TSA Admits to Humiliating Old Ladies, Still Can't Get Its Stories Straight


In December two old ladies alleged that TSA screeners made them take their clothes off and touched them on their medical devices (a colostomy bag and a back brace; the latter of which was taken from its owner and scanned, like a piece of luggage).

Initially, the TSA denied that screeners at JFK Airport in New York did a single thing wrong. "We truly regret these passengers feel they had a bad screening experience," TSA flack Bob Burns wrote on the agency's blog back in December. 

This counts as an official statement, even if it seems the only thing the TSA Blog does is rebut Drudge headlines and post pictures of the scary things stupid travelers try to transport in their carry-ons (ninja stars! spearguns! the occasional real gun!). Burns acknowledged that it was weird that 85-year-old Lenore Zimmerman was made to take off her back brace, but then said it was her fault because "our officers were told that the passenger was wearing a money belt." Burns then dedicated half a paragraph to explaining the differences between money belts and back braces, because you are an idiot. 

Burns declined to offer a fake apology to 89-year-old Ruth Sherman, who claims she was made to take off her pants so that TSA screeners could touch her colostomy bag, perhaps to make sure that it was really a device for collecting the poor woman's shit, and not a bomb. 

In both cases, the TSA initially said that "screening procedures were followed," and categorically denied that either woman was strip-searched. In a letter that regular people were not meant to see, the agency has walked back the first claim, while maintaining that the two old woman voluntarily took off their clothes: 

In a letter obtained by the New York Daily News, the Homeland Security Department acknowledges that screeners violated standard practice in their treatment of the ailing octogenarians last November.

Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Betsy Markey concedes to state Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) that Sherman was forced to show security agents her colostomy bag — a violation of policy.

"It is not standard operating procedure for colostomy devices to be visually inspected, and [the Transportation Security Administration\] apologizes for this employee's action," Markey wrote.

The letter says that Sherman, who uses a wheelchair, was escorted into a private area after she voluntarily lowered her pants to show screeners the device.

In the private room, she was patted down and told to show agents the colostomy bag, the letter says.

Markey still maintained that the Florida-based Sherman was never asked to remove her clothing.

"It is not standard operating procedure for colostomy devices to be visually inspected, and [the Transportation Security Administration] apologizes for this employee's action," Markey wrote.

Zimmerman was told she had to take off her back brace for it to be screened. That meant lowering her pants and raising her shirt, which the TSA letter says she did "voluntarily." Funny how language works, isn't it?  

Both women responded by alleging that the TSA is still lying. "They asked me to pull my sweatpants down, and now they're not telling you the truth," Sherman told the Daily News. "They're lying," Zimmerman said. "I don't have a problem with [screeners checking] the back brace. I have a problem with being strip-searched."

More on the TSA's record of never doing anything wrong. And speaking of strip searches! 

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  4. Just another example of law enforcement being above the law. If it’s against their policy to do this, it’s a case of assault and battery, plain and simple. Forcing someone to pull their pants down and then forcibly touching them in their private parts is a crime, and these agents need to be held accountable.

    It’s no different than a cop who violently beats someone in direct conflict with department policy. And the result is the same: training, policy review, etc…with zero accountability for the assailant.

    Fuck these scumbags. They deserve to rot in a prison cell for the same length of time you or I would serve if we dragged a stranger off the street into an alley and did the same to them.

    But we all know, except a few assholes on here, that cops, government agents and anyone acting on behalf of the state operate under a different set of laws than the rest of us. What would put us behind bars and on a sex offender registry puts them on paid leave and in a classroom for training.

    May they all die a slow and painful death.

