Reason Morning Links: Mexico Records One Murder Every 35 Minutes, Ron Paul Digs Deep to Whack Perry, Obama Gets Soaked in New Polls


New at "What We Saw at the 2011 Seattle Hempfest"

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    1. Eighty-one percent of poll respondents do not like President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

      The number doesn’t surprise me, but I have this nagging feeling that many of those are upset that he hasn’t done (READ: spent) more. Not liking Obama’s economic policies does not guarantee that A) many want to see him simply back the fuck off, or B) they will not vote for him in the next election

      1. Sad but true. Habits die hard.

      2. My thoughts exactly. Only the 34% that say he is on the wrong track truly don’t like his policies. And many of them just wish it was the republitards in charge of creating fake jobs and throwing money at their pet technologies.

        Most people would be fine with him doing Stim-III and polls like this will really get him and democrats in congress hepped up to pass a bunch more really stupid shit so quickly that they don’t have time to read it.

  1. layoff the hempfest video, I’m starting to support prohibition. Prohibition of hippies I mean, not pot.

    1. I support your hybrid movement and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. What’s with the hot hippie montage starting with a girls’ ass at 1:58?

      I mean, I know why, but I want to know who’s idea?

    3. You are right. It isn’t the pot most people hate – it’s the smelly obnoxious hippies.

      1. It’s like the Gay Rights Parades–the one thing that sets gay rights back more than anything homophobes could ever do.

    4. It looks really hot and stinky there. I’d hate to be stoned in that atmosphere. To top if off you’ve got this lady singing about sunshine (over and over). If I were stoned at hempfest, I’d be praying for rain to wash away all the stink.

      1. What do you have, smellovision? How does it look stinky?

        1. Your comment tastes brown.

          1. Difficult brown.

        2. In the same way that Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp look stinky.

          1. In the same way that Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp look stinky.

            It’s so true, and such a shame.

        3. In fact, as shown at , the Seattle Hempfest was one of the stops for the foam of Bronner’s soap, which is a lot stronger and wetter than the light foams used in most foam parties, and therefore needs to be taken naked and rinsed, and actually cleans skin. News reports said thousands went thru it at the Hempfest, so I have every reason to think the crowd was minty-fresh smelling.

      2. Looks beautiful and peaceful.

  2. A 9/11 anniversary misremembered
    By: Elizabeth Drew
    September 6, 2011 12:10 AM EDT

    With events planned to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, including elaborate ceremonies in New York, a three-day commemoration at the National Cathedral and television specials with Olympics-level promotion, one wonders how likely it is that, among all the observations, the truth about the events of Sept. 11 will be told. The inescapable conclusion is that it is very unlikely.

    The country has been living with obfuscations and even deceptions about those events for nearly 10 years and has largely accepted the mythology about what happened on Sept. 11 and in the months leading up to it. The myths have made heroes of officials who had failed, as shown by a group of respected people in a widely read report, to take all possible steps to ward off the attacks.…..CA02E0A995

    1. BOOSH!!!11!!!one one!!eleventy!!







        1. i just shit my pants trying to blame BOOSh for clintons policies derp

          1. WE BLAME BOOSCH

            1. Well, I blame Borsch. Damn Hungarians.

              1. Bush knew ahead of time about the Japanese …uh, Islamic fundy bombers.

                1. yes, baked, boosch did know ahead of time

                  1. becuz vague warnings al qida wants to hit us is exzactly same as they will try to fly palnes into wtc derpity herp derp

                    1. because of SPECIFIC warnings of TEH [ARABZ] learning in the US to take-off but NOT land planes

                    2. because of SPECIFIC warnings of TEH [ARABZ] learning in the US to take-off but NOT land planes

                      which intelligence was never shared becuz of Jamie [clinton appointee] gorelick’s wall of separation between agencies herp derp BOOSH anyway

                    3. so why did boosch say the CIA was covering their arses by warning him?

            2. I blame Busch. If people drank better beer this never would have happened.

              1. I blame Bosh. Seriously, that guy disappeared in the playoffs.

                1. we wish bush had disappeared

                    1. ‘M Old Greg

            3. “Other information showed that the president and Rice ignored clear and urgent warnings from the CIA of imminent attacks.”
              BI-PARTISAN report


  3. Riggs, you’re first!

    1. Pay no attention to this imposter, we’re going after The Jacket first!

    2. COP KILLER!!!!

    3. Stop by for lunch sometime Jimmy.

  4. FTL: 81 percent say the Obama economic program is not working

    Hey, that’s a far cry from 81 percent “do not like”.


  5. Robert Fisk asks a question about a question he never gets around to asking – or answering.…..48438.html

  6. “I would because I believe it,” he said. “They’ve declared war on us. We didn’t declare war on them, they declared war on us. We’re fighting back.”

