Norway's Nanny State Abandons All Pretense of Cultural Sensitivity And Goes Psycho


India's NDTV reports that Norway's protective services have taken away an Indian couple's children for…Beating them? Nahin. Molesting them? Ikke. OK, then, some serious neglect must be involved? Ne.

The couple's crime is that they hand-fed their one- and three-year-olds, a practice that is common in their country. As the father explained, "when the mother is feeding with a spoon there could be phases when she is overfeeding the child." But apparently the authorities determined that what they were doing was force-feeding and took away the children (who do not look over weight in the picture). Another rap against the parents was that their children slept in the bed with them, another common practice in their culture.

The parents have not been allowed to see their kids for eight months.

Norway's protective services have a history of excesses. A 2005 UN report criticized Norway for taking too many children in public care. "The amount was 12,500 children and Norway is a small country," notes Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen, a lawyer.

But if "over-eating" or "over-feeding" is a crime, then most Americans are criminals as far as Europe is concerned. So doesn't the U.S. need to launch a pre-emptive attack to defend its way of life or something?

Be that as it may, as the Norwegian authorities are putting away people for eating with their hands, Culver City's Roy Choi of A-Frame fame finds people who eat with silverware like "fingernails on a chalkboard."

Choi, who was inspired by Hawaiian cuisine, has made utensils optional in his restaurant, reports The New York Times. "Though a basket of silverware is provided at each table, when the grilled pork chop or market salad arrives, servers advise customers that they'll be missing out if they pick up a fork."

Can't Western folks just agree on everything and spare us Easterners the cultural confusion?

H/T: Geeta Sood.

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  1. Norway, the other commie member of NATO.

  2. I’m sorry for that screen name, that isn’t fair to villages.
    Vikings lived in villages and they would never be this cruel…

  3. has made utensils optional in his restaurant

    ….here I was thinking utensils were optional everywhere I eat.

    1. Just try digging into your escargot at a snooty French restaurant with both hands, or loudly slurping your onion soup, and see what happens.

  4. when the grilled pork chop or market salad arrives, servers advise customers that they’ll be missing out if they pick up a fork

    Yeah, they’ll be missing out on getting sauce, grease and salad dressing all over their hands.

    1. You laugh, but nothing is satisfying quite like tearing an animal apart with your hands and shoving chunks of it into your maw.

      1. Chicken wings are the ultimate proof that we are the apex predator.

      2. Especially at A-Frame. Plus, the bartenders (mixologists, really) make a good. strong. drink.

      3. You laugh, but nothing is satisfying quite like tearing an animal apart with your hands and shoving chunks of it into your maw.

        Well, yeah, for ribs, wings, etc. But I think I will still use a knife and fork for a steak.

    2. Aren’t utensils pretty much always optional?

      Or does this really happen:….._waitress/

    1. “Norway has the lowest murder rate in the world. Even lower than Canada“.

      1. All recorded murders in Norwegian history were committed by members of Mayhem. True fact.

        1. Well, before this year anyways.

      2. “Norway has the lowest murder rate in the world. Even lower than Canada”.

        Maybe if parents started offing social workers trying to kidnap their kids, those numbers would skew higher.

        Normally I don’t really care too much about how governments in other countries rule their subjects, and I care even less for hyperbole, but shit like this is a crime against humanity.

        1. Spoof handles suck.

      3. But according to recent movies theyre all sexual sadist

  5. Another rap against the parents was that their children slept in the bed with them, another common practice in their culture.

    I don’t have a problem with family sleeping.

    I do wonder how they managed to conceive the 1 year old if they were family sleeping with the 8 year old.

    1. Must have been one of their crazy Indian customs like sex in the shower or on the couch.

      1. I thought doing it Indian style meant you sat on the ground cross-legged.

        1. Cross-legged is fine. On the ground? OK, but she better be cute and limber.

      2. In the shower and on the couch is a crazy Indian custom? Let me check the mirror… Nope, still pasty white! Maybe it’s from in the crawl space and behind the fridge.

        1. You have a couch in your shower? You must be Italian.

          1. …that’s the laziest things I’ve ever heard of…

      3. The Indians wrote a big book on human sexual nature, 10 chapters dedicated to actual sexual intercourse.

        Presumably, they figured out a way to dangle from the ceiling while the older child was asleep and make a baby.

        1. Do they call that particular technique “The Bollywood Chandelier” or maybe the much more coy “Spiderman Shags Mary-Jane”?