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        also, TSA aren’t cops.

        and of course sloopy is AS USUAL wrong.. not just in his opinion, but on case law, etc.

        dept. policies are often far stricter than legal requirements

        therefore, violation of policy =/= a crime (necessarily) whether it be assault or anything else.

        for example, many police agencies in my state have deadly force policies that are stricter than the law requires

        an officer who violates such policy can of course be disciplined/fired, but they have to actually BREAK THE LAW to be criminally sanctioned

        of course sloopy engages in the usual canards and false equivalencies when talking about alleged double standards, and of course ignores a metric assload of examples where noncops use force, and sometimes under LESS restrictive laws and policies than cops.

        that aside, clearly the TSA is out of control, and their policies have massive levels of fuckupedness

        but everything to sloopy comes down to “i’m butthurt… but the cops… double standard… waaahhh!”

        it’s beyond obsession

    2. So much for “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, eh, Sloop?

  5. the scary things stupid travelers try to transport in their carry-ons

    Do they even bother to try to pretend the people they confiscate this stuff from are an actual threat to the aircraft or the passengers?

    Of course, if they did, they’d have to expand Gitmo.

    1. of course not. TSA has a banned list

      if it’s on the banned list, by definition it’s banned

      TSA is not required to demonstrate that any particular passenger in possession of that substance is themselves an actual threat.

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  7. …”our officers were told that the passenger was wearing a money belt.”

    Money belts bring down aircraft all the time.

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      1. O.M.G. Ron Paul terrorists could be making money bombs right there in first class!

        1. The 1st link contains some good news.

          The new rules, issuedin September and October, tell officers “screening may not be conducted to detect evidence of crimes unrelated to transportation security” and that large amounts of cash don’t qualify as suspicious for purposes of safety.

            1. that’s an excellent ruling, especially considering TSA are not “investigators” in the respect that federal agents from the FBI, DEA, etc. are. they have a very limited purpose, and they need to be reigned in in scope.

              furthermore, any time/effort spend screening for crimes UNrelated to security necessarily take away from… security which is their ostensible purpose (although i think security THEATER is really a lot of what they do).

  8. They need to just get rid of the pilots and replace them with computers, then it wont matter what the hell people bring on to a plane. Although they might want to scan for bombs or at least keep an eye out for them.

    1. No, the solution is to get rid of the passengers. That would eliminate the need for all of this security screening.

  9. We truly regret these passengers feel they had a bad screening experience.

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    1. Unlawful detention, assault and battery, and other such crimes really don’t mean anything when agents of government commit them! You’re just suffering from Libertard Syndrome, an ideology that claims equality under the law is good. Ha!

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  11. Here’s one of my beefs with the TSA: When they find a gun on someone and trumpet their success, how is what they’re doing any different than the old security process? The 9/11 hijackers didn’t board with firearms, after all.

    1. Old statism, same as the old statism. Try hijacking a plane and flying it into a skyscraper when everybody on it is armed.

    2. they could have Pro L. You don’t want another nineleventy to happen, do you?

      1. They save us from 9/11 every day. Every single day.

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          1. That’s a common mistake. It’s actually just 818.18.

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  13. “It is not standard operating procedure for colostomy devices to be visually inspected”

    We’re sposed to smell the hell out of ’em.

  14. TSA, where Truth Seldom Applies, is now retracting their statement at the time that the proper procedures were followed is admitting wrongdoing after Senators Gianaris and Schumer threatened to staff the airports with State Police to monitor their screeners.

    The agency now admits that one woman was strip searched after lying for months and claiming that it didn’t happen but we’re supposed to believe this agency in the other two cases? Three women all reported being strip searched at JFK on the same weekend yet TSA contends that it never happened.

    It is obvious that TSA strip searched all three women in a blatant violation of their rights and Federal and State laws requiring a court order yet no one is being punished for this. This is another example of TSA’s utter contempt for airline passengers and penchant for lying.

    This agency has repeatedly lied about a myriad of issues and promised Congress that they would conduct independent testing of the scanners four times in 2011, as recently as October, only to renege on those promises each time.

    This agency is a colossal failure and the lack of accountability and responsible management permits these abuses to persist. TSA is far too broken to be reformed and must be replaced with something that actually works.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

  15. Proper response to TSA goon about the colostomy bag: “Yes, it’s full of shit, just like you. Want to taste it and see if I’m lying?”

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