35 Years Ago In Reason


"The practical impact of merely one vote is insignificant, and the essential reason to vote for any particular candidate is to feel comfortable with your selection, to be satisfied that you have done the proper thing." 

—Manuel S. Klausner, Tibor R. Machan, and Robert Poole Jr., "MacBride for President" 

"There is nothing inherently virtuous about government at the state and local level."

—William Marina, "In Search of Reality" 

"In American literature in general, and in American poetry in particular, the best known and most admired figures have, on the whole, been collectivists and statists." 

—William H. Stoddard, "The Muse's Name is Liberty"

"In the months before a national election Congress usually concentrates on electioneering and posturing. Little of significance can be expected unless they slip a few things in on us." 

—"Washington Watch"

—November 1976