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Virginia Postrel on the Anti-Feminism of the New Thatcher Film, The Iron Lady


Former Reason Editor Virginia Postrel's Bloomberg columns are must-reads.

This time around, she casts a sharp eye on the way the new biopic about Margaret Thatcher imposes a bourgeois dilemma on the life of one of the most important leaders of the past century.

Hollywood has no trouble with public women as long as they are hereditary monarchs, who have no choice about their role. It can deal with the power of Elizabeth I, who had to rule to survive. But the more democratic, liberal power that arises from the combination of ambition, competence and popular appeal—the power of a Margaret Thatcher … is more problematic. A grocer's daughter who becomes prime minister could be anyone (even if she is in fact an extraordinarily gifted person). Her ambition thus casts doubt on the audience's own choices, or at the very least poses an alternative to them. Some people do in fact die regretting their unfulfilled ambitions and uncompleted work….

In an interview with Collider.com, screenwriter Abi Morgan described "The Iron Lady" as a "very feminist film," noting that it had a female writer, director and star. She also acknowledged Thatcher's "extraordinary" ability to combine homemaking and child-rearing first with her legal studies and later with her political career. "What's interesting about her," Morgan said, "is that I don't think she felt the guilt that I think we feel. I think there's an inherent guilt that most people feel. The thing I think most women struggle with mostly is feeling guilty."

These supposedly feminist filmmakers could have portrayed Thatcher as an ambitious woman who had nothing to feel guilty about. Instead they chose to inject guilt where it did not belong. They obscured Thatcher's public accomplishments in a fog of private angst. The portrait of dementia isn't the problem. The way the film uses old age to punish a lifetime of accomplishment is.

Read the whole thing.


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  1. Nick should probably avoid reminding us about the better Reason Editor in Chief that he replaced.

  2. If only Oliver Stone had done the film.

    1. If only Darren Aronofsky had done the film.

      “Ass to ass! ASS TO ASS!”

      1. I could go for Jennifer Connelly as Prime Minister.

        1. If only Chi Chi LaRue had done the film.

      2. I want Kevin Bacon to play the gay hooker.

    2. He would’ve picked someone like Streisand to play Thatcher.

      It would’ve been horribly AWESOME.

      1. Make it a musical.

        1. Apparently they left out the Brighton bombing and the other IRA bombings, plus the “retaliatory” violence. And the action in the Falklands.

          You know who wouldn’t have made that mistake? Michael Bay.

          1. How could you leave out that?

  3. Thatcher was the Reagan of England. You hate her because the narrative says you have to. No further contemplation on the matter is needed.

    We hate because we must.

    1. Hitchens mentions something about how he viewed her a sexy, charismatic, and brilliant in Hitch 22. But, then again, Hitchens had a way of seeing the truth underneath the bullshit.

      1. Thatcher was well-known to be flirtatious and many men were drawn to her because of that. She used that very much to her advantage in politics and governance. She was, incidentally, considered to be a looker as a young woman.

        1. “She was, incidentally, considered to be a looker as a young woman.”



          1. She was a young women in post war Britain. I will let that fact speak for itself.

          2. Somebody’s work uses Internet Gambol Lockdown.

  4. “What’s interesting about her,” Morgan said, “is that I don’t think she felt the guilt that I think we feel. I think there’s an inherent guilt that most people feel. The thing I think most women struggle with mostly is feeling guilty.”

    What a horrible life that person must lead.

  5. they hate conservatives who aren’t sullen; it ruins their narrative.

    therefore, there must be some secret guilt thatcher hid that they seek to expose, or create, if need be.

    reminds me of the way they hated reagans cheerfulness.

    1. I was kid in the 80’s, grew up in the inner-city rust-belt and therefore pretty much stewed in anti-Reaganosity… but my goodness it was *nothing* like the hatred Thatcher got. We didn’t have popular singers acting out Reagan death fantasies that I recall.

  6. If Jezebel doesn’t do an article about this I will be disappointed:


    1. Is anything more annoying than children who are mouthing their parents’ politics? Fucking little dickheads.

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        1. fucking adorable.

