Conservatives Pine for Mitch Daniels, Totally Moderate* Senator Mark Kirk Suffers Stroke, Romney Sharpens His Butter Knives: P.M. Links


*The title originally suggested Mark Kirk is a Tea Party Republican. He is not. 

NEXT: Rand Paul's TSA Incident; Complaining About the TSA is Worse Than the TSA to Some Commentators

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  1. Thirst!

    1. This means war.

      1. Oooh, okay!

    1. Nice! Saw the Dickies, The Circle Jerks and Zero Boys in October 1988 at The Vogue in Indianapolis. One of the best shows ever!

      1. Damn, that sounds fucking awesome. I was only 6 then. I am not much for time travel, but I would totally risk changing the timeline in order to see punk rock shows from the 70s and 80s.

        1. punk/punkish bands I saw in the 70;s and 80’s:

          Talking Heads
          first-album era Joe Jackson
          Elvis Costello
          Boomtown Rats

          and I’m sure a lot more I can’t come up with at the moment.

          Band I never saw and really wished I had: Clash

      1. You SF’d it.

        1. Ditto for Op Ivy.

            1. Put Ice-T down for some hatin’.

              1. Don’t leave out Snoop and Dre. They really hate them sneaky ass You Seas.

                1. Jello has never been known for having any love for the boys in blue.

                  1. Disappointingly Fat Mike loves him some po-lice.

                    So much so he even feeds them by the roadside.

                    1. Not much love from Irish punks either.

  2. You know who else in Germany was anti-semitic?

    1. Anti-Semitism is illegal in Germany, ergo there are no more anti-Semites there.

    2. They say the internet has played a key role in spreading Holocaust denial, far-right and extreme Islamist views, according to the DPA news agency.

      They also speak of “a wider acceptance in mainstream society of day-to-day anti-Jewish tirades and actions”.

      The expert group, set up in 2009, is to report regularly on anti-Semitism.

      And if they reported that anti-Semitism is practically non-existent in Germany, how much longer do you think they would be funded? How many centers for the study of anti-Semitism in Germany would be eliminated? What possible negative consequence could they suffer for exaggerating the prevalence of anti-Semitism? Call me a cynic, but I’d be genuinely surprised if any government-sponsored expert group ever reported that racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination was a shrinking problem not worth being concerned about any more.

      1. Though there hasn’t been a raider spotted coming up the Thames in nearly 1200 years, you can never be too vigilant. Each passing year just brings us closer to the day of their return and that is why we’ll need a budget increase of 7% this year.

        1. Officer, am I free to gambol about plain and Thames?

          1. I’d be delighted if you’d gambol in the Thames.

        2. There has been a Viking family living on the Thames since 1066 who think they own the place.

      2. Holocaust denial has the same mind-set, and the same followers, as global warming denial.

  3. Canadian gets 18 years for credit-card fraud
    “Assistant U.S. Attorney Nick Chase in North Dakota, where the case was handled, said the 40-year-old had an “insatiable hunger for other people’s money.”

    Was he an occupier?

    1. According to one poster on here, if that had been a policeman, he would have been sentenced to 45 years.

      You know, because they get treated more harshly.

      1. You hypothetical officer would have more likely gotten a promotion and then elected to city council, where he could have gone on doing the same thing legally!

        Dunphy is so clueless.

    2. Investigators’ interest in Adetiloye, a native of Nigeria, was piqued after figuring out he was unemployed and receiving welfare yet living lavishly, complete with a Range Rover vehicle, extended trips to England and an expensive condominium

      I’m going to restrain myself and not make the Nigerian prince scam email joke I would like to make, and instead point out this Another Isolated Incident of rampant welfare abuse.

  4. If Neal Stephenson was correct, Mark Kirk will be the next POTUS. I guess it would have to be after Obama’s 2nd term, though.

    1. If Neal Stephenson is correct, my next pocketwatch will be fuckin’ awesome.

      1. I’m hoping for Virtual Retinal Displays myself. You could add an eyepiece to a bluetooth earpiece. Add a portable gesture-based control system and virtual keyboard, and sufficiently powerful portable computing (presumably just next-gen smartphones), and the average computer user no longer needs a laptop. Or a TV, for that matter.