    2. People have been known to have sex during the day.

    3. We are talking about the culture that literally wrote the book on freaky ways to shag.

    4. While the older kid was at school. It’s not complicated.

      1. What the fuck do you think they invented after school clubs for?


  7. Sorry to point this out, but this kind of crap reinforces Senator Santorum’s point about the importance of the traditional family. If the government can de-recognize and redefine the traditional family, then it’s easier in practice to boss parents around – after all, parental authority over children is part of the tradition of the traditional family. If the tradition doesn’t count or is bigoted, then why recognize parental authority?

    1. Or I could just recognize my parental authority over my kids and leave everyone else the fuck alone. Santorum doesn’t want to do that. He wants everyone to be like his family. Fuck that. I’ve seen those kids.

      1. Damn, I suck at trolling. I mean, only one response? Pathetic.

        1. Let me try this:

          I’m sure you recognize your authority over your kids, but does the government do so?

          1. No, and the legal status of gay marriage, abortion, contraceptives, or whatever won’t change that.

          2. Just stop while you’re behind.

      2. I don’t recognize your authority over me; now, leave me the fuck alone and quit harshing my mellow.

    2. Nothing reinforces Santorum’s points on practically any subject, and this is no exception.

      Parental authority over children requires neither government approval nor recognition, regardless of whether the family is traditional or not. Parental authority is an “unalienable right,” covered as part of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It requires no more government approval than the right to have children or choose the size of one’s own family.

      The government has no business intervening in the parent-child relationship unless there is demonstrable, actual, physical harm.

      1. Certainly.

        But politically speaking, does undermining the traditional family encourage or discourage interference with parental authority?

        I’m not only talking about what *ought* to happen philosophically if politicians were correctly instructed, but about what in practice actually will happen if the government gets the idea that it can arbitrarily redefine what a family is.

        We’ve already seen an example with no-fault divorce. It gives the government an excellent excuse to undermine parental authority.

        And who counts as parents? With a same-sex couple, who is a parent is defined by the government, since at least one half of the couple is unrelated to the children registered as belonging to the couple. So already we have the government deciding parental status based on legislation not biology.

        1. We’ve seen what happens when parental authority – biological parents married to each other – gets undermined. Third parties – grandparents, Dad’s new wife, or Dad’s new husband – demand the “right” to have courts award them rights to be involved in the child’s life over parental objection.

          1. Who twisted Dad’s arm and told Dad to get divorced in the first place? It was Dad’s choice. And Mom’s.

            Perhaps if Mom and Dad had the impulse control and the personal integrity to honor the marriage covenant they made, there’d be no “Dad’s new husband” or “Dad’s new wife.”

        2. Your straw men are tiresome. Our government is not redefining what a family is; I have no idea from what orifice you’re pulling this. I can’t tell you what sort of commie child-rearing factory Norway seems to be creating. But in the U.S., you’re free to live as a traditional family if you want. I have many friends who do this very successfully (I attended a conservative religious college, and most of my friends from college are living in very traditional marriages with children. All of the children of these marriages are either homeschooled or attending private Christian schools); nobody’s blocking them from choosing this path, and they’re very happy with it.

          Divorce laws do not force people to get divorced, not that I agree with all divorce laws as they’re written, but they are not “undermining parental authority.” Divorce is a personal choice. Please quit the histrionic crap about how traditional couples are being arm-twisted to bag on their marriage covenant by the prevailing winds of pop culture and opinion. That’s simply not happening. People make choices. Free will is involved. People who do not want to get divorced choose not to.

          The government also decides that adoptive parents are parents, which happens to be extremely beneficial to children whose bio-parents are dead, missing, or chose to give up their children. Whether it fits into your fantasy world or not, there are thousands of children who’ve been left stranded by circumstances beyond their control, such as lousy heterosexual parents, parents being killed in shitholes like Iraq or Afghanistan, or abandonment by parents. Adoption has given millions of children good, loving homes; and given millions of infertile, traditional couples the family they’ve wanted most in the world, let alone gay and lesbian couples.

          Sorry, but I have absolutely no problem with responsible, loving, gay and lesbian couples raising kids. It’s not undermining jack shit.

          Nothing is doing “traditional families” more damage than the husbands and wives of traditional marriages themselves.

          1. Also studies show that gay parents are better. Though that may be because they deliberately plan kids after they are home owners, coupled, and in their 30s and 40s.


  8. The Vanguard always knows whats best. Why is everyone so anti intellectual. Its jealousy isnt it. Some people just cant accept that others are better than them.

  9. I’m sure the authorities in this case have compiled sufficient evidence against these parents to justify a state intervention.

    1. Regardless of knowing this is a spoof, I love it when liberals are forced into a Hobson’s choice: support the socialist nanny state of their dreams, or support the right of indigenous cultures to live as they see fit without Western mores being forced down their throats. What’s a progressive to do?

