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  1. Here we see President Krugman personally enacting his economic recovery policy.

    1. +1 million

    2. +800 billion + +450 billion


      +1.250 trillion is not even enough interwebs pts.

      Cain 2012!

      1. I like Cain as a person and much prefer him to MOST of those running on the Republican side. He would be my third choice behind Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. But two things bother me about him. 1. his 9/9/9 plan includes a new national sales tax. How can we be sure that it will remain at 9%? Even if he got both elected and reelected the most he could serve is 8 years. What happens if after 8 years of Cain a tax happy president is elected? How can we be sure that 9% will not become 22%?

        The other thing that bothers me is his connection to the Federal Reserve system. I want someone who would be willing to end the Fed altogether.

        1. Neither the 9/9/9 plan nor ending the Federal Reserve is going to happen. What’s more relevant is what changes Cain might be expected to support that are poltically and practically doable.

          1. Bullshit its not doable. Bullshit!

            Cain is running on 9-9-9 and when he wins with a blow out, I mean blow out over Obama running on his 9-9-9 that is what you call a mandate. I dare them to defy the American public like they did shoving Obamacare down our throats.

            1. Cain has a very specific plan for real hope and real change that is a bold begining to a freer future if we can put him in office with a mandate and show the contrast with Obama’s failed policies of the past.

              The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

              Ancestor of slave traders wants to shackle us with failed policies of the past.


              Ancestor of slaves unshackling us from those failed policies – killing the catalyst that helps put pols in a position to implement the shackles – while providing a bold plan to the future where anything is possible in a freer fairer environment -people wanting to learn more free market stuff as we can contrast the two.

              Or you can choose more of them same.

              Choose wisely.

              1. ^Ancestor^Descendent

                1. As long as the Fed exists, it won’t matter who wins. We’ll continue to get screwed by inflation and the income tax.
                  Ron Paul in 2012!

                2. Hey look a “shiny thing” never mind that you get the picture. Lets focus on the shiny things.

              2. @Guest – When’s the last time a Republican lied to you?

                1. Shiny things! Yeah!

                  It appears to me libertarians don’t believe the concept e pluribis unum, freewill and individualism and perhaps buy into Al Gore’s out of one, many misinterpretation? I mean if actions actually do speak louder than words -because with you libertarians it seems one must adhere to “the” philosophy of “the one” 100% even thou libertarians differ as to which one exactly.


              3. The contrast is very clear. 1 of them is the President of the USA, the other is Republican puppet that is embarrassing his race.

                1. Shouldn’t you be protesting parroting some mindless chant.

                2. The contrast is very clear: one is a racist commie traitor leftard completely unfit for any public office; the other is a Republican who’s potentially Presidential material.

                  1. It is not the price of a pizza. It is the sound moving forward.

    3. The people on the street wait for the bus, for the bus…
      No @$ bus!
      The prez has got a limo; to hell with us!
      …All through the land.

  2. Well, Bastiat didn’t win a Nobel Prize, so he couldn’t know anything.

    1. had and interesting article yesterday about why Hayek is (somewhat) more accepted by statists than Mises. Not that they are big fans of Hayek mind you but they are at least willing to acknowledge that he existed.


        “WE NEED GOVERNENT to protect [fill in the blank.]” ~Libertarian Statist

        “WE NEED GOVERNENT to protect [fill in the blank.]” ~Objectivist Statist

        “WE NEED GOVERNENT to protect [fill in the blank.]” ~Socialist Statist

        “WE NEED GOVERNENT to protect [fill in the blank.]” ~Conservative Statist


        “Anarcho-Capitalists” who hold two contradictory propositions simultaneously:

        (1) The agricultural city-state (civilization) is bad.
        (2) The agricultural city-state (civilization) is good.


        And then there are the….


        NON-STATE AND STATE SOCIETIES?…..ieties.pdf

        1. Shouldn’t you be out somewhere watching a bear shit in the woods, instead of here shitting all over Hit and Run?

          Oh, that’s right, you say the mean old statists won’t let you run around in a breechclout pretending to be noble and self-sufficient.

          1. the mean old statists won’t let you run around


            Officer, am I free to gambol about forest and plain?

            Libertarians seem too just love abstract lines and demarcations artificially drawn on the surface of Mother Earth to restrict the free movement of people.

            1. “Libertarians seem too just love abstract lines and demarcations artificially drawn on the surface of Mother Earth to restrict the free movement of people.”

              Do not primitive people protect the catch from their hunt from those who have contributed nothing to the society? Do they simply allow strangers from another tribe who have given nothing in return to take the fruit of a hunt?

              1. Gathering. Fruit comes from gathering.

                1. Some Fruits do.

              2. Do elephants, crows, dolphins, or squirrels draw lines on the earth, claim ownership of the forest or sea, and then charge rent to their fellow beings to be allowed to live or starve to death?


                Observe how our fellow animals get along. Then you’ll know how humans once got along, without the amount of violence the agricultural city-State brings.

                Also see…

                Part 2: A Better Way, and How We Destroyed It
                ? Erratic Retaliator Strategy
                ? Annihilator
                ? Tribal Boundaries

                A Condensation of Daniel Quinn Thought

                1. Dogs and cats do.

                  1. Apes and monkeys do, too.

                2. Up here in Alaska the animals kill u

          2. Stop feeding the troll. Please.

            1. “Stop feeding the troll. Please.”

              I actually think this is kind of interesting. Outside of this forum I don’t often meed a genuine primitivist.

              1. That’s because there can only be so many people that fucking stupid.

                1. anon,

                  Even though not many people take his arguments to the extreme that he does there are MANY people, mostly on the left, who accept at least some portions of his argument. Arguing with a genuine primitivist is a good exercise to prepare you for arguing with someone else who accepts some but not all of these premises.

                  1. But the underlying premise is that Civilization must be destroyed, which implies the deaths of quite literally billions of people.

                    Arguing with a psychopath that would openly advocate the death of most of our species isn’t a preparatory exercise, it’s an exercise in futility. He doesn’t believe individuals have value in society because he doesn’t believe in society. It’s pointless.

                    1. Since we know agriculture consistently causes famines and sickness throughout history, and the environment destruction caused by agriculture causes so much harm to people, the advocates of agriculture are the the psychopaths.

                      Nice try, anon.

                      he doesn’t believe in society

                      The great non sequitur committed by defenders of Civilization, is to leap from the necessity of society to the necessity of Civilization.

                      Again, nice try, anon.

                    2. anon|10.11.11 @ 1:10PM|#

                      “White Trash, nobody with a brain wants zero government. Just minimum government. There is no contradiction. We need government…”

                      Ah yes, anon the STATIST. You are truly the psychopath, because as we all know:

                      Government is Force.

                      Why do you want to FORCE people, anon?

                    3. Anon: Just minimum government. rape.

                      The Greeks recognized that agriculture is rape of the land in their mythology of the rape of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and the rape her daughter Persephone, with the plow being a phallic symbol of domination and destroying the fertility of the female via violence.

                    4. “and the rape her daughter Persephone”???????????????
                      and who says minds don’t wonder where they want to go…

                    5. I do agree with forcing people to not steal, rape, murder, etc. Problem?

                    6. I do agree with forcing people to not steal, rape, murder, etc. Problem?

                      Yeah, you libertarian statist, because you are not being honest about why big-government was established.

                      It was established to enforce abstract lines on the earth to restrict free people’s movement to hunt and forage, in favor of the domination of the earth by the agricultural city-State.

                      Of course, when the soil wears out, it’s time to move on, so soldiers were one of the first divisions-of-labor, and invasive war is a staple of the agricultural city-State (civilization.)

                      “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73

                    7. “Since we know agriculture consistently causes famines and sickness throughout history”

                      This is a false premise. Compare North and South Korea. Between the two, which one would you say is more impacted by modern civilization? It would be South Korea would it not? In North Korea there are still many people who have no access to electricity and many more who only have partial access to it. And yet it is the North, not the South that has huge problems with famines. What is the difference? While governments exist in both places the amount of power the government has in the North is FAR greater.

                    8. PIRS, look at the history of agriculture. Famine. Famine. Famine. Famine. Even in fairly recent European history. Crops fail, people die.

                      It’s why our culture has the Four Horsemen.

                      Don’t be fooled by fiat money, or fiat agriculture. We’ve been real lucky so far, with this pouring 10 calories of petroleum (on the new, fertile ground of the new world) for every calorie we extract.

                      Just like things caught up with Bernanke, things are gonna catch up with industrial agriculture. There will be famine again, and tragically, probably one of the worst ever.

                      Don’t forget, I’ve said in here before, capitalism is demonstrated to be a better system than communism. Just like there are fast cancers and slow cancers. But it’s still cancer. And they both eventually collapse the body into death.

                    9. PIRS, the premise that civilization causes famine etc. is to confuse the chicken with the egg. Without civilization, those people wouldn’t exist in the first place. You lend credence to his premise by addressing it.

                    10. “But the underlying premise is that Civilization must be destroyed, which implies the deaths of quite literally billions of people.”