  5. Heidi is single after seven years of marriage to mega smooth vocalist Seal and dropping for of his giants from her uterus. According to WWTTD this is their announcement statement:

    We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other, but our six-year-old Henry still wets the bed. It’s so embarrassing! We can’t even have his friends over anymore because he’ll pee on them. I don’t know what his deal is. He must like it, the little pervert. Does sham-wow make sheets? Because we’d buy some. Anyway, this led to a lot of tension in the house and that led to fights. So thanks a lot you little dick! Way to ruin our family.

    1. Did I really leave out the ‘u’? Tearing up my high school diploma.

    2. Sounds like someone doesn’t want to accept responsibility for being an bad parent, and projected evil onto the child and pushed away the other parent.

      Talk about disfunctional celebrities! Sometimes I wonder if A-listers shouldn’t be forbidden from reproducing unless they’ve been married 10+ years.

      1. You realize she didn’t really say this, right?

  6. More details emerge about Sen. Rand Paul’s TSA “detention.”

    My first thought was to wonder how many Senators actually go through airport security.

  7. Mitt Romney will go hard after Newt Gingrich tonight.

    Ew. I don’t even want to think about that.

    Starbucks to start selling booze.

    Beer and wine, but not whiskey? Why can’t I get an Irish coffee at a Starbucks? Oh, right, probably the government.

    1. Exactly. Irish coffee at every Starbucks would be pretty amazing.

      And yeah, the government would probably frown at mixing alcohol and caffeine in the same beverage.

      FOUR LOKO!

      1. It’s not just that. A lot of governments allow quasi-fast-food restaurants to serve beer and wine, but not other alcoholic beverages.

    2. Quit holding up the line. Damn libertarians, constantly in search of issues to be self-righteous about.

  8. No serious person thinks Newt Gingrich will be or wants Newt Gingrich to be president. I’d bet a significant percentage of the people who vote for him don’t want him to be president.

    Who wants anyone to be president? Aside from your more fanatic Paul and Obama supporters, does anyone vote for someone rather than against everyone else available?

    1. No politician can be what everyone wants, but some can pull the hat truck of makignpeople believe they’re what everyone wants. I like Paul because to believe in him you don’t gave to think “wow, he’s going to make my life great”, you just have to think “wow, he’s not out to make my life worse” unlike several of the other candidates.

    2. How about voting for someone who doesn’t “want” to be president?

      That’s the persona who’s most ideal for a president. Someone who doesn’t want to be king, who doesn’t want to mold America or shape the world, who doesn’t want to be a leader to get things done–rather he’s someone who gets them undone.

      Congress writes laws, and the president’s only real power, given to him to regularly exercise from the beginning, is to veto them! He’s supposed to be the last check in the balance of power, the last guard of the Constitution.

      1. You forgot RON PUAL 2012!!1111!!1111!!!1!1111TwO1111!111111!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!

  9. Mitt Romney will go hard after Newt Gingrich tonight.

    I uhh, so what now?

    1. “so what now?”


    2. Slashfic!

      1. Paging Sugarfree. Mr. Sugarfree please pick up the white courtesy telephone.

        1. Don’t invoke it!

          1. And don’t even think about why that courtesy telephone is white.

            1. because it’s more civilized than the other telephones?

  10. I love this:

    Paul triggered an alarm during routine airport screening using “millimeter wave imaging technology,” which creates a generic image to protect passenger privacy.

    So the effing rapescans don’t even show anything but a prefab image? With a little box showing where an “anomaly” would be, if it showed the anomaly?

    What the fucking fuck?

    1. I’m guessing the idea is that it’s not your body they’re concerned with, but stuff ON your body. Or more accurately, stuff beneath your clothes, but above your body.

      So now Newt Gingrich and Jenna Jameson look the same. Except one has something hidden under the thong.

