A.M. Links: Gingrich Lies About Supporting Goldwater, Mitt Romney Invested in GSEs, Conservative Declares Mitch Daniels Winner of Last Night's Debate


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  1. Newt Gingrich claimed last night to be a Goldwater man. That’s not what he said in a 1988 TV interview.

    Gingrich talks so much I would be surprised if there wasn’t film of him saying every possible word combination in the English language.

    1. This. The toad does not shut up. If I were his roommate in college, I’d have to kill him.

      1. Why couldn’t you have been his college roommate !?!

        1. Imagine what he was like when smoking pot.

          1. “What if D O G spelled cat.”

    2. He’s like an unfunny Robin Williams. But I repeat myself.

      1. But I repeat myself

        It’s OK. We all do.

    3. newt the random word generator

      1. uint64 newtWord = new Newt.Rand(0, 2^64);

      2. Very useful if you need a new password.

    4. He also claimed he’d be faithful to various ex-wives. And that his patriotism led him to adultery. Etc etc… really is anyone surprised by Newc Titties’ gift for inaccurate precis?

    5. He seems to be getting into a Hillary impersonation phase.

    6. He must be defeated, if only to defeat his wife’s helmet hair.

      1. Noooo! Imagine how much fun having Betty Draper as First Lady would be!

    7. What about George Carlin’s things you never hear?

      “As soon as I shove this hot poker up my ass I’m going to chop my dick off!” Don’t know if the titties has ever said that.

      1. He will, dear Loki, he will

    8. This is what a man devoid of principle sounds like.

      To state the bleeding obvious: Newcular will make whatever utterance leads to the presidency. All of his statements should be viewed in that light.

  2. Utah teen shoots self with cannon.

    “Investigators are still trying to determine how a propellant got into the cannon, which is described as an 18th century replica with a six-inch metal barrel and a wooden base. Nance says the toy has no shooting mechanism.”

    Having been a teenage boy, I’m going to suggest a hairspray bottle, although a butane lighter refill is also a probable culprit.

    1. You SF’d the link.

      1. Fuckit. Its on Drudge if anyone cares. Twice in two consecutive links. I’m bucking for outright ownership of SFing.

        1. You BL’d the link? Nah, that just doesn’t roll off the keyboard like SF’d.

    2. When I was a kid, I took a toy pirate pistol (it was wood with a hollow metal barrel, and looked and felt real), drop a lit firecracker down the barrel, followed by a large-ish ball bearing. I’d get a good 100 feet out of it, and there was even a tiny bit of recoil.

  3. http://unitedoptout.com/uncate…..education/

    Top down solutions are hurting teachers and students? Standardized tests discourage learning and love of knowledge? That’s unpossible!

    1. I thought at first that URL spelled out “United to Pout”.

      1. You’ve met some public school teachers I take it?

    2. Writing bullshit busy-work book reports causes most Americans to hate reading? Say it aint so!

    3. Teachers brought this on themselves. They worked so long and so hard for a total lack of accountability that the public got fed up and implemented a screwed-up system. Too bad for them.

      1. Yes! Let the hate flow through you. Nassty teachersss unionsss!

        Actually, the SAT was first used in 1926, long before modern issues with public schooling were recognized. It and the ACT grew in use primarily because they gave colleges an easy (cheap) standard by which to judge applicants.

        1. What do college entrance exams have to do with Standardized High School Tests?

          The larger issue is that if we are to have public education, then how are we to measure its effectiveness? Just take a teacher’s word on it?

          1. shorter rev – oops my union hate tripped me up.

          2. What do college entrance exams have to do with Standardized High School Tests?

            The methodology and idea behind their implementation is similar–that it serves as a proper assessment of the academic capabilities of the student.

            In the case of standardized high school tests, however, the performance of the group as a whole is used as a barometer for the application and implementation of various federal activities.

            The larger issue is that if we are to have public education, then how are we to measure its effectiveness? Just take a teacher’s word on it?

            The answer is that this was inevitable regardless. By dumbing down educational quality over the decades and turning classrooms into labs for social experimentation, schools have become the means by which an extremely dysfunctional combination of managerialism, corporatism, and social Marxism have degraded what was formally a rigorous approach to childhood education. Standardized testing in this environment becomes the only empirical resource by which these people can now measure how successful they are.

        2. SAT and ACT grew in use primarily because public school grades were a poor indicator of the student’s actual level of education.

      2. That’s the same justification behind Obamacare. The health care system worked long and hard for a total lack of accountability (i.e. allowing price transparency) that the public got fed up and voted for a party that implemented a screwed-up system.

        1. Maybe, except public education is, you know, already public, meaning taxpayers have the right to demand accoutability.

    4. Because the old system with no accountability whatsoever was producing such great results…

    5. I loved standardized tests. I just hated when they wasted hours upon hours of class time making us “study” ways to gimmick the specific test instead of sticking to teaching the stuff that should have allowed us to pass the test on our own merits.

  4. I have been reading about The Tim Thomas Outrage this morning.

    Is there a single sportswriter in this country who is not a pathetic groveling bootlicker?

    1. Turning down an invitation to visit the President at the White House is pretty much reason #1 that I would want to be a successful athlete.

      1. Good, maybe he can replace Tebow as the Sports Figure We Must All Hate For Not Being Exactly Like The Rest of Us Freethinking Nonconformists.

        1. Yes, poor Tim Tebow has been made so unpopular by his choices. He’s a regular OJ Simpson.

          1. Yeah Tebow is a millionaire with millions of adoring fans. I doubt he looses too much sleep over what his critics have to say. We should all do so well as to be hated like Tebow.

            1. As childish as the TebowHate is, I’d rather see him hated for something relatively innocuous like his unapologetic Christianity, rather than something truly heinous like running a dog-fighting ring, sexually assaulting a woman in a club, choking out a coach, complaining that he’s not making enough money, or having 8 kids with 7 different women.

              Professional sports has been embarrassed by people committing sins far greater than Tebow praying on the sideline and thanking Jebus after every game.

          2. I believe by “we” he meant “sports journalists.” Makes a lot more sense that way.

            1. Also: Is there a single sportswriter in this country who is not a pathetic groveling bootlicker?

              No. They’re not looked upon as real journalists by a good many of their peers, so they make up for it by being extra bootlicky. It’s best just to ignore sports news whenever an athlete does anything at all political.

              1. Fuck you, I won the Best Sportscaster award from the California Associated Press three times. Three freakin’ times!! Feel my quality!

