: Scottish Oatmeal Surprise.

  21. “The vast majority of residents, 88.5%, are white, while close to 3% identify as black or African-American”

    With only 3% black, who the hell are the Connecticut police going to target? Maybe the homeless can move there for the hunt

  22. “The Gingrich of six years ago was a moderate [on Israel], endorsing Obama-like policies he now condemns.”

    This is perfectly consistent. See, he used to think that endorsing those policies would improve his chances of becoming president, and now he thinks condemning those policies will improve his chances of becoming president.

    1. Well. at least he will do the right thing for the wrong reasons. So there is that. And he is predictable.

      1. “”Well. at least he will do the right thing for the wrong reasons.””

        Team R justification of a douchebag?

        “”And he is predictable.””

        All candidates are predictable about saying crap to get elected. What’s not predictable is what they will actual do when they get elected.

      2. What I find amusing is how you will dog the guy that walks the republican talk, yet find a way to see Gingrich in positive light.

        1. Sarcasm Vic. How does it work?

  23. If a federally funded TSA is going to exist, then its focus should be on police work and it must respect the rights of citizens.

    Well, Senator, which is it?

  24. Burns Night Recipes

    1. LOL. I like this recipe. First, buy a haggis.

  25. Will Senator Paul follow up? Say, like no budget with any money for TSA will get through because he will filibuster?

    1. Doubt it, he will probably sponsor legislation that would “improve” the TSA.

  26. Chris Christie states he will veto gay marriage bill, wants referendum instead:


    Also, the first convictions for Fast & Furious:


    1. … and then he ate a 2nd bucket of chicken.

      1. I wish he’d run. He would likely have won the whole thing, and then we’d have the fattest president since Taft. Which would be awesome.

    2. When can we expect Eric Holder to be indicted?

      1. Let’s just say I’m not running out and buying an overcoat.

  27. What do privacy advocates have to say about the new policy?: Check back in with us a little later and we’ll let you know.?

    Or just do a Google search on it. Don’t worry; we’ll know when you do.

    1. Just put the question into the address box of your chrome browser.

  28. “While sitting in the cubicle, I thought to myself, have the terrorists won? Have we sacrificed our liberty and our dignity for security?”

    Liberty, dignity, and time. I did the math once, using BTS/BLS stats; it is really sobering, when you put it into hard numbers, to see just how much we are paying to obtain a statistically-insignificant increase in security, in terms of human lifetimes, lost productivity, etc.

  29. L.A. Mayor signs law mandating condoms in porn.

    Porn: the one thing still mostly produced in L.A. that has any social value whatsoever.

    It makes perfect sense that a politician would try and regulate it to death.

  30. “If a federally funded TSA is going to exist, then its focus should be on police work and it must respect the rights of citizens.”

    The problem is, it SHOULDN’T exist. He doesn’t even HINT at abolishing the agency; no, let’s just tweak it a little.

    JB Smoove said it best: “We’re fuckin’ doomed.”

  31. It’s cool, because of microagressions and stuff (summary of actual comment):


    Lots of talk about privilege, and no recognition that a woman’s privilege is what kept her from getting her ass kicked.

    1. Huh. And I’ll bet there’s a bumper sticker on her Forester that says, “Violence is never the answer.”

  32. I gotta agree that having men shout disgusting things at you simply because you are walking past them is pretty annoying at the very least, and alarming at the worst. Still, hauling off and hitting someone isn’t the answer. She is very lucky she didn’t get her ass kicked.

    1. And that was the guys before him. She doesn’t even know what the guy she hit said. It could have been “I’m sorry for their behavior”.

  33. The speech the TSA prevented Rand Paul from giving:


  34. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am: Obama kicks left-wing Catholics who supported him to the curb:

    “I accuse you, Mr. President, of treating shamefully those Catholics who went out on a limb to support you. Do tell, Mr. President, how many bullets have the people at Planned Parenthood taken for you? Sr. Carol Keehan, Father Larry Snyder, Father John Jenkins, these people have scars to show for their willingness to work with you, to support you on your tough political fights. Is this the way you treat people who went to the mat for you?…

    “But, yesterday, as soon as I learned of this decision, I knew instantly that I also could not, in good conscience, ever vote for Mr. Obama again.”

  35. Canada escaped Bushy-Boy’s housing bubble due to sane banking policy. Pretty good for a “socialist” country.

    Imagine that, a country that has fewer banking regulations has bankers who behave more responsibly.

    There are many areas where Canada (and many other countries) are much less socialist than the US. Even the US under that wild cowboy capitalist Bush.

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