Rick Perry Endorses Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul Skips Pro-Life Forum to Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase, FBI Shuts Down Megaupload: P.M. Links



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  1. Possibly the most libertarian wedding registry ever. Or…the most fucked up.

    1. Just ask for money, dude. It keeps everything simple. Though I admit you guys seem to have pretty good taste in cooking equipment. But please, please, don’t use a magnetic knife holder. It’s so very gauche.

      Maybe I should buy it for you.

      1. I currently keep my knives in a briefcase built specifically for them. I doubt you can get more gauche than that.

        1. The magnet strip is more gauche. It’s the gauch-iest.

          Try what I use.

            1. Neat. But my knives are all Henckels and in my chef analness the block must be Henckels as well. Plus my block has a specific slot for this.

              1. If you have a matched set with a knife block, that’s obviously the way to go. But if you have a more eclectic collection of knives, the Kapoosh thing is pretty awesome. You can fit a surprising number of knives in one.

                1. Matched sets are for chumps. Plus you only need 3 knives a chefs knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. If you carve a lot of roasts,then a slicer.

                  1. Plus you only need 3 knives

                    Oh, I have to take exception to this. A filleting knife, a cleaver, a boning knife and two paring knives (regular and birds-beak) are a must as well. How else an I gonna carve little roses out of strawberries and papayas for my wife’s breakfast? With a regular parer? Barbaric!

                    1. a lesser woman would leave you for such an offense.

                    2. Birds beak? Philistine. Its called a tourn? knife.

                    3. If you fish a lot, sure, a fillet knife is essential. I couldnt tell you the last time i used mine though. I like having a small and large paring knives and i use the large one for boning way more than my boning knife. A cleaver? While i own one, i only need it when i forgot to tell the butcher to do his job.

                  2. True, I use one knife for most things, really. But I like them, so there they are.

                2. And where, pray tell, am I gonna put my Wusthof mezzaluna in that fucking thing?

                  1. Gadget whore.

                    1. These give me huge boner. I have to restrain myself from replacing my Henckels with them.

                    2. Damn, Epi. Those are beautiful. I used to have a Charlton Hi/Lo-carbon hunting knife. You can’t beat it for hardness or durability. Those are fucking works of art.

                    3. I generally cant stand henckels, but the balance on their Miyabi line is awesome.
                      I have mainly Messermeisers though.

                    4. Pish, Epi. If you want damascus blades, get real damascus blades. Hand-hammered by fifth generation Japanese smiths:


                      Alright, I exaggerate slightly about the knives, but they do sell tools that are actually made by tradtional Japanese masters. Probably the most awesome tool catalog EVAR.

                      You’re welcome.

              2. Shun makes much better knives than Henckels. I have a Shun santoku knife I bought 3 years ago that is *still* sharp with nothing but the honing steel on a regular basis. My Henckels knives need sharpening on at least a yearly basis, though I guess the advantage is I can do it myself at home.

          1. Where an I gonna put my 18″ slicer, my 14″ slicer, my scimitar, my cleaver, my 12″ chef’s knife, my four paring knives or my santoku? Other than those, this will fit what I’ve got.

            But then I have a different problem: All of my chef’s knives are French blades, and they don’t fir well in a German block due to the different blade style.

            1. You have too many knives. Throw out the shitty ones or give them away to a psychotic neighbor. In that block I have a 7″ Santoku, a 5″ Santoku, a 10″ carver, a 8″ chef knife, a 6″ utility, a 3″ parer, the cleaver, a 8″ bread knife, a sharpening rod, and culinary shears.

              1. It took me years to accumulate the collection I have, and I’ve got a shitton of money in it. No way in hell I’m giving any of them away or throwing them out.

                That’s fucking insanity.

                1. If only there were some way to exchange the knife with another person to both party’s mutual benefit through the exchange of an object with an abstract value attched to it.

            2. What, sloopy, no champagne saber?

              Which would be awesome at the wedding reception, anyway.