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Republicans at all…

  7. Hot chicks ‘n hula hoops– the essence of libertarianism!*

    1. I wholeheartedly endorse the hot chicks n’ hula hoops platform.

      1. Even if the hot chick is a smelly hippie? That’s one of them there co-non-drumz.

        1. It ain’t like patchouli is VD. It washes off non-bathdodgers.

  8. Evangelical woman blogger attempts to literally live out all Old Testament rules concerning women.

    Next year: all firt time book contracts to new authors to be handed out in reality show format drafted by EWTN & CBN.

    1. I wish every woman would go live in a tent when she was on the rag! Amirite, fellas? You know what I’m talkin’ about.

      /early 90s stand-up

      1. Something unfunny.

      2. *responds with Arsenio Hall-style “woof woof” while swinging his fist in circles*

      3. I believe you forgot to mention that white people and black people are known to ambulate in different fashions.

      4. That’s straight up racist.

        1. *In response to SF

      5. Speaking with some authority on this issue, I can say that a tent while OTR probably wouldn’t be so bad. At least I wouldn’t have to put up with five days of irritation from that annoying jerk I married.

        If only it wasn’t so cold and wet out there.

        1. Why doesn’t he go live in teh cold wet tent?

          1. Because it is written!

          2. Because I am the one who is irritated/ irritable (e.g. I am the one with the problem).

          3. He might never return.

            1. Perhaps the tent could be re-purposed into a male-bonding experience, like running naked in packs the woods and group drum-beating.

      6. Amirite or Amorite?

        1. I am not as tall as a cedar. 🙁

  9. I’m laughing about the Ron Paul ad. It’s really interesting that he has all this money so early this cycle, along with what is clearly a much more professional advertising staff.

    1. I think I’m laughing too.

      1. Napoleon laughed at the Spanish rebels.

    2. Now if he could do one on Romneycare as well.

      1. Perry is doing it for him. He can save his money to go after the frontrunner, which will not be Romney in a couple of months.

  10. Can bodybuilding be feminist?…..le2149097/

    “It’s the notion of the body as culturally constructed and how it differs over time and cultures,” she explains, the meaty content of the sentence served lightly with a smile. And also “the notion of what the body is and how you should treat it, mixed with identity, history of medicine, the beauty culture.”

    1. Because there is nothing as feminine as a good dose of testosterone.

      1. Having pects bigger than your breasts is TOTALLY feminine. Also, if you can replace your vagina with a penis, that’s the ultimate expression of Womanhood.

        1. Whoa. Manhood!

        2. Well, testosterone does make you clit get bigger, to the point where it can start looking a bit dick-like.

          1. Google One Night in Chyna. But do so at your own peril.

          1. That’s fucked up.

          2. Wow, that’s a terrible picture of her. Admittedly she has a rather masculine face (strong features, very square jaw), but I don’t think I have ever seen a pic of her with a 5-o-clock shadow before. I think that’s a photo manip?


            1. I mainly thought of her b/c of other photos I’ve seen where she looked pretty ripped – like she was juicing.

              To be fair, the Google search I did an hour ago came up mostly with pictures that were nowhere near that scary.

              1. That’s not a woman. That’s a man, man.

                -Austin Danger Powers

    2. “It’s the notion of the body as culturally constructed and how it differs over time and cultures,she explains

      There has never been a time in history when the body to female body-builders aspire has been considered beautiful or desirable. Most non-bodybuilders think the Vera DeMilo look is repulsive, not sexy.

      Now, she appears to be arguing that its her body and she should be able to do with it what she likes, which is fine, but she also appears to be arguing that everyone else should find it attractive as well (because we are all victims of “beauty culture,” I surmise).

      1. “but she also appears to be arguing that everyone else should find it attractive as well (because we are all victims of “beauty culture,” I surmise).”

        It’s because she is a narcissist. Her identity is completely defined by her image.

  11. But fuller context included in other Fox segments makes clear that Hoffa wasn’t calling for violence but was actually urging the crowd to vote out Republican members of Congress.

    Actually, what he said was in German and translates to: “The, Bart, The.’

  12. 8 Ways Suburban Apathy Got Me Through Irene: A Hero’s Story

    We watched the news over breakfast. Apparently, the worst hadn’t hit us yet. Reporters in slickers were at coastal beachfronts. One woman on Long Beach Island in Jersey was touting the “awesome” power of the hurricane by bragging about 20-foot waves that looked 5 feet high to me. Then she tried to capture the majesty of the storm for us by putting her microphone on the handrail of the boardwalk. It was convincing proof that you can be functionally retarded and still be a news reporter. Also one anchorwoman kept referring to field reporter Wendy Gillette as “Windy” Gillette. More proof.

    1. Wow, now I feel better about my power being out. And not having cable. Missed a stupid-bullet there.

  13. Eighty-one percent of poll respondents do not like President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

    It’s not fair calling during the day when all you’re going to find at home to take your poll are the unemployed.

    1. Immigrant arrests in the U.S. are nearing a 40-year low.

      This could have something to do with that poll.

