ATTN, DC & SF Reasonoids: Battle for Brooklyn, and The Tragedy of Urban Renewal are coming to an art house near you!


Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley's powerful film about eminent domain abuse in New York, Battle for Brooklyn, is starting a weekend-long run tomorrow at the Artisphere Theater in Arlington, Virginia. (Details here.)

My documentary short, The Tragedy of Urban Renewal, will be opening for the film, and I'll be participating in a Q&A after Friday night's screening. I'll be joined by Galinsky and Daniel Goldstein, the protagonist of Battle who fought a seven-year battle to keep his apartment after New York State conspired with developer Forest City Ratner to take it away.

As TBD notes in an article about the screening, Battle is "not just a New York story." As the The Tragedy of Urban Renewal reminds us, it's not a new story either.

Both films will also be playing at the Roxie in San Francisco on January 13th and 19th. (Details here.)

If you can't make it, there's always YouTube:

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  1. I didn’t realize Suki actually existed.

  2. If government can take land or buildings for what they decide is the betterment of community, will it ever extend to money itself?

    On the surface that seems crazy but when the Apollo Astronauts were given souvenirs of their exploits, and even saved hand-written notes, none could have predicted government usurpation?

    What if I had art irreplaceable art? Managed my assets only adequately? Forty fifty years from now will imminent domain aggrandize?

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