A.M. Links: Paul Ryan Changes Stance on SOPA, Haley Barbour Pardons Four Convicted Killers, Primary Voting Opens in New Hampshire


  • Rep. Paul Ryan withdraws support for the Stop Online Piracy Act. 

  • Voting opens in New Hampshire; Romney currently polling at well above 30 percent. 
  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour pardons four convicted killers who served as trustees in the governor's mansion. 
  • Obama is prepared to strike Iran, says former advisor
  • American "spy" captured by the Iranians has 20 days to appeal his death sentence. 
  • Rush goes after Newt for attacking Mitt and Bain. 

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  1. Ron Paul unleashed! Whatever.

  2. Romney “well above 30 percent” isnt a surprise. If he gets less than 40, which he looks like he will, that is a failure for him.

  3. While some Iran analysts have suggested an alternative to military strikes would be to “contain” a nuclear Iran, much as the U.S. managed to live with a nuclear-armed Soviet Union, Ross said the analogy doesn’t translate to the situation in the Mideast. Countries in the region, he said, lack equivalent Cold War-era “ground-rules,” lines of communication, and a protected second-strike nuclear capability, which deterred a surprise attack during U.S.-Soviet tensions.


    1. From the BusinessWeak article:

      …”the Iranians should never think that there’s a reluctance to use the force” to stop them…

      So Obama is Obi Wan Kenobi?

      1. Please don’t insult Obi Wan like that.

        1. True. He represents the dark side. Darth Vader would be more appropriate.

          1. Please don’t insult Darth Vader like that.

          2. 3rd rate Sith Lord wannabe Count Dooku maybe.

    2. He’s basically saying that the US is a bully and a coward. We didn’t attack the Soviets because they had the ability to retaliate even after the first strike. Iran doesn’t have that ability, so we feel like we can do whatever we want to them.

    3. I *think* the “lack of ‘ground rules'” alludes to the supposed Muslim “bring on my martyrdom” mentality. The LOC and second-strike things I don’t understand. Need more coffee.

      1. Isn’t the decision to become a martyr by suicide bombing considered by radical Muslims to be an individual choice? Not something that would be hoisted on entire cities of one’s fellow Muslim men, women, and children?

      2. The LOC is probably refering to the Washington – Moscow hotline that was installed after the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as other line of communication (back channels, etc.) between us and the USSR. The second strike is, I assume, refering to our ability to retaliate with MAD should either side decide to launch a first strike.

        In the middle east the only other country with nuclear capability is Israel an noone’s sure how many warheads they have.

    4. More importantly,

      The cold war was fought by two dominant ideological powers that did not have a long history of mutual hatred and both believed that the superiority of their system would triumph in X number of years. So an unsteady peace served the perceived interest of both.

      That situation does not apply at all in the middle east, where the antagonists have millenia of mututal hatred, have a zero sum point of view and believe martyrdom is the highest achievement possible in life.

    5. Ross translated: the world is our Risk board and Iran is sitting there between two of our territories with just one of those little wooden pieces on it.

  4. A third party run by Paul or Trump with a side order of bomb Iran should carry Obama back into term 2.

    1. Have we won in Iran yet? 😉

      1. is it 2076 yet?

      2. If Pittsburgh can’t win in Denver…

        1. HEY!!!

          By the way Al, I have been calling shenanagins on you lately and have not seen confirmations or denials. I would appreciate a recap of all the trolling so that I can keep score at home.

  5. Rep. Paul Ryan withdraws support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    He supported it before? Dead. To. Me. The whole point of laws like that are to give govt a sweeping excuse to go after anyone they dislike.

    1. I was once a christian communist. Am I “dead to you” now too?

      Boo fucking hoo. The man got it right and you want to bag on him?

      1. It implies you arent very smart.

        How many of the 10 commandments do you have to violate to be a communist? I can think of at least 4 right off the top of my head.

        1. Even if you want to go NT only, Im pretty sure communism violates both of Jesus’ two commandments.

        2. Probably wore wool and linen blended into a single garment too. Heathen bastard.

          1. wool and linen blended into a single garment

            And the meat and dairy thing….did Jews officially invent protectionism?

            1. they thought it was cruel to cook a creature in its mothers milk

              1. sounds like a great excuse for economic meddling. so, they invented “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN” too.

              2. mmmmmm bechemel

        3. How many of the 10 commandments do you have to violate to be a communist?

          To hold the belief or to put it in action? Because the life of Christ can be described as a guy and his hippies going around and giving out free health care and food.

          Go ahead and name those four.

          1. Theft, murder, envy, honor F&m, were the 4 that immediately came to mind.

            1. I know that you fancy yourself a theological savant, but “honoring father and mother” is a big stretch.

              Communism does not facially require envy. The belief in communism does not facially require murder.

              There is a good reason why the economic encyclicals from the world’s largest Christian organization are primarily socialistic in nature. I know that’s difficult for Republican-oriented Southern Baptists, but you’re in the minority when it comes to scriptural interpretation.

              1. Socialism != communism.

                Communism requires the support of murder.

                And it does require envy. Socialism is all its forms is coveting someone else’s stuff.

                I figured Honoring F&M, at the very least, requires them to be able to will the fruits of their labor to their heirs as they choose. To do less, is to dishonor them.

                At least you acknowledge theft.

                1. And it does require envy. Socialism is all its forms is coveting someone else’s stuff.

                  Requires? It is a special order of dumb to say that the true believers in communism are just superficially envious. If anything, communists are more dangerous when they are legitimate altruists who have no desire for anything.

                  Communism requires the support of murder.

                  All I can say is “No it does not”, at least, no more so than libertarianism requires “support” of poor cancer patients dying.

                  You are hung up on the “force” aspect of the equation, which is something Christian communists really don’t consider. You should think of it as “Christian communalism”.

                  1. Communism involves replacing the state. The force is an absolute part of communism.

                    communalism may not be equal to communism, in which case, you werent a communist.

                  2. Rev B.M.

                    If anything, communists are more dangerous when they are legitimate altruists who have no desire for anything.

                    I have never seen a commie that didn’t want to eat.

                    Please provide evidence of this legitimate “altruist”…

                2. Socialism != communism

                  Better notify the old USSR of that fact.

                  1. All socialists are not communists. Do you deny this?

                3. Well, I did researching on Kibbutzim in Israel. They are mostly secular, and they also break up the family unit, as the family is considered the enemy of a socialistic society. No joke. Children are communally raised and usually sleep in a children’s house away from their parents. Parents are afforded little time with their children. So yes, they are not encouraged to honor father & mother.

                  Now, would that necessarily be like a true communist or socialist society? Absolutely. Kibbutzim are probably the closest and best examples of them working. But, they only work on the micro level, but not necessarily all that well. Still, the family unit is the enemy of communism/socialism.

              2. Republican-oriented


                My first affiliation with the GOP was in 2007 when I changed registrations from D to R so I could vote for Paul in the 2008 primary.