                      I am not here to defend his views, I will let him do that. But I will say I have never heard him “openly advocate the death of most of our species”. He may not believe that to be necessary. Again, I am not here to defend his position. But his positions are the “root” of many views less extreme than his. I think it is a good exercise.

                    11. openly advocate the death of most of our species

                      Thanks PIRS.

                      I don’t think it would need to happen, with the development of permaculture techniques, such as John Jeavon’s “bio-intensive gardening” in California.

                      Attorney Jeff Vail advocates much the same with his Rhizome theory, especially in his:

                      Chapter 2. Envisioning a Hamlet Economy. Big-picture concpetion of how a rhizome economy will function.

                      Chapter 3. Creating Resiliency and Stability in Horticulture. A more detailed analysis of how to implement a hybrid-horticultural scheme at the level of the rhizome node.

                      ~Jeff Vail
                      What is Rhizome?

                      But libertarian types rail against such talk. They want their foo-foo bow ties over a realistic analysis. Look how this Austrian domesticated poodle nips at permaculturalist David Holmgren of Australia, who has developed a system of feeding people with just the land available in modern suburbia.

                    12. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh wow.

                      A “primitivist” that argues against agriculture, then promotes a form of agriculture.

                      You truly are special White Idiot.

                    13. Agriculture vs. Horticulture:

                      Relationship with Succession Catastrophe vs. Promoter

                      Emulation of catastrophe
                      (e.g., tilling, flooding, fire)
                      Always vs. Rarely

                      Allowing succession
                      (e.g., fallowing)
                      Sometimes vs. Always

                      Always vs. Never

                      Small variety of early successional species vs. Wide variety of various successional species

                      Role of native plants
                      Death to Weeds! vs. Essential to garden health

                      Place in society
                      Sole (or nearly sole) food source vs. Mixed with various forms of foraging

                      Wasted cropland; home to vermin vs. Precious resource; valued hunting grounds

                      Agriculture or Permaculture: Why Words Matter
                      by Jason Godesky | 13 June 2007

                      Try to take another swing, anon.

                    14. By advocating the eradication of civilization, he necessarily implies those deaths. You cannot have billions of humans on earth without civilization, laws, and all the other requisite technology we’ve developed. It is impossible; that’s how he’s openly advocating billions of deaths.

                    15. anon, I think you’re psychologically projecting from your own enculturation.

                      Premise Ten: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.

                      Premises of Endgame

                    16. openly advocate

                      Providing warning of consequences is NOT advocating those consequences happen.

                      Take another swing, anon.

              2. And you don’t here either. A genuine primitivist wouldn’t be sitting in his city house with running water, electricity, heat, and internet access.

                1. Officer, am I free to gambol about plain and forest?

                  Oh, capitalist agricultural city-state would kill me or put me in prison for doing that.

                  You’re no better than a North Korean tyrant, Diomasach, with your advocacy of abstract lines on the earth that restrict the free movement of people to forage and hunt. That’s what privation property is all about.

        2. I assume that you are the person who once went under the handle “White Indian”.

          You keep equating “civilization” with “state”.

          This is like equating “forest” with “forest fire”.

          The forest fire is what destroys the forest. The state is what destroys civilization.

          1. You keep evading that the “state” isn’t an integral aspect of “civilization.”

            The word civilization comes from the Latin civilis, meaning civil, related to the Latin civis, meaning citizen, and civitas, meaning city or city-state.

            “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73

            1. Show me a single example of a Civilization without State-level political organization.

              (Hint: there are none.)

              State level politics are a primary defining aspect of civilization to anthropologists collecting empirical evidence. Civilization a single cultural package of:

              ? Settlement of cities of 5,000 or more people.
              ? Full-time labor specialization.
              ? Concentration of surplus.
              ? Class structure.
              ? State-level political organization.

              1. “Show me a single example of a Civilization without State-level political organization.”

                Medieval Iceland


                1. Yes, Freidman’s example is often brought up as an example of absence of government, but Medieval Iceland had State-level politics. Since it was a new colony, it had less complex (no executive branch) state-level politics than larger, more mature civilization, but nonetheless, it had state-level politics.

                  Just think of most anarcho-capitalist examples: Iceland. The American West.

                  They’re all examples of invading civilization at the edge of the frontier.

                  If civilization is so great, why arewere people constantly running away from it and finding things better at the periphery rather than the center?

                  Now there’s no frontier. The map is closed. Confused civilization proponents are now wanting to sea-stead, and blaming people they don’t like for civilization being so crappy.

                  Civilization is crappy, and people with any sense of freedom (however incomplete and confused they may be) keep running away because civilization has horrible internal problems.

                  1. ” but Medieval Iceland had State-level politics. Since it was a new colony, it had less complex (no executive branch) state-level politics than larger, more mature civilization”

                    Its “politics” was more akin to office politics than anything now found in a government – it was a voluntary society.

                    “If civilization is so great, why were people constantly running away from it and finding things better at the periphery rather than the center?”

                    What is being run away from is the state. Unfortunately the state keeps expanding its reach.

                    “Now there’s no frontier. The map is closed. Confused civilization proponents are now wanting to sea-stead,”

                    Talk about contradicting yourself! Sea-steading is an example of how the frontier is still open. Other planets and moons may become viable through technology as well. And there is an entire continent – Antarctica that is still mostly unexplored.

                    1. Sea-steading is an example of how the frontier is still open.

                      Not really. Navies prowl the seas, and the sea-steaders don’t seem to address the issue that a Coast Guard cutter, or Xe frogman could sink their floating “frontier” with little effort.

                      MARKET COMMENT: Seastead Banks Stock Literally Sink in Dispute
                      ?War Street Journal

                      Might need to run away to mars. That’s the ticket.

                      Yes, people are running away from the State. The inevitable consequences of the agricultural city-State (civilization.)

                      But they’ve been encultured so deeply that they can’t truly see what civilization really is. It’s almost like Stockholm Syndrome.

                    2. RE Seasteading:

                      If they don’t have to pay taxes they could afford their own self defense force.

                    3. their own self defense force

                      Which is either fantasy or in reality, more government.

                      Any time humans have ever congregated in numbers significantly larger than Dunbar’s number, they have created a hierarchical State society.

              2. No, I’m not making that fallacy. (I’ve observed that libertarians use accusation of fallacies as an intellectual evasion.)

                The history is still relevant, and the agricultural-city State system remains the same in primary structure as the first Sumerian civilization.

                1. “the agricultural-city State system remains the same in primary structure as the first Sumerian civilization.”

                  The power of government has, if anything GROWN since that period. Of course the relationship will remain static if the state continues to exist.

                  1. power of government has, if anything GROWN since that period


                    Civilization always intensifies. Civilization is trapped in the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

                    The Prisoner’s Dilemna provides the logical foundation of why civilization must always continue to grow. Each society faces a choice: do we continue to intensify production, adopt greater complexity, and increase the size or scale of our society, or do we happily accept the level we’re already at? If you choose not to intensify, you will be out-competed by those who do?and your lower level of intensity and complexity will become a resource they can absorb to fuel their further acceleration, whether by outright conquest or more subtle forms of economic or cultural exploitation.

                    This is the underlying logic of Joseph Tainter’s argument concerning collapse in peer polities in The Collapse of Complex Societies.

                    ~Jason Godesky
                    Thesis #12: Civilization must always grow.

                    1. “Civilization always intensifies. Civilization is trapped in the Prisoner’s Dilemma.”

                      You are blaming vultures for the existence of a dead animal. It is the state that is taking your freedoms from you, not some farmer or small business owner.

                    2. I’ve got the cause and effect correct.

                      “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the State, p. 73

                      The primary regulatory power of the government is to draw lines on the earth to prevent the free movement of people across agricultural fields.

                      Then we need vast coordinated irrigation projects, extensive drainage projects, and farm to city roadz.

                    3. RE cause and effect:

                      You keep quoting from some of the same authors over and over. The quotes tend to be conclusions, not reasons for these conclusions. On what basis is Manning making this claim?

                    4. Manning is basing his statement on volumes of scholarly anthropology journals.

                      His three words is about as succinct a statement that politically motivated libertarians would note, without a bunch of anthropological jargon.

                      To better understand the sort of literature Manning is using – complete with the anthropological jargon – see this online article:

                      How the Agricultural Revolution happened is well understood. It is perhaps best explained by David Rindos’ Selectionist Hypothesis…

                      Thesis #10: Emergent elites led the Agricultural Revolution.

                2. Naming male bovine excrement as bullshit is “intellectual evasion”? You wish…

            2. You are making a genetic fallacy. You are judging an idea on its origin


          2. PIRS, thanks for keeping the debate friendly and inquisitive, instead of the standard reason responses around these parts.

            Most of the people here seem like clinical psychopaths using the words liberty and freedom as a false store-front masquerade for their predation.

            1. Thank you.

              I think part of what you are seeing is a negative influence from Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand has been a double edged sword for the libertarian movement. Although she did not consider herself a libertarian she unwittingly influenced many people who became libertarians.