                1. Ehh, I’ve felt better.

              2. I think the problem is that one attraction of sports is that when you bury yourself in it you can pretend that you’re living inside the James Earl Jones speech at the end of Field of Dreams and everything is beautiful and wonderful and shot with an old timey black and white camera.

                If an athlete ever does anything that makes it apparent that they’re a real live human being with non-cliche thoughts, it disrupts the holodeck fantasy.

                It’s like Thomas is the non-goth kid walking into the middle of a bunch of guys pretending to be vampires. “You’re messing up our coven’s seance!!!! Jerk!!!”

                1. Good thoughts.

                2. There’s also the fact that team sports is a land of bizzarro economics due to the twin facts of a zero-sum system and labor being capital that don’t actually exist in the real world. Accordingly, we get treated to several stories every year telling us how much better the world would be if America was organized like the NFL.

                3. Well said, Fluffy.

      2. That actually makes me almost like Tim Thomas, if I cared, but I don’t.

    2. I heard that last night on the drive home. Here’s what he’s saying about the whole business:

      I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

      This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

      Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

      This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT


      1. Tim Thomas for President.

        That is all.

        1. Sure sounds libertarian, especially with the formal curse of the major parties.

          Maybe being an American in a Canadian sports league has opened his eyes?

          1. This topic is dominating New England airwaves this morning – even overshadowing the Patriots and the release of Mitt’s tax returns.

            WEEI’s Gerry Callahan, a law and order neocon, repeatedly asserted that he “wanted to know more” and that Thomas’ statement was “cryptic”.

            Callahan said that he admires Thomas but that he was reserving judgment until he knew more because Thomas could prove to be “a Ron Paul nut”.

            1. So Ron Paul nuts don’t have freedom of speech?

              1. It’s Massachusetts. They used to string up Quakers here. It’s only been 25 years since the riots when they desegregated public housing.

                It’s a pretty intolerant place – and the way they peer past the beam in their eye to sneer at southerners is not endearing.

                1. My reaction when I’ve been up there as well. Worst and most prevalent racism I’ve ever seen, too.

                  It’s an interesting juxtaposition between Tim’s political statement (and the reaction) and the Kyle Williams errata (and the death threats). In each case, it’s clear that some people, at least, think sports are more important than real life.

                  I like sports, but they’re entertainment, nothing more. They aren’t “above” politics or anything else.

                2. My fellow massholes do not like it when I say the same.

              2. John, Gerry Callahan would be too neoconny for you.

                OTOH, Callahan, once in awhile, will get it right as he did with the Duke La Crosse case.

            2. the cab driver I spoke with this morning seemed to be in agreement with Thomas in general and supported his decision. time to go catch the scuttlebutt from the smokers..

        2. At the very least Gary Johnson will need a running mate on the LP ticket.

        3. I may buy his jersey just to show my support.

    3. Before a bunch of nincompoops put Obama in the white house, he was basically a community organizer out of Chicago. I don’t see why peoples bad decisions mean that tim Thomas has to go along with them. If I was invited to the white house, I’d refuse to. I have nominterest in hanging out with people that make me annoyed and sick, regardless of how much others may think of them. Our nation is way too position worshipful for it’s own good. Obama is no more important to me than a liberal professor.

    4. In, Obama’s defense, I’m sure he loves hockey as much as any black guy raised in Indonesia.

  5. WASHINGTON ? Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has criticized rival Newt Gingrich for earning more than $1.6 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac even though he had invested as much as $500,000 in the U.S.-backed lender and its sister entity, Fannie Mae.

    These seem like two entirely different things.

    1. Additionally, Romney’s investments were thru a third-party blind trust.

      1. Quit screwing with our narrative.

        1. Same for our memes

          1. We have you bitches outnumbered.


  6. Teen Calls Cops When She Hears Mom Having Sex


    “Mommy smokes weed all the time”


  7. “Worse, she had requested, and been granted, a temporary protection order based on allegations of domestic violence. The order?issued at a hearing that took place without Jim?took effect immediately. It required him to vacate his house and refrain from “any contact whatsoever” with either his wife or his 3-year-old son.

    But there’s one thing she never claimed?that Jim had ever hit her or their son. Nor did she accuse Jim of threatening either of them.”


    1. How cute, you think fathers have rights.

    2. Hooray for justice. I’m surprised men aren’t just locked up on their 18th birthday.

      1. u mean the black mens right? and u mean 17 right?

        1. Why are you such a racist?

          1. well i dont support locking-up 17 yr old hispanic males, only the black ones.

            1. One of these days I’ll learn my lesson and ignore you.

    3. But there’s one thing she never claimed?that Jim had ever hit her or their son. Nor did she accuse Jim of threatening either of them.

      Micro-aggression FTW!

      1. He ‘othered’ her. The bastard!

    4. I bet Jezebel’s take on this is awesome.

      1. All men should have court orders against them to never go within a half a mile of their families or children, and have wages garnered to pay for their families living costs. Children must be raised in matriarchical communes free from the corrupting influence of men where they can grow up into well balanced gender neutral humans free from the influence of aggressive and mysoginistic impulses inherent in adult males.

  8. Moving a Whale? Try Our Transparent Aluminum:


    1. It’s a ceramic, so double dumbass on you buddy

      1. Pure awesomeness.
        The sense of anticipation during the build up is terrific — and then the payoff!
        We give it two big thumbs up!

      2. The best part of that video is the highway “engineer”. That guy does not look like someone who should be allowed anywhere near high explosives.

      3. You got whale blubber on my chocolate bar!

        1. You got whale blubber on my caved-in car roof!

    2. Speaking of, has anyone seen that trailer for the new Free Willy ripoff?
      Looks noxious.

  9. The Surefire Way to End Online Piracy: End Copyright

    Then replace it with a tax credit?


  10. It’s a good thing fraud is illegal and therefore doesn’t happen.

  11. This skank is only 17?


    1. That is just sad. You only get to be a young beautiful woman once. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

      1. That girl is soooo screwed. Her alliteration is puerile and pathetic, and her onomatopoeia has no snap or pop. She’s popular because she’s a seventeen year old exhibitionist.

        In ten years her hubby, fed up with her affairs and inanity, will be kicking her to the curb, and she’ll be doing increasingly demeaning reality shows as fewer and fewer people want to give her the time of day.

        By the time she’s 35, her life will be just a ashes floating on a sea made from the tears of dashed dreams.