              3. RBM has a point. The Christian community described in the book of Acts is a socialist commune. In fairness, it was a voluntary commune–you could opt in. Once in, however, you had beeter not be a hoarder or wrecker (see, Ananias and Sapphira).

                1. A&S were struck down for lying.

                  But yes, it was a voluntary commune, which sounds like libertarianism to me.

                  Note, btw, that none of the other christian communities outside of Jerusalem organized this way. Nor did any of the Jerusalem contingent push for others to adopt the practice (unlike, for example, circumcision).

          2. Because the life of Christ can be described as a guy and his hippies going around and giving out free health care and food.

            Sounds more libertarian than communist to me.

          3. How about “thy shalt not covet…etc” In its entirety, that passage clearly supports the right to at least some property (for adult males of the tribe).

            1. How about “thy shalt not covet…etc” In its entirety, that passage clearly supports the right to at least some property

              Not necessarily. First, covetousness is a state of mind or emotion, not an action. A Christian Communist could genuinely believe that the teachings of Christ command support for communism without “coveting” their neighbor’s property. Sins are in the heart, for the most part.

              1. not a catholic i see

          4. Because the life of Christ can be described as a guy and his hippies going around and giving out free health care and food.

            At the same time, they weren’t forcing others to give up resources in order to make that happen, either.

        4. If nobody has anything, the coveting thy neighbor’s stuff one goes away, so there’s that.

          1. No, that one is clearly covered.

            1. I was going to make a joke about babushkas and being safe from coveting thy neighbor’s ass, but then I remembered how hot they start.

  6. Rep. Paul Ryan withdraws support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    See, he would have made a good president. We need someone in the White House who can eventually tell which way the wind is blowing.

    1. Arr! What become of act like an online pirate day?

    2. In a land of mental midgets, even a short man seems far-sighted.

      1. Said the blind man to his deaf cat.

        1. He’s not deaf, he just won’t listen.

  7. Not first, but here all day!

  8. Given that Ryan never appears to have actually supported SOPA, the first blurb would seem misleading.

  9. Kathyrn Jean Lopez: Who Says Conservatives Are Talking About Birth Control? Now, Let’s Talk About Birth Control!

    Rick Santorum is after your birth control, according to a recent article in Salon, which speculates that the surging candidate for the Republican nomination could make contraceptives of any kind illegal, if he were elected president. The problem with these headlines and comments is that they are untrue.

    What Santorum has said is that the 1965 Griswold v. Connecticut Supreme Court decision was a bad precedent, bad law. It declared a constitutional right for married persons to use contraceptives. Santorum’s is a perfectly sound opinion? Many of these headline foofaraws were fueled by his words to a blogger earlier this week, when he said that as president, he would talk about the “dangers of contraception.”

    But in recent years, we’ve seen the testimony of women who realize the damage that contraception has done in their lives, in their relationships? The family unit is one that can help keep us out of poverty and keep us healthy and happy. And the changes that law and technology have made in our lives are part of that discussion. Contraception may not be the priority of the commander in chief, but let’s not pretend it’s irrelevant to who we are and where we are going as a people.


    1. Has John not been paying enough attention to you at home? I wish you guys would leave your lover’s quarrels in the bedroom.

    2. If K-Lo was given a thousand miles of paper and a typewriter, she still couldn’t reach a point.

      1. Once in a while NRO goes on vacation and leaves her without supervision. That usually results in her going on a porn or contraceptive bender.

        1. K-Lo has a certain type of hefty girl’s indignation to pr0n as something that’s keeping her from landing a man wrapped up in Catholic rationalization.

          1. Her rants on porn are just comical. She is really angry and bitter her husband would rather look at other women than her.

            1. her husband would rather look at other women than her

              I can’t imagine why that would be the case…

              1. She’s certainly no rail-skinny waif.

                Which commenter here likes his women with a little meat on the bone? I’m sure sarcasmic will remember.

                  1. “soon”

                    I just threw up in my mouth, you fucking bastard.

                    *reminds self that you can NEVER trust SF’s links…NEVER…*

                    1. reminds self that you can NEVER trust SF’s links…NEVER.

                      No, this is backwards. You can always trust SF’s links…. to be disgusting and something you wouldn’t want to ever see.

                    2. Even after looking up the ‘soon’ meme I don’t see how the 2nd pic is any less appealing than the 1st.

                    3. I’m just impressed that the link actually went somewhere.

                1. She’s certainly no rail-skinny waif.
                  Which commenter here likes his women with a little meat on the bone? I’m sure sarcasmic will remember.

                  Suggest you look at SF’s link. She would be blessed if skinny were the issue.

                1. What cruel bastard gave her the job title “editor-at-large”?

                  1. KLO manages to be really fat but still be a butter face. It is a rare accomplishment. And then make up for it with a really unpleasant personality.

                    1. KLO manages to be really fat but still be a butter face. It is a rare accomplishment. And then make up for it with a really unpleasant personality.

                      The Total Package.

                    2. She looks like Sloth and is roughly as intelligent.

              2. Ewwwww

                Thanks for ruining my morning

              3. Gah! It’s like if Wallace Shawn and Rosie O’Donnell fused.

                1. Inconceivable.

    3. It declared a constitutional right for married persons to use contraceptives.

      Actually, rights are not Constitutional. The effect of Griswold goes beyond allowing married couples the right to privacy or whatever. It established the Constitution (and the government) as the giver and keeper of rights. Whether one likes it or not, the Supreme Court should not have heard the case as it was clearly a State issue. Instead, it opened the door wide to Federal intervention on everyone’s lives.

      1. This^

    4. WTF is Team Blue’s obsession with everybody’s junk? As much as these people screech about Christian Conservatives “STAYING OUT OF MY BEDROOM” it’s always your run of the mill Donk who seems to be utterly consumed with teh secks.

  10. Public school administrators once again trampling on the most important First Amendment freedom: right to a halter top.


    Somehow, I know Sidney will keep up her patriotic fight for liberty by dancing around flagpoles, especially from 10 pm to 2 am on stage 3.

    1. Id pay for a lap dance.

    2. I feel bad for the girl. I had to have a friend of a friend on the yearbook committee go to bat to get my senior quote in. Apparently, John 3:16 is fine, but half a stanza from “The Emperor of Ice Cream” is questionable. I didn’t even use the stanza about sex. Thankfully, it was in the Norton Anthology the school used for one of the English classes, otherwise, even my friend’s intercession wouldn’t have helped.

      1. Lush cosmetics has a body wash called “The Emperor of Ice Cream.” Wow, they really didn’t understand that poem, did they?

        1. No. Apparently, “Let be be the finale of seem/The only emperor is the Emperor of Ice Cream” was a satanic message or something.

      2. Spies, 18, and her mother Miki Spies, told “Today Show” host Matt Lauer that they still believe the photo best describes Spies’ personality

        Which is what? Aspiring porn actress?

        1. We can only hope

      3. Wallace Stevens FTW, bitches!
        I’m a big fan, but you’re one up on me. In high school, I thought he was a pretentious dick. Which he actually was, but I later learned he was also America’s greatest poet.