              I say she was a double edged sword – she had both positive points and negative ones. Her positives were a firm reliance on reason and logic. Her negative influence however was that she was quite often – how shall I put this – less than cordial with those she disagreed. This turned off a great many people she COULD have influenced. But, as I point out above one should not judge an idea by its origin. I try to take her good points and leave behind those aspects of her persona that I think are counterproductive.

              1. I’ve got all her books. I appreciate her recognition of logic and reason, but Ayn Rand was extremely inconsistent in wielding it, once one starts checking her premises.

                1. Yes, I agree she was inconsistent. I myself started out as an Objectivist before becoming libertarian.

                  One of her problems was she described anarchism as “competing governments”. She seemed unwilling to consider a system outside of the state.

                  1. Objectivists, communists, socialists, capitalists, progressivists, etc., all hold the same premises that Ayn Rand was most vociferous — and mistaken.

                    Those premises are the same that was put on the city gates in Sumer, it’s safe here in the city, out thar be draggens promoting fear of wilderness in it’s citizens.

                    Savages, I tell ya! (Savage comes from “silva” or trees, and just means people who live in the forest. Even Robin of the Hood is feared by the enforcers of civilization.)

                    In modern days, it’s the “nasty, brutish, and short” Hobbesian mythology.

                    The last 50 years of anthropology, ethnography, archeology, and evolutionary biology have debunked those premises that underlie fear of wilderness.

                    1. “The last 50 years of anthropology, ethnography, archeology, and evolutionary biology have debunked those premises that underlie fear of wilderness.”

                      Here is something to consider however, is, that which is essential to what you find liberating about areas outside of civilization replicatable in another environment? In other words – if we were to dig deep into human psychology is that which is “wild” to our mind able to be found in a city-like environment?

            2. Most of the people here seem like clinical psychopaths using the words liberty and freedom as a false store-front masquerade for their predation.

              If you have a big problem with the comments on this site, then you haven’t been to many other sites.

              1. You cannot deny the people who comment on this site are ‘special’ to put it kindly


                1. So special that I even inhale and I don’t normally like meat.

          3. We build civilizations, ambulance chasing lawyers destroy them. Let’s make sure we elect a rabble rousing one instead of an analytically minded problem solving mathematician and rocket scientist turned bussinessman and CEO.

            Cain 2012!

            1. I like Cain as a person and much prefer him to MOST of those running on the Republican side. He would be my third choice behind Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. But two things bother me about him. 1. his 9/9/9 plan includes a new national sales tax. How can we be sure that it will remain at 9%? Even if he got both elected and reelected the most he could serve is 8 years. What happens if after 8 years of Cain a tax happy president is elected? How can we be sure that 9% will not become 22%?

              The other thing that bothers me is his connection to the Federal Reserve system. I want someone who would be willing to end the Fed altogether.

              1. Never happen PIRS, in this complicated tax system the average voter doesn’t understand and many don’t even vote -I’d love to see pols raise taxes on 9-9-9 read the purchasing public where someone like you could more easily explain exactly that effects them.

                No way I believe pols will ever be able to raise taxes on the purchasing public in that environment of a booming economy and many more wanting to hear about this free fairer markets stuff.

                That would be a neat trick! You know one sure way to get people to vote without having to explain Austrian economics to them — with simple that’s how – the public can grasp 9-9-9. Read the other things I said throughout. 9-9-9 is unstoppable if you can take command of it and apply a little vision as to the America you want to get us to and realize the fact we need a Herman Cain before a Ron Paul can be elected nationally.

            2. We build civilizations, ambulance chasing lawyers destroy them.

              It’s emotionally satisfying to blame others; however, complex civilizations collapse because of the law of diminishing returns.

              Thesis #13: Civilization always pursues complexity.
              Thesis #14: Complexity is subject to diminishing returns.
              Thesis #15: We have passed the point of diminishing returns.
              The Thirty Theses
              by Jason Godesky

              1. “Civilization always pursues complexity”

                Pursue is an interesting word here. Would you say that an ecosystem “pursues” complexity? Or would you simply say that an ecosystem is complex by its nature?

                1. Would you say that an ecosystem “pursues” complexity?


                  That’s a teleology (any philosophical account which holds that final causes exist in nature, meaning that design and purpose analogous to that found in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature. source:wiki)

                  “The marriage of evolution and progress has left many with the notion that evolution is driving towards some endpoint, that we are progressing ever closer to some perfect state. Usually, this is formulated as evolution’s drive towards greater complexity. Such a “drive” towards complexity, however, is ultimately a mirage, an illusion created by the unique myopia of our scale.”

                  ~Jason Godesky
                  Thesis #2: Evolution is the result of diversity.

                  1. “meaning that design and purpose analogous to that found in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature.”

                    Are you saying that human beings are not animals?

                    1. Human nature, the Bible teaches stuff like thou shall not covet and the Worker’s in the Vineyard one kind of smashes the idea unions are noble Jesus socialist because it woule be what Jesus wants.

                      Karl Marx’s object in life was to destroy capitalism and dethrone God which is exactly what marxist do appealing to the worst of human nature ie envy. The Soviets even co-opted Christianity in S. America turning the Bible upside and into marxist Jesus indoctrination see Sandinistas 1950s. Soviets knew they couldn’t defeat religion so they co-opted it. And after King’s death co-opted many Black Churches like Rev Wright’s where envy and class warfare turns the Bible upside down.

                      There’s a reason! Karl Marx’s object in life. HELLO!

                    2. Marx and Mises are two peas in a pod.

                      Both support the oppressive system of controlling all human food, and putting it under lock and key.

                      Thus, people are coerced by threat of starvation into working for the hierarchical elite, whether they be a corporate politburo or a soviet boardroom.

                    3. LOLZ!

                      But also the reason a libertarian has trouble getting Joe the union plumber to vote for him or his ideas.

                      Progressive: look he said “his” ideas, he don’t want women in politics. He don’t think independent women can be libertarians. Guest is not only a chauvinist pig but a capitalist pig who wants to see granma thrown down the stairs and homeless people starving the streets.

                      We need to end that type of bullshit once and for all before we are going to get to where libertarians want to go. Herman Cain is the man 9-9-9 is the plan to getting there.

                    4. Humans are animals.

                      Evolution isn’t an animal.

              2. Herman Cain’s plan is too simple and not nuanced enough. Herman Cain sees simple to complex problems even though his plan addresses many problems directly at the root and SOLVES them.

                Nuance is progressives favorite word and always leads to complicated solutions that create more problems than they solve. Cain’s does the exact opposite. What ever!

                Herman Cain is to Superman as Barrack Obama is to Bizarro.

                1. Capitalists always twist the character Jesus’ meaning in his parable of the workers in the vineyard and the parable of the talents.

                  Ched Myers, in his essay Towering Trees and Talented Slaves, will correct your misunderstanding, as follows:

                  It is a process of economic exploitation and wealth accumulation that is still all too characteristic of our own global economy. In the parable, the master’s slaves do this highly profitable dirty work well.

                  We, of course, undaunted by this historical context and blissfully interpreting the parable through capitalist lenses, have nothing but praise for these “good stewards.” As Rohrbaugh puts it, “commentators of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have genuinely reveled in the parable’s seeming exhortation to venturous investment and diligent labor.” We then turn to castigate the third slave who, cautious and “unproductive,” represents an object lesson of entrepreneurial failure (25:18). But if the manner of profiteering portrayed in the story would have been understood by the original audience as rapacious, is it not possible that this noncooperating third slave might in fact be the hero of this parable?

                  When the master returns to settle accounts we find identical phrasing in his commendations of the first two financiers (25:21,23): “Well done, good and trustworthy slave–enter into the joy of your master.”

                  We are used to reading this allegorically as connoting entry into heavenly bliss. But at the plain level of the parable it serves not only as a promotion (“I will put you in charge of many things”); it is also a reminder that these handlers are still slaves, and that it is the master’s joy in which they are participaring! We might say that these slaves are more captive than ever to the world controlled by their lord.

                  Like a good three-part joke, we now come to the punch line: The third slave is about to explain his (in)action (25:24-25). That he buried the money in the ground seems strange at first glance. But considering that many in Jesus’ audience were farmers, there may be some wry peasant humor here. Those who work the land know that all true wealth comes from God, the source of rain, sunshine, seed, and soil. But this silver talent, when “sown,” produced no fruit!

                  Here is the clash between two economic worldviews: the traditional agrarian notion of “use-value” and the elite’s currency-based system of “exchange-value.” Money cannot grow the natural way like seed, only unnaturally, through usury and swindling. Is this symbolic act of “planting” the talent a case of prophetic tricksterism to reveal that money is not fertile?

                  The third slave now begins to speak truth to power. “I knew you were a harsh man” (the Greek is skleros, a word associated with old Pharaoh’s disease of hardheartedness). “You reap where you did not sow, and gather where you did not scatter seed” (25:24).

