Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, Talking Ron Paul, South Carolina, & Golden Rules


I'll be on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano tonight, talking Ron Paul's candidacy, South Carolina voters, and whether the "golden rule" should apply to foreign policy.

Freedom Watch airs at 8pm and 11pm ET on Fox Business. Go here for more info.


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  1. Let us know if John calls in and demands you say something nice about Santorum.

  2. Golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rule?

    1. gamboling for gold ?

  3. OT. But Obama plans to accept the Dem nomination at a full stadium just like last time. Am I alone in thinking this is nuts and will be a disaster in political optics? In the middle of a depression you are going to play Louis XIV again? Really?…..11099.html

    1. I think he should be carried in on an ornate palanquin. His feet shouldn’t have to suffer being touched by the unworthy floor.

      1. In an egg.

        1. I laughed.

      2. Sedan chair carried by OWS members. He can be dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh.

        1. ?Here He comes in His palanquin
          on the back of an elephant
          on a bed made of linen and sequins and silk
          all astride on His father’s line
          comes the King and his concubines
          and His nurse with her pitchers of liquors and milk
          and we’ll all come praise The Obama
          and we’ll all come praise The Obama?

          1. Obama!
            We love you, Obama!
            Obama’s just a vote a-waaay.

          2. Nice, your indie cred has been renewed for another year. I bet most of the students around you are blissfully unaware of non-MOR Decemberists.

        2. Sedan chair carried by OWS members.

          No way. That could be considered work and they have, like a work allergy or something, man.

          1. Yes, I somehow don’t see them exerting, you know, effort.

          2. They would drop him after about ten steps down the tunnel and then be replaced by low wage Mexicans.

          3. Now that I think about it, three words Gay Leather Muscle. I think four oiled up young men in leather loin clothes would be perfect.

            1. Umm, perfect for what, John?

              1. Obama. NTTAWWT

      3. Obama has the Melding Plague?

        1. Anything that touches Him, becomes Him. Beware His touch.

          1. Midas turned everything he touched into gold, Obama turns everything he touches into shit.

            1. “King Midas In Reverse” is different song.

      4. I might vote for him then, though he isn’t my idea of nobility.

      5. I am imagining an entrance like Xerxes in 300. Now THAT would be awesome.

        1. Racist!

        2. Oh, please not another discussion about fucking 300. I’ve had my fill of explaining that movie to idiots.

          1. My favorite part was Leonidas kicking the guy down the Pit of Rejecting Ambassadors. After that, it was kind of comic booky for some reason I couldn’t possibly understand, even if someone explained to me that it was based on a comic book.

            By the way, how about a Gates of Fire series on one of the cable channels?

            1. a Gates of Fire series

              I doubt anyone wants to make an entire series about your struggles with VD.

              1. I never partook, probably because of hearing a couple of friends discuss having a Q-tip shoved down their wangs to make sure they didn’t have one of the old social diseases when in college.

            2. After that, it was kind of comic booky for some reason I couldn’t possibly understand.

              Because 300 Spartans holding off thousands of Persians just isn’t a compelling story on its own. Get with the program, grandpa.

              1. Along with several thousand non-Spartans.

                Seriously, the gripe I have is that the true story is a great one, and it would be nice to see a movie of that, too, without all of the weird freakishness. I liked 300 okay, for what it was.

                1. But Hollywood figures that kids are too stupid for real history.

                  1. That’s why TV.

                  2. Hollywood figures right.

          2. What you mean a militaristic communist society from hell that enslaved and terrorized an entire other tribe of Greeks were not fighters for liberty? Well I will be.

            1. No, it’s mostly the gripe that Xerxes wasn’t 10 ft tall/they didn’t have flipper men executioners.

              The entire movie is a story being told by a fabulist in order to whip up outrage in a bunch of soldiers getting ready to fight. He’s exaggerating everything for propaganda’s sake. The enemy are decadent perverts, the cripple rejected by Spartan society is an evil Judas, all the Spartans are perfect warriors, anyone who doesn’t want to fight to the last man is a paid-off spy or a rape-y shitbag…

              Which is pretty clever considering the original story was probably an invention for exactly that same purpose.

              1. No, it’s mostly the gripe that Xerxes wasn’t 10 ft tall/they didn’t have flipper men executioners.

                What? Next you’re gonna tell me that William Wallace didn’t slay the English with fireballs from his eyes and lightning bolts from his arse.

                1. Braveheart was a fine film, but not so much accurate.

    2. The people who would be bothered by that would never vote for him in the first place.

      1. This time is different. Last time it was all hopey changey first black President stuff. That isn’t happening this time. He is going to look like a buffoon. It will bother a lot of people. And it will just piss people off and get conservatives out to vote for Romney out of spite.

        1. For some reason I do not understand, people are less offended by displays like that when it’s government that’s doing it. That whole “We are government” thing.
          If it were a private individual doing such a thing it would be a different matter. Like the Republican nominee who isn’t president yet. The media would lap that up.
          But for a sitting president? Not so much.

          1. His media lackeys will. But I think people want something calm and sensible this time. They don’t want 2008 again. They want someone who is serious. They bought into the hype and the show last time and got burned. They are not going to buy into it again. Obama is a failed President holding onto his election hopes for dear life. His entire election campaign is going to be “they other guy is worse”. Grand gestures from someone in that position will make him look ridiculous.

            Candidate Obama, the guy who everyone projected what was best in America on, could fill up a stadium and not look rediculous. President Obama, the greatly diminished one who has suffered four years of a bad economy and political setbacks can’t. He is going to look ridiculous.

          2. no, “people” are not less offended; media people covering a Dem president are less offended, even laudatory.

    3. He must figure (wrongly) that if it worked lat time, it will work again. Of course if he really wants to secure the Latino vote, he should go with a Mayan Temple motif this time around.

      1. Human sacrifice!

        1. Planned Parenthood likes this.

          1. Free abortions, to be performed on stage!

            Performance art!

        2. See Iraq and Afghanistan. Human sacrifice is ongoing and passe.

          1. Foul! Foul! We left Iraq wearing laurels of victory!

            1. We did. Saddam and the Zark man left it in a box.

      2. With all of the 2012 nonsense, that might be apropos.

    4. The difference is that this time around he’s going to have to pay people to show up and fill up the stadium.

      1. Yup. He couldn’t fill that high school gym in Shaker Heights Ohio. It will be funny watching the major networks work every camera angle possible to avoid showing all of the empty seats.

    5. Do you know what the difference is between an ordinary villian and a supervillian?


    6. This year’s speech, however, takes place during the eastern seaboard’s unpredictable hurricane season.

      Here’s hoping for nice weather.

  4. Rush 2112!

    1. or choose not to decide!

      1. Then you still have made a choice!

      2. I hereby choose not to decide on who to vote for in 2112.

  5. […]and whether the “golden rule” should apply to foreign policy.

    Is there any doubt?

  6. good grief, when does Napolitano officially announce his being a staffer on the Paul campaign? I get his support for RP, mostly because it is on display EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, to the point that the show has become largely unwatchable. At some point, Fox ought to send Paul a bill for all the pub the judge keeps giving.

    1. Why not? The rest of Fox ignores or hates on Paul (Called “crazy” this morning by a talking head who wasn’t one of the blond leggy ones.

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