        2. Is that what she said to Santa when he brought her crap for Christmas?

        3. In all seriousness, the little waif has never uttered a four letter word, oft heard by her parents. And I feel she’s going to grow up to be a staunchly a-political citizen.

          1. apolitical? No hypen? Meh, you get the idea.

          2. I love that she has you fooled at nine

          3. My daughter is 16 and I only discuss politics with her if she explicitly asks about it. That being said, I think she’s developing in the right direction all on her own.

            One night she was getting ready to take a shower when I told her that I had just put a load of laundry in. She seemed a bit confused at first so I told her all she would get is cold water. Her response was “Well isn’t that my problem then?” I felt pretty good about her future just then.

    2. This came up yesterday and it turns out Chuck Shumer is the 7 year old trannie Girl Scout.

    3. A 7 year old already identifies as transgendered? What, was he born on February 29th so he’s really 31 or something?

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        1. No you half wit. If you can remain a girl scout even after you are an adult. Who do you think runs the troops?

            1. No that is Penn State not the Girl Scouts.

          1. You don’t have to talk to it, John.

            1. Incif me, Warty

              You promised

      2. People buy these cookies thinking they are helping to send some cute 10 year old to summer camp when in reality they are supporting some useless non profit bureaucracy.

        Mmmno we don’t. We just want the damned thin mints. Who knows or cares where the money goes.

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        2. Then why do they do it?

      5. Only 15% of the profits from the cookie sales (not the proceeds, just the profits) go to the Girl Scouts anyway, National Office and local.

        You don’t buy the cookies to support the GS; you buy them because the Thin Mints taste effin’ awesome right out of the freezer.

      6. I only buy girl scout cookies made from real girl scouts.

  7. Here’s Mags pwning some commie Limey pukes.

    1. Awesome. But her last line gives it away. “You do not create a property-owning democracy that way.” Their intention is quite the opposite.

    2. Thanks, Warty. You can certainly disagree with some of Maggie’s positions but no one can deny that the woman knew how to put the boots to the Leftards.

    3. One of my favorite videos – I bet it isn’t in the movie.

      Did anyone really think a big-budget Hollywood film was going to cast Margaret Thatcher in a positive light?

    4. Thanks for that video.

      I’ll be in my bunk.

  8. Cry havoc and let slip the sweater puppies of war!

  9. I was going to say this much, but it looks like Postrel already said it in the article:

    In the days of the old Hollywood Code, female characters were inevitably punished if they strayed from traditional sexual mores. Today, female characters (and many men as well) must suffer if they violate a different, unwritten code. This new code declares that one’s worth depends on personal relationships, not public actions, and that sacrificing family time for the sake of achievement is nothing but short-sighted selfishness. Hollywood enforces the Gospel According to Anna Quindlen.

    Anna Quindlen is an unreadable, unwatchable whiny martyr-wannabe twat.

    This section of the Hollywood Code evolves from the liberal Mommy Manifesto: that career mommies are all so sad because the big, bad government and meanies who don’t believe parenting is teh most important job in teh WUUURRRLDD!!! are making their lives harder by not subsidizing their choices to have it all!!1!1!!

    In Hollywood, there is one true path to happiness: monogamous unions of liberals who produce children and turn those children into their most important little customers, catering to their every whims and leading them by their little hands to follow every costly and overindulgent trend.

    Movie characters who choose not to live this way are summarily punished.

    1. In the days of the old Hollywood Code, female characters were inevitably punished if they strayed from traditional sexual mores. Today, female characters (and many men as well) must suffer if they violate a different, unwritten code. This new code declares that one’s worth depends on personal relationships, not public actions, and that sacrificing family time for the sake of achievement is nothing but short-sighted selfishness. Hollywood enforces the Gospel According to Anna Quindlen.

      you know, I have to ask: what’s the difference? Isn’t it traditional that women have powerful personal relationships with no professional ones to speak of?

    2. Shortly after Andrea Yates drowned her kids and got away with it, Anna Quindlin wrote an article claiming that she and every other mother has secretly thought of killing her kids. I am not kidding. It prompted perhaps the greatest piece of internet snark I have ever seen.