        1. In Hartford they’ve set up 13 granite markers, each inscribed with one stanza from Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, on the two-mile walk Stevens made each day between his home and his office at The Hartford Insurance Co. I did the walk last summer on a 100-degree day. I don’t recommend it. (I get paid to do these things so you don’t have to.)

        2. I always liked that he was an actuary by day and the type of guy who would pick a drunken fight with Ernest Hemingway by night.

          1. That’s not much of an accomplishment, Brett. Most of us have day jobs and would pick a drunken fight with Hemingway at night.

            But then, generally speaking, we’re a bunch of tendentious pricks.

            1. Poets have a reputation, probably earned, as nancy little bitches that might slap somebody in a fit of drunkeness. Punching it out in Key West with one of the figureheads of literary virility seemed cool to my 17 year-old self, and I understood wanting to punch EH in the mouth.

              1. According to Wikipedia:

                Stevens broke his hand, apparently from hitting Hemingway’s jaw, and was repeatedly knocked to the street by Hemingway.

                Papa Doble, FTW

                1. Like to me like he got his ass kicked.

                  “If you could fight any celebrity living or dead who would you fight”

                  “…Ernest Hemingway.”

                  1. *Looks like to me… sheesh

              2. you obviously haven’t read bukowski

    3. Brilliant move on her part, considering she wants to be a model. She got her pics and name spread all over for free.

      1. spread all over for free.

        I see what you did there.

    4. What I don’t get is why her mother is so invested in her getting this picture in her yearbook. I can understand why the 18-year-old is (I won’t into the actual advisability of placing this particular picture, but it seems like a perfectly normal 18-year-old thing to attempt). But to me it would seem like this is a perfect teaching moment for the parent(s): “You want to get this picture in? Research what you think should be the reasons it should be allowed and go crazy.”

      1. I think the Mother is angling to get the daughter enough publicity so that she can guest star on a reality tv show in which the winner dates someone that Haley Barbour pardoned.

        1. LOL. +100

        2. Or she wants her to be the next Courtney Stodden and hopes some horney old millionaire will see the pics on tv.

      2. If I were her parent, I’d be pissed. Seems like stupid arbitrary censorship. Yeah, they are sexy pictures, but nothing that pretty much everyone isn’t exposed to every day.

        1. The yearbook is a for profit venture at most schools. No one has the right to a yearbook, and some few people choose not to buy one. Since the school is in charge of the venture, their appointed personnel have the perfect right to decide what is and is not going into their publication. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can choose not to buy the book.

          1. Well, the school is a government agency, so there’s that. Even if it wasn’t and she had no legal case, it is still stupid arbitrary censorship and in my opinion she would do well to protest it and try to change the policy.

        2. I wouldn’t be pissed. I’d be rolling my eyes at both the drama queen 18-year-old girl and the year book staff. I do think both photos are “inappropriate,” as it happens, with the second one being somewhat less so. The yearbook is not the place for suggestive photos. They offered to accommodate her desire to attention-whore by selling her an ad spot. I think that’s all they’re obliged to do.

          1. Why doesn’t the yearbook just accept the picture and crop just the head for print.

          2. The yearbook is not the place for suggestive photos.

            Isn’t it? I mean, maybe it isn’t, but that doesn’t seem obvious to me.

    5. for being “unprofessional” and “innappropriate.”

      “Unprofessional”?? She’s a high school student. And as an aspiring model, those pics woudl be the very definition of professional, no?

    6. Another cultural instance of “FUCK YOU, DAD!!” emerges.

  11. Gangrinich was on Bloomberg this morning, talking about how we need to dig down into Romney’s record as a bloodsucking capitalist monster who destroys jobs and snatches purses from helpless little old ladies.

    The interviewer was apparently too polite to say, “So that means it’s fair to ask just what exactly you did for that big fat Freddie Mac check, right?”

    1. Gingrich is such a hypocrite. Socialists and Progressives are in the business of “making jobs”. The natural by-product is waste and debt. Capitalists are in the business of making capital. The natural by product is increased productivity (at the cost of unproductive jobs).

      You can’t say you’re pro free market and then imply that all jobs are sacred…. unless you’re a politician apparently.

      1. Fun Fact: combining peanut butter with jelly was once anathema, until a politician combined the two in a speech. Same thing with peanut butter and chocolate. And peanut butter and bananas.

        You’re Welcome, ungrateful peasants.

    2. This bears repeating

      Newt Gingrich

  12. In 1993, WLBT reported, Gatlin walked into the trailer where his estranged wife, Tammy Ellis Gatlin, lived and shot her in the head. The woman’s friend, Randy Walker, survived a gunshot to the head.

    He pardoned him. But let Cory Maye rot and God knows how many petty drug offenders with him. My God Barbor is a scum bag. It is just unimaginable that a person could be that stupid and craven.

    1. They weren’t all bad guys. One was a teacher who shot his principal.

      1. Seriously, how could anyone be so stupid and gullible as to let those people out?

        1. See Huckabee, Mike.

          I’m betting that the prison vets guys who are on the best behavior, weeding out the chronic masturbators and dudes with swastikas branded to their heads. The cons probably walk around on eggshells becuase they don’t want to give up the sweet gig of bussing tables after receptions when they can guzzzle down the last few drops of some lobbyists unfinished gin and tonic.

          The governor mistakes this for some type of Jean valjean redemption.

          1. I was a semi-regular reader and commenter on Oliver Willis’ blog when the guy Huckabee pardoned killed those people.

            The speed at which they lost all their “deeply held” beliefs in the corruption and racism in America’s legal system went out the window as soon as they had a chance to beat-up on a person in the GOP.

            Until some other reforms happen in the legal system I don’t think we should be so quick about questioning the decision by governors to pardon and commute sentences. Barring clear corruption *cough* Clinton *cough* of pardons we should keep open any option that could reduce unfair sentences.

        2. Maybe during their time in the mansion they convinced the governor they were wrongly convicted. And maybe they actually were wrongly convicted. It is Mississippi.

          But if not, if the governor just got to know them and decided to do this, can he not commute their sentences? Why so far as a pardon?

          1. If they were wrongly convicted say so. Gee maybe we might want to find the actual murderers then. And yeah, why not commute their sentences. And how can you do that to the victims’ families. If that were my daughter that dirt bag killed, I would fucking shoot Barbor.

            1. The whole thing doesn’t make sense if he just released them and isn’t planning on explaining himself. He has to know the shitstorm coming. And, out of politics or not, heaven help Barbour if one of them kills again.

              1. He won’t give a shit.

            2. maybe we might want to find the actual murderers then

              bwahaha…you’re serious? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

        3. Seriously, how could anyone be so stupid and gullible as to let those people out?

          Politics John,

          Someone related to that guy was a contributor or political ally of Barbour’s.

          Schwarzzy did something similar in CA last year.