  14. Mexico Records One Murder Every 35 Minutes

    Libertarians blame America.

    1. thoughtful americans, including the retired head of the DEA, blame the failed war on drugs. >legalize pot in order to gut the cartels

      1. It’s too bad this alleged retired head of the DEA waited till after he quit fucking the world to decide that fucking the world was a bad idea.

        It’s also too bad he doesn’t speak louder so that anyone else has heard about it, because, frankly, I think you made that up.

        1. so google it. jeesch

          1. As I thought, google returns nothing on a “retired head of the DEA” criticising, opposing or in any other way speaking out against “the war on drugs”.

            Could you furnish at least teh name of this alleged retired head of the DEA?

            1. Jesus christ, Isaac, just spend all day making a list of all the previous heads of the DEA, then google them. You know O2 is too incompetent to manage that sort of research project.

      2. Does this mean that the retired head of the DEA will refund his government pension since his work was worthless?

      3. holy fuck, a pseudo-intelligent remark from the neighborhood retard.

        1. I guess a billion monkeys with typewriters could eventually write Shakespeare….

          1. Write me? Why they don’t even call.

            1. wonder why?

              1. How would you know, Frank?

      4. Let us know when you become thoughtful, stOOpid.

    2. Mexico Records One Murder Every 35 Minutes

      Drug-warriors still think decriminalized drugs are more dangerous than this.

      1. There’s just something about bloodshot eyes that rubs me the wrong way.

        1. that plus pot makes the white womenz get nekkid & orgy w black jazz musicians

  15. And one fact stands out above all: Few of the [Mexican] deaths will be investigated.

    Let me be clear.

    I am initiating an innovative program that will create twenty-two thousand new jobs in the next 18 months alone.

    1. Another nail in the coffin of the WoD.

      1. I don’t know about that. On the one hand, pot’s supposed help of chemo patients’ appetite was a selling point for medicinal marijuana. But on the other hand, legalizing recreational marijuana could aid in Michelle Obama’s War on Fatties. And dude, look how big my hands are.

        1. “They can touch anything but themselves… Oh.”

    2. Wow. Could there be a common drug that many people use that makes them heavier, which is used less by pot smokers.

      1. Alcohol has calories?!?!?! Now you’re just talkin crazy. That’s unpossible.

        1. It’s worse! Alcohol is calories.

      2. I know some prolific drinkers. Most of ’em are fat.

    1. I’ve been wondering, how has the Gawker empire fared since the introduction of NoScript…




    Since Drudge has this I am sure everyone has seen it, but Iceland’s President and referendum voters tell European bank depositors to Drop Dead.

    This is what should have been done in the first place.

    1. “In today’s news, US/EU coalition forces have subdued Iceland’s armed forces, replacing Iceland’s government with interim functionaries from Greece.”

      1. Booyah!

  19. Please: The Education Department is not pleased with MATT DAMON.

    We strive for excellence.

  20. Why Scientists and Journalists Miscommunicate

    Key quote:”As well, the ambiguity surrounding many scientific findings doesn’t translate well to popular messaging. What isn’t quite clear in any given research study magically becomes ‘A + B = C’ in an article about the study. The apprehensions of the researchers about broadly applying their findings may be mentioned, but by the time a reader gets to those the impact has already been made.”

    1. You know what?

      I think the lady doth protest too much.

      Most of the authors of these activist studies are only too happy to let the press take their qualified findings and explode them into certainties if those certainties translate into public support for nanny state policies.

      “Oh no! That reporter is exaggerating the results of my second hand smoke study! My stars! Whatever shall I do?”

  21. Deregulate privation property land title, a big-government entitlement.

    Officer, am I free to gambol across plain and forest now?

    1. Smoke a peace pipe!

  22. So, you guys cool? Sitting at the breakfast table? Good, because I think you’re gonna wanna see this:

    In Defense of Period Sex

    Basically, dudes who have sex with women and think period sex is disgusting are the brothers-in-badnews-sexytime with people who think oral sex is gross. Don’t like normally-functioning vaginas? Then you should be disallowed from fucking them.

    1. If you like to be fucked while you’re on your period, you so lack fastidiousness that I probably don’t want you around anyway.

      You’re liable to put bugs and worms in the soup “’cause that’s natural” or something. Or smear your used pad on your hair because vagina blood is good for your roots or something.

      “Shit crumbs from my asshole are part of nature! They belong in the salad! Why are you so uptight?”

      So please, please do keep me away from your pussy up front before I get attached to it. That would be a big help.

      1. Can’t you just fantasize you’re killing zombies or something?

        1. With my dick?

          My dick makes no appearance during my one-man war against zombies.

          Unless I can power up my health by using a toilet or something.

          1. The only way to kill them is to fuck them? Now we’re on to a promising new genre.

            1. Dude, there’s already a genre of porn dedicated to corpse fucking.

              1. Re-animated corpse fucking. Jesus, goldie, try to keep up. (That offer for the monocle job is rescended.)

                1. “Monocle job.” Ok. That gives me another new genre idea.