      1. This is what hell is like.

    2. The generic outline is the compromise they came up with to people who didn’t like the nudie pics being generated. Those of us that object to being irradiated every time we travel were told to stuff it or get felt up. I always opt for the slower, more awkward process of the cop a feel versus being irradiated. They never accept my request of a female officer with big tits however, which is annoying.

      1. I didn’t realize the pornoscanners didn’t show the real image, but I will continue to opt for the patdown nonetheless. I’m almost always the only one opting out so hopefully I am at least drawing attention to the absurdity and indignity for my fellow travelers to ponder while they placidly submit.

        1. I’ll ponder it alright, but subjecting myself to the patdown won’t make anything better. My form of ineffective protest is to give the proper salute to the TSA on the way out: “Be seeing you!” They never get it.

        2. I’m with you. I don’t care how much kinder and gentler the rapescanner 2.0s are, I will always opt out, if only to humiliate the guy who is forced to tug my nutsack in full view of the public.

          1. Agreed. I don’t care about getting felt up–I’m not shy–and I enjoy making the TSA goon do it, because he probably doesn’t really want to.

          2. What would happen if you were to say, “OOOH YEAHHHH! I love the way you blue jean fuck my cock nuts, tsa boy!” while getting your pat down?

            Seriously, would they arrest you? Something bad would have to happen, right? You’d get kicked out or something, I’d think.

            1. What would happen if you were to say, “OOOH YEAHHHH!

              Depends. Would you snap into a Slim Jim while there, or would you wait?

              1. No, I’d burst through the wall and offer everyone a sugary beverage.

                1. How the fuck does the Kool Aid Kid throw the innertubes over the bankrobbers heads? Those things just flew off of the wall.

                  Is he a Jedi?

                2. No! This was once the basis for a Dane Cook routine! Um … I mean, so I hear …

            2. I’m pretty sure this is why TSA wants to be issued Tasers.

        3. I didn’t realize the pornoscanners didn’t show the real image

          Not displayed, but it is stored for later perusal.

  11. Someone has an excellent slapshot.

  12. Starbucks is planning to add the alcoholic drinks and food such as savory snacks, cheese plates and hot flatbreads to menus in four to six outlets in each market.

    Finally, I can now make my own fresh Four Loko right in the establishment. Add in a toy premium with the fatty foods and you have a recipe for societal disaster.

  13. Anybody see Rand’s interview on CNN? So disappointing. He basically says, “frequent flyers like senators and journalists shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced.”

    What about my gramma, asshole? Just because she’s not in your elite club, she should be subjected to nudie scanners and sexual molestation?

    Fuck Rand and his Iran-sanction-voting mediocrity. I think he would be okay with keeping the TSA around to scan brown people in Islamic garb, with a separate line for white people and asians. Who gives two shits if he argues about light bulb regulations.

    Goddammit, I hate to be that obnoxious guy, but fuck me if Ron Paul isn’t the only, only guy who actually gets what is actually going on.

    1. So much anger. Feel it flow through you. Revel in the power of the dark side.

      1. I am your father!

        1. does this mean i have to dig my sister?

          1. everyone’s dug your sister dude

  14. *Strait of Hormuz

    1. Shit, now I’m stuck in a downward Manowar spiral and I can’t get out.


  15. I want a GOPer to have the balls to cut SS/Medicare NOW! Not in 2021 (fuck you Paul Ryan – you coward).

    NOW. Run on “small government” for 2013 and SS/Medi cuts or STFU.

    1. Why? To commit political suicide? Being right and being popular are two different things. Your average “educated” American hasn’t the slightest clue what out of control deficit spending and fiat currency debauchery means to their bleak futures. They just want more subsidized shit, because entitlement whores such as yourself continue to tell them they’re owed it.

      1. Because they’re the supposed “small” government party.

        The dems have a much stronger record of cutting spending and limiting entitlements.

        1. this is a fucking spoof.

          And the sick thing is – I might have said that in reality.

  16. well wishes to Senator Kirk. Kind thoughts to his family, friends, loved ones.

    May he have a quick and full recovery.