                  With these words the third slave becomes what Herzog calls a “whistle-blower,” having unmasked the fact that the master’s wealth is derived entirely from the toil of others. He profits from the backbreaking labor of those who work the land. Unwilling to participate in this exploitation, this third slave took the money out of circulation, where it could no longer be used to dispossess another family farmer.

                  This courageous dissident embodies the moral of the bridesmaids parable. He has awakened to the rules of the master’s world. His repudiation of it is simple and curt: “Here, take back what is yours” (25:25). But he admits that through it all “I was afraid.” For good reason–he is about to meet the prophet’s fate.

                  It is instructive that the master does not refute the whistle-blower’s analysis of his world. He simply castigates him as “evil and lazy” (the favorite slur of the rich toward those who don’t play the game), and wonders rhetorically why the slave didn’t at least seek market-rate return. The master is not interested in what is his own–he appreciates only appreciation. He then decides to make an example of the third slave, dispossessing him and giving the single talent to his obedient colleague, in order to illustrate the way the real world works: “For to those who have, more will be given–but for those who have not, even what they have will be taken away” (25:28-29).

                  “Towering Trees and Talented Slaves” written by Ched Myers and Eric DeBode

                  1. “Towering Trees and Talented Slaves” written by Ched Myers and Eric DeBode

                    Hahaha! I don’t care if it was Pope John Paul who wrote it.

                    I’ll take the word straight from the source and as a Christian use my freewill and not trust my soul to another man’s interpretation and interpret myself with the following understanding. Jesus never – not once – preached that Caesar nor Pilot take care of the people. He preached to the individual to take care of his neighbor that God expects more from those who have more and will be judged in the end.

                    The marxist-Jesus model believes all rich will go to Hell because a camel will walk through the eye of a needle before a rich man enters heaven.

                    It means you can’t take your riches with you to Heaven so why hoard them while you are here. Take care of your neighbor – it does not mean steal from your neighbor Paul to give it to your neighbor Peter. DOH!

                    The camel parable means you can’t take material things to Heaven like Pharohs believed.

                    God himself: Thou shalt not covet.

                    From Jesus lips(red word): And the landowner replied to one of them, “Friend, I am not treating you unfairly. Didn’t you agree with me to work for the standard wage? Take what is yours and go. I want to give this last man the same as I gave to you. Am I not permitted to do what I want with what belongs to me? Or are you envious because I am generous?

                    Oddly enough the Bible also says mankind will never create Utopia progressive ideology always promise and whose citzen eventually end up living in Hell whether it be socialism autocratic or democratic. Odd! Also odd how Capitalism actually allows man to be tested by God’s commandments.

                    Also the reason our Founding as a nation was started on the simple scientifically proven theory that our Creator allows us freewill.

                    Marx’s object in life to dthrone God and destroy capitalism. Marxist deny man’s Creator given right and want to be God’s themselves.

                    Oddly enough the climate science community doesn’t seem to believe that concept either even though it could be tested by the scientific method with a simple GodDammit. I hate you God, or you don’t exist.

                    Now oddly enough the climate science community behave just like progressives and marxist trying to smash dissent, destroy the individual’s right for what they themself the God-complexed ones believe is best for society. And oddly those societies collapse time and again because they violate a simple concept our Founders has about why men should be free from the divine right of kings (oligarchs) and progressives are oligarchs who believe they are divine.

                    No wonder we are living in bizarro world when progressives are turning it upside down.

                    Marx never took human nature when hewrote his anti-Creator concept opposite Bible and it’s no wonder that ideology always leads to Hell for those living under it. Europe is well on its way to Hell on the well traveled road of good intentions.

                    Charles Darwin might say “I believed in a divine creator so don’t blame me Marx and Engels released their little red book around the same time” and progressives are turning reality upside down to come to absurd conspiratorial conclusion that are bass-ackwards because they turned reality into bizarro world we seem to be living in today.

                    Most bizarre huh! You can easily tell someone who denies the concept behind our freedoms and low and behold they are socialist with an agenda whether in science or politics. And lo and behold when you mix the two science and politics you end up with Nazi Germany and Soviet science based politics. How’d that work out?

                    The Soviets tried every form of centralized social engineering possible yet progressive think they’ll get it right THIS TIME –

                    Progressive don’t believe in the concept our freedom is based on nor understand Orwell’s irony.
                    These people are playing with fire and they don’t even know fire is hot.
                    And the people who do understand the concept – our Creator allows freewill – also understand fire is hot – as do the religious. Imagine that!

                    We stray away from freedom because we forget the concept that gave it to us.

                    And is it any wonder why the statist riding their way to power one a jackasses think they are God.

                    Einstein: Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.

                    Einstein understood the Creator is the ultimate scientist.
                    Whether he believed in him or not it is a theory that can be proven with the scientific method. We should get back to it. Back to that country that teaches it and push the city back to the top of the hill.

                    Herman Cain is the man 9-9-9 is the plan to get us there, end the scourge one and fall all by taking away the catalyst the rabble rousers use to gain power in the first place. Class warfare envy politicking.

                    I challenge even the Paulies to have enough vision to see that we need a Herman Cain before we’ll ever get a Ron Paul.

                    To deny our Creator given right to freewill is to deny the concept of freewill itself and exactly what marxist do while detroning God to take the place of and destroy capitalism.


                    1. To sum up. Marx wrote the anti-Bible. He read and wrote the opposite. Marx sucks! A fucking tool who has caused more human suffering than all religions combined and did it in less than a century.

                      Fuck you rabble rousing MARXIST fucks!

                      Nothing brilliant about MArxism as it ignores human nature as to appeal to the worst of it — of which the Bible is full of wisdom to contain human nature.

                    2. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs! ~marxism

                      They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.(they did not sell all they had for the common good.) ~ Acts 2

                      And distribution was made unto every man according as he had need. ~Acts 4


                      LOL Xian gonna be fucking stupid.

                    3. 2 And the [y]congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them [z]claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them. 33 And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all. 34 For there was not a needy person among them, for all who were owners of land or houses would sell them and bring the [aa]proceeds of the sales 35 and lay them at the apostles’ feet, and they would be distributed to each as any had need.

                      Oddly enough no mention of coercion by Pilot or Caesar and still no mention of Jesus saying Caesar should take care of the people. Looks to me like a voluntary gathering.

                      Perhaps while filming their patriotic millionaires documentary “What would Jesus do” or “Warren Buffet and Me” Micahel Moore and Warren Buffet could invite John Kerry to their commune and show us how they generously volunteered to sell their possessions and live within it. Personally, I don’t want to live in their commune and I certainly don’t want their village anywhere near MY children.

                      Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a jackass and is considered by Christians the Messiah. Obama rode to the WH on a jackass voted in by jackasses who thought he was a messiah, or something.


  4. Oh, I get it. It’s because he’s black, right?

    1. How do people get up first thing in the morning and complain about a cartoon?

      I AM 35 YEARS OLD.
      I AM THE 94.628%

      1. I didn’t mean to direct that at Amakudari. I WANT JUSTICE!

        1. No, we’ve all been meaning to talk to Amakudari about his problem for a while now. It’s good you brought it up.

          1. Seriously, Amakudari, we’re all your friends and we care about you. We need to talk.

  5. Obama hates the big banks.

    1. Obama only hates the big banks he didn’t bail out.

      1. Obama’s grandmother was the VP of a bank on Hawaii. Wrap your head around that one.

        1. If you look carefully, you can see her under the bus car.

        2. SOmewhere a pineapple smoothie stand has been deprived of a great assistant manager.

          1. It’s not too late for him to find his true calling.

      2. No, just the banks that didn’t fund his election.

    2. Only big banks run by Paulson?

    3. He hates big banks and he cannot lie…

      1. …the other donors all deny…

        1. …that when the Fed walks in with a itty bitty rate, and currency devaluate, inflation gets sprung.

  6. This is worse than usual. Well done.

    1. Damn near choked on my breakfast there.

  7. Humor is as dead as Suki.

    1. Long live suki suki.

  8. At least Bok’s drawn heads still look like penises.

    Instead of making fun of the cartoon like we always do, let’s make fun of Bok himself.

    1. Haha, Bok believes that editorial cartoons are relevant to modern political discourse!
      He probably also believes that comics/cartoons have a future in printed periodicals!

      What a maroon!

    2. He lives in Akron, Ohio. ‘Nuff said.

      1. Bok plays hockey!

  9. Now the banker will buy an window from the glazier, and the economy will be stimulated as he spends this new wealth.

    The more broken windows the better.

    1. Yes! You get it!

      1. The PROBlem is too many people don’t understand broken windows fallacy.

        People need to stop being distracted by “shiny things” that divide and lets solve these problems at the root with a simple concept “we win they lose!” Cain has used his vast analytical experience, common sense and knowledge to draw up a plan to get us there. Take command of it and lets end envy politicking and class warfare and create an an environment where your libertarian free market based capitalism and ideas can flourish.

        9-9-9 is the plan but Cain needs help. The establishment is trying to knock him out before he picks up the steam to bring a mandate big enough to pass his plan.