        1. In other words she’s the next Brittany Spears?

        2. Britney spears could dance. At 15 (I think) Spears was dancing professionally.

          This girl lacks any talent other than her youth.

          1. And looking like a 35 year old whore.

            1. to know that, we need to see her mom.

        3. You really think HE’S going to be kicking her to the curb? My guess is he puts up with all of her shenanigans and self-promotion right up until she files the divorce papers.

          I couldn’t put up with all the drama and maintenance associated with a chick like this, but there’s a lot of guys out there who would, just to be able to say they’re banging a walking barbie doll.

          1. Her husband is in on every single bit of skankariffic publicity. He’s not riding her coattails….in fact, I think it’s the opposite.

          2. He’s not banging her. Watch an interview with this guy. He is Liberace(TM) gay. Someone (on this forum?) repeated a rumor that she is a 30+ year old performance artist. If THIS were true, this would be the most awesome prank ever.

            1. If THIS were true, this would be the most awesome prank ever.

              That would be pretty damn funny.

      2. They told her she could be anything she wanted, so she chose gross.

    2. Only 17 and in looooooove.

    3. I can see why her husband loves her.

    4. Those shoes remind me of these

      1. Well and they’re just too damned small. If your feet are hanging off your shoes, buy a bigger size.

    5. While hardcore hits dominate my every move – I suddenly strip – & jump on top of a sexy sports car as I begin to wash it uncontrollably!

      I’d say so.

      1. Smoothly shooting whipped cream into the erotic air and watching it as it lustfully lands on all the right places of my candy-coated body…

        Surely this is an elaborate joke by a 35 year old performance artist?

        1. I knew it was one of you guys…

    6. Too bad she has succumbed the duckface virus.

    7. She looks like she has some rather severe scoliosis going on there.

  12. http://newsok.com/former-oru-p…..le/3643046

    Have a daily does of Schadenfreude. Oral Roberts son and former president of ORU arrested for DUI. ORU does not allow drinking on campus.

    1. “ORU does not allow drinking on campus.”

      Which is why he was driving the streets!

    2. ORU does not allow drinking on campus.

      Which translates to “we’re going to close our eyes while you drink for fear that we’d have to ruin our low drinking stats we use to promote our school to parents who forgot their college years”

      1. Yeah. My wife has a cousin who’s a freshman at ORU, because his parents wanted him to go to a good Christian school and not be around bad influences. I asked him at Christmas if he had gone to the basketball game when they beat Xavier, and he ended up telling me about all the drugs he’s been trying out his first semester. ORU is apparently a party school with a bad case of denial.

    3. But as long as he speaks out publicly against alcohol, what he drinks in private should be none of our concern.

    4. Considering the number of state schools that no longer allow drinking on campus, I dont think this fits any form or irony any more.

      Now, back in the 80s….

      1. ORU likes to think of itself as the evangelical BYU. They actually enforce and claim to believe in their rules.

        1. If they were like BYU, they wouldnt just have rules against it “on campus”.

          Still like the joke about the BYU basketball player:

          He gets suspended from the team for having sex with his ASU-attending girlfriend. She got course credit.

          1. They gave away a chance at the final four with that. That was the Jimmer team and the guy they suspended was their best inside guy.

            1. I fully supported BYU sticking to their principles on that. As silly as some of their rules are, he agreed to follow them.

              1. Same here, robc. It’s not like BYU’s honor code is any big secret; everyone who goes there knows damn well what they’re getting themselves into, and it’s actually to the school’s credit that they didn’t let him slide on it just because he was good at bouncy-ball.

    5. ORU doesn’t allow dancing on campus either. In fact, the students sign a pledge that they won’t dance anywhere. Hopefully, someone has pics of Oral’s son dancing drunk on a table in a titty bar somewhere.

    6. The sins of the son weigh upon the father. Positively biblical the logic going on around these parts.

      1. Um, you mean the sins of the school’s former President weigh upon the school’s reputation? Yeah, really pathetic attempt at a “gotcha.”

  13. National Gun Victims Asshat Council boycott Starbucks:


    1. Starbucks has the legal right to ban guns but despite having been petitioned by thousands, asked at a shareholder meeting, and a direct appeal made to their Board, Starbucks clings to this policy that puts millions of Americans at risk every day and encourages the spread of guns being carried in public.

      They’re scary!!!!!

    2. wow, I’m going to have to but a cup of coffee there during the boycott. I should probably say something like “thanks for supporting 2nd amendment rights” too, just to let them know their policy has support.

      1. Same here. I practically never go to Starbux, but I will stop in for a caffeinated milkshake and let them know their support for the 2A gets my biz.

        1. I wish I liked coffee, I would give them some business.

          1. They’ve got decent sandwiches, cookies, tea, etc.

            1. Their smoothies are surprisingly good. Their tea sucks.

          2. They sell other stuff.


            1. Maybe they should sell guns too. I’ve always needed a place where I can get coffee, alcohol and guns at the same time.

              1. They used to be common.

          3. I wish I liked coffee

            I wish they sold it

      2. I very rarely ever even enter a Starbucks, but this makes me want to strap on every gun I own and openly carry them in and order a dozen coffees.

    3. starbucks is for womens’ fu-fu caffine like cocktails w umbrellas.

    4. Im going to take the opposite approach to those above. I dont like their product so I could care less what they do or dont allow on their property. The 2nd amendment doesnt apply here.

      1. The fact they didn’t bend to pressure means they earn respect. McDonald’s would have donated a hundred million to the Brady Campaign to get the evil cunts off their backs.

    5. Well, you never know what might happen when you get a bunch of scary 2nd ammendment quoting gun nuts hopped up on coffee…

      1. “Guns and caffeine don’t mix!!”

  14. I’m not a hockey fan, but it’s nice to see a player with principles.

  15. Newt Gingrich claimed last night to have been a Goldwater man. That’s not what he said in a 1988 TV interview.

    Yeah, but now he’s being paid for his historical opinion of Goldwater.

    1. ****
      “Laugh-out-loud hilarious”
      -Kurt Loder

  16. WSJ: “GOP Deserves to Lose.”

    Its the Special Olympics. With apologies to handicapped people, whose disabilities rarely include narcissistic retardation. Only the GOP idiots can make the Dem fool a winner.