  17. Apparently, it’s perfectly fine for a cop to run over a pedestrian and kill them even if they aren’t using their siren and flashers.

    You know, because when it’s dark outside, people can really see that car barreling down the road.

    Question: why would it be legal for a cop to break any traffic lows unless he had his car lit up like a Christmas tree?

    1. Dunphy would tell you it’s because the cop is so much more righteous and dependable than the average schmuck.

      I’ll tell you Dunphy is an average schmuck.

      1. i’ll dunphy your schmuck.

        1. Does that mean you’ll give it a world-class olympic-level workout? Or does it mean you’ll marry it to Morgan Fairchild?

          1. I never have time to work out. In between touring with my band and writing software code for Microsoft, and all.

            1. few things more amusing and sad than watching a couple of bigots circle jerk each other.

              sloopy, a troll so obsessed , i haven’t seen his ilk since the days of usenet, and one so completely obsessed with police misconduct (alleged and otherwise, and with sloopy it’s always guilty if it’s a cop), that he has never to my recollection ever said anything positive about a cop, or cops. a group of people who by and large do a good job. heck, even gillespie says the same.

              the lies are unbelievable. yes, i am a nationally rnked strength athlete. i realize for the typical nerdy dork that might seem unpossible, but it’s simply a fact. i’ve never claimed to be olympic caliber. i have said that a teammate of mine did go to the sydney olympics. she did well

              my band did pretty well in college playing frat parties and clubs.

              again, maybe it’s typical amongst sad people with no life to ridicule those who do have a life.

              and again, few things have less predictive reliability than sloop whe he tries to predict my opinion or more of a liar than sloopy when he tries to claim what i have said in the past. lie after lie.

              i will also note that i am fiercely critical of police misconduct, but also admire cops because on the whole they do a great job.

              sloopy has never had anything good to say about them that i can recall, but he continues to contribute to society by wanking on a blog. what have you ever DONE to make the world a better place, you little jackbooted troll?


              i doubt it

              1. I’ve made positive remarks about cops on here plenty of times. But my goal is not to lick the boot of the boys in blue, it’s to expose the double-standards, protective laws and special considerations that police are given…you know, the things that undermine the principle of equal protection under the law.

                And I do great things every day. I provide services that people willfully pay for because I am widely respected in my field. At least that’s what the customers who depend on my expertise say when they entrust me with millions of dollars of their assets.

                As far as your athletic endeavors, I’ll go toe to toe with you any day of the week in virtually any sport, big boy. I’ve done half-Ironmans, I ride century’s almost every weekend and I’ve done multiple 5+ mile ocean races. You can disregard what I tell you here and now, and it will likely be the last time I bring it up because I’m not a loudmouth braggart like you.

                Now, you call me a troll, but I posted this hours ago, yet you felt the need to come on here and defend, inexplicably, the fact that a cop drove into an intersection with no lights or sirens on and killed an innocent person, and will almost certainly not face the same punishment, nay scrutiny even, that a citizen (your word, btw) would face for the same action.

                If you think that’s trolling, feel free to ignore me. For some reason, the editors of reason see fit to post stories I send to them on a regular basis, so it would appear that they take me a little more seriously than one who has the benefit of being in the protected class in what is almost certainly the most corrupt state in the union.

                Please, feel free to ignore me.

                1. sloopy, a troll so obsessed , i haven’t seen his ilk since the days of usenet

                  Heh heh. “A troll obsessed.”
                  Funny ’cause it’s true.

              2. It’s not fucking bigotry to bust cops chops. And sloopy is no more a troll than you or John.

    2. Their answer is always that they’re probably en route to an emergency where they can’t have lights and sirens on.

      When I lived in the Boston area I used to call and complain about police cars running red lights, speeding, and blowing stop signs. Their answer was always that the officer was responding to some code that didn’t require lights and siren.

      After the first dozen times I gave up.

      1. Even then, it shouldn’t give them carte blanche to disregard the safety of others (and themselves for that matter). Fuck, this guy was heading to a disturbance call, not an assassination attempt of the president the head of the police union.