        2. I keep mine in a ceramic jar handle up and bunched together. Works well.

        3. You need a knife block that looks like a human head.

            1. only if it has a photo of BHO’s face glued to it

        4. You work for CutCo?

          1. No.But Google shows you can get me a good deal on a skidder.

            1. Just let me know what you’re looking for, dude. And yes, I am the man to find you one.

    2. The goblets + the globe decanter = lulz

    3. I would rather own a few nice things than a house full of a bunch of trendy extravagant crap. Everyone that owns a bench, owns that bench. And if I wanted a Buddha statue, I would set my goal on an authentic art piece. Gotta think like an aristocrat to become one.

      1. That’s the problem. Already have a house with several nice things. We’re looking for fun now.*

        *Although I derived no pleasure when my wife-to-be put the Wesley Crusher action figure on the list.

        1. Well, you should because that was the funniest thing on there. Face it, dude, your fiance is funnier than you.

          1. Well, no shit.

    4. If you’re going to get canning jars you’ll need canning equipment or a pressure cooker.

      1. I have a pressure cooker.

        1. Then I suppose I have to concede that you are awesome.

      2. Banjos has all that stuff.

        And no rather, if you’re out there, these jars are not for farting in.

        1. Those 4oz jars are awesome. I have a bunch.

    5. What the?!? How did I miss a Banjos/sloopyinca romance? Congratulations you two crazy kids.

      Re. Wesley Crusher action figure: I got a Worf in the box at a White Elephant Christmas exchange this year. I naturally freaked out. Who would give that away? I totally had all of them as a kid, even the DS9 ones.

    6. Food, drinking, Star Trek figurines, Gadsden Flags, monocles, homebrewing, Penn & Teller, and pre-00’s music.

      I’m not sure whether to be proud or deeply disturbed.

      1. I’d go with “scared”. Maybe even “terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought”.

        1. It’s the first step on a long journey that ends with scrawling anarchy symbols onto every available surface while muttering to yourself about taints in between screaming “fuck off slaver!” at random groups of people.

          Then you will know that true H’n’R enlightenment has been reached.

      2. If only the registry could somehow weigh in on the great pizza question, it would be like some kind of H&R oracle.

        1. Dagny, there is no pizza “debate”. It’s simply a group of misguided souls who are under the delusion that a pizza-flavored casserole is the same thing as a pizza. They are victims of corporate/political propaganda from the corrupt armpit of the Mid-West and we should feel sorry for their inability to appreciate beauty and sensuality of the true pizza form.

        2. Pizza is for greasy fatasses anyway.

    7. a $5 toy monocle? You have macroaggressed against us all.

      1. Blame Amazon. That’s the best they had. Banjos put that on as a joke. Our monocles are already on order from chineseorpanmonoclesweatshop.com . I went with the elephant tusk and moon rock and Banjos went with the whale bone encrusted with blood diamonds.

        1. A few years ago a co-worker and I looked into buying monocles, so that in case our startup went nuclear, we’d know where to buy them, and Fossil had some OK ones, but they no longer seem to carry them.

          Any serious ones–not toys or jokes–are actually hard to find.

          Top hats, not so much.

          1. These actually seem pretty nice but I feel like I would need to grow some epic facial hair and buy a hell of a lot of Burberry in order to make it work.

    8. I dont know if they are on there or if you already have them, but microplane graters rock. Also, a foodsaver with the mason jar attachments is pretty great too. You can vacuum seal thoselittle 4oz jars with spices for long term storage and whatnot.

      1. Done. Thanks.

    9. My butler will be selecting a gift on my behalf.

  2. Ron Paul misses pro-life forum in order to vote down debt ceiling increase.

    #1 issue: The economy

    #2 issue: All that other bullshit

    1. Reaction from hardcore evangelicals: “ron paul think vote agenst bad economic policy mor important then unborned babbies! ron paul H8 BABBIES! nOT PAUL 2012!!!1”

      1. Fuck the hardcore evangelicals in the neck.

        1. As long as its not the vagina, they won’t lose their virginity.

          1. Yeah, but there’s always the back-up vagina.

            1. you would be surprised, or not, at how many girls my stepdaughter told me about who claimed technical virginity despite a well-worn backup.