    1. It’s the “Hippie Olympics. Doesn’t matter who wins ’cause they’re all losers”

  17. 11 stunning revelations from Larry Summers’s secret economics memo to Barack Obama

    Evangelicals, Ron Paul and War
    Is supporting war more important for evangelicals than their social values? Isn’t Ron Paul a social conservative? He opposes abortion, gay marriage and promiscuous sex, he has never been divorced and certainly supports family values, but he believes in limited government. Two of his brothers are ministers. Why then are evangelical leaders now opting for Santorum, and before him Gingrich? The one big area of disagreement with Ron Paul is war; foreign wars and the domestic one against drugs. For this they oppose him. Santorum supports unending war in Afghanistan, backing Israel without limit and a new war against Iran.
    Earlier there was a major far leftist candidate who supported all the issues that evangelicals oppose, and was a vocal proponent for expanding Israeli settlements on the West Bank and promoting the war on Iraq. He was overjoyed when open homosexuality became allowed in the military, he supports abortion, gay marriage and the leftist agenda for big, intrusive government; power to labor unions as well as expanded, unconstitutional police powers within the U.S. Evangelicals adore him and went all out to support him 2006, when he lost his primary race and ran as an independent for the Senate. He is Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.
    All this shows how evangelical leaders put support for wars ahead of their social values. …

    1. Which is why I despise James Dobson et al…

    2. Correct link to Summers.

      “The stimulus package is a key tool for advancing clean energy goals and fulfilling a number of campaign commitments.”

      Uh, huh.

      1. Whew! Glad I’m off the hook for that piece of crap legislation! My theory may be flawed, but come on!

    3. Those claiming to be religious are not automatically made moral and immune from hypocrisy and idiocy. More often than not, those who claim to be ultra-religious tend to be the biggest moronic hypocrites the world will ever see.

      1. “There’s nothing worse than a man who thinks he’s right with God”
        -Mal Reynolds, Firely

        Often times they don’t even their own hypocrasy because their religion gives them cover. Or so they think.

        1. *Firefly

        2. and *don’t even realize their
          shit I can’t type today

          1. Eh, that’s a normal day for me.

          2. As long as you’re at it:

    4. Whatever else he may be, Joe Lieberman is not “far leftist.”

      1. Yes, he is, except for the war thing. He is one of the biggest spendaholics in the Senate.

        1. These days, being a spendaholic in Congress is scarcely proof someone’s a leftist

        2. Since when was the left not into war boners?

          1. When “dubya” was in office.

        3. Since when is a leftist identified by spendaholism? They ALL spend like it’s going out of style. That the myth of the thrifty Republican/righty persists is totally baffling to me.

    5. Between that and the revelations about the health care law show that every single thing Obama did during his first two years was a lie.

      1. I don’t think everything was a lie, John. I think his narcissism was genuine.

        1. And there WAS cake. Only enough for him, but still, the cake existed.

      2. a lie? i wish

    6. Actually, theological support for Israel is what motivates evangelicals, not war, per se.

      1. Yes, but theological support for Israel from evangelicals is a thin mask for not-so-secret desires to see them all killed during Armageddon, thus paving the way for the return of Christ.

        It’s a bizarre death fetish that has served as a substitute for outright dislike of Jews. It’s on the same level as the 12th Imam apocalypse crap.

        1. It’s a bizarre death fetish that has served as a substitute for outright dislike of Jews.


        2. Nah, being pro Israel is just an easy way to piss off the lefties. No one is listening to the pro-life stuff anymore, and what fun is it being an evangelical if you can’t piss off the left.

          Being fruitful and multiplying is all well and good, but it’s hard to put up with the resultant children if you can’t drink.

    7. A “KW Jeter” posted in the comments of that second article. The writer? He sounded pretty anti-empire

  18. Doctors Grow Disenchanted With Obamacare’s Costs and Burdens; Health Care Law Arbitrarily Discriminates
    69% of physicians are “pessimistic about the future of medicine” because of the 2010 healthcare law, notes Dr. Marc Siegel in USA Today. “Just 13% of those surveyed backed the Affordable Care Act.” “When surveyed by” the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, “83% of doctors said one likely change to the medical system as a result of the law would be increased wait times.” “73% said it would not reduce costs.” “The concern of doctors is reflected among the American people: Support for the law has sunk to 29% in the latest Associated Press poll.”…

    …Obamacare is causing layoffs in the medical device industry. Obamacare will raise the cost of insurance by a massive 55-85 percent in Ohio, according to one study. It will harm life-saving medical innovation, concluded the Harvard Medical School Dean and others. It taxes medical devices and cosmetic surgery, and raises taxes starting in 2013 on investors. Obamacare also breaks many campaign promises, and increases state budget deficits.

    1. Hey it sounds like Obamacare will completely fuck up the health care system. Guess we better try single payer. It’s almost as if they planned it this way.

      1. get real, its insurance regs.

        1. “Just 13% of those surveyed backed the Affordable Care Act.” “When surveyed by” the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, “83% of doctors said one likely change to the medical system as a result of the law would be increased wait times.” “73% said it would not reduce costs.”

          The doctors who actually know something about the subject, as opposed to you who just pull things out of your ass, disagree.

        2. get real, its insurance regs.

          Golden rule, you pusillanimous twit.

        3. obmamcare rulz! derp de derpity derp

        4. If you have no comeback, and you didn’t because there isn’t one, you should just shut up.

  19. What conceivable reason would there be for Freddie Mac to hire Newt Kuan Yew if he were NOT the former Speaker of the House?

    “I am not a crook lobbyist!”

  20. John’s gf is HOT!


    1. The goggles do nothing!

      1. Hmmmm. Prime ribs.

      2. I will not click that link. My eyes have suffered here too many times.

        1. You are truly wise, WTF. I, however, am apparently exceedingly stupid.

    2. damn you

    3. Well, “wrestling has given her fresh confidence to look for love” … and the confidence that she can physically prevent her love from escaping.

      1. And if that doesn’t work she could eat him.

        1. 3rd picture.

      2. “I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him”

    4. Wrestling has given her the courage to find love.

      Words fail me.

    5. Miss Alexander, who also works as a childminder

      Christ, i bet they’re the best-behaved kids in the country

      1. Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me
        Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me
        Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me
        Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me
        Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me
        Can’t sleep, nanny will eat me…

  21. According to Soros the Occutards are going to riot.


    1. “He has no plan to engage in politics, but remains a supporter of Obama and the Democrats. Thanks for clearing that up.”

      1. He won’t discuss his portfolio, lest anyone think he’s talking things down to make a buck

        Logic? How does it work????

