TSA Workers Can't Arrest You, But They Can Have You Tased


Remember last week, when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers wanted the power to arrest you? This week brings a partial solution to that problem: Handy sheriff's deputies with Tasers.

[Sacramento County sheriff's department spokesman Jason] Ramos said the incident began about 1:30 p.m., after the man deboarded a plane and walked outside the airport's secure area into the baggage claim area, then turned around and tried to get back into the secure area. He told the TSA agent who greets arriving passengers that he left something behind on his plane, Ramos said.

The TSA agent would not allow the man back into the secure area, and directed him to get a pass at the ticketing counter. The man returned to the security checkpoint with the pass, but reportedly refused to submit his bag for screening, Ramos said.

The man began arguing with TSA officials, and nearby deputies intervened, Ramos said. The argument turned into a physical altercation, and deputies used Tasers several times on the man before he stopped fighting, Ramos said.

The man was "taken to a local hospital for a 'precautionary evaluation,'" but don't worry, "no flights were affected."

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