            2. I have a complicated relationship with zombies. They’re dangerous, but I love their swagger.

      2. Yeah, I also love how her argument is, “Well, if your generally grossed out by blood, I suppose that’s okay.”


        “Honey, I cut my finger cooking!”
        “Quick, give me a handjob!”

        1. And the argument that shed uterine lining isn’t “waste” like feces is. Uh, huh. Sure. Here’s a taser if you’d like to torture logic even further.

          1. shed uterine lining isn’t “waste” like feces is

            It’s waste like me!

          2. Definition of bodily waste: shit your body tries to eject from one orifice or another lest you begin to become septic.

            Yes, uterine lining is waste just the same as a stinky log.

    2. Fucking a hemorrhaging vagina is kind of like tossing a burlap sack of puppies in the creek. Sometimes it’s gotta be done, but you shouldn’t like it too much.

        1. Lincoln couldn’t have put it better.

    3. It depends. Do the brothers-in-badnews-sexytimes have to visit me in my tent? Because honestly I don’t want them in there.

      1. The tent is a patriarchal concept. As a liberated, independent womyn, you are supposed to be able to walk around, screaming, “I AM ON MY PERIOD, HEAR ME ROAR!!!”

        1. If they were as smart as they think they are, they would reclaim the tent from the patriarchy and make it a FEMALE SAFE SPACE.

        2. No need to hear you roar. We can smell you coming a mile away.

    4. Based on my extensive yet completely undocumented research, I’d say most guys (70-75%) don’t have a big problem with period sex.

      For the remainder, there are plenty of women who are equally uptight about it, so it’s all good.

    5. Also, for all the gamblers out there:

      First belligerent disagreement comes at 7.

      First use of “heteronormative” comes at 12.

      And in a two-fer, ablist and transphobic get busted out at 43. Pay up accordingly.

      Feminists: Hating other women since the dawn of time.

    6. Fuck the men who don’t want period sex – I, an actual woman, don’t want period sex. And I don’t think I know a single, solitary chick who wants to get laid the first couple days.

      1. ^^ 🙁 ^^

      2. Haha. Amen, sister.

  23. Gunwalker: Details of Coverup Revealed
    …In a letter, Grassley and Issa say the lead prosecutor on Fast and Furious, Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley, learned almost immediately that guns allowed onto the street in his case, had been recovered at Terry’s murder. “(I)n the hours after Agent Terry’s death,” says the letter from Grassley and Issa, Hurley apparently “contemplated the connection between the two cases and sought to prevent the connection from being disclosed.” The Justice Department recently transferred Hurley out of the criminal division into the civil division.

    An internal ATF email dated the day after Terry’s death reveals the quick decision to not disclose the source of the weapons found at the murder scene: “? this way we do not divulge our current case (Fast and Furious) or the Border Patrol shooting case.”

    Another ATF email indicates that the justification both offices used to not charge the suspect with crimes related to the murder scene “was to not ‘complicate’ the FBI’s investigation.”

    ATF whistleblowers revealed the link between the two cases to Congressional investigators and CBS News, saying their supervisors were attempting to cover it up….

    New Fast and Furious details indicate gov’t cover-up, White House involvement
    …New emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times appear to show senior Obama administration and White House officials were briefed on the gun-walking operation. The three White House officials implicated by the LA Times’ reporting are Kevin M. O’Reilly, the director of North American Affairs for the White House national security staff; Dan Restrepo, the president’s senior Latin American advisor; and Greg Gatjanis, a White House national security official.

    The emails were sent between July 2010 and February 2011, before the scandalous ATF program was exposed, according the LA Times.

    The LA Times says a senior administration official denies that the emails which lead Fast and Furious ATF agent Brian Newell sent to O’Reilly ? who later briefed Restrepo and Gatjanis ?included details on “investigative tactics” used in the program. By “investigative tactics,” the White House means how ATF agents facilitated the sale of firearms to drug cartels via “straw purchasers,” or people who could legally buy guns in the U.S. but did so with the intention of selling them to individuals who would traffic them to Mexico.

    Those emails apparently show Newell and O’Reilly discussing how the program was affecting Mexico….

    1. Nothing to see here, move along!

      1. To be fair, CBS has done more to break this story than anyone. I think it would be full-court press if this was a GOP president, but the basic free market principles work. There are enough journalists willing to put their partisan principles aside if it means scooping the rivals.

        1. I think Tapper at ABC has brought it up once or twice too.

      2. Nothing to see here, move along!

    2. Sarah Palin!!

      1. i can see up her dress ! and she aint real fat like the old lady

  24. SPECIAL REPORT: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore
    More than 1,000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 2010 321-page Climate Depot Special Report — updated from the 2007 groundbreaking U.S. Senate Report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” — features the skeptical voices of over 1,000 international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. This updated 2010 report includes a dramatic increase of over 300 additional (and growing) scientists and climate researchers since the last update in March 2009. This report’s release coincides with the 2010 UN global warming summit in being held in Cancun….