        He’s not even doing the one thing that you would expect from a man who knows a crippled currency when he sees one: shorting the euro/i>

        But he is buying a bunch of European bonds and then publicly urging European leaders to do whatever it takes to ensure its survival. In other words, he’s angling to profit from a massive bailout, all while propping up OWS and its complaints about banker bailouts. Gawd, this guy is the f’ing personification of evil, right down to his sinister-sounding Eastern European accent.

        1. How could an Austrian non-observant Jew be evil…

    2. All that hair does a pretty good job of hiding the horns.

  22. Rosemary Majerus has been reading about the nation’s prescription drug shortages for nearly a year, but the problem suddenly hit home last month when she found herself unable to obtain the medication she requires for a severe sleep condition.

    Tune into the SOTU tonight, Rosemary. Obama’s teleprompters have got the cure.

  23. WSJ: “GOP Deserves to Lose.”

    And the Wall Street Journal blames everyone but themselves.

  24. Babysitter has sex with one lucky 14yr old boy.


    1. I knew she was too hot to be a Brit.

    2. The poor kid has a meth dealing mother. Finally something good happens to him and the cops fuck the whole thing up. God I hate our society.

      1. society != government

        I don’t hate our society, I hate our government.

        1. In this case the government is just doing the bidding of the majority of society who like to pretend people magically get sexual desires when they turn 18.

          1. I don’t think it’s that they don’t get sexual desires, it’s that most 14-year-olds are woefully unprepared for the ramifications of sexual activity. Say that hot 20-year-old decided (because clearly her judgment is impeccable here) that she wanted to have a baby with in-love 14-year-old boy.

            1. Then his parents would have to pay child support.

              1. Yeah… because, as I said, a 14-year-old is woefully unprepared for the ramifications of sexual activity.

              2. Uh, no. That’s not how it works. I have a friend who got a child on an 18 yo when he was 15. She did 90 days for statutory rape, he got a job and paid child support.

                1. She did 90 days for statutory rape, he got a job and paid child support.

                  So they both lost.

                2. That’s because he was 18, silly.

                  Rarely would a fourteen-year-old boy be able to pay child support with his own money, so it would fall on his parents.

        2. Yes, I bet “society” would be just over-the-moon if the genders were reversed.


          1. Meh.

            I am all about equal protection and all that, but it’s pretty much a biological fact that there can be some doubt as to whether a 14 year old girl is really consenting or is just reacting to pressure from an adult – but there is absolutely no doubt that the 14 year old boy is actually consenting, assuming they have PiV sex.

            1. First, we are not supposed to admit that there are biological differences between men and women. Second, girls mature faster than boys. So it would seem to me that the 14 year old girl is more likely to give informed consent.

            2. That’s bullshit.

              1. Are you answering me or are you answering John?

                1. I was answering Fluffy, although I don’t quite agree with John either.

            3. Fluffy, do you have daughters?

              1. Nope.

                To me the statutory consent laws are about the element of doubt.

                When you are (for lack of a better word) “catching”, there’s always an element of doubt about whether you’re consenting, or submitting. I would say that goes for oral sex, too.

                But if you are the male in PiV sex, you consented. There’s no element of doubt whatsoever. If you get and maintain an erection and stick it in a vagina, you wanted to, and there are no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Therefore the element of doubt surrounding consent that is present with girls (or with boys who participate in homosexual sex) is just not there. That means that our legal system is creating a legal equivalence where none exists. A 14 year old boy fucking his babysitter is just not a potential victim in the way a 14 year old girl getting fucked by an adult male might be.

                I know this from having once been a 14 year old boy.

                1. But if you are the male in PiV sex, you consented. There’s no element of doubt whatsoever. If you get and maintain an erection and stick it in a vagina, you wanted to, and there are no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

                  Well…. to be fair, there have, in fact, been cases in which women tied a guy up and threatened him if he didn’t get it up and stimulated him to force an erection and then forced themselves on him. I recall reading one case in which a couple women tied a guy to a tree and then after making him get hard and doing whatever they wanted, they started scrubbing his dick with a wire brush until he started bleeding – then they cut it off and left him there to bleed to death.

                  Being that it is a reflex and not always entirely within the guy’s control, it does seem that it is possible for a guy to get an erection whether he wants to or not and for a woman to force herself upon him.

                  I agree that cases in which that truly is the situation are rare, and the babysitter case, and most boy student/female teacher cases certainly are not one of those. I know I had at least one teacher when I was 15-16 that I dearly wanted to bang and if the opportunity (pardon the pun) arose, I certainly would have (pardon the pun) jumped at the chance.

                  1. “Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I’m going to cut your fucking throat.”


                2. As a former 14 year old boy, you should know that erections are involuntary biological responses. Furthernore, your standard calls into question all standard intercourse. The problem isn’t that’s he’s male; it’s that he’s 14.

                  1. Yeah, this.

                    1. Here’s something you never hear a guy say: “Stop sucking my dick, or I’ll call the police!”

                      -George Carlin

          2. As a liberal shouldn’t you be celebrating this double standard?
            I thought liberals loved double standards.

            1. I guess were I a liberal, that would be true. But, because you are a retard, you are wrong.

    3. Still wrong.

        1. If it were a 14 year-old-girl and a 20-year-old man, no one would care how hot he was.

          1. So? That’s still one lucky 14yr old boy.

    4. Is this supposed to make me mad or something? Jealous?

      1. you left out “aroused.”

    5. did not believe the law had the right to tell her who she could and couldn’t love.

      Putting aside the fact that the law doesn’t tell you who to love, a 14 year old boy when you are 20? Really? I’ve never quite understood the attraction to young teens. I guess it’s a molding/ manipulation thing… they’ll do anything you want so they can get laid.

      1. Some 14 year-old boys look much older. She probably liked the adoring attention he gave her, unlike the typical 20-something guy who saw her as just another attention whore.

  25. Sex and the City actress says her homosexuality is a choice.


    1. Notice how her current g/f looks like a red headed version of her ex husband? And I always thought she was closet lesbian. Sex and the City was the story of a stunningly hot chick, a hooker, and a lesbian.

      1. Weren’t there four of them?

        1. Not sure. I just remember Nixon, the stunningly hot brunette whose name escapes me and Kim Catrell who always looked like a high end hooker.

        2. I’m confused because Kim Cattrel was the only hot one, but she was also the hooker, right? Maybe I should have paid more attention when my GF watched them instead of fleeing the room with only slightly more decorum than a French army in Russia.