        Have some vision and think about the possibilities and understand the yutes will be seeking you Paulies and libertarians out.

        We cannot elect a Garry Johnson or a Ron Paul until after we elect a Herman Cain to help us push the city back to the top of the hill and take away the catalyst for envy politicking -class warfare. 9-9-9 does exactly that and is the only candidate with a plan to do exacrly that which can actually pass with a huge mandate. Agitators cannot flourish in an environment where everybody has skin the game and armed with 9-9-9 Hermanators can beatdown Obamatron talking points like shooting fish in a barrell.

        Think of the possibilities for you libertarians and even liberaltarians if we can live in an environment where everyone is treated equally from business to personal taxes and you can contrast and explain away the last decade in relation to your ideas, why it happened etc…

        You libertarians would flourish as teh childrunz seek you out after seeing less gubment and capitalism in action. We have to get teh childrunz attention first by creating a boom and 9-9-9 will do just that and solves and incentivises solving so many other problems directly at the root.

        If we all to become Hermanators and arm ourselves with 9-9-9 one day people will be laughing at the concept of spreading the wealth by robbing Peter to pay Paul marxist based according to their needs bullshit.

        Stop getting distracted by “shiny things” and realize it would be easier to address other issues of fairness real or perceived in an environment Cain’s plan would create because it starts with fairness and everyone has skin in the game. And once that happens we could have adult conversations without all the rabble rousing and discuss ideas on how to improve the system with a ___-Tax and addressing other issues of fairness would be much easier than with more of the same tweaking around the edges if any other candidate wins.

        1. 9-9-9 creates a federal sales tax without eliminating the income tax.

          I cannot support it.

          1. Abolishing the 16th amendment is necessary, but unfeasable until we’ve got a different tax system in place.

            Also: 9-9-9 makes it a flat 9% income tax instead of the progressive income tax system; a vast improvement at least.

            1. And how long will that last? A year? A month?

              I’d give an hour.

              1. 9-9-9 is a progressive tax, the rich spend more by default. And no way are taxes getting raised.

                Cain needs a huge blowout over Obama to bring the mandate to ensure 9-9-9 gets passed.

                Lets put down “shiny things” unite and put this problem solver in office. Then we can go back to bickering over “shiny things” in a freer fairer environment to solve other issues without the rabble rousing marxist agititators as 9-9-9 kills the catalyst AT THE ROOT by treating everybody the same. Yeah gays couldn’t ge more of their issues addressed in that environment right? Better to just keep stoking class war right? PLEASE WTFU! and realize the potential here and stop demanding all at once and getting distracted by shiny things.

                1. You have a sore misunderstanding of what a progressive tax system is. You should read more before touting your ignorance to the world.

              2. So everyone paying the same percentages wouldn’t be a great first step? Corporate tax reduction of 26% isn’t a good thing?

                You can’t get everything you want in one fell swoop. Cain’s 999 plan is at least a start, and he’s already stated that it’s a stepping stone to the FairTax, of which he’s an avid supporter.

                1. stupid comment system; first response is to Guest, second to Sarcasmic.

                  1. anon – unless spending is cut, a federal sales tax will be viewed as a new source of “revenue” and be spent as such.
                    Cut spending, cut taxes, then replace the revenue source.
                    Otherwise it’s just another tax.

                    1. Sarcasmic – Cain’s already on board with cutting spending and taxes. I listened to him a lot when he had his afternoon show (working late at work) and whenever he was a sub for Boortz. Having someone in office in favor of less regulation, less taxation, and less revenue would be a great thing. Keep in mind 9-9-9 is only a stepping stone for Cain until the 16th could be repealed, paving way for the FairTax.

                      I do agree that cutting spending is the primary cause of our woes, but discarding a candidate’s idea for tax reform simply because he has a tax reform plan isn’t realistic.

                    2. Also, having a more consumption based tax (via 9-9-9) helps pave the way for less spending, as the government simply can’t continue to borrow at the rate it has these past couple of years.

                    3. A consumption tax does not “pave the way” to less spending, and you can be damn sure the government can continue to borrow at the current rate if not more.

                      What if I said I need a different job to “pave the way” to reduced household spending. That makes no sense. What if I said I must increase my household income before I could cut household spending. Again that makes no sense.

                      They’re not related.

                      A federal sales tax is just another tax.

                    4. What if I said I need a different job to “pave the way” to reduced household spending.

                      But if you were forced into a lower paying job, your household spending would necessarily be reduced unless you wanted to be left without a household.

                      And yes, it is impossible for us to keep borrowing at the rate we have been for the last 2.5 years. Should we keep printing/borrowing money, we will suffer an economic collapse ala Greece.

                    5. But if you were forced into a lower paying job, your household spending would necessarily be reduced unless you wanted to be left without a household.

                      That’s because I’m not a government with the ability to borrow whatever I want.

                      “Starve the Beast” doesn’t work because the Beast, unlike a household, can operate on a perpetual deficit.

                      Should we keep printing/borrowing money, we will suffer an economic collapse ala Greece.

                      True. But the politicians and people on the dole don’t care.
                      The only way to stop that from happening is to cut spending.
                      No amount of tax reform without spending reform will help. No amount of tax reform will help.
                      Spending is the problem.

                    6. Er, spending is the primary source of our woes, not cutting spending. Brain not working this morning.

                  2. How exactly is 9-9-9 not progressive by default? The rich spend more because they can, and do. And how is it not progressive when it has the perpetual working poor saving more so they don’t have to be perpetual working poor?

                    Yes its progressive because the rich actually do pay their “FAIR share” by their spending habits.

                    1. Google up “progressive tax.”

                      You’re attempting to argue semantics against a widely used and understood term. It makes you look ignorant.

              3. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that when the economy is flourishing because of 9-9-9 a whole shitload of indoctrinated youth are going to be like wow! capitalism man -professor was so wrong – tell me more about this freemarkets, free people, good crossing borders so armies don’t have to stuff our Founding Fathers believed.

                Hello! Choose wisely.

                Realize that is possible but Cain needs an undeniable mandate. I wish Ron Paul would just throw his support behind this potential then pass his torch to Rand who can one day run for POTUS without having to explain the Constitution in 60 second soundbites that kept his old man from winning exactly because its too easy for class warfare and envy poltitics to demagogue him.

              4. I’d give an hour.

                You’re overly pessimistic. A few weeks, at least.

          2. It is a start, a path to get to an environment where libertarian ideas can flourish. You want it all at once. NUTS! More of the same will never get us there. 9-9-9 elinates payroll taxes and that lowers cost for business which is always good for the consumer. Working poor see most of their paychecks and only pay 9% + 9% the theoretical 18% if they spend their whole paycheck purchasing taxable goods. Second hand good are not taxed again also good for poor. Working poor are typically that because they SPEND their whole paycheck. Cain gives them more of it and incentives to save. When working poor save they typically aren’t perptual working see hard working Polish immigrants who work, save and succeed in a generation. When people are putting money into savings BANKS DON’T NEED BAILOUTS OR the BERNANK to fill them.

            There are so many dominoe effects that address problems directly at the root.

            Politicians will not be able to raise taxes. I’d love to see it. Really it would be a fucking miracle.

            In an environment where you can more easily explain to the public how raising any one of 9-9-9 taxes is going to effect them. I would love to see how pols raise taxes on the purchasing public. Neat trick! Mnay in the purchasing public don’t even bother voting because its hard to explain to them how it effects them and most especially in this class ware fare envy politicking environment. You know one way to get more of the purchasing public voting? HAHAHAHA! Solves problems directly at the root.

            You have to apply a bit of vision and imagine 4 years of flourishing capitalism fairness. Think about it!

            Wouldn’t you love to be able to tell the frugal Warren Buffer to pay all the taxes he wants to and stimulate the economy at the same time. Michael Moore could film a documentary and film them traveling around the country SPENDING THEIR MONEY LIKE PATRIOTS. Moore could call the documentary “Warren Buffet and Me”.

            Please realize this potential Cain has provided us to become Hermanators to go out and destroy Obamatrons talking points envy politicking.

            As I’ve been pointing out the contrast couldn’t be more stark.

            Choose wisely In a Democrazy you get the government you deserve.

            THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF YOUR LIFETIME and the choices couldn’t be more clearly contrasted and the potential consequences of the choice we make.

            Herman Cain is to Superman as Barrack Obama is to Bizarro. D

            1. Unless the income tax is abolished, the federal sales tax simply becomes a new tax.
              Before the ink is dry there will be exemptions being written into the law to social engineer people into purchasing certain products because they are taxed less than others.

              Step 1) Cut government to the point where it can survive on a fraction of the “revenue” that it currently takes in.

              Step 2) Cut current taxes.

              Step 3) Phase in an amendment that replaces the income tax with a consumption tax.

              Anything else is just giving the feds a new revenue stream and tool for social engineering.

              1. You are waiting for it all to crash hoping Ron Paul rises out of the ashes? What? Do you ever consider that perhaps Stalin rises out of the ashes and you get a jackboot right up your ass.