      “Don’t worry Anna, I am sure they want to kill you too”.

      1. I accidentally watched an episode of “Cold Case” last night (I was too lazy to wake up my wife and get the remote out from under her) in which a young mother killed her small child (7 maybe) after grabbing her and jumping out of the bedroom window, because her landlord was a pedophile who was after her daughter and she heard him at the door. She was told that she wouldn’t have to serve any prison time after all she’d been through and I almost choked on my tongue.

    3. Huh? Liberals want women to be stay at home moms now? When did that happen?

  10. “These supposedly feminist filmmakers could have portrayed Thatcher as an ambitious woman…”

    Who defines feminism? I’m know that men cannot define what it is not, and woman need to decide what it is, and for themselves only.

    1. Fine, as long as women don’t get to define what masculin is. Fair?

      1. We don’t; we just know what we desire

        1. Cheeze Doodles and a return of Sally Jesse Raphael?

          1. If I could, I’d kiss you on the lips for that.

            (no homo)

            1. Enough About Palin, what do you do for Cheetos??

              1. If you have any, I’ll gladly piss in your mouth for them. But only if the bag hasn’t been opened or tampered with.

                1. so you like to kiss men and pee in the mouth of a woman; no wonder you’re a libertarian

    2. if you think you can categorize 50% of the population and make them fall in line.. to think if you tried to talk about what it means to be masculine among a group of males, they would probably just laugh at you and walk it off. fundamental difference perhaps. that ever tempting desire to generalize and homogenize is what’s going to ensure the number of creators and entrepreneurs–people not afraid to defy their own peers and make enemies of their own peers, not just of the opposite sex because that makes you popular among your own–will always be limited.

      i have no problem if ‘females’ ruled the world if this collective act advanced lives by the countless varying standards of individuals all over the planet–a standard by itself isn’t even possible by its premise. males don’t even rule the world. there are so many hard working and smart people in my field or profession, we slaughter each other to the end most of the time not even seeing each other’s faces and we don’t even care who’s what anymore.

      this primitive approach by many females to view world in simplified splits such as gender just speaks to your inexperience in what a fiercely competitive world truly is like–you will be too old to compete by the tine you finish with your aggrandized arm-chair critique, and thus rendered irrelevant yet again by old age.

      but again, i have no problem with voluntary contribution for self righteous females thinking they represent those other perhaps 60% women who are too busy doing actual work that the rest espouses without actual engagement, and i no problem if their effort improved the world. far from reality of producing an alleged leader like margaret thatcher however, whose record i have read criticism of but did not dwell deep and will avoid comment here, many self professed female activists are advocating for forced equal pay on companies among other things, which companies would already have been doing, if truly women’s output produced positive changes edging over men, as seen in service sectors, nurses, and other jobs outside of manufacturing and science, where women do have an edge.

      outside of these artificial regression some of you female activists bring to the society, i really don’t care what you do to yourself.

      1. yes two typos and now if you don’t mind i’ll move on to something more productive

  11. My main problem with her was that she ordered Torchwood to destroy the Sycorax ship! They were leaving! That was murder!!!

  12. “And whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way. My fondest hope for each one of you — and especially for young people — is that you will love your country, not for her power or wealth, but for her selflessness and her idealism. May each of you have the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute works that will make the world a little better for your having been here. May all of you as Americans never forget your heroic origins, never fail to seek divine guidance, and never lose your natural, God-given optimism. And finally, my fellow Americans, may every dawn be a great new beginning for America and every evening bring us closer to that shining city upon a hill.”

    1. What a great speaker. Whenever I hear some liberal nitwit drone on about the current idiot in chief being such a great orator I just want to puke. Love him or hate him, that is great oratory.

  13. Nice rack.

    1. No kidding. Who knew?

      1. Who knew?


  14. screenwriter Abi Morgan…also acknowledged Thatcher’s “extraordinary” ability to combine homemaking and child-rearing first with her legal studies and later with her political career.