          1. Kristen Davis is fabulous looking. Much better looking that Cattrel. And there was a fourth, Sarah Jessica Parker, the homely one.

            1. Sarah Jessica Parker, the homely one

              What? You don’t like horses?

            2. In fairness, Cattrel is absolutely smoking hot for a woman her age (late 40s at least, I think). But yes, Davis was the best of them by a mile.

              1. Cattrel isn’t ugly by any means. She is plenty hot. She just always looks cheap. She looks like a really high end hooker.

                1. Cattrel was hot in her younger days and aged well, but yeah, Davis was the hot one.

                  Cattrel was also Crow T Robot’s favorite actress ever (or was it Tom Servo that had the thing for Kim?).

                  1. She was in Big Trouble in Little China and one of the even-numbered Star Trek films, so she has that going for her.

                    1. She was also in Porky’s.

                    2. Re: robc,

                      She was also in Porky’s.

                      She was porked in Porky’s. Best film scene ever.

                    3. Best looking Vulcan ever. She was quite the sex symbol in the 80s.

                    4. Really? I would put her after Jolene Blalock.

                    5. Really? I would put her after Jolene Blalock.

                      Cattrall’s not a butterface and the 80’s were a much more barren time for sex symbols. Cattrall’s VORP is significantly higher.

                  2. It was Crow…. and he was right to do so. Watch Big Trouble in Little China sometime.

                  3. Crow. He even wrote a song.

                  4. Wow… how… serendipitious. I hadn’t watched an episode of MST3K in probably a year. This weekend my… girlfriend(?)… revealed to me she’d never seen MST3K, so we spent Sunday watching the first couple of collections.

                    Now I find a discussion of Crow’s obsession on H&R.


                    1. Sidehackin’ is the thing to do when it doesn’t hurt to have a low IQ.

        3. And a horse…

      2. Sex and the City was the story of a stunningly hot chick, a hooker, and a lesbian.

        “So… this show’s about three hookers and their mom?” — B Griffin

      3. Notice how her current g/f looks like a red headed version of her ex husband?

        Considering she’s with a woman who looks like a dude, I’d say her affinity towards females isn’t all that strong.

    2. I read that, but it’s kind of a non-story considering she is bisexual. It’s a choice no matter if she was “born that way” or not.

      1. She went gay for a ginger?

        1. The girlfriend looks like a grown-up version of that boy who played Hanks friend in “Big”.

    3. so what’s ur choice?

    4. Her girlfriend is an “education activist” in New York, which means she is a teachers union hack. I don’t care that Nixon wants to play on the other team. But her choice of a partner who dedicates her life to ripping off the taxpayers and making sure poor kids are stuck in public schools is rather disappointing.

      1. Who knows, maybe she is a activist for school vouchers or something.

        (yeah sure)

      2. Her baby-daddy is an English professor, which is another way to mislead and pervert the young

        1. That kid does not stand a chance. Can you imagine what a fucked up ball of neurosis he is going to grow up into?

          1. Judging by the expression on the kid’s face he does.

    5. Sex and the City actress says her homosexuality is a choice.

      I have no doubt that for *some* women, it is. And looking at the average guy versus the average woman, I can’t blame them.

    6. True story: my wife was on “Semester at Sea” with Cynthia Nixon back in the 1980s, right after Nixon was in “Amadeus.” But nobody on the ship knew that she was this Hollywood movie actor. She never said anything about being an actor. My wife hung out with her and they traveled in various countries. My wife just assumed that, like a lot of other kids on the boat, she just was a rich kid (which my wife absolutely was not). Then when she got back into the U.S. after the trip was over, she saw Amadeus and couldn’t believe it when she saw Cynthia Nixon in the movie.

      1. That’s not a very good letter to Penthouse.

        1. I never thought this would happen to me. I was at the beach when two totally hot young ladies walked up and asked if they could put their towels down next to mine. Once they got their towels all laid out, they took off their long t-shirts to reveal the tiniest little string bikinis you ever saw! Then the blonde one asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping rub lotion on their backs! She could see I was checking her and her friend out and by that point, I had a big hard-on that was impossible to conceal in my swim suit.

          So I started slathering the lotion on her back, and she untied the strings of her bikini top. Next thing I know, she rolls over, and…

    7. Fucking hell, that girlfriend of her’s is an unfortunate looking woman. I know I’m judging on looks, but holy shit!

  26. Star Wars: Uncut Trailer
    Fans from around the world are joining forces to recreate the classic, Star Wars: A New Hope.

    The entire movie is split up into 15 second scenes. Claim a scene, film it, and upload it! When it’s all done, it’ll be stitched together so we can watch the magic happen….

    1. Jesus fucking christ, even the fans won’t move onto movies 7, 8, and 9. wtf.

      1. After the hash Lucas turned 1-3 into I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

      2. That’s because in Episode VII, the Senate re-convenes and elects one of their own, who until that time was relatively unknown, and who had been there only two years, but who engage in lofty oratary and inspired the masses with his promises of “a new hope” and “change” for the future, now that the Emperor and Darth Vader had been vanquished.

        And we know how that plays out…

        1. but, that’s the same plot as episodes 1-3.

          1. It’s worse than that — the Star Wars Expanded Universe consists of the same story repeated ad nauseum.

  27. Ron Paul as the homeopathic candidate–that’s a good one.

  28. http://www.buythevote.org/proj…..mn-senator

    Al Franken shockingly turns out to be a authoritarian tool of big media.

  29. Financial disclosure documents filed by two of President Obama’s illegal appointments to the National Labor Relations Board show that one will continue to receive payments from a major labor union during his time on the board.


    1. A New Kind of Politics.

  30. NYPD cops made to watch video about the “true agenda of much of Islam in America.”

    I guess it’s hard for some people to imagine that the government employees who manage our cities could be so woefully incompetent, but it’s easy for me.

  31. Compliments Are Misguided And Offensive


    1. I see this article is full of shit, too. It wrote this about Davis:

      In the world Davis lives in, you take a role like the one of Aibileen in The Help because you’ve long given up on the notion that more balanced, nuanced parts about women who look like you are on the horizon.

      Viola Davis played a ball-busting attorney on Law & Order: SVU where she frequently went toe-to-toe with Christopher Meloni. She also played a detective in Disturbia and the Mayor in Law Abiding Citizen. If anything, she plays the vicious black-lady public servant/attorney as her usual role.

