Reason Morning Links: Bachmann Bashes Gingrich Over Freddie Mac Pay Day, How (Governor) Romney Destroyed Public Records Before Leaving Office, Congress Strikes Deal on Pell Grants


  • Bachmann slammed Gingrich at the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses for lobbying for Freddie Mac: "You don't need to be within the technical definition of being a lobbyist to still be influence peddling with senior Republicans to have them do your bidding."
  • Gov. Romney spent $97,000 in taxpayer money to destroy email servers and public records before leaving office. 
  • Obama administration has chosen which states will receive its coveted "Race to the Top" vote-buying grants. 
  • Despite minor cuts, Congress will preserve the tuition-inflating Pell Grant program. 
  • The entire Internet is opposed to the Stop Online Piracy Act.
  • We are leaving half a billion dollars worth of neat toys in Iraq.  
  • Christopher Hitchens is dead

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