    It is not reassuring for the veracity of this movie that its screenwriter thinks Thatcher studied law. She studied and received a degree in chemistry.

    1. …and then she later got a law degree, qualified as a barrister and specialized in taxation.

      Wikipedia, yo.

      1. BSR,

        The problem is that she barred in 1953, the very year her twins were born. So she would not have been “combining” legal studies and child-rearing: she would have already completed her legal studies when her kids were born.

      1. To late, it took me way too long to compose that comment. Curse having to actually work to earn my paycheck.

        Also, the good Rev. makes a good point.

        I had a feeling that this would not be a film that was worth a couple of hours of my life.

  15. As Ms. Streep rightly noted, Thatcher would be denounced as a socialist by the current Republican party.

    1. Bullshit Troll.

    2. STFU Tony. She spent her entire career making nitwits like you look like the nitwits you are.

      1. She would be a RINO at best–just look at her support for national healthcare.

        Same with Reagan. Neither of them would be acceptable by today’s Republican party and you god damn well know it.

        1. derp de derpity derp

        2. To which I reply with a big fat “so the fuck what?”

          1. So John, Mr. hypocrisy police, ought to loath her and not get to worship her, for essentially being as right-wing a politician as Barack Obama.

            1. Yeah, wait, why should I care that the Republicans have (according to you) gotten even more rabid about smaller government and welfare programs?

              I mean, is that your point — that Thatcher paving the way is a bad thing somehow?

            2. And Obama is basically W on steroids, that’s why I suck his cock by choice.

            3. Thatcher on self reliance

              I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand “I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!” or “I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!” “I am homeless, the Government must house me!” and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to help look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations

              She was a real socialist alright. Tony, thank God you are a queer. If you were straight there would be real danger of you polluting the gene pool with your stupidity.

              1. Overt homophobia and vulgarity always add something special to any argument.

        3. You assume we give a rat’s aft.

          You have my undying pity.

        4. She would be a RINO at best–just look at her support for national healthcare.

          Margaret Thatcher and many other heads of state joined the international policy movement of competition as a way to challenge entrenched, inefficient, and unresponsive public services in education, municipal services, and health care.15 Health authorities were changed from being administrative offices to being purchasers. Hospitals, community health services, and specialists became semi-autonomous “trusts” that had to sell their services, although most just continued as before under contracts with their health authorities. Switching from global budgets to unit prices and setting up markets was very costly. Mrs Thatcher also reconceptualized patients as consumers and encouraged them to be demanding. She then transformed the NHS from a public service for sick patients to a public system of purchasers and providers trying to please patients-turnedconsumers.

          And the left hated her for it. Hated her for it.

    3. Coming from you and Streep that idea carries all the weight of Maggie’s cheapest hat. The world has not known a greater loather of socialism and the current Repubs would kill to have her as their leader.

      1. Tony just likes to wear Thatchers clothes.

      2. Not with the beliefs she actually had. Same with Reagan. You don’t get to worship people then ignore what they actually did and believed.

        I’m terribly sorry the Republican party has seen fit to become ever more radical–to the point where it can never tolerate, ever, a tax increase (this is where Reagan would be expelled), but that’s something they need to work out.

        1. I’m terribly sorry the Democrat party has seen fit to become ever more radical–to the point where it can never tolerate, ever, a spending decrease or tax cut (this is where John F. Kennedy would be expelled), but that’s something they need to work out.

          1. john f kennedy also mentioned god a LOT , far more than bush, who was criticized by libs for it endlessly. read some of kennedy’s speeches

            1. Well, he was a fucking papist. What do you expect?

            2. You’d mention God a lot too if you banged Marilyn Monroe.

        2. If the Dems offered serious spending cuts in the overall budget (not the shuffling departments around that BO is proposing today) the GOP would acquiesce to tax increases.

          1. No they wouldn’t. And by get serious you mean decimate Medicare and Social Security.

      3. “Greater loather of socialism”

        Proving rhetoric is easy and accomplishment is hard.

        1. Again, all or nothing, I guess. Of course, she wasn’t 100% successful in her battle against socialism. Just enough to save England in the late 20th Century will have to do.