                You don’t think once all the indoctrinated see Cains plan in action by living in a flourishing economy it won’t be easier to grab their attention and say we can improve this even more with aonther bold change and a ___-tax.

                1. You don’t think once all the indoctrinated see Cains plan in action by living in a flourishing economy…

                  No I don’t. I think that their indoctrinators will credit the flourishing economy to Obama’s Keynesian stimulus, and warn of the impending doom that will come thanks to Cain’s plan.

                  1. Through out this thread and combined with Cain’s 9-9-9 the indoctrinators can be shamed into silence forever for all the damage they’ve caused to innocent life by believing that marxist goobly gook tyrants garbage and defying the concept that a creator allow us freewill.

                    Aren’t progressives wonderful? Just ask them, they’ll tell you at least their intentions were good.

                    Bible says be fruitful multiply, take reign over the animals and subdue the Earh. Surprise surprise watermelon communist believe world is over populated, PETA and environmentals.

                    You combine the diseased fucks opposite Bible mentality and its ironic these fucks want to take us back to the stone age garden of eden nobody eats the animals or subdues the earth see Utopia. Leads to Hell every time its tried because it ignores human nature and deny’s God given right to freewill. Church rule lead to same Hellish type shit for doing the same throughout history. So yeah blame God for what stupid man did misinterpreting his divine wisdom and text.

                  2. sarcasmic: No I don’t. I think that their indoctrinators will credit the flourishing economy to Obama’s Keynesian stimulus, and warn of the impending doom that will come thanks to Cain’s plan.

                    I don’t think you understand what Cain means by pushing the city back to the top of the hill and turn the light on. You see there is a lot of energy sources in this country that could easily power that economic boom.

                    I’d say the lights out in many of these brain-dead clones walking around parroting the most bizarre shit. We need to turn the light back on inside their brain.

                    These kids are walking around in the dark organizing protest on iPhone to protest companies that send jobs to China selling stock on Wall St. Some stopped to mourn Steve Jobs death.

                    YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!

                    Frick, Frack, WTF!

                    Jerry Seinfeld style:

                    Ever notice that on cable television we went from frick to frack when it comes to fuck?


                    Frick was a much better word to use for fuck than frack because frick rhymes with dick and prick of which both are used for fucking.

                    And don’t get me started on those American Autumn Wall St. protesters.

                    I don’t think there’s any common sense left in the world so goodbye. I’m on my way to go protest fracking shale because its fricking the environment.

                    Seriously? They aren’t aren’t walking around mindlessly in the dark? Seriously they don’t need the light turned back on? Seriously?

              2. Simplify.
                1) Two tier ‘flat’ tax. 10% and 25%.
                2) $9000 exemption per person.
                3) Flat corporate tax (if not eliminated).

                1. One tier flat tax with a larger exemption. Equal flat corp. tax. A one-form tax system.

                  1. Did you ever consider the possibility that Cain can win with such a huge mandate for sweeping change perhaps it can be changed to flat-tax what ever will work better. He’ll have a huge mandate for forward thinking change!

        2. And yes libertarians the force is strong with “this” troll because the force is the concept of e pluribis unum based on other concepts freewill and freemarkets.

          Cain is the only one who provides a path to get there. While Obama is uniting the workers of the world marxist bullshit we right leaning fiscals need to do the same and get behind Cain.

          Herman Cain is to Superman as Barrack Obama is to Bizarro.

          Choose wisely the contrast couldn’t be any clearer.

          1. Cain is a drug war addict and a Fed stooge. The barrel is still going over the falls, with us in it. Ron Paul is the only choice.

            1. Shiny things yeah. Fuck the potential. He’s not perfect.

  10. He lives in Akron, isn’t that punishment enough?

    1. @The Torso’d One

  11. Is there going to be a cartoon next week where the limo backs up and leaves a billion dollar bailout to pay for the damage?

    1. Good point. I loved that Venn Diagram reason had a while back that compared the TEA Party movement to the Occupy Wall Street people. We can find some common ground with people upset at the banks by pointing out that we acknowledge that many of the large banks receive special favors and bailouts and we also oppose that. We should do this at every available opportunity.

      1. Except, I think the analysis was naive: it is not the intersection between OWS and Tea Party that you’re looking for, since a good percentage of individuals subscribing to each group do so based on reasoning which is more ideological than rational. If you instead took the subsets of each, in which the individual’s reasons for identifying with the group could be well-articulated by that individual, and then found the intersection between those, I think you’d find for most of those individuals, the existence and nature of shared grievances and goals is already known and acknowledged. This would not be the case among the ideologically-driven sets, who would tend to caricature and demonize their opposites on purely ideological grounds, regardless of any shared underlying causes.

        1. “reasoning which is more ideological than rational”

          You suggest ideology cannot be rational. Illogical. Illogical. Illogical.

  12. Pretty sure I don’t want to know what that white stuff is that’s dripping off the back of the “car”.

    1. It was a sperm bank.

      1. So that white stuff is a “deposit slip”?

        1. Odd. I thought the white stuff on the rear bullet proof wind shield was bullet artifact.

          The rest looks like bird shit to me.

          So that white stuff is a “deposit slip”?

          It’s a withdrawal.

    2. The small circles behind and below the limousine depict airborne gravel, a visual cue that the limo is moving at a high speed. Thus, the scene depicts a “drive by shooting”.

      Chip Bok and the Death of the American Political Cartoon, p 38, Lampoon House Press, Juarez, 2037.

  13. I haven’t seen anything that funny since Mother’s Day in the orphanage.

  14. “H.L. Mencken Award for best cartoon in 1993”

    He apparently has drawn one funny cartoon.

    “…as well as various efforts at self syndication, substitute teaching, wholesale drug sales, and as a cement raking laborer.”

    He could have had a useful career in other fields.

    1. He’s employed. Are you?

  15. Bloomberg now says the Occupy Wall Street people can stay:…..1I601.html

    1. the owners of the private park, Brookfield Office Properties

      OWS and Bloomberg, get off my lawn!

      1. Somehow I don’t think the department of justice will be interested in prosecuting any cases of trespassing or damage to property here.

        1. Should there be abstract lines drawn on the earth to prevent the free movement of people?

    2. I had hopes that an education in private property rights would be forthcoming.

      1. Private property rights? Do those still exist in New York?

        1. Yes, but only with City approval.

  16. I don’t understand the bullet holes in the car window. And are those bullets in the air? I don’t think that’s cigarette smoke.

    1. Curse you Rich (shakes fist).

      1. Doc, please don’t curse *me*. Curse Chip for teasing us about a sequel to this cartoon.

        1. No no, my friend! We had the same observation, yet you posted it sooner than I did. And please, no crappy sequels; this never ending plague of awful and unimaginative remakes is bad enough.

          1. I understood your comment. 😎 Just a little drive-by trash-talking. Carry on!

    2. The lighter-colored area of the rear window of the vehicle, depicts glass crazed (cracked but not shattered) after being hit by bullets, presumably during a previous “drive-by”. This indicates that the broken bank window incident is not the first such “drive by” in which the vehicle has been involved.

      The End of Humor, p 72, Urkobold Press, Bayonne, NJ, 2025.

  17. We should have a cartoon contest to see who can make a better cartoon than Bok for next Friday’s Funnies.

    My money’s on “everyone”.

    1. But who’d bet against me?


    1. Too much violence; too much pain.

  19. HAve we won in Friday yet?

    1. I, for one, am laughing.

  20. I don’t get it. How did glass from the window get all the way under the car?

    1. It’s the multiplier effect.

    2. Good point, if the projectile came from OUTSIDE the bank one would think most of the glass would be INSIDE of the bank.

      1. “Back, and to the left.”

    3. and I thought I was the only one pedantic enough to realize this…

    4. See above.

  21. So does anyone have good recommendations for interesting things to do in Tokyo and Shanghai?

    1. Wander drunk down by the docks.

      1. I second that emotion!

      2. Isn’t that good advice in pretty much any city that has docks?

    2. Miko and Shan Li–but don’t question the latter about her adam’s apple.

      1. I knew a banker from London when I lived in Frankfurt. The guy spent his whole life traveling Frankfort, Bangkok, London and Singapore. He had a favorite hotel in Bangkok that would always provide him female companionship for the evenings he staid there.

        So he gets married and takes a honeymoon to Bali. On the way back to London he and his new wife stop over in Bankok for a night to make the trip shorter. And of course they stay in his favorite hotel. The hotel being a very good one and knowing its customers automatically arranges for his usual room and nightly entertainment. He forgot to tell them ixna on the entertainment. And when a rather comely 20 something Chinese woman showed up at him and his new bride’s room, hilarity ensued. He was still married to the woman. So he must have gotten out of it some way. But he never said how.

        1. Probably by mentioning he was a world-traveling banker.

    3. So does anyone have good recommendations for interesting things to do in Tokyo and Shanghai?

      Be sure to take one of those emphysema oxygen rigs with you to Shanghai – world’s worst smog.

