Check Out Tonight's Stossel: What a Wonderful World!


Tonight's Stossel show on Fox Business is based on the theme of "What a Wonderful World!":

The media tell us life is getting worse. As usual, they miss the big picture.

This is a wonderful world…and it's getting better!

We're living longer. This week, Stossel talks to Sonia Arrison who says that, because of amazing advances in medical technology, the first person who will live to be 150 years old has already been born.  And soon 150 years will be the AVERAGE.

Innovation makes our lives better. Swedish public health professor Hans Rosling tells Stossel why.  His video that celebrates the miracle of the washing machine has been viewed ten million times.

Matt Ridley explains how "ideas having sex" is a reason the world is getting better.  Sounds inappropriate, but he's right! 

Even though our government's regulations become more burdensome on a daily basis, some entrepreneurs find innovative ways around the regs.  Two entrepreneurs founded Blueseed, a boat that will sit 12 miles offshore and house foreign innovators who don't want to wait 35 years for a visa … but want to share their ideas with Silicon Valley.

And finally, an entrepreneur offering a reward for success says a prize leads to better innovation than government central planning. He's running competitions to see who can land a robot on the moon, who can invent a 100 mpg car, and a device that gives you better medical diagnoses than your doctor might.

Reason runs Stossel's columns every Thursday (his latest, on what business owners have to fear from Obamacare, is here) and we're happy to have staffers featured regularly on his show.

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