    New Report on Global Warming Contradicts U.N.’s IPCC
    The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), already under severe criticism for violating the requirements of academic peer review and relying on secondary sources, comes under attack again in a new report co-produced by three nonprofit research organizations.

    According to the new report, “natural causes are very likely to be [the] dominant” cause of climate change that took place in the twentieth and at the start of the twenty-first centuries. “We are not saying anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG) cannot produce some warming or have not in the past. Our conclusion is that the evidence shows they are not playing a substantial role.”

    The authors of the new report go on to say “the net effect of continued warming and rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere is most likely to be beneficial to humans, plants, and wildlife.”…

    1. The science is settled! These guys are not climate experts!!11!!

      1. what melts ice ?

        1. I do! Weird, isn’t it?

          1. didnt melt the ice up to now

        2. Gee, I don’t know, what could it be?

        3. There are no other explanations!

          1. did volcanos just start?

      2. standard materials balance is inflow-outflow=accumulation. Notice that inflow, ie the rate at which it is deposited has more factors than just T. If air gets too cold before it gets to the ice pack, it may lack the humidity to deposit water. It may, in fact, be dry enough to pick water out of the air even though colder than freezing. Leave an ice cube in your freezer if you want to see an example. I’m not saying anything about the particular process, but it isn’t just about warmth.

        1. *pick water out of the air should be “draw moisture off of the ice”.

    2. Did they nail the report to Al Gore’s door?

  25. Did Welfare Reform Work?

    By basically every measure, yes, but some liberals like Ezra Klein are still pissed we make more people work and don’t give them council flats. Because that works so well in England.

    1. I can’t wait for their next hard-hitting exposes, “How Free-Market Healthcare Failed America”, followed by “Legalizing Drugs: Has It Worked?”

      1. Well, actually, it’s Megan McCardle proving Klein’s a moron. Also, that Sunderman punches well above his weight in the dating world.

        1. Sorry, I was not aware of the stated welfare reform as it was before my time (I was too busy being 14 when it happened.)

    2. “some liberals like Ezra Klein are still pissed we make more people work”

      lub-rahls, like clinton, enacted welfare reform. try to keep up

      1. ignore the republican congress that forced it on him as he moved right to try to sa;lvage his presidency derp

        1. u mean clinton won re-election strictly due to welfare reform?

      2. Total non-sequitur. Jesus you are stupid.

  26. The New TLD system is gonna fuck the internet up.

    Basically, it appears that it will allow anything to become a dot, such as .coke or .apple or .gofuckyourself

    1. .gofuckyourself


    2. Finally, http://www.clownpenis.fart can become a reality.

    3. Finally! Now http://www.clownpenis.fart can become a reality.

    4. Finally! Now the legendary clownpenis.fart can become a reality.

    5. I think libertarian.gofuckyourself has definite potential.

    6. This is going to make phishing sooooo much easier.

    7. Shorter Dyson: “Freedom is scary and confusing!”

  27. Evangelical libertarian blogger attempts to literally live out all Rothbard’s rules concerning children, sells her child* to be sadistically whipped** by an Austrian economist.

    * The purely free society will have a flourishing free market in children.

    Mises Daily
    Murray Rothbard

    ** Slave-master Rafe would never shell out the cold cash if, after he paid, I could haul him into court on assault and battery charges when he whipped me.

    Privatizing Rivers and Voluntary Slave Contracts
    by Walter Block

    1. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to lease out my six-year-olds while their little fingers are still small enough to polish the insides of shell casings.
      Damn this automation!

      1. Dude, the child size organ market is where it is at!

        1. What part of “lease” don’t you understand, goldie? I’ve got tax considerations.

          1. Human dialysis machine?

            1. Now you’re thinking outside the box. How’d you like a job in my monocle factory?

              1. I am much too busy with my seal club factory to take any time off.

                1. Get your baby seal pi?atas right here.

  28. The Ultimate Jezebel Link: Study finds that Hot People are meaner

    Lookism! Body Snark! Getting to bitch about girls I know in high school!

    Seriously, it would appear that everyone on Jezebel is one of those, “The only friends I have found I met through academia” type places.

    1. People are nice to you to the degree that they have to be.

      Film at 11.

      It’s strange, though – I’m mean, but I am not hot.

      1. Weird…I’ve always been irresistible to women. Maybe it’s because I recognize the inner beauty present even in fatties and uggos.

    2. One would assume that it would be best to be with an ugly person, since they would adopt some useful quality to compensate for their appearance – auto mechanics, cooking, or just a friendly, cooperative attitude.

      If this hypothesis is correct, then the Jezebel folks would be either highly good-natured or highly competent to make up for their bad luck in nature’s lottery.

      1. If you wanna be happy
        For the rest of your life,
        Never make a pretty woman your wife,
        So from my personal point of view,
        Get an ugly girl to marry you.