      Shanghai is pretty boring, actually. Don’t miss the Shanghai Museum though; it is outstanding. People watching on the Bund is good, too.

      1. Is the smog really that bad? I generally don’t have respiratory problems or allergies.

        1. How bad? The oxygen gear? No man, that was a joke. You won’t believe the smog, though. Difficult to see a skyscraper a mile away on a bad day.

  22. I give this one credit for being relatively understated, at least.

  23. It’s 8AM Central and there’s no goddamn Morning Links.

  24. It is often said there’s no such thing as a week off in the Southeastern Conference.

    That hardly applies this year.

    A check of the scores so far this season makes the SEC look like blowout central, begging the question of whether the league that has produced the national champion for five years running is more top-heavy than usual.

    In the 18 games played between SEC teams this year, half have been decided by 20 or more points. Only four have been decided by 8 points or fewer. The other 14 ended with double-digit victory margins.…..story.html

    1. The SEC is vastly overrated. LSU and Alabama have elite teams. Arkansas isn’t bad. But the rest of the conference is fair to midland at best. Who is the fourth best team? South Carolina? Georgia?

      1. I detest the usually sloppy ball games that SEC match-ups produce but I do think they are the dominant conference in the nation. But this article is interesting to me because surely the same thing can be found in, say, the Big Ten (I’m looking at you Minnesota and Indiana).

        1. Overall, I think the Big 12 is the best this year. OU and OSU are both top five teams. K-State, aTm, Baylor, and Missouri have quality teams that would probable finish third or fourth in the SEC. The only really bad team is Kansas. Tech and UT are not good but not bad. I think it is will come down to the winner of LSU Alabama versus the winner of OU OSU for the title. Sorry but no way does Wisconsin get in over an undefeated team out of the Big 12 or SEC.

  25. NBA owners and players are in New York fighting about money.

    And, maybe, one other thing.

    The league says they want to change how the NBA operates, to give fans in all 30 NBA markets hope at the outset of every season. The league says now is a rare chance to fix a system in which teams are fairly well locked into categories of contenders and non-contenders, and that a team’s payroll tells you a hell of a lot about how well that team’s going to perform. The league’s insistence on a hard cap, or a luxury tax so stiff it might function like one, has been arguably the talks’ biggest sticking point.

    Some teams in the NBA are really bad, and many of those have low salaries. Meanwhile, other teams are really good, and many of them have high salaries. It’s not perfectly true — the Knicks famously had massive payrolls and few wins. This last season the Bulls and Thunder were among the league’s elite in all but salaries.

    But by and large, the playoff teams spend a lot, and the lottery teams spend little.

    Economists differ on this. Some find that the current NBA salary is a meaningful predictor of wins. Others say it is only a weak predictor, and point to the likes of the Bulls and Thunder who won a ton with small salaries.…

    1. I posted this in light of our previous discussions of the more egalitarian structure of the NFL vs. the more libertarian structure of the NBA and MLB. If you want every team to start the season with equal hope of success the NFL is the way to go, if you like watching wealthy powers dominate the crap out of everyone else, go with the latter approach.

      Lessons abound.

      1. I would also like to point out that contrary to the common libertarian line about egalitarianism stifling excellence it is the two leagues with the more libertarian approach that are accused of having the players and teams “phone it in” during the early season (or rather most of the entire season). It is in the NFL where excellent coaching and disciplined teamwork are most exemplified (given equal resources the only way to stand out is to be excellent).

        1. I think it is difficult to make a direct comparison between football and basketball or baseball in this way simply because football has so many fewer games. When you are only playing each team once or twice, you have to approach each game that way and I think they would even if football were less socialistic.

        2. Barack Obama: “I had the chance to see Dwight Howard, and Dwight is a great friend, and I told him I’m a little heartbroken that the NBA season is getting delayed here….So I’m hoping those guys are back on the court soon.”

          Joe Biden: “In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city….In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes–just to pick two categories–climbed to 229. In 2011, you now only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this year for Flint if we don’t rectify it.”

          Wouldn’t that be some straight up racist shit if Bushitler administration was saying these things the same day?

          1. Different standards. Like gas prices under Bush were his fault, under Obama no one mentions them.

            1. Indeed! Its almost as if we are living in bizarro world or something.

              I wouldn’t be surprised -one bit – if the people perpetuating bizarro world on us believed – we must sacrifice the individual to to do what’s best for society – of whom also believe they are what’s best for society by totally ignoring human nature in every policy they agitate to perpetuate -always ending with – our intentions were good -aren’t we wonderful for having good intentions? -as they crush the individual and squash freedom – and play God.

              “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism” -Karl Marx

              1. “Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure. On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”

                1. So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

                  Guest: Yeah!

                  Fire is hot with opposite Bible mentality too – if you believe THE CONCEPT that a Creator allows you free will -that is.

                  1. Comrades, pay no attention this to Guest we all know Jesus is a socialist just ask any Sandinista.

                    1. Yes, but it isn’t like the road to Hell is paved with good intentions or anything.

                    2. Are you saying that by denying the Creator CONCEPT that atheist, deist and various sect of Christians could all agree upon – and formed a nation around – are you saying denying that CONCEPT is equivalent to denying free will of free men?

                      Are you saying that if people denied that CONCEPT – a concept so simple you can test it and observe it that it could be considered scientific in that way by a simple “GODDAMMIT” – a concept which even an atheist like Jefferson could agree with – are you saying that if people actually denied a Creator they could be susceptible to a messiah with God-like powers to form many out of one which would be exactly bass-ackwards as to what our Founding Fathers believed?

                    3. I never said there was no Creator. Marx and Engels released a book around the same time is just coincidental because I believed in God.

                    4. If only we could creat more Hermanators like you Guest to make the Christian right understand we’re not supposed to be a theocracy either. We could actually move ahead into a much more fair and brighter future because 9-9-9 ridded us of envy and we Coalesce around The Concept again. We could actually all get along. WOW!

                    5. Yeah, if only The Jacket would take me under his wing. He’d know me when he talked to me because I was a great swimmer (the best of out of thousands of other individual participants)- I am a unique individual – I am a Hermanator looking to bring back THE CONCEPT – both of them -e pluribis unum – Our Creator allows us freewill and a right to be free men – and whether you believe in him or not – the irony is the very fact you can – proves the concept is true.

                      We really should quit so blatantly violating the Concepts this was country Founded on if we wan’t to remain a free people with free will.

                      Another fine concept Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

                    6. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

                      Choose wisely!
                      Cain 2012!

                    7. We cannot survive as a free nation when some men decide that others are not fit to live and should be abandoned to abortion or infanticide. My Administration is dedicated to the preservation of America as a free land, and there is no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.

                      Fuck you libertarians! PWNED! By as simple college dropout Construction worker.

                      Cain 2012!

                    8. Now any of you libertarian fucks that get tripped up by shining things want to go trade Bible Thumpers Gays for Abortion so we can all get along in a society that is booming and reeducate our youth?

                      Its the right thing to do. And I can pound them with a Bible just as well.
                      Join me in helping Cain win in a blowout and together we can get back to where we are supposed to be after 200 years without all the division which 9-9-9 attacks directly at its roots.

                      Admit it.

                      Cain 2012!

                    9. WOW! Cain 9-9-9 – a simpleton construction worker PWNING intellectual libertarians. WOW! My head hurts all this fucking bizarre election cycle shit with the doom and gloom of 2012 of the Mayans.

                      Some say end of “time” and some say the interpretations are the end of “a time” WOW!

                      YOU. CAN’T. MAKE. THIS. SHIT. UP!

                      I believe its the “a time” interpretation that is the correct one – and the choices couldn’t be any more clearer – or bizarre.

                      Cain 2012!

                    10. It’s almost as if there is a Creator and he’s saying last chance – but we all know we were created and evolved from random chance.

                    11. Please vote for Mitt Romney so I can fulfill my father and my shared dream of playing Abe Lincoln. I need another 2000 elections debacle to get there.

                    12. Ban this Guest now!

                      He’s a lying liar who lies thats all I hear lies lies lies Karl Marx was an intellectual you don’t send them to the frontlines as cannon fodder.

                      Herman Cain and 9-9-9 is a lie filled with lies by liars! You lying liar! Guest who lies all the time! about lies! lies! all you have is lies! and demagoguery liar! liar! liar!.

                    13. Anyone? Anyone want to join me as a Hermanator and have some fun destroying the scrourge to freewill, freedom, freemarkets…. that we call progressives -whose progressive policies leads to exactly the opposite in terms of preserving our founding principles of protecting the individual from the collectivist.

                      We can agree to disagree if the Road to Hell is paved with sins from the concept of freewill but we cannot deny the truism that the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions because we have history as a guide.

                      Once we violate the rights of the individual as Hillary Clinton the proud progressive/liberal believes: We must sacrifice the individual – best for society dogma – freedom cannot survive.