      2. And for this reason, we’re willing to vote for Newt “Open Marriage, allergic to spousal diseases” Gingrich. Really the paragon of family values.


        1. Why would any woman want Newt all to herself?

          1. Funny, I just saw Paul speaking at the prolife forum.

            As described in the linked article:

            “It was time for Ron Paul.

            “The Paul-friendly crowd began cheering, hollering and chanting–but not for Paul in the flesh. The Texas congressman appeared on the Hilton hotel’s wall on a video screen via satellite from Washington D.C.”

            Don’t take my word for it – look at the livestream (second video, start at the 31 minute mark):


            1. The Yahoo reporter is simply trying to do a narrative of a detached Paul who takes vacations, doesn’t talk to voters, etc. And if he speaks over TV to a crowd of enthusiastic fans, while he’s in Washington protesting increased national debt…well, that has to be fit into the narrative somehow.

              The journalistic powerhouse that is Yahoo news, ladies and gentlemen.

  3. Irony of the Day: TransCanada (Keystone XL) to buy nine new solar plants.


    1. Ummm, they are an energy company. Oh you mean like Alanis Morisette ironic. Silly canucks.

      1. Not only that, they are a nationalized energy company.

        Its sad, but not ironic, that the government of Canada would buy solar plants. I mean, really, what kind of idiot puts a solar plant in Ontaria? The ensolation there has to be terrible.

  4. Does a tourist visa now require a copy of your birth certificate? *Snicker*

  5. The Christian Right should already be well aware of Ron Paul’s long history of opposing abortion. The debt ceiling is an important matter that definitely required his presence back in Washington. I do feel kind of odd defending Pauls abortion record though since I’m pro-choice.

    1. He spoke via satellite. Most of the people who watched this debate did it over the computer. There’s this special technology that lets you talk to large numbers of people all over the country at once – Paul was availing himself of it while doing his job as a Congressman to vote against national bankruptcy.

  6. APA diagnostic changes “would put an end to the autism epidemic.”

    Is this like when they move the poverty line to cure or cause the poverty epidemic?

    1. Roflmao. +100.

    2. Had they just waited a bit longer it would have fallen out of fashion.

    3. “The proposed changes would put an end to the autism epidemic,” said Dr. Fred R. Volkmar, director of the Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine and an author of the new analysis. “We would nip it in the bud ? think of it that way.”

      I imagine him giggling when he says that too.

      1. The article goes on to describe how this would cause difficulties for those exploiting the current definitions.

    4. I’m giving them the “not sure if serious” skinny eyes.

    5. The funny thing is that clinicians all agree that the mild cases respond quickly and comprehensively to intervention, while the severe cases are hopeless.

      So changing the definition will direct all intervention resources into a black hole of hopelessness.

      Standard libertarian disclaimer applies, of course.

      1. I wish all interventionists would direct their selves into an actual black hole.

    1. Stupid, asinine, retarded shit. Not surprising, but still. I wonder if they just went all-in with it and called the team the Negroes.

    2. [crosses fingers] please let the school be located in Milford, please let the school be located in Milford….

      1. No Milford but the school is Canyon High.

      2. Go Mudlarks!

  7. 1) Anyone see Justified season premiere? Thoughts?

    2) What the hell Roddick?

    1. That’s Roddick, Fish, and Young all out now. What the hell is right.

      Andy Murray won, though.

      1. I hate that ginger.
        My pick now is the dirty serb.

        1. Djokovitch weirds me out. But he’s fucking good.

        2. My pick is anybody but Rafa.

          If Newt drops out of the campaign and enters the Open at the last minute, I will root for Newt over Rafa.

          1. He was looking pretty strong in his last match.

            I just want there to be some kind of crazy upset, instead of something predictable.