    2. So, Barbour has decided for some reason to never run for Prez?

      1. Well I guess some good did come of this.

      2. That’s a shame. The Boss Hogg jokes were boundless in their possibilities.

      3. Maybe theyre blackmailing him. Found or video/audio taped something while working at the mansion.

        1. Ooooh, nice angle

        2. Nekked Goat Pr0n…

  13. Obama is prepared to strike Iran, says former advisor.

    I kind of hope Obama dos attack Iran, then we can finally update that old Barry Goldwater joke for the new generation.

    “They told me if I voted for McCain, we’d have a war with Iran. Well, I voted for McCain, and sure enough, we went to war with Iran.”

    1. I bet he does.

      1. I have two words for you:

      2. Depends on the economy.

        If a real recovery begins he won’t.

        If unemployment rises he definitely will.

        1. I surmise we are going to war with Iran.

    2. *sings* bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

  14. Obama is prepared to strike Iran, says former advisor.

    And Norway readies its second Peace Prize ceremony for Barack Obama.

    1. No way. No American, no matter how much he advances the statist cause, will ever get 2. The Norweigans can barely stomach giving one in a row.

      1. There’s still the Literature Prize.

        1. And Economics.

          1. If the Reps lose, Medicine, for sure.

          2. Is it really so wrong that I read that as Ebonics?

  15. A third party run by Paul or Trump with a side order of bomb Iran should carry Obama back into term 2.

    And we also get the bombing. Yay!

    1. But…but…but, he’s going to use drones and not people, and that is so much better.

  16. The interviewer was apparently too polite to say, “So that means it’s fair to ask just what exactly you did for that big fat Freddie Mac check, right?”

    Fannie and Freddie are good or evil, capitalist or govt, depending on the left’s needs at any given time.

    1. This. Pretty slick, eh?

    2. I can’t stand Romney. But for that fat toad who spent his post Speaker career collecting money from Fannie and Freddie to attack Romeny for working for a private sector corporation is too much for even me to stand.

  17. After WVU set 9 new bowl records with a 70-33 win over Clemson, West Virginia native Nick Saban becomes the first coach to win 3 BCS championships.

    West Virginia: All your college bowl records are belong to us.

    1. Worst title game ever. Worst title winning team since 1936. What a sorry game that was. It confirmed all of the worst accusations about the SEC and those two teams in particular.

      LSU’s offense is the flip side to Clemson’s defense.

      1. And yet LSU wiped out pretty much everyone else they played other than ‘Bama.

        That Crimson Tide defense is absolutely stacked full of NFL caliber talent. A whole bunch of them will be starting on pro teams within the next two or three years.

        1. Did you watch the SEC title game? LSU looked lousy in that game too. LSU may have been the best team in September and October. But they clearly fell off a cliff in November. Had there been a playoff and a rematch against Oregon, Oregon would have smoked them. So would have OSU and Stanford. Alabama against a competent offense would have been fun. But LSU was just terrible last night. Terrible game plan, dropped passes, penalties, missed blocks. Just horrible.

          1. Alabama against West Virginia would be a pretty damn entertaining game to watch I think.

            In their 13 games, the Tide allowed an average of just under 8.2 points per game. That is staggering for a team in a power conference.

            I think they have to at least be considered to be in the conversation for the greatest college defenses of all time.

            1. Who did they play? They played only one competent offense all year. For all of the crap that Oklahoma State’s defense gets, OSU had to play RGII, Andrew Luck Landry Jones and Tanneyhill. That is the top two picks in this years draft, a projected top ten pick had he come out and a late first round pick. Alabama didn’t play a quarterback all year who will play in the NFL.

              It is a good defense. But it is a shame we didn’t see it go up against a top flight offense.

              1. Don’t forget. Ok State shut out several offenses (Arizona, BAYLOR!, and Texas Tech, held Tulsa to 2 field goals, Oklahoma to one) in the 1st half of their games and put in their 3rd string in the second half of many games. Yeah, our third string is not all that good. We also held other teams to just 1 TD (Kansas & Iowa State). We’re not like a lot of other schools (*cough*oklahoma*cough*) that keeps their first string in to run up the score on their opponents.

                Not only that, but we also lead the nation by far in turn overs and were only behind LSU in turn over margins.

                Does that deserve +100 rank defense? Well, if you want to count our third string against us (which is fair), then yes.

        2. And yet LSU wiped out pretty much everyone else they played other than ‘Bama.

          Uhh..except for the first time they played, I suppose.

        3. It’s more than just the Alabama D.

          I think the Tigers were simply nervous. They didn’t look anything like they did not just the last 3 months, but even when the played Alabama earlier.

        4. And yet LSU wiped out pretty much everyone else they played other than ‘Bama.

          So did Clemson, other than WVU and GT.

      2. Worst title winning team since 1936.

        Dont speak of Oklahoma St that way.

        Also, Colorado in 1990 was much worse, but I refuse to even acknowledge their 1/2 of the title.

        1. Then again, they are called Mythical National Titles for a reason.

          North Dakota St won the NCAA Divison 1 title.

          1. Oh good lord. Are you saying North Dakota State would’ve beat Alabama, OSU, LSU or Stanford?

        2. Also, Colorado in 1990 was much worse, but I refuse to even acknowledge their 1/2 of the title.

          I’ll see your Colorado in 1990 and raise you BYU in 1984.

          1. Im trying to remember who that BYU team lost to….oh thats right.

            1. By that logic, Fresno State should have won it in 1985.

              1. They have an argument for it.

                Its why we need a playoff.

                1. Its why we need a playoff.

                  On that we are in complete agreement.

      3. It was ‘People of Walmart Watch a Field Goal Contest’ all over again. That game was the epitome of boring.

        1. The reason I didnt watch it.

        2. Best FB of the night:
          Elephant > Honey Badger

      4. Agreed. Just tragic.

  18. The Chicken Littles are at it again with their hysterical predictions. The lying shysters at the NOAA are now claiming that summertime Colorado mountain hail will disappear by 2070.

    At least this time they’re making the predictions so far into the future that most of today’s adults won’t be around to laugh at them, the way we can laugh at that stupid snow prediction.

    1. Just because we said that there would never be snow agian and a blizzard hit, dosen’t mean were wrong, it just means that you can’t understand the complex science that we refuse to release to the public.

      Anyway, how is that any different then those suppose psychics that predict stuff that will happen in 2100.

    2. Can you link to this snow prediction you mention? I’m pretty sure that whoever made that prediction was talking about England. No one has seriously suggested that there won’t be snow anywhere.

      1. He mentioned summertime hail, not snow.

        1. “the way we can laugh at that stupid snow prediction.”

          He mentioned snow too.

        2. As the owner of a very nice car if they told me that global warming would end hail, I’d be outside spraying a gross of Aquanet into the air this afternoon.

      2. The snow prediction was followed by a record blizzard like 6 months later. In England.

  19. Hekmati’s parents said…”Amir did not engage in any acts of spying, or ‘fighting against God,’ as the convicting judge has claimed in his sentence.”