          1. WTF? I didn’t say “all or nothing”. I would have been happy with a cut in overall government. She grew government by 12%. Reagan grew government by 8%. If they’d cut government by 12% and 8%, I’d happily agree that they were moving things in the right direction.

            I guess Newt Gingrich is “America’s great loather of socialism” because he calls Obama names?

            1. Which means you can say nothing good about…any President since the early 1900s. Hey, if you want to go for a lack of nuance, you are “heading in the right direction”

              1. I never said there was “nothing good” about Reagan. There are/were good things about Obama and Bush, and I support those rare policies. But being good on one or two policy areas cannot forgive massively expanding government, spending and debt, especially when he was claiming to be against those things. Also, I understand Reagan had a Democratic Congress. Still, the spending required his signature, and the buck stops there.

                I’m not a hardliner anarchocapitalist by any means, but I don’t think any growth to government is acceptable. The rate, focus and scope of shrinkage is open to debate, but the fact it needs to shrink is not.

    4. Thatcher would have denounced the current Republican party as socialist.

      NCLB, Medicare Part D…

      1. “You want to have more English-style socialism? What a great idea!”

    5. Ms Streeps opinions on this are about as valid as her opinions on plant growth regulators.

  16. Because it’s so libertarian to lionize a nationalist warmongering, homophobic politician who grew government by 13%, used immigration limitations and enabled Apartheid to appeal to neo-Nazis in the National Front, introduced extremely regressive poll taxes, introduced censorship of controversial horror movies and supported central government crackdowns on organized labor…

    1. It isn’t “libertarian” to throw the baby out with the bathwater, either. Ayn Rand advocated war in the Middle East and wanted belligerence with the USSR. She was also homophobic.

      This criticism is pretty close to talking about Jefferson and slaves.

      1. It’s all or nothing for many here, heretic.

        1. I guess that Reagan cutting the high tax bracket by 42% isn’t noteworthy either because he was a Drug Warrior.

          1. No? How about growing the rate of government spending more than Carter or Ford, increasing federal outlays at a 7.1% clip, doubling the Department of Education and foreign aid, tripling the gross federal debt, halting the momentum of Carter’s deregulatory agenda, imposing new quotas, gasoline taxes and tariffs, massively expanding the military-industrial complex, etc. etc.?

            Ah he cut income taxes for the top percentile, therefore he must be a libertarian. Stop playing to Tony’s stereotypes.

            1. I am sure that tip O’Neil’s congress had nothing to do with all that.

              Reagan, unlike our current crop of Republican failures and cronies, actually had a major nuclear existential threat to face down, so he gets some (not a lot) of leeway.

              Ah he cut income taxes for the top percentile, therefore he must be a libertarian. Stop playing to Tony’s stereotypes.

              Perhaps you missed…all of learning how to read. Did I say Reagan was a libertarian? Quote me all fucking day if I did.

              1. The Soviets were no longer an existential threat in 1980. They were desperate for a truce in the arms race. The SALT treaty was signed by Carter, remember…they were already beginning to cry uncle by the time Reagan entered office.

                Reagan’s actions (particularly SDI promotion) helped to speed up their demise, but the situation was nowhere near as dire as what Truman, Ike, and JFK faced in the Cold War.

          2. It is noteworthy. There are many things to praise Reagan for. But Reagan should still be criticized for being a drug warrior (among many other things).

          3. Reagan needs to be criticized especially harshly by us because of the hagiography he gets from conservatives.

      2. I’m certainly not an orthodox/purist libertarian. I’m merely upset that she gets called a libertarian when, like Reagan, she was merely another corporatist warmongerer who grew government immensely and expanded the military-industrial complex.

        1. Who called either one of them libertarian? We debate whether Ron Paul, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, is a libertarian, for galt’s sake. I really doubt that anyone here said Thatcher or Reagan were libertarians.

          1. Wikipedia does, and the article in a libertarian publication is certainly very favorable towards her and her policies.