  8. At the debate tonight, Ron Paul should say, “I want voters to vote against Newt Gingrich because he supports cap and trade and the individual mandate – and not because he’s a swinger.”

    In fact, I think any use of the word “swinger” tonight by any candidate should count for INFINITE DRINK.

    1. John Bolton was reported having a swinger past. A Gingrich/Bolton ticket would be a neocon sexual fantasy in several ways.

      1. wow…speaking of things that count for infinite drink. If I want to tune into the mating habits of walruses and other bloated mammals, there is always Discovery or National Geographic.

  9. “America is open for business,” Obama declared against the backdrop of Disney’s Cinderella castle and picture-perfect blue skies. “We want to welcome you.”

    “And while you’re here, don’t be afraid to fill out a voter registration form.”

    Well, I guess we might get a few positives as Obama decides election year is as good a year as any to start to govern. Hopefully this doesn’t put any bureaucrats out of work, though.

    1. “America is open for business,” Obama declared
      apparently, as long as that business does not contribute to increasing the energy supply for the electorate. Wonder how many Disney tourists will stay home when gas prices creep toward $5/gal.

      I’m reaching the point where just reading the man’s name spikes my blood pressure.

    2. That would be the speech where they closed down “Main Street”, yes?

  10. They can change the visa application all they want, it won’t make any difference unless they can get turnaround times down and get Homeland Security to chill the fuck out.

  11. OT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d84r8gMGxFQ


  12. Ira P. Rothken, a lawyer for Megaupload, said in a phone interview on Thursday afternoon that he had not yet seen the indictment, but he added: “Clearly we have due process concerns. This was done without a hearing.”

    Just be happy Megaupload wasn’t designated as providing material aid to terrorists. Drone strikes are probably easier than warrants and trials.

    1. The most bizarre thing about this story is that they apparently arrested the graphic designer.

      Oh and that they were said to be promoting piracy by removing suspected pirated material from the Featured/Top lists. War is peace, freedom is slavery, etc.

    2. The other bizarre thing is that rapper/producer mogul Swizz Beats, is, no shit, the CEO of Megaupload.

      This is seriously the most interesting story of 2012 so far. Hope that they manage to beat the feds and make a comeback.

  13. Hmmm… Should I suppose it will be unlikely that I will get a refund on my most recent re-subscription to Megaupload?

  14. I have a feeling that Anonymous may have picked a fight with the wrong mofos. DDOS is silly, but going after the DOJ seems kind of… stupid.

    1. Is it wrong to hope this shit escalates into pirates engaging in violence against corrupt shitstains like Dodd? Guy Fawkes wasn’t known for trying to drop a flaming bag of poo on Parliament’s porch, guys.

      Ok, it’s probably wrong. Or at least unwise. But I loathe the MPAA and RIAA something fierce.

    2. Having the BATFE show up at their door would be… interesting.

  15. Noooo! Megaupload was the best filesharing service :(.

    1. That’s why it was shut down instead up uploading.com, rapidshare.com, filepost.com, oron.com, etc. etc. etc.

      There are a slew of these sites but megaupload was the best and probably best known, so off with its head.

  16. Hey Riggs, just curious, when the would you have been calling them ‘murder-sticks’?

  17. Now there is a dude thats got his stuff together.


  18. Gotta just love those bought and paid for politicians!


  19. thoroughly enjoyed the knife stuff. my cooking is pretty good, but my knife skillz suck.


    most fun i’ve had at work in a while

  20. oh, and newt and rick perry both suck bigtime.


  21. Disappointed Perry would endorse Newt. From College Progressive to Pseudo Conservative Congressman to Speaker to Disgrace…Back to Pseudo Conservative… http://bit.ly/AlqpnV Newt “Action is Character” Newts immigration plan could benefit millions Newt as historian got theses wrong What you need to know before you vote for Newt http://bit.ly/y5pILX

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    It has been with me for years. Prior to this I had Global and was very pleased.

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