        If a cop is breaking a traffic law, he should have his siren and flashers on every single time. Any exception to this should result in a charge of involuntary ______________ (fill in the blank) when he harms another person, as well as wanton disregard for public safety.

        1. ah yes. sloop, the anticop bigot, who suddenly becomes all throwawaythekey law and order type when a cop does anything he perceives as wrong

          the bigot speaketh. again. all sound and fury, but signifying nothing

          1. Look, dildo. The cop drove into an intersection at night at a high rate of speed, ignoring the traffic signals. The net result of the action was the death of an innocent human being. Anybody else in the world, anybody, does this and they get to spend some time in jail. Meanwhile, this cop gets nothing at all because he is a protected species.

            If you do not see how this is wrong, then you are a hopelessly lost soul.

      2. I was almost killed by a cop in Brookline doing just this.

        I had to slam on the brakes and almost swerved into some pedestrians on the sidewalk, all because some fucking pig ran a red light at 90 mph without his lights or siren on.

        1. Now, now. Studies consistently show that Law Enforcement Officers have the respect and support of the vast majority of citizens that have not had a family member mowed down by a cop without his lights or siren on.

          1. sloopy, what is the police accident rate per mile driven compared to the noncop?

            do you know?

            of course not. see, you don’t because if you did you would know our collision rate is substantially lower than the average driver. but those are facts, and they dont fit into your bigoted outlook, so you ignore them

            1. of course not. see, you don’t because if you did you would know our collision rate is substantially lower than the average driver. but those are facts, and they dont fit into your bigoted outlook, so you ignore them

              [citation please]

    3. @sloop

      The dead pedestrian is lucky that they didn’t have their corpse taken to jail.

      I was walking to my buddy’s place one night and I look down the street and see a car coming, but he’s like 6 blocks away. I decide that I can safely cross and proceed to do so. Motherfucker speeds up, and starts gunning for me. So, I get near the sidewalk and start staring down the car rapidly approaching. About a block away the car turns sires on and I can see that it’s plainly a cop car.

      I’m now on the sidewalk, and some roided out monster screeches up with the sirens on, and jumps out of the car. He’s screaming and acting nuts. He throws me up against the car and I spent the weekend in the pokey over that shit.

      1. Your anecdotal evidence is hardly an example of what really happens because you are a cop-hater.

        Now, take for example what happened to a guy in my department…

        1. Oh, I got a million of ’em. One night when I’m feeling talky and reckless, i.e. drunk, I’ll share some more “Police Stories: From the Other Side”.

          1. Anecdotal evidence from the reason bigorati doesn’t affect the public’s perception of the heroes putting their lives on the line to keep you safe.


            1. Call the WHAAAmbulance, sloopy can’t deal with an adult talking. It’s called legal analysis, look it up. And butthurt too, you’re an immature non-legal-analysizing butthurt child, grow up bigot.

              res ipsa loquitur

              1. I knew I shoulda used a spoof handle.

              2. lol. clearly, i get to the bigots, because they spend a metric assload of time trolling me


                1. Yeah, boy! We were trolling you so hard, we went silent for three+ hours.

                  Sorry, duncephy, but our world doesn’t revolve around you…even if yours seems to revolve around us.

    4. And this is in Texas. The same place that a woman just got 20 years for hitting and killing a cop on the highway. But you know, once every 2,000 years a cop is dealt with more harshly than a citizen for betraying public trust. So it’s all even.

      1. But you know, once every 2,000 years a cop is dealt with more harshly than a citizen for betraying public trust.

        Yeah, I heard about that Centurion the Romans dealt harshly with in a history class.

        1. Roman citizens didn’t have to fear their cops. Their enforcers didn’t have immunity. So after the fall of the Roman empire, we have a cop in washington who got 5 years more than the average sentence. 2,000 years it is until I get another example.

          1. But according to dunphy (until I researched it and called his bluff), a “citizen” would have gotten 2 years for the same offense.

            And that’s why I don’t believe a word he says, because he’s a lying sack of fucking shit.

