's Most-Viewed of 2011: Remy, Peter Schiff, Matt Damon & More


With the new year just around the corner, is looking back at some of our favorite videos of 2011.

Here is a five-video playlist of the most watched videos of the the past year, including Remy's Debt-Ceiling Rap, Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street, Anti-Semitic Protestor at Occupy LA, NYPD Cop Punches OWS protester, and Matt Damon Going Ballistic at DC's Save Our Schools Rally.

NEXT: Sheldon Richman on Obama's Codification of Indefinite Detention

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  1. There is a dude that seems to be way too full of himself.

  2. According to HEATHER BUTTHURT, the executive director of the National Security Network, “A foreign policy that lets our trading partners collapse (in Europe); fails to engage with new ones as they are busily building ties with each other (Brazil, Turkey, Korea, Indonesia); and lets new disease incubate in the food we import and pollution concentrate in the winds we breathe will kill citizens and impoverish our national treasury as surely as the wars Paul critiques.”…..?page=full

  3. Peter Schiff is the idiot that has been crying HYPERINFLATION since early 2009.

    Why is this site pumping his nonsense?

    1. Except it’s not real.

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  5. “But if you want the government to spend more, how much more per student do you think should go to education?”


    “A billion dollar[s] per student?”

    “Sure, why not!”

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