    There ya go. Case closed.

  20. Mickey Kaus: “One tidbit uncovered in a round of investigative drinking in New Hampshire: Some politicos worry that Rand Paul’s many out-of-state volunteers may decide to vote in the primary, using the state’s relatively loose same-day-registration procedures. ? These would not be local crossover voters who are registered as independents and decide to make some mischief. It would be mischief-making on a whole other level. ? John Fund, call your office.”

    1. Just what is Rand running for? (I know its a quote)

    2. local crossover voters who are registered as independents and decide to make some mischief

      How the fuck is that making mischief? More people in NH are undeclared than anything else so that they can vote in the more relevant primary.

      1. You can’t vote in a state you’re not a resident of (with some exceptions like college students). He is basically, without evidence, saying that RP supporters are going to use voter fraud to win.

        1. So if he does win there is a built in excuse? They really are scared as shit of a Ron Paul presidency. Exposes too many thieves.

      2. He’s laying the groundwork for the fraud accusations, just in case RP wins.

  21. Have they released the ballistics report from the Ogden home invasion raid yet?

    1. No, just the Kraken

      1. unleash. one unleashes a kraken. the next person who suggests releasing the kraken shall have the kraken unleashed upon them.

        1. Maybe he was suggesting that Ramsay Bolton should have let Reek go. Or the She-Bear with respect to Asha.

        2. Sorry, but it is “release the Kraken”.

          1. You asked for it Zeb. The Kraken has been unleashed, expect delivery within 3-5 days. You can track your Kraken delivery online at UnleashTheKraken.com/myorder

            1. Cool, I’ve always wanted one. It had better be real and not that hand puppet from Clash of the Titans.

            2. Can you tell us more about the bizarre monster lend/lease program between the Greek and Norse pantheons?

  22. http://www.komonews.com/news/n…..08568.html

    CA: Feinstein’s daughter refuses to swear in Sheriff

    In an email to the San Francisco Chronicle, Superior Court Judge Katherine Feinstein said she didn’t want to create a potential future legal conflict should a case involving Mirkarimi be brought to her court.

    Feinstein is the daughter of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

    Mirkarimi is under investigation over allegations that he was involved in a domestic violence incident with his wife, Eliana Lopez, a charge that she has denied.

    1. How could a routine judicial act like swearing in a public official create a conflict of interest? this is like saying the judge who signed your adoption papers couldn’t also preside over your divorce.

    2. Superior Court Judge Katherine Feinstein said she didn’t want to create a potential future legal conflict should a case involving Mirkarimi be brought to her court.

      “And, I worked so hard to get this job.”

  23. Elizabeth Warren’s Sloppy Progressivism

    Nothing that she writes on moveon.org makes sense. What she omits from her discussion is every bit as instructive. Warren waxes eloquently about how “you” exploit us. But she never once talks about how we exploit you. That factory did not just get built. Building it required its owner to go through an elaborate set of permit approvals and regulatory obstacles. In places like Massachusetts, the taxes on capital and initiative have made it one of the progressive sink holes of the northeast precisely because, when it comes to innovation, it is possible to play the time-honored NIMBY game?NOT IN MY BACK YARD.

    At this point, the politics of you/us becomes too real, and we find that the factory owners are lumped with the dangerous one percent whose influence Warren is all too eager to curb. The former Harvard Law professor never bothers to ponder the dangers that faction and popular democracy pose to the creation of both wealth and jobs. She needs to go back to Harvard to retool her wasting analytical skills?and soon.

    1. It really says something, and not good, about the state of our universities that a mediocrity like Warren could be a tenured professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. In more enlightened times she would be lucky to teach at a community college.

      1. It’s hard to believe, but many of the lefties have convinced themselves that she’s the real Barack Obama, that if she gets into the Senate she’s going to be the one to save America.

        1. America is done. Save yourselves.

      2. Actually it says more about the stickiness of academic prestige.

        Harvard and Yale are but a shadow of their former selves; they’re coasting on name recognition.

        There are a lot of top flight serious universities in the US still, even some in the Ivy League still, but you really have to dig deep to discern which ones.

        1. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-50…..st-grades/

          Article on most/least grade inflation.

    2. Elizabeth Warren’s Sloppy Progressivism

      Even worse than sloppy seconds.

    3. “She needs to go back to Harvard to retool her wasting analytical skills?and soon.”

      That’s assuming that Harvard teaches analytical skills and that she ever had any to begin with. Both poor assumptions.

  24. Rep. Paul Ryan withdraws support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    It’s a sorry ass state we’re in when we’re reduced to celebrating every time somebody doesn’t screw us.

    I’m so sick of seeing liberty treated like the jailhouse bitch.

  25. The Stephanopoulos Standard
    Republicans can turn media bias to their advantage.

    A funny thing happened on the way to the New Hampshire primary: ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos embarrassed himself on national television with questions plainly intended to embarrass the Republican candidates. Therein lies a lesson.

    On Saturday night, Mr. Stephanopoulos stepped outside the role of honest interlocutor when he pursued Mitt Romney with the issue on nobody’s lips or legislative agenda: whether states have the right to ban contraception. Likewise, fellow moderator Diane Sawyer, who asked Republicans what they would say, “sitting in their living rooms,” to a gay couple.

    1. If there is any justice in this world, Diane Sawyer will be struck mute and paralyzed, but able to hear and see everything perfectly.

      1. To the pain!

        Two PB references, One thread

  26. Debate: Guant?namo, 10 Years Later

    On Jan. 11, the U.S. detention camp at Guant?namo Bay ? despite calls for its closing ? will have been open for 10 years. The politics of shutting down the camp are complex.

    What’s wrong with Guant?namo, and to what extent have the problems been fixed? What should the next Congress do?

  27. Rush goes after Newt for attacking Mitt and Bain.

    Hey, I may hate all those fuckers, but I’m an AMERICAN. How about you fucktards stay in Canada and worry about your OWN politics. Also, Neil Peart’s overrated as a drummer, he’s a HORRID lyricist, and he’s a distraction from the rest of the music.

    Max Webster kicks your ass.

    /border-state resident

    1. concur.

    2. You are entitled to your opinion, Mr/Ms Alma College Newspaper. Hordes of geek squadders in America dispute your minority opinion on Peart. We can agree on Max Webster however…especially Chalkers.

    3. Turn in your decoder ring right now!

    4. All that we can do is just survive
      All that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive

      Ragged lines of ragged grey
      Skeletons, they shuffle away
      Shouting guards and smoking guns
      Will cut down the unlucky ones

      I clutch the wire fence until my fingers bleed
      A wound that will not heal
      A heart that cannot feel
      Hoping that the horror will recede
      Hoping that tomorrow we’ll all be freed

      Sickness to insanity
      Prayer to profanity
      Days and weeks and months go by
      Don’t feel the hunger
      Too weak to cry

      I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate
      Are the liberators here?
      Do I hope or do I fear?
      For my father and my brother, it’s too late
      But I must help my mother stand up straight

      Are we the last ones left alive?
      Are we the only human beings to survive?