            1. And that’s why I don’t believe a word he says, because he’s a lying sack of fucking shit.

              +1. At least when it comes to the double standard applied to law enforcement and use of force issues in general. I get tired of having my leg pissed on and be told it’s raining.

              It’s too bad, as he seems to have quite a lot of useful knowledge on a variety of topics.

              1. again, the allegede use of force double standard has to be applied to NONCOPS MAKING AN ARREST if you are making VALID comparisons

                which you fail to do

                as findlaw et al point out. noncops have LESS restrictions of force in such situations than cops

                something you fail to understand because you don’t analogize arrest for arrest.

                1. again, the allegede use of force double standard has to be applied to NONCOPS MAKING AN ARREST if you are making VALID comparisons

                  When I make a citizens arrest, it had better be right, or I’d be prosecuted. Cops have no such standard, which is why citizens are given more leeway. Get rid of qualified immunity, and you’d have a point. As it stands, you are once again purposely ommitting facts in order to make false equilivancies.

            2. the difference between you and and me is i can admit error

              i was wrong on that. however, the overall point stands and you still can’t produce ONE example of any noncop with no felony priors getting a 23 yr or more sentence for an assault case

              not ONE

              that’s a fact, and you know it. yet, you continually evade

              and you have a judge who states on record, that cops deserve harsher treatment, and then proceeds to give a cop one

              if he had said “black people should get harsher treatment” and then proceeded to give a sentence that no white person has ever gotten for that offense, you would be screaming DOUBLE standard

              your bigotry shows


              1. and you have a judge who states on record, that cops deserve harsher treatment, and then proceeds to give a cop one

                Not true at all. The judge mentioned that he should have known better, then went on to laud the cop for all of the “good he had done.” Not a single indication that he sentenced him more harshly because he was a cop. Oh, and why was the sentence upheld upon appeal if it was not consistent with sentencing guidelines?

                And you can say what you want about me, but the list of people who look at you the way i do is growing rapidly here. And I’m sure it has little to do with my magnetic personality and good looks (Banjos is the only one who loves me for those things), but a great deal to do with the double-standards and blatant abuse I regularly expose.

      2. This incident is a personal fave, when it comes to police officers and their creative acknowledgement of traffic laws. (though, to be honest, tow truck drivers around here are even worse.)

        For those not wanting to click through, cop t-bones Baylor Medical College professor old married couple at an admitted 57 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at 12:45 in the morning. No lights, no sirens, and the car’s on-board recorder admits the car was going over 90 “at some point” before the crash. No liability—either criminal or civil—admitted or found, of course, and the local P.D. did a yeoman job in other news articles of blaming the couple for not watching for oncoming traffic.

        1. (though, to be honest, tow truck drivers around here are even worse.)

          Yes and no. They speed more in Houston, but I’ve never seen an apparently drunk driver in a tow-truck. I’ve seen slow driving cop cars bouncing off curbs on straight roads twice.

    5. Question: why would it be legal for a cop to break any traffic laws unless he had his car lit up like a Christmas tree?

      In New Mexico, at least, the law states that they must uphold speed limits even with lights and sirens. The difference is, no one is going to give them a ticket.

      Which brings up a point that I’ve been wanting to get into the sloopy/dunphy lovefest. It’s not so much that cops get carte blanche with felonies, it’s that they routinely break the traffic laws at will.

      For example, a while back I was passed by a state cop 1)driving in the passing lane 2)at a speed above 85mph in a 70 3)with his seat belt off 4)typing on a keyboard. There’s four big buck citations to me, any three of which would have me handcuffed in the back seat.

      I will believe the concept of “honest cop” the day I see a policeman pulled over getting a ticket.

      … Hobbit

      1. wwhhwahhh.

        i feel your pain

        fwiw, in many states cops are allowed to exceed the speed limit without lights/siren, because that is how they MOVE through traffic and observe more drivers.

        iirc, mass state police had that specifically written in their policies and it is consistent with state law

        you may not like it, but the fact is cops have a substantially lower collision rate per mile driven than noncops


        1. Then they’re above the law.

          Glad to hear you admit it.