      3. ayn rand also offered fierce criticism of libertarians, and said objectivism was DIFFERENT than libertarianism.

        personally, i am not a randian. she had some decent ideas, but the rand worship leaves me meh…

        there are MUCH better political philosophers of libertarianism and god knows that just because ayn rand supported position X doesn’t make it right or wrong

    2. When said politicians rolled back socialism and government ownership and was one of the great voices against Communism, yes. And if there were ever any unions that needed cracking down on it was British trade unions in the 1970s. The stupid fuckers shut the entire country down and wanted to turn it into 2011 Greece.

    3. Of course, there is this:

      Thatcher was one of the few Conservative MPs to support Leo Abse’s Bill to decriminalise male homosexuality and voted in favour of David Steel’s Bill to legalise abortion

      1. Good Lord, she was pro-choice and pro-gay rights?

        Funny, isn’t it, that she couldn’t get in the door as a Republican these days. Even though she is one of their icons.

        Kinda like how JFK would be run out of the Democratic Party for his tax-cutting, warmongering ways. Alright, maybe not for his warmongering.

        1. You know how many baby mamas Bill Clinton starved?

    4. Thatcher was plenty flawed and far from a libertarian but one needs to remember that neither she nor Reagan governed as absolute dictators. They had to get majority support from the legislature.

      Although a Prime Minister in a Westminster sytem has a lot more power than the president in the US especially considering that Reagan was dealing with a Congress from the opposition party for virtually all of his presidency.

      Much of the growth of government in both administrations was in entitlements that had already been established and required mandatory funding.

      1. But the point of the article is not whether Maggie was an ideal libertarian but whether the film about her actually fairly presents her life story.

  17. Don’t read articles by “libertarian” warmongers.

    1. What war did she start? It wasn’t her that invaded the Fauklands. That was British territory.

  18. The squirrels over at Wikipedia must be like “WTF is up with all the hits on the Margaret Thatcher page all of a sudden?”

  19. would ANYBODY expect liberalhollywood to be in any way, shape or form, willing to offer a fair portrayal of a successful conservative icon?

    i mean. get real?

    compare and contrast with the motorcycle diaries, practically a hagiography of a profoundly evil murderous piece of shit.

    1. Do you remember how Hollywood loved ‘Che’, where Benicio del Toro played Guevara? The show spent its entire time lionizing a degenerate, murderous communist fuck, and it won at several festivals, took home a string of major awards, and del Toro dedicated what I think was the Golden Globe he got for his portrayal of the commie bastard TO Guevara himself… and he got applause for it.


      1. it disgusts me the liberal lovefest with che. he’s CUTE. we get it. and his look is ICONIC.

        i am not godwining, but it’s really not MUCH different from walking around with t-shirts of hitler’s mug

        it’s also ironic because people make so much fucking money off of his image, a man who loathed capitalism

        1. There was a documentary about a very successful, world-famous Cuban jazz musician who escaped during Castro’s rise to power, and he was laughing about how much he loved that the thing Che hated most — marketing in capitalistic societies — was the sphere in which he was posthumously used with most frequency.

          Also, Dunphy, that “Mao’s Kitchen’ restaurant in Los Angeles. Apparently, naming your establishment after a worse-than-Hitler mass murderer is cool! I mean, UCLA students told me so!

          1. …a warm, sentimental look at Heinrich Himmler’s early years on a chicken farm.

  20. You think Margaret Thatcher was flawed as hell, just take a look at the state of current so-called “radically conservative politics” in Britland right now. It’s a fucking joke. neo-fascists versus quasi-socialists versus outright socialists versus slightly more militant socialists.

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  22. As if Thatcher even registered as a woman to most people. She might as well have been a dude. She probably is. Half the British male population are transvestites.

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  24. Another Hollywood history hachet job. Yawn.

  25. So, as long as we’re on the subject of films about famous british people, I want to make a suggestion:

    Someone needs to do a book/movie on Charles and Camilla. It’s a made-for-hollywood tragic romance in the style of E.M. Forster.

  26. do you know Margaret Thatcher ?she was one of the most important leaders of the past century. and people call her the iron lady .there is a new movie The Iron Lady will talk about her legend and life

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