Newt Walks Back Bain Criticism, Van der Sloot Admits to Murder, Clinton Denies Killing Iranian Scientist: P.M. Links


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  1. I love sloopy!

    1. Woo-hoo!

      And she knows I love her too!

        1. Depends on whether a movie adaptation of a comic book is playing or not.

      1. can I be the bridesmaid?

          1. Returning the gift 🙁

          2. What, you don’t want skid marks on the dresses this time?

      2. Get a room kids


      3. Sloopy, let your hair down, girl.

    1. Went to the kitchen to butter my biscuit.

      1. You do that in the kitchen? That’s not very sanitary.

      2. So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

      3. You people are sick!

      4. BTW, fried salami is excellent in a biscuit with butter and pepper jelly.

        1. Marijuana is a helluva drug.

  2. I bet I can figure out what Van Susteren is going to talk about tonight.

    1. Some dead blonde chick, same as every other night?

  3. Geez, Banjos, just because you won doesn’t mean you have to kiss his ass.

    1. No, no, she’s just rubbing it in, dude.


        1. See? Brutal sarcasm. I approve.

          1. Denial’s a hell of a drug, Epi!

  4. Joran van der Sloot admits to killing Peruvian woman; Natalee Holloway still a mystery.

    A real sick, serial killer MF’er, that guy.

    1. What’s the mystery? Does anyone doubt that Joran greased her, too?

      1. No body…

      2. Does anybody (family aside) give a shit?

    2. While his Peruvian trial wraps up, van der Sloot also faces possible extradition to the United States. In June 2010, a federal grand jury in Alabama indicted him on charges of wire fraud and extortion. Prosecutors say he demanded more than $250,000 from Holloway’s family in return for disclosing the location of her body.

      Yep, guy’s a piece of work.

    3. That piece of shit gets uglier every time I see him, but nothing else ever changes.

  5. Evangelicals fret over Romney.

    Lets see:

    Romney – Mormon
    Huntsman – Mormon
    Gingrich – Catholic
    Santorum – Catholic

    Why isnt there a baptist running this year?

    1. Isn’t Michelle Bachmann baptist? What about Sarah Palin? Or were you thinking of Walter Mondale?

      1. I was hoping for a late entry by Jimmy Carter, I guess.

    2. RON PAUL is a Baptist

      1. Must be the wrong sub-brand.

      2. Sorry…

        Evangelical votes and donations are already splintered between Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum. (Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, despite their second and third place finishes in New Hampshire, will not be under consideration at the ranch outside Houston this weekend.)


        1. In about eight more elections, I believe that evangelical socons will be natrually selected out of politics.

        2. Dumdumdumdumdum

    3. As a former member of an independent, fundamentalist christian sect, I have to think that… half?.. the reason Gingrich lost favor was that folks realized he had converted to papism. That is as bad, and possibly worse in some circles, than being mormon.

  6. Newt: My lame ass remarks would not have sounded so lame ass if Obama wasn’t president?

    Another buck passer for president!


    How’s that working out for ya Hope and Changers?

    1. They need four mour years to know what his true legacy will be.…..d,11188855

      1. Wow that link was a pile of stupid. It ceases to amaze me the level some liberals will stoop to in order to defend the Chosen One.

        Cars for Clunkers? Really?


        1. I know, a gay site listing his lack of support for gay marriage as a top ten reason why they’d vote for him.

          1. So yeah, when people say that a cardboard cutout could beat Obama, think again.

            When you point out to liberals that Obama fucked them, their retort is, “Yeah, but he did it gently and made it special”

      2. Also, don’t read the comments to that link like I did.

        I now has a sad.

  8. Wait a minute, did Newt just admit to coordinating a PAC’s attack ad? Doesn’t that violate Federal law?

  9. U.S. denies killing Iranian scientist.

    Like the Mossad needed the CIA’s help anyway.

    1. I worried about their confidence during the early oughts when they fucked up several times in Lebenon and Syrian but it looks like Mossad has gotten their mojo back.

      Uhm, given they are killing scientist does that make Israel anti-science as the democrats would formulate it?

      1. I mean, come on, interfering with government research projects, this should piss off every progressive who is worth his salt.

        1. He wasn’t researching global warming.

      2. Lebenon and Syrian

        Biscuit was laced with grammar destroying drugs, I tell ya!

    2. “Like the Mossad needed the CIA’s help anyway”

      Apparently, you never played ‘Mother may I?’

    3. What are you implying you anti-semite. Israel can only defend herself with our help!

    4. Neither of them are involved. It’s merely spontaneous combustion. Iranian nuclear scientists are the new Spinal Tap drummers.

      1. Maybe it was the Iranians themselves. Don’t fuck up if you work for the Ayatolla.

  10. The problem with killing Iranian scientists is that it isn’t one; in  effect our silence has given the actors a new series; kinda a perverted Nielsen ratings system

  11. “He was pointed at and persecuted. The world had been against him for five years before this case, for a murder he said he never committed and for which there is no evidence whatsoever,” said attorney Jose Luis Jimenez.

    Prosecutors objected to Jimenez bringing up the Holloway case in the courtroom.