      1. I’ve always thought Grace Under Pressure was particularly good lyrically.

  28. David Brook: Where Are the Liberals?

    Given the circumstances, this should be a golden age of liberalism. Yet the percentage of Americans who call themselves liberals is either flat or in decline. There are now two conservatives in this country for every liberal. Over the past 40 years, liberalism has been astonishingly incapable at expanding its market share.

    The most important explanation is what you might call the Instrument Problem. Americans may agree with liberal diagnoses, but they don’t trust the instrument the Democrats use to solve problems. They don’t trust the federal government.


    Why don’t Americans trust their government? It’s not because they dislike individual programs like Medicare. It’s more likely because they think the whole system is rigged. Or to put it in the economists’ language, they believe the government has been captured by rent-seekers.

    This is the disease that corrodes government at all times and in all places. As George F. Will wrote in a column in Sunday’s Washington Post, as government grows, interest groups accumulate, seeking to capture its power and money.

    1. It’s not because they dislike individual programs like Medicare

      No, David…hang on right there, cause…see, you’re WRONG…

      What a fuckstain.

    2. It’s more likely because they think realize the whole system is rigged. Or to put it in the economists’ language, they believe realize the government has been captured by rent-seekers.

      Not everybody, of course. But we’re ahead of the curve. Imagine, just now the Europeans have realized the EU will fuck them royally, and they can no longer do a damn thing about it.

      1. More often than not by the time any nation’s citizens realize how badly they are/ will get fucked its too late. Then all they can do is bend over, grab their ankles and hope they at least get the god damn common courtesy of a reach around.

  29. http://www.themoralliberal.com…..un-owners/

    Romney, Huntsman Stonewall Gun Owners

    As New Hampshire voters get set to head to the polls, Mitt and Jon Huntsman continue to ignore requests from gun owners that he return the GOA candidate questionnaire.

    Thank to your efforts, we’ve heard from most of the Republican candidates, including Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. But Romney and Huntsman continue to turn a deaf ear to the Second Amendment community.

    Romney’s stonewalling is no surprise. After all, he is on record supporting a semi-auto ban and waiting periods for gun purchases. Still, he has the audacity to travel around the country claiming to be a supporter of the Second Amendment.

  30. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=48660

    The civilian disarmament crowd at the Brady Campaign is promoting nationwide candlelight vigils on Sunday to “honor victims of gun violence” and call for more gun control laws.

    They chose Sunday for the candle lighting campaign because it’s the one-year anniversary of the shooting in Tucson, Az., that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D.-Az.) seriously wounded. Hey, if you’re going to exploit a tragedy for political gain, may as well get a two-fer, right?

    Thankfully there will be no vigil at the Oklahoma home of Sarah McKinley, who on New Years Eve shot and killed a knife-wielding man who broke into her residence.



  31. http://www.seacoastonline.com/…..-201100310

    NH: Why do Republicans back dangerous gun bills?

    Republicans seem to consider the Second Amendment to be part of the Ten Commandments. That is, no matter how outlandish, nonsensical, and just plain dangerous a bill regarding guns, members of the GOP overwhelmingly support it. Several important bills dealing with firearms recently came before the State House. House Bill 334 gives the Legislature sole authority to regulate guns on public land or in publicly owned or financed buildings. HB 536 would do away with gun permitting.


    Without a state-issued plastic card, INSURRECTIONIST MILITIA HATE BLACKS AND GAYS

    1. Well, those first ten amendments are kind of ‘Thou Shalt Nots’ for governments…

    2. And our asshole governor is going to veto the new laws. I would most like to see the permot requirement lifted for concealed carry (the only thing you need any sort of permit for in NH). And the people opposing it talk about it as if we would be entering new and dangerous territory. But VT, and similar and nearby state, has no permit requirement and seems to do just fine that way. Fuck John Lynch. I hope they have enough to override that cocksucker. He also vetoed medical MJ twice and repeal of the death penalty.

      1. Let’s hope a Free Stater gets the governorship in New Hampshire soon.

        And kudos on living in one of the good states. Make sure the Massholes don’t fuck with you, eh?

      2. But VT, and similar and nearby state, has no permit requirement and seems to do just fine that way.

        Actually no, they get fucked over for reciprocity purposes.

        1. So does NH. NH permits aren’t good in Maine or Mass or NY. Under the new law, NH woudl continue to issue permits for just this reason.

          But what I meant was that VT does fine in terms of the scary things opponents of the law say will happen.

        2. I think that’s a problem of the rest of those states requiring permits and not VT’s for not requiring them when shall not be infringed means what it means.

    3. Getting a CCW permit is a very small burden in shall issue states (like NH).

      The state has a legitimate public safety interest in making sure people carrying concealed are not the sort that’s likely to commit violent crimes and, imho, are familiar with how to carry and use their weapon in a safe manner.

      Again, this is not a significant burden.

      1. are familiar with how to carry and use their weapon in a safe manner.

        Most of my CCW class was about deadly force laws and how not to get sued and/or arrested. The actual, physical mechanics of carry and use took next to no time. If you’re counting on the license to ensure ‘carry in a safe manner’, you might wanna rethink that position a wee tad bit.

        I carry safely because I’m amazingly fond of my own anatomy and stuff, and don’t much want to lose any of it because of a negligent discharge.

      2. There is no training or knowledge required for the NH permit. Realistically, the only way you are denied a permit in NH is if you have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence or have well documented mental health problems. All you do is go thought the usual checklist of federal requirements that you see when you buy a gun and provide two references (so I guess you have to know 2 people who don’t think you are dangerously insane). The NH constitution has a very clear and strong gun rights provision.

  32. Typical, Reason yet again ignores the fact that Barack Obama outpolled every single Republican candidate. Even in Dixville Notch.

    Instead it’s all GOP all the time, with extra special love for Mitt “I love firing people” Romney.

    1. http://img545.imageshack.us/im…..munist.jpg

      Or, in case you’re just a run-of-the-mill asshole:


      1. Typical. Facts pointed out, libertopian lashes out at the person directing him towards reality.

        1. derp de derpity derp

        2. Who the fuck said I was a libertarian? For all you know, I’m a Bachmann conservative. People who are full of shit are full of shit, and when that’s pointed out, it doesn’t really matter who calls you on your bullshit is.

        3. Typical. Left-wing sperglord acts like a left-wing sperglord.

    2. Ooo, mean Mister Romney. His job was to provide welfare for a bunch of employees and instead the brute went and streamlined the company just for spite.

    3. ??

      Yeah, reason has a lot of good things to say about Romney. How stupid to pay attention to the Republicans when there are primaries going on and the Democrat is running uncontested.

      Barack Obama outpolled every single Republican candidate
      That makes no sense. Obama isn’t running as a republican.

    4. It’s funny how Romney gets the most shit when he says somewhat intelligent things like that it is good to be able to fire people who fail to perform and that corporations are made up of people.

