25 years ago in reason


"In most classrooms, the dutiful, routine discussion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has as much impact as a lesson on the mean annual rainfall in Jelalabad." 

'"Nat Hentoff, "Making This Liberty Stuff Come Alive" 

"If history is a reliable guide, the obvious candidates to lead a nonleftist peace movement are businessmen, primarily those who run small and medium-sized concerns. Many of their ancestors, desirous of a free economy and limited government and fearful that global crusades might endanger domestic liberties, took up the anti-interventionist causes of their day." 

'"Bill Kauffman, "The New Antiwar Capitalists" 

"'I am not a pacifist resisting war,' Paul Jacob said shortly after his indictment. 'I am a free man resisting slavery.'"

'"James W. Harris, "Paul Jacob's Fight Against the Draft" 

'"February 1987