          … Hobbit

        2. you may not like it, but the fact is cops have a substantially lower collision rate per mile driven than noncops

          still looking for the citation here.

          And if you want to go all Hollywood Hulk Hogan and accept your role as bad guy, please do it. Statements like this will help you get there faster, because the vast majority of posters on here believe in the concept of “equal justice for all“, not “some animals are more equal than others.”

        3. A bit late to the party, but…

          cops have a substantially lower collision rate per mile driven

          Even if this is true, you seem to assuming that the underlying reason is due to above-average competence or diligence on behalf of police officers. It could just as easily be that other motorists see police vehicles and go out of their way to leave plenty of clearance, beyond that which is legally required. I’d be less likely to get in an accident if traffic got out of my way.

  18. Someone saw Iron Lady.

    “David Cameron said that living on welfare had become an “acceptable alternative” to working and suggested that benefit payments were too easy to receive.”…..-work.html

    1. I once saw Iron Maiden. Does that count?

    2. Opponents have claimed that the cap will push more children into poverty but the Prime Minister insisted that the greatest suffering was endured by children growing up in workless households.

      “The way children suffer today, there are far too many children in households where no one is working,” he said.

      Nah, the welfare statists would say that growing up emulating and looking up to an umemployed sloth is A OK, because you, too, can one day receive the same welfare benefits. Aspire to dependnecy, lad.

      1. Yeah! USA! USA! US…wait, what country are we talking about?

        1. All of them, DK. All of them.

    3. I wish them the best of luck.

    4. lol that’s true.. but the some of the commentators also brought up the relevant points about individuals and companies taxed to death, VAT, misc fees, regulations, etc. chasing jobs away

      Company I work for closed down its UK branch a few years ago but left the one in Ireland up.

  19. What about the Gays of Hormuz?

    1. There are no gays in Hormuz.

  20. Ultimately, Reuters reported, the judge wanted more time to make his decision about the request, “given the breadth of issues covered in this bail application and the seriousness of the issues.” The judge said his final decision would come no later than Wednesday.

    The NZ judge lost Dodd’s phone number.

  21. Off-duty road Rrge pepperspraying of a cab driver leads to Miami cop’s termination. Now if only we could figure out how to avoid prosecution when we break the law.

    1. Off-duty? I have it on good authority that there are no examples of cops not getting charged when off duty. In fact, they are treated more harshley than non-cops.

  22. Hey, that kid ran inside after he saw us! Let’s go in after him and beat the fuck out of him. And for good measure, let’s make sure to intimidate his family when they question our actions. What do we care, there will be no charges and the city will have to pay the settlement after we get a paid vacation!

    Fucking sickening.

    1. Just to add to any building rage.

      FTA: The Guzman case resolution was the fifth police abuse case settled by the council since September. The total taxpayer tally would be nearly $5.4 million.

      1. I deffo think that 50/50 cost sharing for lawsuits (between the city and the national union, that is) should be part of every cop union contract. Anything less is utterly irresponsible.

        1. It should be taken, dollar for dollar, from the police budget if the cop is not held criminally responsible. Maybe then, that thick blue wall of silence would start eroding and cops would start reporting crimes that happen within their own ranks and justice could start being served.

    1. that actually made me laugh a lot

      TIL most cars in utah are white

  23. So, I’m involved with the campaign against this fella, so just in case anyone is interested:

    Doug Lamborn to skip the State of the Union as a protest

    So, is everyone trying to play the Newt Strategy now?

  24. The new magic; whatever happened to drinking an elixir?

    1. I’m not going to go to your website; that said, I looked at the URL. Every vagina is magic. Penises make goo, vaginas make people.

      1. *Not biologically accurate

        1. The force is strong with this one 😉

  25. Last?

      1. I’m under you. Do you find that…stimulating?

        1. Position change!

          1. Reminds me of last night.

            And this morning.

          1. Five minutes? I expected it a little sooner than that.

    1. Not so fast, Pat Sajak.

  26. Really?
    Why’d they bother?

    January 23, 2012

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I value your comments and inquiries.