      1. But people are entitled to a job if they are incompetent fuck-tards aren’t they? And coporations are made up of people? How can we transform the country into a worker’s paradise if you capitalist pigs keep insisting on being able to fire the morons?

  33. Another Patient of Dr. Paul Comes Forward

    With all the concentrated efforts by mainstream media aimed at trying to turn voters against Ron Paul, his patients are courageously coming forward wanting to fire back and tell the American people about the real Dr. Ron Paul.

    In response to a recent article regarding one of Dr. Paul’s former patients, another gentleman has come forward and graciously allowed me to tell his story. In that past article, I had attempted to tell the other side of the story regarding Dr. Paul’s commitment throughout his medical career of not accepting a penny from government-funded healthcare programs. The other side of that story was that he did not turn these patients away, instead he showed honorable charity and accepted them as patients by providing his services free of charge.

    It was 1984 in Austin, TX and a young couple were awaiting the arrival of their baby girl. Robert and his wife were still attending High School at the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. They had tried to get help through the hospital there but he states that back then the hospital did not accept programs like Medicaid. Shortly after their visit, they received a call from Dr. Ron Paul. Even though he was still finishing his term in Congress before returning to practicing medicine full-time, he agreed to become their Doctor and told them that they would not be billed for his services.

    But he’s a crazy dude! And the newzloiters! The newzloiters!

    1. But he’s a crazy dude! And the newzloiters! The newzloiters!

      He also likes puppies and kittens, and is proud of his granddaughter.

  34. http://www.salon.com/2012/01/0…..singleton/

    NH: GOP candidates in New Hampshire seem to have forgotten the state’s motto

    One might expect conservatives to unite against this trend. The specter of the government turning its military force against the people helped drive conservatives’ support for an individual right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. Yet most of the candidates seem unconcerned about indefinite military detention for U.S. citizens. Three of them (Romney, Perry and Santorum) have praised the government’s execution, without trial and based on secret information, of U.S. citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki.


    Constitution? What the fuck is a constitution?

    1. They’re called attributes. Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

      lrn2D&D, noob.

      1. Wow, thanks a bunch for making me feel like a total moron on gaming and D&D. You LOVE to put people down, don’t you?

        *Dyes hair black and pierces every inch of skin.*

        I like to cut myself.

        *Fuck the world.*

        1. I’ll give you something to cry about, Emo boy.

        2. You LOVE to put people down, don’t you?

          I blame my low CHA stat.

          1. wanna borrow my +10CHA Ron Paul tunic?

          2. And I have always wondered what the THACO on Romney’s hair is.

            1. Don’t you mean AC?

              1. I view “The Doo” as a weapon. But it does have deffensive properties as well. Just like Bob Dole’s pen.

        3. I bet you play White Wolf!

          1. Bite your tongue! No true libertarian would ever go the gay vampie route.

      2. Actually, they’re called ability scores you fucking tool. 😉

    2. 1 man’s constitution is another man’s toilet paper.

  35. Obama is prepared to strike Iran, says former advisor.

    Just in time for the pre-election debates, no doubt.

    1. he’s going all in and flanking the field (sans RP).

  36. they don’t trust the instrument the Democrats use to solve problems. They don’t trust the federal government.




  37. http://www.examiner.com/gun-ri…..st-furious

    “New documents obtained from the Justice Department Thursday prove that the administration knew that guns were being walked as part of Operation Fast and Furious, Senator Charles Grassley said in a press release, and then he reiterated his call for Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer to resign.” …


    Is treason still a capital crime, or what?

    1. Grassley really doesn’t want to set a precedent there.

  38. Penis Tattoo Leads to Permanent Erection

    A 21-year-old Iranian man has a permanent semi-erection after having “borow be salaamat” (good luck with your journeys) and the letter “M” (his girlfriend’s initial) tattooed on his penis.

    The man, whose name is unknown, was diagnosed with nonischemic priapism ? a condition resulting from the inability of blood to exit the penis. His case was detailed in the latest issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

    1. Ouch.

      1. To ‘Blue eyes crying in the Rain’.

        In that region down yonder there’s a lot of hurting

        Blue balls banging, in pain.

        Blue balls banging, in pain.

    2. I think they should execute his girlfriend.

      1. They probably will. It’s her fault that blood rushed to his cock in the first place, the impure harlot.

  39. http://www.google.com/hostedne…..590c24c544

    Santorum faces skeptics as he seeks votes in NH

    “Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum faced skepticism about his support for gun rights … Thursday, all the while emphasizing a conservative record that he acknowledges is imperfect.” …

    “‘What assurances can you give New Hampshire voters that you’re not going to strip us of our Second Amendment rights?’ one voter pointedly asked him in Tilton.”

    “The voter cited Santorum’s past endorsement of Arlen Specter, a former Pennsylvania senator who … had supported restrictions.”

    “Santorum said he was a supporter of gun owners’ rights and took his son hunting during a recent trip to Iowa. …” …

    Submitter’s Note: As Kurt Hofmann points out here, Santorum’s anti-gun record is hardly restricted to supporting Sen. Specter.
    And seriously, bird hunting? We’re supposed to think he supports our natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional rights when he equates them with bird hunting?

    Sphinctorum strikes the netherworld!

    1. And seriously, bird hunting? We’re supposed to think he supports our natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional rights when he equates them with bird hunting?

      Right, he should have taken Junior to the rough part of Davenport and self-defended some quad city gangbangers.

      1. Yeah, it’s not like there’s an ocean of difference between “I support gun rights” and “I’ve been hunting before.”

    2. Why is it that every time one of these idiot gun grabbers gets tripped up on his 2d Amendment record, he automatically goes for the pro-hunting canard? They’re not fooling any of us…

  40. http://dailycaller.com/2012/01…..itutional/

    Obama to Congress; I’ll decide what’s constitutional

    … “In other words: ‘Congress may pass laws, but I decide which of its laws are constitutional and which I can simply choose to ignore.'”

    “Of course, the Constitution doesn’t actually give the president this power, but Obama won’t allow a little thing like the U.S. Constitution get in his way. And in the present case, Congress is right to try to prevent him from using a federal health agency, not to mention our tax dollars, as a weapon in his ongoing war against the Second Amendment. As The Washington Times reports, NIH has wasted over $5 million since 2002 producing deceptive studies aimed at furthering gun control ? including one study that tried ‘to prove that a home without firearms was essential to a child’s safety and well-being.'” …

    1. Sounds familiar, almost like a Bush I once knew

    2. The president does thave the power to declare laws unconstitutional…its called the veto.

    3. Obama: “I am the law”

  41. Santorum is still sore from back in high school when kids made scrotum jokes using his last name.

    1. Having no power over my tormentors is why i developed a strong belief in invisible all powerful beings who can smite my enemies for me.

      1. Can? Will, mofo, will. For that is the Lord’s promise unto you – yea, He will take time out from his busy schedule to punish those that would mock his anointed and hold him in derision. He will keep His covenant with you and all who don the sweater vest, and protect them from their enemies. Never will He counsel them to harden the fuck up.