                    14. “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind”

                      Perhaps when science wraps its mind around the concept that a Creator allows us freewill the skeptics may have a say and not be drowned out by the collective and shunned, called names etc…

                    15. Yeah, politics and science don’t mix just like religion and government don’t. What a CONCEPT!

                      If only there was a way we could end all this with a simple plan everyone could understand. Damn! I can dream.

                      Oh well….


                    16. A majority of climate scientist and the IPCC consensus will never believe in the concept of a Creator let alone he allows us freewill.

                      Do not turn science upside down. Consensus rules and we have the majority opinion that man needs to be controlled through carbon taxes.

                      C02 is a dangerous pollutant. Never mind a consensus once believed it is a building block for life.

                      I am not a marxist you stupid fuck. I will see to it that no publisher ever reads your drivelyou fucking denier bastard capitalist pig who believes in fairytale spirits in the sky and stupid concept it allows you freewill. Consensus scientist must sacrifice the skeptic to do what’s best for society.

                    17. I read that in Pat Gray (from GB radio’s) voice. Funnier than today’s funnies in my head.

                    18. and the choices couldn’t be any more clearer – or bizarre.

                      If by bizarre you mean:

                      1. Actions speak louder than words

                      2. Words speak louder than actions

                      Indeed! Cain is to Superman and the American way of life as Obama is to Bizarro trying to destroy it.

                    19. Us libertarians would rather just be a debate society why would we want an environment were our ideas would flourish?

                      Why would we want to completely wipe off the map an ideology we claim to hate? When we can just debate among our few selves.

                      Stupid Guest, Herman Cain believes in life no exceptions why would we support him to beat a man who believes it should be legal to suck the brains out of children because their head hasn’t dropped past the pelvis.

                      Choose wisely!

                      Herman Cain is the man 9-9-9 is the plan. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

                    20. Could you please destroy these roots that are clogging my system?

                    21. You capitalist pigs think the Bible gives you cover. You will burn in Hell! I hate you I hate you because the world will never know the peace uniting the workers brings. Burn in Hell you capitalist pigs and bury your money with you pigs.

                    22. C’mon libertarians lets go PWNED the progressives. Its just the right thing to do if for no other reason.

                      The establishment is trying to knock Cain out early. He needs help.

                      e pluribis unum agreeing on a concept that our Creator allows freewill and no man has the right to take it away. Never mind the shiny shit we can address in a nation where everyone is treated fairly and is flourishing. Then we have a better chance dealing with the shiny shit once the rabble rousers are pulled out at the root and they have to defend their ideas instead of smear, lie and distort.

                    23. I thought I was deep.

                    24. We will never accept your concept that a Creator allows freewill and that concept united all free men.

                      Climate science based politics should rule the day and the world so we can have the greatest peace man will ever know United around the worker. Just look how the US so blindly coddles Israel. There scientifically based solutions to bring peace in the ME.

                    25. Yes, its true, my writing skills are designed in such a way you have to read them three times to grasp. You cannot get to the deep until you swim through the shallow.

                    26. I have a dream….

                    27. My father has a dream….

                    28. Choose wisely!

                    29. A choice as contrasted as black and white.

                    30. Ban this fucker!

                    31. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

                    32. Does that one man or the freedom fighter believe a Creator allows them freewill?

                      If not they are probably not freedom fighters – if the history of the world is any indicator.

                    33. C’mon libertarians with some vision.

                      We can write the handbook to destroying the biggest scourge the world has ever seen ie progressive ideology which denys a Creator allows freewill — a simple provable concept all our freedoms are based on.

                      Lets write the handbook right here at Reason and put you people’s ideas on the map major bigtime.

                      Reason destroys radical. Herman has a dream. We win they lose! And a plan on how to get there. Hermanators are unstoppable if we can get an e pluribis unum thing going before FOX News selects Romney and the possibility exist for a 2000 election type outcome and dear leader gets his chance to go Abe Lincoln on us because of the civil unrest.

                      Drink twice! Let’s celebrate.

                      I don’t believe I am smarter than any of you. I have much to learn. But I do believe I have a little vision and see potential. Why don’t some of you venture capitalist join me, do it for teh childrunz, as if the next election could be any more bizarro anyway.

                      The choices are clear,

                      the concept is there -freewill

                      and in a Democrazy you get the government you deserve.

                      Choose wisely.

                    34. No other candidate’s solutions end class warfare and attack so many others directly at the root and SOLVE them. No candidate that is electable at this time in the country is so ignorant about the Founding concepts behind the Constitution let alone the Constitution itself. Ron Paul cannot win, Gary Johnson cannot win – not until first we push the city back to the top of the hill and turn on the lights.

                      We win they lose, there’s no other way to describe Herman’s vision and plan.

                      A mathematician computer scientist masters and author, rocket scientist businessman CEO chairman of a bank with a unique analytical mind for solving problems. A rocker scientist basically telling us this stuff ain’t rocker science.

                    35. I will haunt these forums until you have to throw the concept our nation was Founded upon and ban my ass. I will turn you into hypocrites! Muawahahaahaa!

                      Join the Hermanators, arm yourself with the plan and lets go plow throw Obamabots parroting yes we can with yes we Cain.

                      Lets unite e pluribis unum and push the city back up to the top of the hill and turn on the lights and bring back the concept to science and politics that in order to remain free we have to agree with the concept that a Creator allows us freewill whether we believe in him or not it is self evident and a CONCEPT we can unite around.

                    36. A concept that can be proven by the scientific method. A concept that will prevent the ridicule us skeptics have to endure and the nastiness, suppression, and shunning. These people are destroying science for political power to suppress freedom whether they know it or not.

                      We need to be able to debate civilly to solve problems. The few progressives that from one, many bizarro gaffe of Al Gore’s has to be stopped once and for all – before we can solve other issue of inequality you libertarians would like addressed.

                      America is not perfect and never will be but it can be a lot better if we all are taught and believe we all have a right an opposing opinion without all name calling and race cards. In a country where it’s declared all men are created equal we need to start treating everybody equally if we want to get there.

                    37. He said “all men” he don’t want woman to be equal. He wants to steal our uteruses and leave us barefoot in the kitchen.

                      Seriously peeps!

                      Let’s roll!

                    38. I don’t think some progressives even know they’ve been mindfucked and raped.

                      Them kids protesting capitalism certainly don’t. You want to co-opt them do it as a Hermanator. Just talking 9-9-9 with them gets their critical thinking skills kick-started.

                    39. You capitalist pigs don’t understand anything about “serving the people.”

                      You pigs think by believing a Creator allows freewill for you to rape people by allowing them to freely purchase the products you serve them. You pigs have a system that oppresses the poor and your riches are stolen from them.

                      Only big government knows how to serve the people in a godly fashion. Just ask anyone who knows this. Out of many, one. Ha! You pigs will burn in Hell for allowing people to make bad decisions based in your stupid Creator concept.

                    40. You tell them Chairman!

                      We will dethrone their Creator and destroy capitalism and use their own rope to hang them with. Stupid capitalist pigs don’t even understand they have it bass-ackwards and that from one, many is how you created your glorious country. Stupid capitalist pigs and their Creator concept. HA!

                    41. I know skeptics who are atheist yet believe this concept. We constantly have to suppress those opinions and smear. We cannot have this concept infecting climate science. I don’t care if its a theory that can pass the scientific test with a simple Goddammit. These people need to be silenced since they are crazies who believe in fairies and unicorns.

  26. what a cartoon really funny and amazing and i think the president should change the rules.

  27. We need a new grading scale for Bok’s cartoons. Usually, i.e. on average, they deserve an F-. But I don’t want to give any of his cartoon a C. And I am tired or using F—- notation.

    1. Grade deflation, that’s a new one.

  28. That’s ‘cos a “Genuine Primitivist” (TM) would eschew teh interwebz.

    1. Says who? You?

      Would you eschew a cot in prison, just because you were unjustly imprisoned for your political beliefs?

      Civilization is a prison enforced by the enslavement and genocide of primitive first families.

      Officer, am I free to gambol about plain and forest?

      1. You sound like Loughner.

        1. “…nobody with a brain wants zero government. Just minimum government. There is no contradiction. We need government…” ~anon


  29. I’m like 96% sure that White Indian is the Unibomber.

    1. For more than 99 per cent of human history people have lived in groupings that social scientists call “non-state societies.”

      [adapted from Elman R. Service (1975), Origins of the State and Civilization: The Process of Cultural Evolution. New York: Norton.]…..ieties.pdf

      1. Derka derka! Muhammed jihad! Derka derka!

  30. RON PAUL 2012

  31. So sad. I remember when Bok’s work was funny, insightful, and well-drawn.

    Oh, wait. I don’t.

  32. Am I the only one that thought of Kristallnacht when I saw this?

  33. 1) I’m gobsmacked – I actually like this one. Although I did not laugh out loud.

    Preparing now for the End Times, since this is clearly The Seventh Sign.

    2) SO glad to see the Hunter Gatherers back. Cause they add SO much to the lulz.

    Ayez un bon weekend, mes amis

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