    I greatly appreciate the outpouring of messages from Americans across the country and around the world. Some comments are supportive, others are critical, but all reflect the desire of Americans to participate in a dialogue about our common concerns and challenges.

    To learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future, please visit: Thank you, again, for writing.


    Barack Obama

    1. We’d have to see what you wrote to get such a personal message from the president before we could make any judgments.

    2. At least he was sincere.

    3. There are people who have printed that out, framed it, and hung it with pride over their fireplace.

  27. An Endorsement the Prime Minister could have done without

  28. Mitt Romney will go hard after Newt Gingrich tonight.


  29. More lies and fake outrage:…../#comments

    Interestingly enough, it appears that some men who aren’t sniveling sycophants have gotten commenting accounts. Odds on how long it’ll be before the banhammer?

    1. Listen dude, I like you. Your posts are well-reasoned and enjoyable to read.

      Bu every article you post from that site leads me to look at this fucking freak, which is not really cool.

      Just sayin’

      1. Most studies I’ve seen show that the brainscans of most M-F transgenders are similar to females. They can’t all be passable. That said, that lying judgmental bitch can take a long walk of a short pier.

        1. Wait, that’s a tranny, right? I mean, it still has a penis, doesn’t it?

          1. Not sure. They did at one point, at least. Transgender can be pre or post-op.

            1. The Exec Editor is really hot, and doesn’t appear to have an Adam’s Apple. Too bad she’s a Feministing.

              1. I’d rather throw a hate-fuck into Valenti.

    2. “Why are we still reading the What About the Menz argument in the comments section? Hasn’t this type of derail made the rounds of all feminist sites by now? We’ve heard this stuff ad nauseam before and we don’t need to hear it again. For. The. Last. Time: A feminist site is not the place to draw attention to Teh Menz. Live, learn, go back to your own spaces. We don’t need you here.”

  30. Some comments are supportive, others are critical, but all reflect the desire of Americans to participate in a dialogue about our common concerns and challenges.

    I find this amusing, since I disregard them all, and do as I please.

    I like being President. Don’t forget to vote for me.

  31. So what do you call someone who is hired to consult with someone who is already a lobbyist?

  32. Every single cop in the comments appears to have a mortal fear of people sitting cross-legged with their heads down. Odd.…..e-charged/

    1. Good information. The next time they come for me, I’ll get into Buddhist meditation mode.

  33. I fuckiing knew it:

    Admit it: breaking down doors, “runnin’ and gunnin,’ ” and “flowing and going” is fun. Busting into a room after throwing in a few flash bangs (a.k.a. noise flash distraction devices, NFDDs) and hollering “POLICE! Don’t Move!” while pointing a subgun or tricked out long gun at some unsuspecting felon is a rush. Nothing compares to it. Some might even say it’s better than sex.…..-and-Talk/

    1. Also from the article:

      I’ve had a long held theory that guys in special operations have a greater libido than the average person.

      1. Are cops actually aware that normal people can read their deranged fantasies on that blog? Do they post this stuff to mess with us, or are they really as un-self-aware as I think they are?

        1. it wouldn’t surprise me if that is true. people with higher T levels tend to have higher libidos. and they tend to be attracted to such jobs as cop, firefighter, test pilot, etc. that’s hardly shocking or controversial. lesbians, on average have higher T than heterosexual women. they also tend to be overrepresented amongst women as cops, firefighters, etc.

          again, unsurprising

          people with low T tend to be far more risk averse (and note that women are more risk averse than men . women who disproportionately are not tend to succeed in male dominated pursuits and fields, everything from poker player to race car driver)

  34. Off topic, Tim Thomas’ comment today on not going to the white house with the (Stanley Cup winning) Bruins is awesome.

    1. To wit:
      ” I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government. Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL. This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT”

    2. +1. And I hate the Bruins.

  35. Watch Herman Cain deliver the Tea Party State of the Union at ! The live stream starts on Tuesday, January 24th at 10:30 EST/7:30 PST.

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