  42. Now, Congressman Paul, you are not seriously suggesting there are plans to bomb Iran. Take that back, or i’m going to get super extra scoldy on you. Fear my frowny brows!

  43. Can we please get that going one time, now, that would really be cool!


    1. A kinder gentler anonbot? Must be putting all it’s resource forks into RomenyBot for the primaries, no time for H&R work.

  44. http://www.opposingviews.com/i…..ights-feds

    Local Sheriffs Protecting People’s Gun Rights from Feds

    “I have reported earlier that sheriffs in New Mexico are threatening to arrest federal agents if they attempt to enforce unconstitutional federal acts in contravention of state law.”

    “The even better news is that sheriffs in other states are doing the same. Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana has told Food and Drug Administration agents they will be arrested if they go on Amish farmer David Hochstetler’s land. Having falsely alleged that raw, unpasteurized milk sold by Hochstetler had caused several cases of food poisoning, the FDA filed a complaint in federal court to support their attack on the farmer.” …


    I shat bricks

    1. “Rogers’s communication to the feds seemed to have been quite convincing: “Any further attempts to inspect this farm without a warrant signed by a local judge, based on probable cause, will result in Federal inspectors’ removal or arrest for trespassing by my officers or I.” The feds have gotten used to acting without due process — in this case, that means not bothering to get a search warrant”


    2. I keep hoping that something like this will happen. Would be cool to see something like this go down in a medical MJ state.

      1. “The threat of incarceration led the feds to withdraw their complaint against Hochstetler. This was even after US Department of Justice attorney Ross Goldstein emailed the Sheriff that he would be arrested if he protected Hochstetler. When Sheriff Rogers refused to back down, the FDA cried uncle.”

        Stereotypical bully fucks — get confronted, bitch to daddy in DC

    3. Arrest this Predator drone, bitch.

    4. Best thing I’ve read in a long time.

  45. I did a little reading up on the yearbook photo crisis. The best part was some hyperventilating idiot (female) newspaper columnist in New Jersey, who claims an eighteen year old girl is a minor. And she is apparently “being exploited” because she herself wants that photo in the yearbook. And- Zog forbid anybody of any age should admit teenagers are sexually aware, or might actually enjoy their sexuality.

    1. If 18-year-old tarts can’t put photos of themselves in bikinis and lingerie in the school yearbook, are we truly a free society?

    2. She has her whole life of vapid, self-absorption in front of her.

      1. You seem to have inadvertantly dropped a comma there.

    3. I did a little reading up on the yearbook photo crisis.

      And yet, your sanity seems intact. Hmmmm.

      1. ‘Reading up on the yearbook photo crisis’ plays better with Mrs. Brooks than ‘searching the web for pictures of an 18-yo skank’.

  46. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d85_1325614279

    NY: Cops Caught Apparently Planting Evidence

    “Here’s a video of two Utica, N.Y. police officers searching a car during a traffic stop. At 1:02, one officer pulls a small baggie of something out of his pocket and ducks into the car; at 1:31, he emerges again, holding the same baggie. Oops!”

    “The video was obtained by the Utica Phoenix, which goes to great lengths to avoid specifically accusing the officers of evidence-planting. We understand! The cops are only ‘apparently’ planting evidence: it’s also possible that they just completely and egregiously mishandled the evidence they found. Utica cops also ‘apparently’ really good at finding drugs on the property of black residents:” …



    1. No, they were two different bags. The first was his standard-issue fake drugs bag, which he needs as a reference when identifying drugs. This was introduced after the previous drug identification method – smoke / snort /inject the suspect substance – led to too many oregano overdoses.

  47. Well, well, well. The games are done. The picks are in, and the results are shocking. That’s right, I’m talking about the Reason H&R College Bowl Pick-Em. And the winner is………Banjos!

    That’s right, men. We all got beat by the lovely Banjos, who came in with an impressive 27 wins. (I hear the number would have been 28 had she not been talked into a Northwestern pick by a family member.) Kudos to Citizen Nothing for his solid second place showing. Fletch picking up the bronze and a three-way tie for 4th (heller, Voros McCracken and your’s truly.

    The winner of the international division was Pants Fan. There was no second place as far as I can tell.

    Hattrickswayze came in dead last, and surprisingly was barely behind Butts Wagner, whose football acumen in the FFL was a lot more solid that it was here. Perhaps he needs to stick to the Sunday games?

    Anyway, let’s all give it up to the beautiful, lovely Banjos, gentlemen. She kicked our asses fair and square and she deserves her reward, which I will be more than happy to deliver in person this weekend as soon as she gets me her address…

    1. Outwitted by a girl. The story of my life.

    2. Are you saying that Banjos won The Shiva?

        1. There’s rave going on in my cube!

          That song has talk-show bumper music written all over it.

        2. That’s one of my all-time favorite MLG songs.

          1. Wait a second, that’s some crazy remix, not the original!

    3. You know I would have won if I wasn’t busy doing what I do.

      1. Choking in the first round?

    4. I bow before, well, just about everyone after getting boned on just about all games with ranked teams that aren’t in the Big 12.

      Banjos, you’re my hero.

    5. Banjos agreed to watch the special extended director’s cut of A Walk to Remember with you?

      1. No, but I think The Notebook is a strong possibility. If you see a review over the weekend, you’ll have your answer.

    6. I suck at gloating so…[insert witty boast and insult]

      (check your email, sloop ;-))

      1. Thank you, my dear. See you in a few days.

    7. And as an aside, I hope to see you all in the upcoming, but not yet set up, Reason Hit & Run March Madness Tourney Pick-Em…brought to you by Carls Jr.

      1. i do better at Keno.

      2. I would be sorely tempted, but I am also an irrational UConn fan, and we don’t have Kemba this year.

  48. The first to fall to my whims


    Now all bow before me, your Excellency!

    1. Wasn’t the first time in your adult life that you became proud to be an American when the circumference of your ass exceeded that of Ganymede?

      1. Quit checking out my wife’s ass. It’s a lovely moon, and the dings and dimples that look like craters scarred with cellulite add a gentle, humorous character.

        1. I jsut had a nightmarish vision of a new version of Goodnight Moon. The details can be left to the imagination.

  49. You know I would have won if I wasn’t busy doing what I do.


  50. New York City does it again

    Man arrested for having 3 guns in his hotel. Police saved us from another dangerous 2nd Amendment terrorist!

  51. Two pistols and a semiautomatic

    I swear, NYC if full of some of the dumbest journalists in the world.

    1. I see on both articles linked the comments are disallowed…or could be my browser.

  52. What an unbelievably bad interview. Did you guys not think to ask (more specifically) what problems they were trying to overcome? Examples of foreigners coming here and starting successful companies?

  53. Correction: Paul Ryan has never expressed support or sponsored SOPA. This was just a strawman campaign. It’s no surprise that he would oppose SOPA considering it is not a partisan issue.

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