        A pretty woman makes her husband look small
        And very often causes his downfall.
        As soon as he marries her
        Then she starts to do
        The things that will break his heart.
        But if you make an ugly woman your wife,
        You’ll be happy for the rest of your life,
        An ugly woman cooks her meals on time,
        She’ll always give you peace of mind.

        Don’t let your friends say
        You have no taste,
        Go ahead and marry anyway,
        Though her face is ugly,
        Her eyes don’t match,
        Take it from me she’s a better catch.

        Say man.
        Hey baby.
        Saw your wife the other day.
        Yeah, she’s ugly.
        Yeah, she’s ugly but she sure can cook.
        Yeah?. Okay.

        1. “Always marry an ugly girl.
          That’s the only kind.
          She’ll never ever leave you,
          But if she does, you won’t mind.”

        2. “If a pretty girl drops you,
          you’ll be singing the blues.
          But if an ugly woman leaves,
          she ain’t nothin’ to lose.”

          Is it sad that at least three of us remember the lyrics to that rap?

  29. The child had no concept of individual rights, therefore, since the child ignores those rights, is acceptable to abuse and whip them.

    Just like the Indians had no concept of abstract ownership of the Land, therefore it was acceptable to kill them and take the Land.

    1. You’re talking Iroquois vs. Eries, right?

      1. The Indians had no concept of “vs.” True story.

        1. Lucky them. That tv network sucks anyway.

  30. Also, this is probably only of interest to SF, but I find Jezebel’s open threads on Saturday Night to be fascinating to read when bored on Sunday. It reveals a lot, such as:

    A) Almost all of their poster population is either in college, high school, or grad school, and only about 5% or less actually work for a living.

    B) None of them have better shit to do on a Saturday night than get drunk and bitch to other Jezebel users.

    1. None of them have better shit to do on a Saturday night than get drunk and bitch to other Jezebel users.

      Neither does SF.

      1. Booyah!

        1. I am ashamed to admit that I laughed.

          Witness the birth of a catchphrase.

    2. B) is the truly funny part. Crying and eating ice cream, rocking back and forth in a desk chair groaning under their weight, beating their fist against the cruel patriarchy.

      1. Lifetime should cash in on this trend with a “Ben & Jerry’s Presents–the best of Joan Baez marathon.” Maybe they haven’t thought of it because they’re not a for-profit corporation?

    3. A) Almost all of their poster population is either in college, high school, or grad school, and only about 5% or less actually work for a living.

      That’s true, but I think most people believe dumb shit when they are in college–it’s part of being young and unexposed to reality. A lot of these people have never not been in school or actually had to make a living. To me it’s far more troubling when life should have actually slapped the stupid out of them and they are still going on about these things. A person over the age of thirty or so complaining about the patriarchy, the kiriarchy, rape-culture and whatever else should be ruthlessly mocked.

      1. Agreed. At 30 years old as a libertarian I would hate my 21 year old self. I’d barely ever worked to support myself and considered myself a liberal.

      2. The only ones who continue with this line of shit after college/grad school are those who enter academia as a career.

        There is a reason for that, and it isn’t because vast swaths of feminist thought is based in reality.

      3. A lot of grad school students, in the humanities and social sciences at least, are in their late 20s-early 30s; IOW, they’ve actually had a few years to get around the block and live in the real world. If they’ve gone to grad school, it’s typically because they don’t have many marketable skills outside of government employment and are trying to stay ahead of the credentialist rat race.

        A lot of the students I went through grad school with were former teachers; out of the whole department, I think only three or four of us were under 26 years old during my first semester. So you had quite a few thirtysomethings that essentially all had the exact same opinion on everything (only one student had the guts to be openly communist, the rest were just sympathizers). It was all quite depressing, even more so when I consider that many of them are now junior professors these days.

  31. Government Housing Policies in the Lead-up to the Financial Crisis: A Forensic Study
    The major cause of the financial crisis in the U.S. was the collapse of housing and mortgage markets resulting from an accumulation of an unprecedented number of weak and risky Non-Traditional Mortgages (NTMs). These NTMs began to default en mass beginning in 2006, triggering the collapse of the worldwide market for mortgage backed securities (MBS) and in turn triggering the instability and insolvency of financial institutions that we call the financial crisis. Government policies forced a systematic industry-wide loosening of underwriting standards in an effort to promote affordable housing. This paper documents how policies over a period of decades were responsible for causing a material increase in homeowner leverage through the use of low or no down payments, increased debt ratios, no loan amortization, low credit scores and other weakened underwriting standards associated with NTMs. These policies were legislated by Congress, promoted by HUD and other regulators responsible for their enforcement, and broadly adopted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) and the much of the rest mortgage finance industry by the early 2000s. Federal policies also promoted the growth of over-leveraged loan funding institutions, led by the GSEs, along with highly leveraged private mortgage backed securities and structured finance transactions. HUD’s policy of continually and disproportionately increasing the GSEs’ goals for low- and very-low income borrowers led to further loosening of lending standards causing most industry participants to reach further down the demand curve and originate even more NTMs. As prices rose at a faster pace, an affordability gap developed, leading to further increases in leverage and home prices. Once the price boom slowed, loan defaults on NTMs quickly increased leading to a freeze-up of the private MBS market. A broad collapse of home prices followed….