    That seems a little backward. Prosecutors objecting to accusations of prior bad acts being brought up.

    1. Yeah if it wasn’t being brought up why would his attorney even mention it? Sounds pretty retarded.

  12. But there are still people who think Newculur Titties is the smartest man in the room. Why, America?


    1. Because to those people, he is.

      Wait, did I just other someone?

      1. Microaggression!

    2. Depends on the room, doesn’t it?

    1. This got covered yesterday.

      1. Conclusion: Liberals believe that government to its constituents are like a parent to a six year-old.

        1. Ironically, in order to fulfill these ‘obligations’, you would have to behave like the the childish independent person that is so detested here because the state could not function without the addition of resources you bring to the table as compared to the more mature minded parasites.

    2. I saw that earlier. Amusing concept of maturity and adult behavior that writer has as meaning to accept being treated as a child by the state.

    3. Yes, but the Paulbots have really invaded the HuffPo’s comments section recently. It’s amusing watching the HuffPo superusers get all pissy as they argue with Paul supporters.

  13. Jeebus. If I never see that picture of Newt again, it will be TOO DAMN SOON.

    1. Is he the guy second picture down here:


  14. Ron Paul campaign plays Imperial March during celebration.

    But will winning the nomination be as likely as hitting a target that is only 2 meters wide with photon torpedos?

    1. They’re not much bigger than womp rats. They’re about two meters.

    2. Awesome.

    3. Photon torpedos? You got your Star Trek in my Star Wars!

      1. Wait, then what did Luke shoot at the Death Star?

        1. Proton torpedoes. I googled it because I’m not nerdy enough to know that but still nerdy enough to want to know.

          1. Oh God, have I been saying it wrong all these years? (I’m more a Star Trek guy anyway)

    4. They were playing I Wont Back Down by Tom Petty as he came to the stage.

      1. Excellent choice, especially if he intends to Huckabee with Romney.

  15. The Catholic Church’s chief investigator in the sexual abuse scandal jailed for child porn:…..ia=siderec

    And yet they continue to tell us how awful it would be for children to be raised in loving LGBT homes. I think the Catholic Church is a greater threat to children than LGBT persons.

    1. And yet they continue to tell us how awful it would be for children to be raised in loving LGBT homes

      Wasn’t it the “loving care” of the church that started this mess in the first place?

      1. Yes, the ironic thing is according to a new study not only are children safer in lesbian homes than in the Catholic Church, but they are actually better parents than heterosexuals in terms of incidents of abuse:…..81624.html

        1. Well, I’m assuming that they are vetted much more heavily by the states. I mean, can you imagine the shit storm if one TEH GEYS!!!! murdered a kid under their care?

        2. There’s a link upthread where a gay person wants to vote for Obama again because of Obama’s lack of support for gay marriage. How will OWSers be voting in November?

  16. If I never see that picture of Newt again, it will be TOO DAMN SOON.

    John Wayne Gacy would recoil in horror from that.

  17. So, I know we’ve discussed kids shows in the past here (Phineas and Ferb is pretty damn good), but as towards the discussion this morning: You could do a lot worse for your kids than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s done by Lauren Faust, who also worked with Gendy Tarkovsky (you may know him from a little shows like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends) and it teaches solid lessons without being insufferably preachy.

    And, yes, you’re allowed to judge me for watching the new episodes on Youtube every Saturday. Haters gonna hate, and personally, I plan to just love and tolerate the shit out of you.

    As Twilight Sparkle recommends:…..of-you.jpg

    1. Also, any negative comments will be construed as microaggresions.

    2.…..a56/100179 – hearth’s_warming_eve hearths_warming_eve pyramid pyramid_of_the_capitalist_system rainbow_dash rarity.png

    3. So, are you a Brony?

      1. Eh, I’m not bad enough to have submitted a fanfiction, but I read those of others (there was a rather good Jeeves and Wooster based one recently).

        Apparently, without really meaning to, yes, is the answer.

        1. I’m not bad enough to have submitted a fanfiction

          That’s OK. I watch anime and write fanfiction. I don’t judge. 😉

          1. As long as its not yaoi fanfiction.

      2. In my defense: Fluttershy.

        1. Applejack is a boss.

          True story.

    4. My kids love Phineas and Ferb so I’ll keep this in mind if we’re ever hard up for some TV. They have no problem with repeats so far though.

      1. My kid likes it too. It is pretty funny, even to me. Which rather surprises me because most of the Disney Channel stuff in my opinion is not so great.

        1. I agree completely.

        2. I agree completely. (This message was just marked as spam a minute ago.)

        3. It’s because the writers of the show understand that parents are very likely watching these shows with their kids, and throw us the occasional bone.

          P&F is a great show. Best of all it teaches my children that being reckless is OKAY.

    5. I was shunned by furries, but now I’ve found my true family.


    Mitt Romney dominated yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, taking more than 39% in what was essentially a five-way race. (Rick Perry, taking his uncompetitiveness for Granite, essentially sat out the primary. He failed to crack single digit, though he did best Buddy Roemer, providing further evidence of the importance of debates.) Romney’s closest serious opponent, Jon Huntsman, managed a hair under 17%, while Newt Gingrich appears to have edged out Rick Santorum for fourth place, both men finishing with 9.4%.