      Christ on a cracker, these guys don’t even bother to research the actress they’re using to springboard into an indictment of “white Hollywood”.

      1. You are letting facts get in the way of the narrative.

      2. Re: Re> Blue Moon,

        If anything, she plays the vicious black-lady public servant/attorney as her usual role.

        Maybe that is what the author meant – that black actresses today seem to only be able to aspire to be DMV bitches in the movies, so the kind of roles played previously by Butterfly McQueen come as an ironic refreshment.

        1. At least on tv black actresses get to be either low-rent hookers or in-charge police lieutenants who are constantly trying to keep the buddy-detectives-who-are-willing-to-step-over-the-line-and-break-the-rules-to-solve-the-case out of trouble.

          I wonder what the ratio of fictional black female police lieutenants to actual black female police lieutenants is? 10 to 1? 100 to 1?

    1. That link re-sizes the browser window.


      I really, really want a serval.

      1. No, you don’t. Those things go about 35 to 40 pounds as adults. No way I would want a cat that big around my house, knowing how much damage just a regular 6 pound house cat can do.

        1. it’s the perfect excuse to convert your living space to an adult-scale jungle gym (Wheaton Regional sty-lee).

  32. Mitch Daniels could get in the race today and be the leader tomorrow. The GOP choices suck.

    1. I think he could. Why doesn’t he? Get Santorum to drop out and throw his support behind him and he would be a shoo in. I would think Santorum would be a cheap date. Promise to make him Tsar of morality or something in the next administration.

      1. The way things are going, he can wait for the convention to enter the race.

        Right now, I dont see anyone going into the convention with a majority. Especially with the run of proportion delegate states coming after Florida.

        And my assumption that Paul is going to do very well in the western caucus states.

      2. Filing deadlines to get into the primaries and caucuses most likely.

        The only way for a “new” candidate to get in the race is for a brokered convention.

    2. Who decided that Mitch Daniels was the savior? He’s about as boring as Romney.

      1. True. But desperate times…

        1. And how is this accomplished? None of these guys are just going to jump into the race now. We can only stand on the pier and watch the ocean liner slowly crash into it.

          1. Change the rules. It is the GOP’s party. Who says they can’t change the rules in the middle?

            1. They can’t change state laws regarding presidential primaries.

              1. And the Party wants Romney anyway.

                1. The election results say otherwise.

                  1. The election results don’t tell us what the Party poobahs want.

              2. They can’t change state laws regarding presidential primaries.

                If the GOP decided to say, “We just changed the rules so that our congressional delegation gets to appoint eleventy billion superdelegates” I don’t think there’s anybody out there who could stop them, legally.

                They wouldn’t do that because the political cost of thumbing their nose at all of their primary voters would be astronomically high, but I think they can do it.

      2. Yes he is as boring as Romney. Unlike Romney he is actually a fiscal conservative.

      3. More importantly, Daniels is not a fighter and the primary voters want a fighter.

    3. Anyone Bill Kristol the “New American Century” neocon supports, I am against.

      1. Always a good policy.

  33. http://warlocketx.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/ping/

    Interesting and convincing take on the Rand Paul thing. This really is going down a road we don’t want to go down.

    1. The really funny thing is that not one media account of the event mentions that pesky little constitutional fact.

      Not one.

      1. I was a bit skeptical about it yesterday. RC brought it up. But the more I think about it the more I agree with this guy and RC. You can’t let the executive branch fuck with Congress critters. That creates too much of a temptation for abuse.

  34. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballo…..-sex-drugs

    Kristen Gillibrand gets a case of the vapors after her delicate nature is offended by her opponent’s blogging about (gasp) SEX@!!!

    1. “So what about the male prostitute Larry Sinclair who claims he gave Obama oral sex after smoking crack with Obama in the back of a Limo on ONE of the occasions. The pictures of him and Obama he has are priceless, yet the media is silent.

      Who were the drug dealers who Obama bought street drugs from, the ones he discusses in his book?

      Newt was right on the money, the network media is a liberal propaganda outlet in the tank for Obama.”

      1. The things that will come out about Obama after he leaves office and is no longer useful to the Democrats are going to be very interesting. Especially after he is universally looked upon as a failure and the Left will have to blame the person rather than the ideology.

        1. Crab person. An illiterate crab person.

          That’s my bet.

      2. Newt smoked as much dope as Obama, so if we’re going to try to track down pot dealers 20 years after the fact (good luck) we would need to track Newt’s down, too.

        Not defending Obama here, I just think it’s rich that a Newt partisan would be clamoring for investigations into pot buying and smoking.

        1. If they actually went after both of them equally, I think it would be a great thing. These guys get to act like their smoking dope or whatever was some abstract thing. Bullshit. They did it. And they support throwing other people in jail for doing the same thing. Bring out all of the skeletons on both sides. That would finally put their hypocrisy on real terms people could understand. I want to hear about Obama smoking crack or Newt getting stoned with his college class. Maybe it would cause people to think a little differently about the drug laws.

  35. “There’s a sleeping pill shortage in Minneapolis.”

    “As the city has an NBC affiliate station, the shortage posed no immediate problem last night, and is not expected to do so tonight either, but residents have expressed worry over what to do after that. While a majority of CNN subscribers showed signs of relief when shown the Thursday broadcast schedule, some indicated that they will prefer to club themselves over the head, a sleep-inducement technique which has become increasingly common among their non-subscriber bretheren.”

  36. It’s like dunphy says: Police often get treated more harshly than “citizens” when sentenced. Except, of course, when they get treated more leniently.

    FTA: One letter was sent in by Dennis A. Mook, former police chief for Portsmouth and Newport News.

    “Rick Humphries was the kind of employee and colleague, as chief of police, that I would want 10 more men just like him,” Mook wrote to the court. “I have never known him to be less than ethical, honest, trustworthy and hard working in all my years of dealing with him.”

    Just so you know, the cop was convicted for child pornography.

    1. Here’s a nice one.


      Cop bashes a guy’s teeth in with the butt of his revolver during an arrest.
      City’s insurance pays the victim off, cops keeps his job.

      Nothing else happened.

      1. “STOP RESISTING!”

      2. FTA: “The police report said Melanson was watching for drug traffickers near the Dunkin Donuts on Amesbury Road…

        I lolled.

        1. The former K-9 cop should not have been incarcerated.

          Did he rape a child?

          Did he assault a child?

          Did he kidnap a child?