      1. What’s a progressive to do?

        Uh, raise taxes?

        1. ^^Damn, why didn’t I think of that!

      2. If they moved to Norway, are they still indigenous?

        1. Apparently it was a bad gambol.

    2. D-, too short to be the real Tony. Also, not enough hand-wringing over how stupid libertarians can’t see how these people were damaging their children.

  10. Really ? really insane!

    By this Norwegian standard most countries south of the Capricorn Latitudes are certified war criminals.

    We all eat with our hands at home, should I close the curtains or something ?

    1. Thats not going to help you. They have the technology to see through walls now and theyre prepared to use it.

    2. My inlaws were Air Force stationed in Europe and they made an appetizer dip that required holding a chip with ones hands and scooping the dip out of it’s 13×9 pan. The officers from the various European nations stared at it helplessly before my MIL told the Canadian officer’s wife to show them how its done before they starve to death while she finished making the entrees.

      Why did we save that continent twice? It should have been allowed to succumb to its own fucktardery for the good of mankind.

      1. What? They don’t do chips and salsa? What about burgers? Buffalo wings?

  11. $100 says they aren’t Muslim. Hindus just aren’t as special.

    1. No, just less murderous.

      1. Islam is the bomb!

  12. Meanwhile its legal to eat whale steaks in Norway.

    1. Does anyone know what whale taste like? And no Im not going to ask John. Im talking about the sea whales not the land whales.

      1. whales taste like chicken

      2. —“Does anyone know what whale taste like?”—

        I had whale sushi in Numazu, Japan once. It was more fatty than beef and much darker in color, but tasted pretty much the same. That is, delicious.

  13. “Can’t Western folks just agree on everything and spare us Easterners the cultural confusion?”

    You Easterners are quite welcome to stay in your own countries.

    1. ’cause leaving people alone wold be imposing other people’s values on us.

  14. My Viking ancestors are rolling in their graves.

  15. Norway’s protective services have a history of excesses.

    I’ll say

  16. Good, it’s called Norway not India.

    Socialist Breivikism is far better than suicidal open-borders libertarianism.

    1. thats why u are the sorry son of some foster bitch.fuck norway.if i hav offended u then take my pubic hair as appreciation .lmao

  17. How is oral sex performed in Norway?

  18. Remember, these are the people who gave BO the peace prize.

      1. Norway’s parliament appoints the committee to choose the NPP recipient. Apparently Nobel thought Sweden was too militaristic.

  19. Good Lord, I fed my kid apple slices one at a time just ten minutes ago before putting him to bed. Otherwise, he loses focus and starts playing with his food.
    If this happened to me, I would finally tap into my dormant and quite evil super genius and make the clouds rain piss.

    1. “I’ll use my Weather Dominator to turn the humidity up so high that no butt crack will ever be dry again, thus, dooming the world to perpetual swamp ass!”

  20. Sweden is fining home schoolers too:…..rfdom.html

  21. We slept with both of our kids until they were around 3 or 4. It really simplifies life when they’re babies and breastfeeding. By the time they’re a couple of months old they can pull mom’s shirt up and eat without waking anybody up.

    And, hand feeding? Who cares?

  22. listen fcuk hole norwegians -return ibdian kids n carry on wat ever orgy u ppl were doing.this case is very clear cut n proves tat norwegians are all impotent ass lickers and cant impregnate their women, so they kidnap indian kids.if u ppl want kids send ur women to our country but first return the indian kids asap.

  23. indian govt must take these bastard norwegians to international court of justice for human rights abuse and humiliate them in world forum.then only these gays will learn not to meddle with our kids.or still better nukes these bastards to stone age where they belong

  24. There is a great deal of money to gain for those involved in the CPS system, including all of its public and private coworkers for every child they take, and the Norwegian government pays out this money off the money belonging to the Norwegian people. This gives an emormous incentive to take as many children as possible and for any case compose some reason or the other, and there is a massive degree of nepotism between the coworkers of the CPS system and Norwegian politicians.

    In this case they used the handfeeding as the pretence, but had it not been for this, they had composed some other reason, since they obviously wanted the children and could not find any really good reason for taking them. But they also target Norwegian parents and children, so this is not only a cultural matter. Gemerally they alwys go after the most easy pray since that gives greatest net proffit.

    Generally Norwegians go around being afraid of the allencompassing Norwegian nanny society, but are constantly smiling and bowing before its representatives or manifestations out of fear, Foreigners coming to Norway and seeing all those smiling people speeking well about thir own society often do not understand that these pretend to be content out of fear or are content because they are amont the profitters.

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