Welcome to the Reason.com Webathon 2011! We're Looking for 500 Donors to Help Us Promote "Free Minds and Free Markets"!


[Your donations help Reasoners get out in the world and mix it up with conservatives, liberals, and leftists. Here's a clip featuring me on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher talking about reducing carbon footprints, "shared sacrifice," and the like.]

It's time for Reason's annual webathon, where we ask loyal readers of Reason.com and viewers of Reason.tv to spread some (fully tax-deductible!) year-end cheer our way. This website, the print edition of Reason, and the policy shop over at Reason.org are supported by the nonprofit Reason Foundation, which in turn runs on generous support from libertarian folks such as yourselves.

We're looking for pull in 500 donations over the next week that will help us maintain and even expand our operations as we slide into the thick of the 2012 presidential election season. Everywhere we look, freedom and liberty is under attack like never before. There's massive unemployment that government policies first helped create and then extend; bank bailouts continue to screw the economy here and abroad; regulations that took off under the George W. Bush administration proceed apace like mutant kudzu; local police departments and the federal Department of Justice insist on waging a drug war that was lost on the first day of battle; the Congress and the White House are locked in a battle over who exactly has the ultimate right to lock up American citizens on American soil for indefinite periods of time; and so much more.

At the same time, there are green shoots: Technological innovation and smart work-arounds are still spreading; gay marriage and drug legalization are at record-high levels of approval; libertarian-minded voters (according to Gallup/CNN polls) are greater in number than ever; and Reason.com and Reason.tv have a higher profile than ever before. Our folks are increasingly quoted, cited, and bylined in the most influential publications online and off; we're fighting for your beliefs in limited government and unlimited freedom in print, online, and on the air like never before.

Your donations will help us be a stronger force while covering the 2012 election cycle; your donations will help us make the case for the desperate need to reduce government interference in every aspect of our lives; your donations will help us to keep offering the best libertarian reporting, analysis, commentary, and video.

  • For $100, you'll get a year's subscription to Reason magazine (which can be gifted to someone else), a T-shirt, and a bumper sticker;
  • for $250, you'll get all that, plus a signed copy of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America, written by Matt Welch and me;
  • for $333, you'll get all that, plus the chance to ask Matt and me any question you want for a special Reason.tv edition of "Ask a Libertarian";
  • for $666 you'll get all that, plus a profile of you written up at Reason.com;
  • for $2,500, you'll get a ton more, including a signed leather jacket guaranteed to make you stand out at the local voting station…

We've added a number of giving levels and swag this year, so go here now to check out the full range of offers.