          No person should be adjudged a danger to society if such an adjudication is predicated exclusively upon the mere possession of photographic images of nude children.

          1. I may go off the reservation on this one, but I believe if he was distributing images of child pornography, he deserves to be in jail. Children lack the ability to give informed consent, therefore it should be a crime.

            And whatever happened to the old cop standby: “The law is the law, and ignorance is no excuse.”? Fuck that scumbag. Not because he’s a cop, but because he’s a peddler of child porn. Fuck the judge for giving a lighter sentence because the guy’s a cop.

            1. All I read was the article to which you linked. Thus, ab initio, I concede that I do not have all the facts.

              However, if all he did was look at sites which feature kiddie porn, so what?

              Friends of liberty must remind each other that liberty is never to be sacrificed upon the altar of “for the children” branch of totalitarianism.

              As to the equal administration of justice, it goes without saying that the cop should not get any favors.

    2. And Newport News has some of the most restrictive anti-pron laws in the nation. Many pron and toy vendors used to have disclaimers that they would not ship to NN addresses.

  37. Cop kidnaps girls, drives them to dirt road and forces them to expose them selves of go to jail for being drunk. Gets convicted of the horrifying charge of “misconduct.” Was not charged with anything else, even though there was ample evidence.

    But there’s no double-standard, because if you or I did the same thing, We’d get a similar charge.

    1. Jeez, you are obsessed. Where did the cops touch you, “sloopy”?
      You can tell us. You’re among circle jerkers friends.

    2. How ample?

      1. Supply Ample.

    3. Oh, look, there’s dunphy way over there with his back to us and his fingers jammed in his ears.

    4. Was not charged with anything else, even though there was ample evidence.

      What is there to charge him with?
      While on duty he is not a civilian. He is not subject to civilian law.

      That’s why he’s being charged with the generic offense of “misconduct” which could include anything. Child rape, murder, whatever. It’s all “misconduct” when the person committing the crime is a member of The State.

      At least he’ll be stripped of his police certification, though for how long.

    5. Misconduct in office is a felony with a maximum penalty of five years in prison

      It’s obviously a pretty serious charge, more than the name would suggest. It doesn’t say they were kidnapped. At least based on the article, they went along willingly.

      1. They agreed to a ride home, not to the middle of nowhere, where they were given a choice of stripping and posing or jail.

        Had a “civilian” done the same, the charges likely would have been sexual assault, kidnapping, etc. Oh, and they would have been x2, since there were two victims.

  38. Gabby is still hot.

    1. After getting shot in the head she still has more brains than most in Congress.

    2. swing and a miss

  39. There’s a sleeping pill shortage in Minneapolis; DEA is to blame.

    Just ask the insomniacs to watch reruns of yesterday’s GOP debate (sans Ron Paul’s responses) and they’ll be able to sleep through an earthquake.

    1. Are you serious? The 900-comment, live blogging chat room party says otherwise.

      1. Re: Moe Ron,

        Were all they from Minneapolis?

  40. “It doesn’t matter that the Evel Knievel theory of fiscal stimulus isn’t going to make it over the Snake River Canyon of debt.”

    Great line…and the “buh buh but…Team Red…derp” whining in the WSJ comments is pure gold.

  41. According to his tax returns, Romney invested in Fannie and Freddie.

    Ron Paul was wrong – it ain’t liberty and the Constitution that brings people together… It’s clearly cronyism and graft.

  42. Newt Gingrich claimed last night to have been a Goldwater man. That’s not what he said in a 1988 TV interview.

    Deep in his heart of hearts, he really truly fancies himself a Goldwater man, especially since it is convenient today to say so.

    1. The first rule to being a successful politician is have a narcissistic personality disorder that allows you to believe whatever is most convenient today.

  43. It appears that Thomas has taken so many pucks off the noggin’ that his IQ has actually started to wane.

    What a tool. I liked this guy before, but when the guy you’d like to meet most is Glenn Beck, clearly you’re an ignorant fuck.

    1. How’s the Romney victory party going?

  44. You can’t let the executive branch fuck with Congress critters. That creates too much of a temptation for abuse.

    Like the Don’t you know who I am? defense doesn’t?

    1. Congress critters being jackasses is less of a downside than Presidents going Cromwell and using the TSA to shut down Congress.

    2. Otherwise known as the “have you read the Constitution?” defense.

  45. I will not respond to trolls.

    1. I wondered why you never commented on my cop abuse links.

      Is it me or dunphy?

      1. “Him, him, him, what’s she gonna do about him, him, him, its me or its him.”

  46. “There’s a sleeping pill shortage in Minneapolis; DEA is to blame”

    If that is true, then why is there supply problems outside the US?

  47. Actually, I thought Gingrich lobbied for Rockerfellar not Goldwater? Or was it both? Does it matter? Republican blogs are lit up with Newt defenders who insist he is the second conservative coming of Regan.

    1. Newt defenders who insist he is the second conservative coming of Regan.

      And they’d be right.

  48. From the WSJ link about the GOP.

    The problem is that voters also know that Gaius Gingrich is liable to deliver his prime-time speeches in purple toga while holding tight to darling Messalina’s?sorry, Callista’s?bejeweled fingers

    Gaius Gingrich. That is a great handle.

    1. Surviving Airwolf?

  49. Congrats to Ernie Borgnine!

    He’s 95 today.

    Sloop, do you know to what he attributes his longevity?

    1. Binge Drinking.

      1. Daily hand use.

  50. Costanza sez:

    Thoughts folks? I’d vote Ron Paul. “@JackApsche:Perry was the Costanza of the field….who is/was Kramer?”
    19 Jan

    @IJasonAlexander Cant you see Kramer walking around the streets promoting some sort of 9-9-9 plan?
    19 Jan

    Newt Gingrinch is Newman. @IJasonAlexander
    19 Jan


  51. In case you ever need to DIY a spring-loaded knife sheath

  52. Haven’t seen this yet. Sorry if it’s a repost:

    SCOTUS says if cops want to put a GPS on a car, they must get a warrant.

  53. Ullevig and Majerus said they believe the scarcity also results from quotas imposed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration — the drug is a controlled substance sometimes subject to abuse — and internal industry conflicts that limit the availability of generic drugs in favor of their more expensive brand names.

    Majerus’ insurance company will cover only the generic versions of the stimulants; her prescription would cost $700 per month if her insurance didn’t cover it.

    “Who do these big businesses think they are, messing with our lives?” Majerus said.


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