    1. Why do you hate poor people?

      1. Leave it alone, Congressman. Some people will simply never appreciate what we’ve done for the country.

  32. Shirtless, Samurai Sword-Wielding Man Marching ‘Like A Drum Major’ On Indiana Highway……..-nab-i-65-‘samurai’/

    1. I’d like to think I had something to do with that.

    2. At the Lake County, Ind. jail, the offender announced he was “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” state police said. He was charged with attempted carjacking, resisting law enforcement and possession of marijuana.

      See? Ban cereal.

      1. I blame cartoon birds. You know what kinda fucked-up shit Toucan Sam is into?

        1. Given the colors on his beak, I’d have to say 2CB or DOM.

      2. Cocoa puffs are cigarettes with cocaine, in them right? You should know this! What kind of drug abusing libertarians are you?

        1. I thought they were marihuana cigarettes laced with PCP. Or are those fry sticks?

          1. Sherm sticks, or woolies.


        DRUGZ R TEH BAD!!

  33. because the poor in [SOMOLIA] have been re-classified into bilge ratz !

    1. Arrr!

    2. What is this country somolia? Is it near somalia?

      1. kissing cousins

      2. It’s part of Upper Salmonella.

      3. It’s where somolians come from. You know, the universal currency in cartoons and 50’s sitcoms.

      4. I don’t know, but their currency must be Samoleans.

    3. He will be needing a ride from 15&Tel; to Woodbine.

  34. Too bad Jimmy Hoffa Jr. ain’t disappearing just like daddy dearest.

    Hey liberals, what happened to all that bitching about “violent rhetoric” from talk radio? Yeah, with the commie bastards it’s always “do as I say or we’ll send you to the gulag.”

    1. Liberals are smart enough to understand metaphor. Conservatives, though, are nothing but flyover-country yahoos incapable of understanding such advanced concepts and hence we must protect them by censoring bad speech /msnbc staff

  35. Steven Seagal sued for driving tank into Arizona man’s home, killing owner’s puppy and roosters…..z1XBB7UwHi

    1. “Under Siege 3 : Puppy Paste”

      1. Harsh, like Monday morning humor should be. Well done.

    2. “Llovera alleged that during the raid, cops shot his family’s puppy and killed hundreds of roosters.”

      We had to kill the roosters in order to save them.

  36. Is he Jimmy Carter yet?

    “As for opinion on how Obama is handling the economy, 62 percent disapprove of his job performance on economic issues in the new Post-ABC poll, while just 36 percent approve. In the Journal-NBC poll, those numbers are 59 percent disapproval versus 37 percent approval. Finally, on the question of general job approval, Obama is down to 43 percent approval in the Post-ABC poll and 44 percent in the Journal-NBC poll. His disapproval ratings are 53 percent and 51 percent, respectively.”

    From the link.

    1. Yet? He was Jimmy Carter the day he got elected. In fact, if he wasn’t black and self-hating crackers weren’t so willing to give this Affirmative-Action Mulatto a break, his ratings would have dropped to these numbers long ago.

      Yet because he’s a Mulatto, there are people still blaming Bush for the economy. You know, maybe I should try that, the next time I make a mistake at work I’m gonna blame the guy who used to do my job. Yup, I’m sure that’s gonna work out fine.

      1. So, Gregooooooooooooooo, you’re trying to tell us that from the day BO took office he’s been trying to balance the budget and trying to convince a Congress (from his own party) trying to outspend every one of its predecessors that we cannot have any new entitlements until we get the country’s fiscal house in order?

        1. Kree, you mean “trying NOT to balance the budget.” After all, Obama is a Keynesian, he thinks that by blowing billions of dollar in crap you’re gonna generate prosperity. That’s like having a $20k debt with AMEX and applying for more credit just because you might get “up to 5% cashback.”

          By the way, did you hear about Obama and wife flying to Martha’s Vineyard on SEPARATE Air Force One’s because der fuhrer had something else to do? I realize Michelle is fat, but come on! There’s enough room in that humongous presidential plane for her and her husband.

          1. Gregooooooooooooo.

            Read my post. And read some history.

            Jimmy Carter said he wanted to balance the budget before instituting any new spending programs. It was the Congress dominated by his own party that sabotaged his every move. Carter’s programs probably would have been a disaster anyway but he didn’t need Republican enemies to take him down when his Democrat friends like Ted Kennedy and Tip O’Neil were willing to do it so handily.

            Barack Obama has approved two record budget deficits while approving a huge “stimulus” and a huge new welfare programs.

