25 years ago in reason


"The right to emigrate is, however, the flip side of the right to immigrate'"and that one the U.S. government is only too eager to deny." 

'"Virginia I. Postrel, "Freedom Without Borders" 

"The paradox is that the more energy and resources governments squander in trying to stop the flow of drugs, the more lucrative drug dealing becomes. In short, you could jail every single individual involved in this black market, and a whole new market structure would spring up almost overnight'"as if by an 'invisible hand.'" 

'"Roy Childs, "Prohibition Revisited" 

"The current knee-jerk, overreactive surge of anti­music mania, fueled by preachers, 'concerned parents,' and exploitative politicians, may seem like something dreadfully new, a threat unparalleled in world history. In fact, the hysteria is as old as music itself." 

'"Leo N. Miletich, "Rock Me With a Steady Roll" 

'"March 1987