    1. (Edited for content by reason moderation team.)

    2. Romney’s closest serious opponent, Jon Huntsman

      Excuse me?

      1. Warty. You know that Paul isn’t serious. Not like serious serious.

        1. I know serious, and Ron Paul, he’s serious.

      2. I can’t believe they really wrote that. Holy shit.

        1. Yeah that sent me into orbit yesterday when I read it. James Taranto is a dick.

  19. Rosie O’Donnell fishing for hammerheads:…..4900.story

    Everybody’s looking at this the wrong way. At some point she’s going to lean over the gunwhale a bit too far, and that’s the exact time we all want a pissed off hammerhead shark with a hook in its jaw swimming around.

  20. the U.S. condemns “all acts of violence”

    except, of course, preemptive strikes against Iranian nukes.

    1. The non drone-related violence at least.

      Robots GO!

    2. Peace prize, bitchez. We’re like the fucking Gandhi of international relations.

  21. Newt Gingrich = Pig Devil

  22. Kos fires back at Glenn Greenwald for being Paul-curious. It’s hard to pick a most-ridiculous excerpt to quote, but here’s a choice cut:

    But I’m tired of supposedly liberal people, mostly young people, who latched onto Ron Paul because of issues of war and civil liberties (and weed), and then IGNORE or even try to JUSTIFY his reprehensible behavior and views on all these other topics. Just look at my Facebook page for some intense debates with a former neighbor of mine who’s a big supporter of his.

    Greenwald would be better served to ask why Paul can be so prescient on certain civil liberty issues, and yet so dumbfuck stupid and blind on so many others. Though, again, Paul’s not even that good on civil liberties, because you can’t be a true libertarian and yet still want the government to monitor a woman’s womb.

    I would like to hear Greenwald explain how Paul would be good on civil liberties for women in the U.S. when he signed the Personhood USA pledge for a federal ban on abortion, not even letting “states rights” get in the way. Or how he feels about Ron Paul on civil liberties for undocumented immigrants, especially children brought here by their parents at a young age, when Paul not only is against the DREAM Act, but wants to get rid of the portion of the 14th Amendment that grants automatic citizenship to those born on U.S. soil. His civil liberties discussion seems to only focus on the sliver of civil liberties regarding detention, which, while important, is not all-encompassing.

    Oh, there is one dealbreaker for me. My candidate cannot be a global warming denier. Because all this stuff about civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights, civil liberties, the economy… none of it will matter for shit if we cannot physically live on our planet because we fucked it up beyond recognition.

    1. That last paragraph says it all doesn’t it? In the end, civil rights just aren’t that important to these people. They will gladly sell us and themselves into bondage as long as they get their pony.

      What a sad piece of writing.

      1. There’s much much more awful stuff there. Before that he claims that if Ron Paul were in BO’s shoes, he’d be droning and indefinitely detaining people too, because governing is different from campaigning.

        1. Because KOS cut Bush so much slack when he was governing. How do these people sleep at night.

          1. I should have specified it was a DailyKos contributor, not the person Kos who wrote this.

        2. Plus this idiocy:

          you can’t be a true libertarian and yet still want the government to monitor a woman’s womb.

          Libertarianism is all over the place on abortion because it comes down to a simple question that we all answer differently: at what point does life reach a point where it deserves protection?

          Trying to True Scotsmen abortion without providing a definitive answer to that is idiocy of the highest order.

          I think Bradford way back in the 90s in Liberty magazine said it best. Basically, there is only one legit libertarian position on abortion, and that is it should be legal up to point X, and after that point it is an initiation of force and is justifiable to make illegal.

          Bradford and I disagreed radically on where that point X was, but we were in 100% agreement on the process.

          1. The lion’s share of political discourse consists of people talking past each other.

    2. Though, again, Paul’s not even that good on civil liberties, because you can’t be a true libertarian and yet still want the government to monitor a woman’s womb.

      Yet another example of Kos being a dishonest, partisan, and, to use his own terminology, DUMBFUCK, hack.

      I don’t see the value in setting up a federal police force on this issue any more than I do on other issues. The Fourteenth Amendment was never intended to cancel out the Tenth Amendment. This means that I can’t agree that the Fourteenth Amendment has a role to play here, or otherwise we would end up with a “Federal Department of Abortion.” Does anyone believe that will help life? We should allow our republican system of government to function as our Founders designed it to: protect rights at the federal level, enforce laws against violence at the state level.

      From Ron Paul’s statement attached to the Personhood USA pledge.

      No Markos. Ron Paul does not want to monitor your womb with the full force of the federal government. He only monitors the wombs he’s paid to monitor OB/GYN.

      1. Just to be clear, this wasn’t the person Kos, it was a contributor to DailyKos. Sorry for the confusion.

        1. Dammit! I got my dander up over a mere contributor?

          I’m going to go polish my womb-monitoring predator drone in a seething, yet dignified fury.

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