            Hence BO is not Jimmy Carter.

            Jimmy Carter may have been a tiresome old selfrighteous moral scold whose well-meaning programs would have failed due to their own internal contradictions but Barack Obama has raised administrative incompetence to new heights.

            1. Indeed. There are a lot of places to criticize Carter, but at least he was concerned about the government not spending money it doesn’t have. Jimmy Carter would be a huge improvement over what we have now.

    2. 37% of those polled approve of his handling of the economy?

      Are a little over 1 in 3 Americans that fucking stupid, blind, or so unapologetically partisan that they can’t see that he has FUCKED our economy something fierce?


    Lest we be accused of misrepresenting their views, actual Libertarians have been kicking around this take on Somalia with a straight face for some time now. No shit:

    A more nuanced completely insane view is that Somalia has been awesome-ized by Anarchism, not Libertarianism.

    Fair ’nuff, but as far as we can tell the difference between a Libertarian and an Anarchist usually seems to be a bachelor’s degree.

    1. Somehow my reasonable makes this youtube video appear embedded. Anybody else see this?

      1. Yes, that’s by design. You can turn that off in the options, I do believe.

  38. ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Bias, covering Obama’s ass

    Also, seriously, Kenny Mayne is an asshole. But you could kinda tell that just by looking at the guy.

  39. Retard says “Leave Public Sector parasites alone!”…..story.html

  40. Is anyone else’s reasonable not working? It’s rough going without it on this pseudo-Monday morning…

    1. Friday funnies are 24 hours closer this week. Feel better?

      1. No. I feel infinitely worse.

      2. thanks for the reminder – my trip to the dentist tomorrow will seem like pure bliss compared to the Friday Funnies.

    2. The ignore part of mine is working, but not the tags part. As long as I don’t have to read Orrin, I can survive.

      1. Nothing is working on mine. Tags I can live without, but having to read the idiot, even if it is just enough to skip over them, is horrible.

        1. Go into the reasonable options, change nothing and save it. Reload the page and you’re back in business.

          1. Many blessing upon you and the fruit of your loins.

  41. Don’t forget, Obama can count upon racism to assist his re-election effort. African-americans will vote skin color. How enlightened!

    1. Might as well bitch about evangelicals voting for Bush because he was saved.

      Your president is black. Get over it. You’ve got plenty to complain about without making yourself sound like Bull Connor.

      1. Bull Connor was a Democrat.

        Just sayin’

  42. What to do about the shrinking middle class:…..aved/8600/

  43. What Obama should say in his jobs speech

    I don’t see anything in there that libertarians and tea partiers (as Mosler makes clear, although somewhat tongue in cheek at times) couldn’t get behind.

    I said libertarians – you know people who are actually interested in liberty (and preferably prosperity as well) – not Austrian econ fanatics/devotees.

    Mosler nails it: we’re going back into a recession because sales have collapsed and 20 million people are unemployed. Everything in his speech is a million times better than anything that Obama will actually say. And it would actually work. With no new government regulation or intrusion. What’s not to like?

    1. Pretty much a rehash of Social Credit theory (except for leaving out the Jewish Bankers rant).

      Yeah, let’s spend ourselves to prosperity with paper script.

    2. 1. The writing in this piece is amateur and clunky.

      2. These are ideas aren’t remotely libertarian and wouldn’t do jack shit. Other than make things worse.

      1. Be it noted that Destrudo doesn’t think eliminating an entire (regressive) tax on income is a libertarian idea.

    3. The first idea is decent. The second idea is pretty bad. And the third idea is absolutely horrible.

      1. Federal government as employer of last resort isn’t a horrible idea at all. You would prefer to keep paying people unemployment compensation to sit at home and watch TV, when they could at least be tidying up city streets? Because pay them we will, one way or another.

        1. Have you worked with many government employees who aren’t members of the professional class. Because, as best I can tell from the interactions I’ve had while a contractor, few of them will even deign to pretend to work while bitching about how little they make.

  44. Microsoft responds to location tracking allegations:…..cusations/

  45. I don’t get the big deal about the Mexico story. The US has around 15,000 murders every year. About one every 30 minutes.

    1. Considering they have just over 1/3 the population of the US, that’s a pretty big deal.

      1. And considering that the murders noted in the story are ONLY THOSE RELATED TO THE WoD, not all murders, it’s a really big fucking deal.

    2. I guess we’re supposed to agree with the silly idea that murders in Mexico are somehow the fault of the US.

      But the murder rate in Mexico is actually relatively low:

      MurderRate_2010 Country
      78 Honduras
      75 El Salvador
      48 Venezuela
      42 Guatemala
      39 Belize
      38 Colombia
      37 Trinidad/Tobago
      25 Brazil
      22 Panama
      18 Mexico
      13 Russia

      So who’s fault is that?

  46. I made the mistake of skimming through the comments on the Hoffa article. Damn! That’s a lot of stupid in one place.

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